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Found 10 results

  1. What are your rarest items?

    Post your rarest items, the only two i have are the watch and the gold star food.
  2. Inventory Bug

    I am having a bug where i cant drop/switch items around in my inventory. please help i am new and this is really ruining my gameplay.
  3. Respawn Zeiten Items

    Ist schon bekannt, wass die jeweiligen Respawn Zeiten für die Items sind. Habe im Forum keinen passenden Eintrag gefunden. Finds sonst immer blöd, bei 1:10 in Customs zu starten wenn ich genau weiß, dass alle Value Items bereits abgegriffen sind.
  4. Not the most serious and the most needed, but I do think it could help with immersion, maybe a little humor, and generally I think a rather inoffensive addition to the game. Add liqour and alcoholic drinks to the game. Like in STALKER, the infamous Cossacks Vodka that you could drink that would get you a little wobbly if consumed, I think it would be nice if you could come across alcohol in the game that you could either drink and get your own character intoxicated if that was what you wanted to do, or sell for a high price because of the vices of people. Cigarettes are clearly in demand and left out, I think that people would be interested in keeping a flow of liqours going. And maybe all it would take would just to repurpose the pain/concussion effects to simulate intoxication if you decided the right thing to do in combat was to down a fifth of vodka. Or even have be something to disinfect wounds, make molotov cocktails, ect. I see a lot of potential and add some authenticity for the setting. Maybe even way down the line see Scavs slacking off and getting drunk behind a shed or something, ect.
  5. Hi! I have found this two identical keys. What's the difference between them? They are described in the same way. Just a signle word - "key". Would anybody explain this to me? It's a little bit confusing .-. Cheers!
  6. Cobra Family Sights Shade

    Whats the word on the Cobra Family Sights Shade? I bought one for an epk-8-18 i have and there doesn't seem to be any way of attaching it. Does the sight have to be mounted? are they just not working yet or am I missing something?
  7. Inventory Reset?

    Will the inventories from alpha or beta be reset on release?
  8. Update Wipes

    I got EFT on the New Years sale, and this was my first update since. and my question is: is each update a clean wipe of the players Character? i looked around the forum to find some answers and there was one thread there but they were only talking about the ingame currency give away (daily thing that game give you so you dont go broke)... so there was no answer really... so if anyone here knows if its going to be a clean wipe on every update, i would rather wait till the game comes out than have to repeat all over again... i was pretty geared up, now all my items are gone and all stats reset to 0... i can understand a clean wipe before the game comes out but for every update is just ridiculous... if this was an update bug and someone know where the fix is or can point me to the right thread that would be greatly appreciated... Thank you... p.s with this update there is no possibility to extra items, they just vanish if you complete a raid, even in offline mode items vanish...
  9. Stash empty!

    Lets just say that i lost all my gear from raids, arena etc.. and i have nothing to fight with. Can i enter a raid with no weapons at all? or i will always have a makaravov pistol for self defense? And playing as a scav and you die, there will be a respawn timer to play as a scav again? i've read the faq but i still have my boubt.
  10. Crafting

    Just wondering to get better payout from traders, maybe if you are in your stash, you could craft items out of basic useless items like bolts, screws, nuts, duct tape to make items, that once you craft, you can sell to the trader for a higher value. This, in my opinion, would give a better reason to have these essentially value-less items so that you can make better use of them. One example I had in mind was computer componenets. Power Supply, CPU, Video Card, etc, can be made into a desktop or even a laptop. You could then sell this to the traders for a higher value than the sum of all the components. Your guys' thoughts?