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Found 16 results

  1. so i recently just switched to win10 and i set my game drive back to the letter i had it on before hand. EFT is still installed and i can run it if i click the .exe but the launcher will not find it and i really dont want to reinstall a game i already have. ive tried to set the path to existing game installation but its not working. any suggestions?
  2. Hello, haven't played for a while I am an Alpha Tester, do I need to reinstall the Game so the Beta runs? The Alpha Launcher has no connection and cant update. I would like my keybindings etc. to stay the same, if I can't update - where are the Config files i need to copy? Thanks in advance Frizzant
  3. Launcher not working?

    I'm now having an odd issue, where the launcher does not seem to be working. I have deleted it, and reinstalled it three times now. When I launch it and click "Play" it closes out, and just...does nothing. When I attempt to launch the launcher, it then gives me something along the lines of "Missing files, shortcut no longer works, WANNA DELETE IT?" Then the Launcher folder is missing files... it's...very frustrating. I can launch the game directly, but now I get some long string of an error about the game not being able to set up "C# - something something, glowlight, something."
  4. I'm still getting some 403 forbidden error, when trying to login?? Help?
  5. Hallo! Ich habe mir heute ein Game Upgrade gekauft und wollte mich danach im Game Launcher einloggen dan kam diese felermeldung irgendwälche ideen was das sein könnte?
  6. Launcher just cant launch

    It just seems like i can't play the game, i've dropped 140$ into this game and the launcher doesn't work, i double-click and doesn't work, anyone know fix? i don't have msi afterburner or rivertuner,i don't oc.I've asked support 2 times and no response
  7. Error after play

    After having to ctrl-alt-delete after game froze, pressing play always results in "User Action Required", prompting to make a bug report (Which I already have). After this point game does not launch. Have checked for updates, reinstalled game and launcher, reset profile, ran as admin, nothing has worked. Ideas are welcome and thanks!
  8. Launcher not launching

    it seems like the launcher gave me a bad file or something because when i compare my .exe to my friends .exe, mine has the internet explorer symbol next to it and my friends doesnt have it with the internet explorer symbol next to it
  9. Launcher just cant launch

    It just seems like i can't play the game, i've dropped 140$ into this game and the launcher doesn't work, i double-click and doesn't work, anyone know fix? i don't have msi afterburner or rivertuner,i don't oc.I've asked support 2 times and no response
  10. Hi all I need help I bought the EOD for region other yet when I start the launcher it says Region: USA. that can not be right that means that I have to connect from Namibia to the USA is that correct?? if so that's ridiculous. Please help
  11. Download Problem -.-

    Moin Moin und hallo, brauche eure Hilfe -.- habe den Client runtergeladen und als Administrator ausgeführt. Doch bei 690 MB bzw bei 3850 MB bleibt der download hängen. Egal wo ich es installiere, immer das gleiche Bild. Habe schon mehrere Dinge ausprobiert. Ohne positives Ergebnis... Router Fritz 7490. Bitte um eure Hilfe -.-
  12. Downloading (Error_111)

    Good day everybody yesterday I bought the EOD version of the game and it played just fine, was a little confused to only find one stack of 40k rubles but no matter. Today I tried logging in and every single time it hits me with the Downloading (Error_111) and disables me from playing the game. Does anybody have any clue what would cause this, and possibly even how to fix it?
  13. Code 111 Launcher

    moin moin, ich habe mir eben tarkov gekauft (big pack) und habe probleme mit dem launcher ( fehlercode 111) kann mir da jemand helfen? vielen dank Gelöst!!!!!! launcher als admin starten....
  14. Launcher startet nicht

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir eben das game gekauft und habe mir die Version geholt in der ich einen garantierten Zugang zur closed Beta habe dann habe ich noch eine anfrage zur closed Alpha gemacht die angenommen wurde. ( hier ist die Nachricht) ich downloade den Launcher versuche ihn zu öffnen, Windows lädt ca. 5 Sekunden aber nicht passiert ich habe weder einen Offenen Prozess des Launchers noch bekomme ich eine Fehlernachricht hab habe bereits versucht den Launcher als Admin zu starten, Viren Programm ausgeschaltet und Firewall ebenfalls aus aber nichts hilft hoffe mir kann jemand helfen. Noch eine kleine Info ich habe Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Wenn ich den Launcher Starte: Danke schon mal im vorrraus
  15. Rocket launcher

    Does rocket propelled grenades makes sense in game without vechicles?
  16. grenade launcher attachments

    Hello Awoken here again =) I would really like to have this implemented attachment for gunns it´s a smal "grenade launcher" that has a pretty cool reload mechanism & also shoot smoke grenades they are used when assulting urban buildings and causeing "chaos" =) here is the link aswell best regards