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Found 1 result

  1. Hello PMCs, Recently we had lots applications for the emissary role. But we had to reject several of them because the direction and intention of most of the applications have been a clear interest of getting an NDA lift. And a complete misunderstanding of the role. Being an emissary might be an advantage towards getting an NDA lift but it is in no way a guarantee that you will get one. In fact, 75% of our current emissaries do not have NDA lifted. So I would like to clear these up for all future applicants. * What is the Emissary role? * Who are the current Emissaries? * How do I become one? Make sure to understand very well about the emissary role and what it requires; then send your interest/application to @Natalino (Myself) through private message. * So if this is not the way to get NDA lift, how do I get it? You would need to email us at and submit your interest for NDA lift. * I have already sent a message there but no response was given. What do I do now? We get a lot of emails regarding this matter and this is something that we rarely give and very few get it because the NDA is still active. This is just special permission given to selected few that is growing slowly. So after sending your email, we will contact you when you do get NDA lift or it might be that you would have to wait for global NDA lift. Thank you everyone, and have a great time!