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Found 33 results

  1. Key ring already!!!

    Like the Document pouch we need a Key Ring for key storage already!
  2. Cabinet Key?

    I found a key on Factory, which is simply labelled "Cabinet Key", which is identical in appearance to the "Key" for the office on Customs. I have trawled the internet for any information I can on this, but still am yet to find it. I have never found a locked cabinet, or not one that I can remember. I assumed it might be a key that was fairly worthless, but when I checked, Prapov valued it at 9000 Roubles. If anyone knows where this is for, or whether it's a quest item, please let me know.
  3. Key Guide

    WARNING: This information is subject to the developers and could change at any moment. Please share anecdotes as to what needs to be changed or added. Cited: Herein find the combined knowledge of UWS about keys in the game. Gamma space is precious after all, so I hope this helps with the confusion as to which keys to bring to which maps. I'm using the term "loose loot" to designate random items (mags, food, first aid, low grade ammo, etc). Factory Factory Key - This should never leave your gamma and opens two additional extracts and allows you to open the locked room in third floor offices. Possible super weapon in locked room, loose loot and occasional high end ammo. Key - An unnamed key that opens the "closed bunker" near machinery in the exit area. There is rarely anything worth picking up in here but it can be a good ambush position. Woods ZB-014 - Opens the locked room inside the bunker nearest to the exit. There is an openable locker possible loot, a weapons crate, and loose loot on spread around. Yotota - Opens a pickup truck in lumber yard next to the three huts. Loose loot in the cab. Customs Misc Keys: Customs Key - This opens the top floor office in the big red building at spawn. The far room has a safe and two lootable PCs. Coats, duffel bag, rubles on the ground, loose loot. Key (black handle) - This opens the gas station office door. There is a safe, very rarely a pistol under the desk, rubles on the ground, and loose loot on the shelves in the back. Key (black handle) - This is identical to the gas station key but opens the office trailer in construction. Contains a weapons crate. Cabin Key - This opens the mobile trailer inside of bus depot. There's loose loot and rarely some 7.62. A disappointing key. Factory Key - This should never leave your gamma and opens shortcut. There's a loot box and a filing cabinet within the checkpoint. Sometimes a grenade spawn on the table. Machinery Key - A strange key. It's colored purple like the factory key but seems to only open the fuel truck's cabin inside construction. Not only has it been empty every time I've searched it, but it's so high up that it'd be hard to get any loot inside. Checkpoint Key - Opens the building at the UN Checkpoint at the far end of Customs. There are two ammo boxes, a grenade crate, and a weapons' rack that spawns a weapon more often than others. Storage - Opens to the medical storage room in gas station. This is next to the office and contains a medical crate and a medical bag. Car Key - This opens the trunk of the car in the customs parking lot. There is a grenade crate. Two Story Dorms: Dorm Guard Desk - Opens the security room in the lobby of two-story. Two ammo crates, a weapon crate, a weapon rack, and a possible key spawn in a key locker. Room 104 - Opens room 104 in the two-story building. Two jackets on the wall and a toolbox on the ground. Room 105 - There is a safe and loose loot on the ground. Room 105 (206) - This key is identical to Room 105 in appearance and name (probably a typo) but opens room 206. No or unknown loot at this time. Room 110 - Opens room Room 110 in the two-story building. There is a safe on the floor and some loose loot on the ground. Room 110 (114) - This key is identical to Room 110 in appearance and name (probably a typo) but opens room 114 in the two-story building. There is a safe, a PC that you can loot, and a medical crate on the bed. Three Story Dorms: Room 108 (103) - This key opens room 103 and contains shelves with loose food / water. Room 117 - No key required, but it's barred and rarely looted. Contains a filing cabinet for more keys (useful for scavs). Room 118 - Coats (lootable), loose loot on furniture Room 204 - Blue weapon locker with an openable compartment on the bottom and a searchable on top. Possible weapon spawn. Loose loot on ground. Room 214 (203) - This key opens room 203 across from 204. There is a duffle. Room 214 - The Ammo Room: generally some high-grade ammo, there's a safe on the floor near the wall. Room 218 - The Weapon Room: It'll be on the floor near the upturned bed. If not there, there will be some junk attachments. Room 220 - Coats, duffle, loose loot on shelves / desk. Room 306 - Often empty, possible loose loot on desk / shelves. A useless key and it still makes me angry. Room 308 - The Money Room: Money, money, money. Rubles, euros, and/or dollars scattered on furniture. Marked Room (314) - The Ritual Room: Scattered money on the floor, loose loot, possible pistol / grenade spawn. Room 315 - Possible pistol spawn on couch, loose loot on furniture. Unknown/Useless Keys Weapons Safe Key - This and the other keys in this section have either unknown or no use. They are possibly quest items. (VAZ) Sixpack Key - This and the other keys in this section have either unknown or no use. They are possibly quest items. I still need confirmation on the contents of the following as well as any new keys discovered: What does the other mysterious black-handled key open?
  4. bunch of keys

    the keys take up a lot of space, and the introduction of new maps and locked locations will cause more keys to be introduced in the game, I'm predicting that keys will occupy on average 1/4 of the main stach of beginner accounts, the idea is to create a bunch of keys to save all the character keys in one place, and not deal with the keys as a 1x1 item .... the same goes for the money, it would be interesting to keep the money in a valid bank account for each player and at the time of giving extraction the money will be saved in the account if the user wants.
  5. Greetings Escapers. I'll be performing a giveway of a 7-day beta key. It'll be a simple giveway and I believe that it'll be really fun where the participants must creat a meme about Escape from Tarkov. Rules e requirements: Like this post. The meme must be related to Escape From Tarkov. The meme must be original.(Made by you!) It must follow the Forum rules. Highest +Rep meme will win. The winner may use or gift a friend or even create a new giveway with the acquired key! 'll be announcing the winner next wednesday, 09/13/2017, 03:00AM (CET - UTC+1). The winner will be decided by the community in the form of +Reputation. Please, use the reputation button to choose the best meme. FLP
  6. Hello boysies its your friendly neighborhood Support Specialist. I am back again with another exciting contest. This one is available for all users. The essence of the contest is this: Users are tasked with creating a character in the Russia 2028/Escape from Tarkov universe. I will be providing a sample form to help you guys out. What about those of us that don't own EFT? How can we create a character in a game we never played! The answer is simple. Read through the lore sections of the forums! It is packed with screenshots, reports, and all kinds of material to get you well on your way. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Form (Sample): *Note that you don't need to follow the form! it is only to get you started! You can completely freehand this in the form of dairy entries, short story, or whatever you want. Full name: Nickname/Title: Gender: Age: Occupation: Appearance (Hair skin eyes height weight markings and other features): Social Level/Rank: Positive Personality Traits: Negative Personality Traits: Misc. Quirks: Likes: Dislikes: Hobbies: Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: Enemies: Favored Weapons/Tools of the trade: History (Write a backstory here): Feel free to include a portrait of your character should you so choose. How/when will we pick the winner? Taking into consideration other staff members favorites I will ultimately decide on the winner. Based on the criteria of my favorite character that I feel is complete and believable. (Understand it is hard to grade/judge people on creative endeavors like this, I may do a runner up if I'm torn) Winners receive 7-day Trial key. The contest will end on Friday, 9/8 at 0000 New York Time. I will pick a winner shortly after.
  7. 7 Day Beta key giveaway

    The Older Aged Players Alliance is grateful for the prize of a 7 day beta key for a winning entry in the clan photo competition, courtesy of @Colonel Twerkins. We have decided to donate this prize to a worthy cause, so if you are looking to start playing Escape From Tarkov or know someone who would benefit from it then please let us know via reply to this thread. We would like the key to go to someone who hasn't yet played the game so please do not apply if you already own it. 100 words or less should do it. We shall announce a winner (selected by the group on merit) this Sunday evening. Good luck
  8. BETA KEY - Clan Photo Contest!

    Sup Escapers! Time for another key giveaway contest boi! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do I need to do Twerks? It's pretty simple really... just submit your creative, funny, and awesome pics of you are your clan (or group) puttin' in work. It can be a firefight with PMC, Scavs or both. You can even take a pic as Scavs too! **Also, you have to rep me! (Olloch, I will beat you!) You can pose, or take flicks in mid action, just have fun doing it! USING PHOTOSHOP IS OK. PRIZE: I have 3 x 7 Day Closed Beta Keys. So there will be three winners in this contest, so give it your best shot! You can keep it, or give it to a friend. If you made an account and haven't decided to pre-order, maybe winning a key will help you decide? EDIT: Winners will be announced when I win the get to making pics and hit that rep! ( what can I say, I love rep) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES: Follow the forum rules, no NSFW, pornographic or suggestive material. Other than that, the sky's the limit. HAVE FUN!
  9. Hello Escapers, It was mentioned to me that there weren't any English speaking giveaways up yet. I hear you all loud and clear. This is an English speaking giveaway that anyone can enter! But how? One RANDOM liker-poster will win a 7 day trial key for himself or a friend. To enter simply do two things: 1. Like this post. (This giveaway is win the day aka get more rep than Blackb1rd.) 2. Post your favorite cat picture in this thread. Once you've done the two above things you're entered! This giveaway will close on Friday 9/1 at 0000 New York time. Please remember to adhere to the forum rules which includes multiple forum accounts. (You will be disqualified) Read them Here PS do not tell Blackb1rd about this giveaway. Let the catposting begin!
  10. Hello! I know this is short notice but @necuja, @Olloch I are doing some EFT runs and he is live streaming as we do, he is wanting to do a give away for a couple of 7-day Beta Trial keys for EFT. You can view his live stream here and get a chance to win a key! Best of luck!
  11. Ciao Escapers! In onore della fine del GamesCom 2017, vorremmo celebrare questa meravigliosa occasione per scoprire per le prossime funzioni di gioco, distribuiremo chiavi di prova Beta di 7 giorni a tutti i dipendenti, moderatori ed emissari al fine di distribuirle attraverso concorsi e giveaways. Tieni d'occhio i in luoghi come i forum, youtube, reddit, twitch e gli altri social, in quanto i nostri Emissari utilizzeranno questi luoghi per effettuare i loro concorsi e per distribuire queste chiavi. Sapete cosa comporta ricevere una chiave di prova da 7 giorni ? Sono simili alle chiavi Alpha-Access del test Alpha ma in questo caso consentiranno l'accesso alla Beta chiusa per un totale di 7 giorni. Alla fine di 7 giorni, l'accesso beta terminerà e verrà bloccato, qiundi se vorrai continuare a giocare, dovrai acquistare un pre-ordine. Vincere una di queste chiavi ti darò la possibilità di provare Escape from Tarkov , così potrai finalmente vedere di cosa stanno parlando di tutti! Il periodo di 7 giorni inizierà alla registrazione della key di prova closed Beta , che potrai inserire direttamente su il tuo profilo all'indirizzo e facendo clic su 'Activate Promo Code”. Aggiorneremo a questo post i link con i concorsi attiviti, e indicando gli orari degli eventuali Twitch Giveaways poco prima che partano. Vorremmo ringraziare umilmente tutti i giocatori che hanno acquistato in pre-ordine fino ad oggi, per la vostra passione e pazienza mentre lavoriamo per creare un'esperienza sorprendente, e quanto più immersiva possibile su Escape from Tarkov. Vi farà piacere sapere che abbiamo appena immerso metaforicamente le nostre dita nel mare che è Escape from Tarkov, molte delle meccaniche, dei contenuti e delle caratteristiche più sorprendenti e coinvolgenti del nostro titolo saranno implementate proprio nella fase di closed beta. Grazie a tutti per il vostro sostegno e per la fiducia nella nostra visione. PS: Per favore non iniziate ad inviare un messaggi al nostro staff e agli emissari chiedendo una chiave Beta. Essi erogheranno le chiavi come soltanto via concorsi a premi. Rimanete sintonizzati.
  12. Beta-Key Giveaway's

    Hey, Leute habe gerade im Forum folgendes gefunden: Klingt ziemlich nice, und bin sehr gespannt!
  13. Selling Factory Key

    Selling Factory key, sold to highest bid, USD/RUB, staring price $10k or 900k RUB
  14. factory key

    so i recently got access to this game with the closed beta. and im finding it very hard to get a factory key or any other useful key at this point. i either spawn in as a player scav and get 1shot by someone with a pistol or spawn as my main class and get shotgun by a scav 250m away. and this is very demotivating
  15. Tilde Key dissable option

    Please can you make an option so that the tilde key function that opens the console ingame can be dissabled. This key sits right next to the number 1 key on most keyboards and it is very annoying when you try to hit the number 1 key but press the tilde key by mistake, and the screen becomes obscured by the console. I have tried a few things to stop this from happening but nothing I have tried sofar has worked. Many Thanks.
  16. Factory Key

    Hello, im looking for the factory key, Ive been grinding for hours and have been extremely unlucky in my search. What I am asking for is the factory key from anyone kind enough to give it to me. Im willing to give just about in my inventory for that, quite literally anything. I am a level 33 with all max level traders (excusing therapist) and am fairly wealthy in the games standards. Thats not even beginning to describe how well equipped my stash is. Please, I am begging anyone who has an extra, or just overall wants to give the godforsaken key.
  17. Hallo Leute, In diesem thread geht es mir hauptsächlich darum eure Meinungen reinzuholen. Zum Thema: Wie vielleicht viele von euch habe ich mehrere 'Factory key' runs getätigt. Nichts als mit der 'Hatchet' zu den Unterkünftgen gerannt und gehofft der Erste zu sein, um den legendären 'Factory Key' zu finden. Oft war ich tatsächlich der erste, aber vom 'Factory Key' keine spur. Alternative bin ich seit Tagen dabei bei den 'Customs' als 'Scav' zu spawnen um die 2te Möglichkeit abzuchecken. Die Dokumententache und Brieftasche lasse ich jetzt einfach mal außen vor. Auch hier: Wieder nichts. Mir geht es hier dabei nicht mich auszuheulen, sondern dabei tiefer in den Sinn des Factory Keys zu schauen. Braucht man ihn wirklich? Definitiv! Er öffnet die wichtigsten Türen auf den 2 (meiner Meinung nach) wichtigsten Maps und gibt somit einen ungeheueren großen Vorteil. Nun könnte man behaupten, dass nicht jeder diesen Vorteil haben soll, deswegen ist er ja so selten. Da stimme ich zu und hier kommt der Knackpunkt: Ist es der Sinn des Spiels so schnell wie möglich ohne Waffe von A nach B zu rennen, um einen Gegenstand zu bekommen, den man unmöglich mit dem normalen Spielstil erhalten kann? Was kann man also tun? Ich wäre z.b. dafür den Factory Key öfters, sowohl an den vorgesehen Orten als auch per zufall in den Bots erscheinen zu lassen. Gleichzeit sollte man den Schlüssel entsprechend abschwächen, sodass er nur noch 1 oder vielleicht 2 Türen öffnen kann. Die restlich Türen würden dann neue Schlüssel öffnen. Eigentlich so wie alle anderen Schlüssel auch. Den Schlüssel für das Granaten Auto bei den Unterkünften in Customs finde ich z.B. auch sehr praktisch. Aber er öffnet halt nur einen wichtigen Ort, was ich gut finde. Es ist das Erste mal, dass ich in's Forum poste, also bitte lasst mich diese Entscheidung nicht bereuen. Liebe Grüße Xello
  18. Loot Behind Locked Doors

    On woods, there is that underground bunker that has an open locker and a weapon chest in it that has the possibility of spawning loot, but you need to the ZB-014 key or something close to that name. I was curious if anyone knows the actual chance that weapon crates actually contain weapons in them, or more so why there never seems to be a weapon in them on any map. Don't get me wrong, there shouldn't be a gun in every single weapon crate, or the game would be too easy. Maybe im unlucky and never find a gun in them, but I was curious if it was actually possible. The real meat of my concern however is that in the 15 runs that I have gone there today, more than half my runs yielded NO gear inside of said crate, which is kinda bazaar to me. I feel like needing to have a key to get to loot should give it a higher chance of spawning fantastic loot, but I seem to have better looting abilities in the gym bag and wooden box outside the door, instead of whats actually locked up inside. Not 100% sure if this is just a broken mechanic awaiting a fix or what, but figured I would throw a thread out there and see what people thought.
  19. LTB Purple Factory Key

    HI I have done far to many attempts at get this key to try to keep track of, I am willing to pay in game rubles up to 100k or 1k dollars (IN GAME) for this key please contact me if you are interested. I will also pay you if you help me get the key after making this post I will be heading to work, I will be their for 8 hours or so and will be unable to see any replies or msgs while I'm at work thank you for reading this P.S. I'm well aware that there is no in game trading tool. please add me on discord @ MuertoGonzo #5739 so we can work out a way of completing this deal
  20. Hi! I have found this two identical keys. What's the difference between them? They are described in the same way. Just a signle word - "key". Would anybody explain this to me? It's a little bit confusing .-. Cheers!
  21. Seeking Key Information

    Hi, this question is more dedicated to those who have been playing since alpha I believe many of you would know the location or at least map to where the Guard Dorm Room Key can be found. Will accept the information anyone can give in regards to this key. I see people are very friendly about revealing the location of Factory Key, so I was wondering if anyone was willing to part with some old school knowledge. I thank any now for any information, or even just a general banter about keys and what they fit etc..
  22. Sidearm Quick Draw

    Hey guys, Did a quick search on the forums before posting this and I couldn't find anything pertaining to this idea. I think it would be very beneficial to add a feature such as a key to switch to your sidearm. The reasoning behind this is due to the efficiency of quick drawing to your sidearm right away to keep firing on target, as opposed to stopping to reload. It just makes more sense. This is also a widely used technique among military and law-enforcement personnel, so I don't see it being unrealistic or unreasonable. Definitely think you guys should consider adding a feature like this. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication Devs. If anyone has any ideas that they'd like to add on, please feel free to add! Thanks, Spettro
  23. Alpha Key Giveaway!

    Hey guys, So I was going to be giving a key away in my stream but unfortunately due to work I won't be able to stream for a while, so have decided the best way is to just get that key out there for someone to start playing right? Do not enter this giveaway if you already have a copy of EFT, lets get a fresh guy in here! So that is what I are doing now, first 10 people to comment will go in to a draw and BOOM who ever wins it wins it! Good luck!
  24. Hello everyone! With the upcoming US Escort Event taking place June 1st, I was wanting to hand out some keys for the Alpha version* of the game. I will be donating the keys to @Kleanuppguy who will be streaming during the event. There will be 5 keys available to win during the live stream, so make sure to watch for a chance to win a key. Enjoy the event! *Please note: These keys are only active for the duration of Alpha, they will expire once Beta starts.
  25. Greetings Escapers. I will be running a competition to get one of you lucky memers into the Alpha testing for Escape from Tarkov! The winner of this competition will receive one alpha key that will grant access up until the beta is released. Competition guidelines: Meme must relate to Escape from Tarkov. Meme must be original content. Meme must follow forum rules. Highest +Rep meme will win. Competition will run until Saturday 4/8 at 2359 GMT +3. The winner will be decided by the community in the form of +Reputation. Please use the reputation button to vote for the EFT based meme you find the funniest. May the best man meme win.