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Found 22 results

  1. Oceanic servers?

    Will there be any Oceanic or Australian servers? I love this game but I live in Australia and when I play and attack someone most the time I'd shoot them in the head 3 times and they would run off. Then I would die 5 minutes later from that encounter. Really would like to know if there will be any servers for aussies this game is fun and has huge potential but even though for me it's hard to play like this I still play
  2. lag o desync

    ciao ragazzi, mi era già successo, qualche caso isolato di desync e lag da parte mia, ergo morte da non si sa dove perchè il mio personaggio in realtà era chissà dove. stamani 8 partite semplici su factory, otto volte morto per lag, accettavo, anche 10 15 volte ma nulla, poi dopo un poco morte a caso. 8 volte di fila. la connessione è ok. qualcuno sa qualcosa? avevo letto di questo problema ma credevo fosse isolato a qualche partita. non ad 8 di fila.

    Whenever I try to play an online match, I can have no desync for a max of 10 seconds. Then it goes to poo. I can run into 5 Scav's as a PMC and they won't kill me. I can try to kill a player, but no cigar. I then have to disconnect and get the early disconnect title or whatever it's called on my account which I do not appreciate. Offline mode with AI is the only thing that I can actually kill people. However, that game-mode is merely for practice I do not receive the loot when I extract. I paid nearly $100 to play this game, didn't get Alpha access, but now I can play it. WRONG. Like I said the only thing I can play is the Offline mode which is mainly for finding Scav areas, finding loot crates for online matches, and finding extraction points. I have convinced two of my friends to get this game. I warned them about the desync and now they are having second thoughts. I only have one friend to play with and he runs the game just fine, no desync at all. Servers went down last night, I couldn't even try to play online. Either add looting and farming back into offline mode or lose players that paid their hard earned money to play this game. I also have another problem. I used to live in the U.S before I moved to the UK (Europe). When I finally got closed beta access, I couldn't play because my region was "invalid" I actually had to pay an extra $10 to change my region. Which tells me the company is basically begging for money at this point. I know that Battlestate games put years of hard work into this game. They knew money at some point would be some kind of problem, but I honestly don't think to have people pay an extra $10 is a good thing. Please fix the desync. Or add looting and farming back into offline. Sincerely, VietCasJun
  4. Argentina - Problemas de conexion

    Alguien de argentina que pueda jugar tranquilamente sin LAG?? yo tengo 3mb por cable de red solo para jugar es esta conexion y tengo tremendo lag. aveces tarda como 5 minutos o mas en juntar algo.
  5. Server Status

    Hello Everyone, Not trying to throw sand or anything but Server connections have been a major issue since the Beta started. The only message i was able to find on the forums was that it was server related and it required more servers to be deployed but those servers would be added by case by case scenarios. Currently each wave seemed to cause server issues and now the the waves are done the server issues seem to be worse than ever starting yesterday 8/30. What is worse? Well in this case i dont mean any errors as you try to join a match but rather that I get into a match and its just unplayable. Scavs are spawning on top of each other where you are apparently already dead but it can take up to 20 min for it to actually register. Of course as a PMC these delays cause such high risk for loss I dont even want to go in with gear but for the matches i go hatchet I see people getting stuck in place, unable to loot bodies, dont even see the scav spawns, and die after prolonged time of me wondering aimlessly. I guess what I am really looking for is an explanation as to what is the cause of the problem and is there work being done to correct it rather than just throw more hardware at it. If hardware is the only solution I worry that this game wont be able to sustain itself. Hope to hear a response, Shrineking
  6. Ive noticed that around 6am-7am GMT every single raid i get into, are completely unplayable due to lag and desync. This same lag and desync happens occasionally in other times as well, but during the early morning hours it is 100% allways waste of time to even try to play, same thing happens every day. (i play factory in the morning, so i dont know if this affects other maps than factory or not) Why does this problem mainly occur in the morning? I understand that this is closed beta and stuff like desync and other major game breaking might occur, but this seems like a very very big issue compared to any other issues in the game atm. When this happens i can see players move very slowly, without running animation or any other animation, if you shoot at anyone, you will see blood on their head/clothes but you do no damage, and can keep shooting someone forever without them dying. Sometimes the enemy can still kill you normally, even if you cant kill them.
  7. Don't play today!

    The servers are horrid today, just had an amazing run on shoreline, i throw a grenade and it went off, then another grenade got thrown 10 seconds later (only pressed G once). This killed me another 10 seconds after the explosion and I lost alot of my gear and a DVL-10 I looted. Open more servers! Use the money we have given you!
  8. Games Great Desync Blows

    How do you guys cope with desync? Kills my will to play when its 90% of my deaths
  9. Any word on when/if we're getting local servers for Australians. Currently the latency combined with horrible desync (loot windows appearing 1 minute after we've actually looted - no exaggeration), dying to people we cannot see or shooting/melee'ing someone 41 times and dealing no damage. It's unplayable at the moment.
  10. Hi Devs, A suggestion on my side would be to check the amount of bandwidth the clients and servers have to accommodate. From my side I noticed that while running on a limited ADSL line, it chugs every single bit of my bandwidth. Causing 40 - 60 second lags (Desync (Its not actually desync, its just an insane amount of latency)) The amount it uses is way more than any game has yet to require. Its a possibility that somewhere the data leaks or that the servers try to request too many data transfers from clients. Let me know what you think. Great job so far nonetheless. Cheers, Flake.
  11. I know I'm not the first guy to suggest this and chances are a few minutes after I post this it'll flooded with the typical "git gud" diatribe, but for players that prefer solo play for the enjoyment and for player in regions where there are no dedicated servers resulting in a ping so high you need to be able to see into the future to avoid certain death, perhaps finding a way to introduce a separate offline PMC character with an inventory and skill progression that is only available offline with items and loot taken from offline raids only being available to the offline character? I know this would be a difficult task as it would require a separate system of shopkeepers who only deal in offline loot and would take up more space due to more character stats needing to be retained, but it would make the game a lot more enjoyable for people who don't want to spend weeks grinding to half a million roubles worth of gear to be lost to some guy camping in a bush behind a crate to shoot you in the back of the head when your inventory is open and for people who, like myself, frequently find ourselves emptying half an AK mag into a scav, running away because it didn't do anything and then getting killed from halfway across the map when the lag finally catches up.
  12. Desync on customs

    Hello fellow people of tarkov. Desync/Lag on customs, leaving to third exit (Gas station). Me and my friend is experiencing lag or desync on customs, this only happens when we get to the end of customs when we pass the short cut (factory key doors) and go behind the wall and through the bushes to the third exit (gas station). we have noticed when our game (client side) is working fine however when looking at each other we are dotting around extremely slowly. while running to the end I will shoot and my friend will hear the shots 5minutes later. we could be waiting from 5 mintues to Null as we would have gotten out after a period of standing at the end waiting to leave or we would close client to relog without leaving the game and joining back to being killed or back where we started lagging / randomly somewhere on the map (some times right at the start of where we spawned). we have gone to other exits before and this is not happened, it seems to be that area we load that makes our charaters desync, however looking at other players when we are lagging our balls off they look fine such as player scavs or other bear / USEC that hasn't gone the root we take. this desync or lag only happens to people that went the root we take and we have died a few times too this. we can't simply just go to other exit becuase some times one of us has broken legs or people are shooting around other exits and we got nice gear from kills that we want to leave with and take the closes't way out of the map/raid. I'm not 100% sure if this is the correct location to post this, I have already sent a bug report from the launcher however I want to speak to some other fellow USEC/BEAR or developers too see if this problem can be fixed. this hasn't just happened to me and my friend but others we have spoke to through global chat aswell. I am on EUR region (Uk based). I am happy to hear your replies and suggestions from anyone that is willing to find a solution or fix the problem PS: This seems to be a problem with both of us deyncing however 100% of the time my friend can wait there for 30mins+ and he will not leave, relog and be somewhere else on the map. however I am lucky and get out some how with the desync/ lag. Kind regardes Rick
  13. Servers?

    I've played this game like 20+ hours right now and how many times i get stuck because of lag in this game is absurd, are the devs really not gonna do anything about this?
  14. This game as brillant gameplay mechanics , pretty good graphics etc... it as so much potential but all of this is plague and destroy by insanely frustrating networking , hit registration , netcode and D-sync issue .. all of these been back end ... Will battlestate will hire or outsource their networking engineering to have a product working ? We have 6 players match and run into conectivity issue all the time , so we are far from the goal of having a 64 players freeroam ... I played indie game like Nether who had 64 players who run smoothly in early access so there is no reason for this game to run so poorly ...
  15. So, this issue seems to be quite a bit of a piss-take for me anyway, when I joined as a PMC with a MR-133 shotgun and ammo on Shoreline, I spawned and tried to run around, that was all fine, I noticed though that whenever I tried moving loot into my inventory or anything around, it kept flashing, so I checked the CMD Console and those updates kept spamming every second, clearly this is the source for the lag on either a Client Side or maybe the overflow of missing instances are flooding the network? Has anyone else seen this before? I even recorded the [Exception] errors to show how frequent they are! Full reference lines: [Exception] : NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object EFT.ObservedPlayer. )Boolean ) EFT.Player. () EFT.ObservedPlayer.LateUpdate () Those lines above are the most common ones that pop up!
  16. Let's talk about Dsync

    Are you a victim of Dsync? Have you try to kill a guy that he just won't go down? Are you tired of dying to hatchets when Dsync is on their side? Have you experienced when one Aussie join the game and everyone else got Dsync? Fear not, motherfuckers! Welcome to Tarkov.
  17. Just played a round as scav and found 2 aks and 1 shottie. I managed to escape but when I hit the menu loading screen a tab appeared and told me to make a post on forum or something like that. Can someone please help me ?
  18. Servers and lag

    Why when we have a great update and server updates does the game become more laggy?? I am a Aussie player and had minimum lag issue but now the patches I can't loot, shoot or even do inventory management without issues. Is there a fix coming or should I just give up request my money back and give up on this amazing game?
  19. Lag in custom during gun fire?

    So when i get into custom it lags alittle which is fine but when someone shoots or i get into a gun fight it freezes. I have a 1070 gpu i7 6700k cpu 16 gigs of ram. I don't think i should be having this problem. is there a fix
  20. De-sync safety mode

    I used the search function but couldn't find a topic that covered my suggestion. if i missed something its a genuine mishap and apologise in advance. I suffered a desync in Customs tonight and have done in the past and like many of the community find it frustrating. I know this is an alpha but issues like this occur through out a games life. So what about a monitor system that monitors the sync of the players and if it goes past a certain threshold would activate a safety net of sorts. Either auto exiting the players with all there items intact that they brought into the game. Progress, loot and deaths would all stand to the point the game went past the set parameters regarding synchronization. The next idea again has a monitor but this time rather than exit the players it would record positions health and items of the players. pull them out to a lobby and then reconnect to a new game server or refresh the original server and allow the game to continue. Now i don't know anything about coding or networks or to be honest anything to with the development of games, so i have no idea if its possible or viable but its an idea that may not have come up. Loving the game and can not wait for future updates. regards rusty.
  21. PVP lag

    There is no possible way to pvp with this constant lag ppl can just walk up on u kill u and and u never see them ..... im not talking about getting shoot from far off im talking getting knifed in the face and never seeing any one or hearing a sound... and sound really needs some work 90% of the time cant tell what direction the sound is coming from .... ah i can not post to the bug reporting section sooo if u lay down near any thing in game 98% of the time i get stuck as so that i cant get up or move out of the spot im in.....
  22. Hey guys new to the game and discord for that matter I have been getting really bad lag spikes in pve hoping it's better online with the servers the discord is come say hi and help a bro out!