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Found 12 results

  1. map

    I started this little thing in zeemaps. You can tag in your location, so we can make a picture about where people are playing from 7 All you have to do is move your mouse over additions, then select add marker - simple Somebody could also bring it to the Russian side of the forum khm @TheSnikers At people will calm down a bit, find something other to do
  2. I'm currently writing this in the stair well in Dorms closest to the Main Exit. Escape From Tarkov's are pretty bad right now and cause an immense amount of desync and connection issues. I went to the main exit and waited for the extraction. I never extracted and after dropping an item and waiting 12 seconds for it to leave my inventory, the problem was desync. I alt+f4 the game in order to try to reestablish my connection to the server. When I reentered the raid I teleported to the stair well closest to the main exit. I got stuck in the wall and I'm able to see outside the map (very white and bright). I also got stuck (this includes changing stance) so I can't move and Scavs can't see me even though I can see them. So I'm doomed to find out what happens when the timer reaches zero or I can abandon the game a lose the loot I acquired. I've attached some screenshots to help with what I'm describing. Thought I'd let the Devs know that this glitch can ruin a raid and also cause some potential exploit.
  3. Hi i was just jumping on to ask about map knowledge as im new and wondering if its anything similar to DayZ's system or is it more Miscreated ? I am just wondering as i am downloading the game and want to know what im in for and i dont really like watching youtube videos as sometimes theyre not very good at explaining such things. Many thanks!
  4. Did It Glitch Because I cant Buy another One
  5. Moin Leute Nach langem hin und her habe Ich mich jetzt doch entschieden diesen Post zu machen. Ich nehme auch'n Bann oder eine Sperre in Kauf. Aufgefallen sind mir diverse Sachen. Ich halt mich kurz; -Die Beta kommt und es ist nur ne neue Map draussen -Eine Beta bedeutet für mich, dass ein Spiel fertig ist, alles drin was es braucht, und es nur noch nicht ganz funktioniert. Wir haben im Moment nicht einmal 40% von ganzen Content. -Bots immer wieder zu derbe, Instant-180grad-umgedreh-Headshot-geballer. -Desyncs sind auch wieder standard, Laggs auch, FPS-Einbrüche sind regelmässig zu erwarten,seit der Beta -Axtrunner sind viel zu Stark(OneHit) und zu häufig. -Die EoD-Käufer sind immernoch nicht mit Vorteilen da. Nur Pistolen im Inventar für 150 Euro. Danke dafür. -Bots wie auch Spieler gehen nach einem Headshot mit der Schrotflinte nicht drauf (meistens brauchen sie noch einen) -Die neue Map ist ja noch nicht fertig wie man hört. -M4 mit Nato Munition kommt immernoch nicht durch 1mm Stahlplatten! Und das Spiel sollte ja realistisch sein. In echt schlägt sie durch 25cm Beton und nen 80cm Baumstamm. -Anständige Server sind auch zu erwarten meiner Meinung nach. Im Moment, genau wie im Letzen Jahr liefen die Server richtig mies. Und nicht wurde behoben. Das sind jetzt spezifische Punkte, wenn Ich jetzt alles aufzählen würde, wär ich morgen noch dran. Im ganzen kotzt es mich an, immer wieder gewiped zu werden nur wegen irgendeinem Schei**. Sie nennens Beta aber es ist keine Beta, sie halten die Leute so auf dem Trab, damit sie nicht merken dass nichts vorwärts geht. Das Spiel an sich ist gut aber, sie bauen immer wieder zu viele Fehler ein. Das ganze gewipe ist unnötig meiner Meinung nach und im Moment bist du ohne Defender einfach nur ne Tontaube die drauf wartet abgeballert zu werden. Die Server sind einfach schlecht, und billig. Selten gesehen dass Spielserver so mies drauf sind. Ich würde gern mal zu dieser "Beta" ne Stellungnahme von nem höheren Developer oder sonst irgendwem bekommen, der weiss was Sache ist! Die Server laufen schlecht, die Desyncs gehen auf die Nerven, und die Lagger und Axtrunner auch. Schade um das Spiel. 150 Euro sinds jetzt echt nicht wert. Mein Fazit; wie bei Steam; Deinstallieren und ein Jahr warten.
  6. Territories will only be avalible once the player hs unlocked free-roam [completed all seperate raids]. At least 2 will be PMC territories and a number will be Scav territories [5 as an example], the Scav territories will differ depending on which Scav group/organisation holds it. This could mean more experienced Scavs with better aim and teamwork to the Scavs who don't really know what they're doing. A least one piece of Territory is neutral and can be taken over by either factions, and Territories that are held by other factions can be taken over also. The Map Territories will reset [every 24 hours maybe?] The Territories can be taken over, by either PMC groups depending on how many escapes each PMC group makes [There could be better options I just haven't thought of any, leave suggestions] and Scavs could take over depending on how many PMCs or opposing Scavs they kill, this could work for the PMC groups also. I feel as if this would make the game more immersive and complex, I would love to hear what you guys think. Feel free to leave suggestions that change or add to this so the devs can see! The map of Tarkov, has coloured areas being occupied territories and the white in the middle being neutral. [For reference]
  7. ¡Muy buenas a todos gente! ¿que tal todo? primeramente quería felicitaros el año así que ¡Feliz año nuevo a todos! Como sabéis la Alfa se ha extendido y han añadido un nuevo mapa además de ciertas mejores y varias cosas mas, como el fallo de las armas (cosa que alucine cuando lo vi en el vídeo lo molón que queda), ¿alguien ha probado el mapa nuevo?¿que os parece? Y ¿que opináis de que se haya extendido la alfa? Pues eso, espero vuestros comentarios! Haceos notar gente! tenemos que hacer piña para que traduzcan el juego a nuestro idioma! No olvidéis uniros al grupo de Escape From Tarkov España en Steam: Un saludo gente y nos vemos en EFT!
  8. Hi there, I was wondering if there are High quality PDF's available of the maps we can find in game. We want to print them out on a huge scale for our short film, but I also want to hang them on our walls in our gaming room. It will make the broadcast look cool, and we love to dive in to a raid with the map ahead of us. Can someone help me?
  9. Teaser pic of the new map "mountain" that is coming with the next patch.
  10. MAP

    Can i use a map ingame?
  11. It would be awesome to fortify a buildin with sandbags and machined guns,or any other gun,and maybe barbed wire;sure this would be for freeroam,but it would ad so much depth to the game,just imagine trying to assault or infiltrate in a building,having a forified window or hole in the builing.This would make possible things like operations,now I'm not sure if freeroam will still be escape,or in freeroam you will can't escape ftom Tarkov...if is the second,this would be a must have,would be great for big clans,or survivors that are not in a clan to control different zones,and it would be very realistical to. Also,another thing that i thought would be the capabiliti to place weapons with bipod making them stationary,e.g. having a machine gun with bipod placed on a sandbag,or wall,and anybody could acces it,or take I'm not so sure how this would be very useful,but it would be a nice feature in my opinion;also another thing is to place guns on low,player level walls,or objects,that would react a a temporary bipod,e.g. placing a gun(any gun,maybe not some SMGs,because they have to short barell and handguard,and aren;t anyway to precise,some of them) on a low level wall(neither crouch level,er player level),and would be like using a bipod-lowering the recoil and stabilizing the gun,and the go up again,or move away and the gun perform like normal,sure this would be most usefull for machine guns or sniper rifles(marksman rifles). I'm 100% sure that this would be very important for the game,and would add a LOT of depth to the game,in my opinion it is a must have.I know that they said that tyhere is no building to build,but placing barbed wire and sandbags will be a really important feature. Also by the way,how they shoud perform,snadbags are just sandbag,it gives some protection in front of projectiles,by the other way,barbed wire,sure won't instant kill you and would give you huge bleading effect,but it would slow you down,and make you jump over it or cut it(this also mean that there will be wire cutters,or the opton to cut it with the bayonet,as some scabbards heve the option to use the bayonet to cut wire),and sure all this process will slow you down,and in some cases could hurt you,but not to bad,also you should crawl under it,or lift it up a little bit and then crawl. And how I also said in another topic,in a game like this it shouldn't be a healt sistem with classic 100HP,I'm not sure how it should work but it should be realistic...but is let this for the devs. to decide.
  12. So I was wondering how the underground combat and exploration would be like in Escape from Tarkov. I do hope that there might be a kind of Underground Railway System, although I have some doubts after reading the setting of the city. In the trailers and stuff we have seen small snippets of underground sewage systems and pipes under factories (I think?) but it looks a bit boring. I wonder if we will have proper tunnels, catacombs and installations that have atmosphere. Take metro for example: Another Creepy Picture: Underground would also make a great place for black markets with traders and factions bases. Example again: