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Found 11 results

  1. I'm wondering if there'll be another map sort of like Factory, something entirely indoors, and I wonder if there's anything that'd be like a Nuclear Power Plant. There are things you can see that clearly look like they're the cooling towers to some sort of power plant, and we know that we have meds that are meant to treat radiation, as well as radiation equipment like the Geiger Counter in the game. This leads me to believe that hopefully there would be some sort of thing like 'Factory' but instead of some manufacturing plant, it'd be a nuclear power plant. I don't know if this is just sort of a tease but I'm not sure why else you'd have 'radiation' in the game, so if there is to be one, there's no map (currently) for it, and makes me wonder if it'd be something exclusive to the open world mode, if we'd see this cooling tower closer and the facilities beside it.
  2. Hello! When my friend and I play tarkov together we are limited to Woods and Factory. Shoreline, Customs are way to laggy for him. He freezes and just cant get more than like 2fps. He used to be able to run every map flawlessly. He has a very good computer too. Do you have any idea what is causing this???
  3. Map types

    I noticed when you select different maps it shows weather etc but it also shows a fist symbol followed by things like "Insane" "Easy" "Breeze" what does this actually mean? Amount of players queuing? AI difficulty? what exactly? I cannot see it being the amount of players, since iv gone into a "Insane" woods lobby and it had 3 players in the lobby? hardly a "insane" amount so i was wondering, Thanks in advance.
  4. Flying Hackers

    Why dont the flying hackers do something usefull like take screen shots from the air so we have some decent maps!
  5. View map from above

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to see any map from above (fly mode) with unity or some other program. I need it to make a guide / tutorial in my community.
  6. Maps

    Hi, I played around with the Maps Item a little bit. I really appreciate the way we can add points of interest on them. Sadly, most of us will just use and external map simply because it's tedious to find and write down most of the things. Especialy as certain maps like factory aren't really easy to figure out. I suggest adding a 'Look around' option/Animation. In the same way as Examine, you would take let's say 5-10 seconds to look around you and determine where you are on the map. Going back to the Map tab would now pinpoint you on it. Helping you place a marker on a box you just found or simply orient you if you're lost. It could also be used during future quest/mission if a trader tells you to go to those coordinates in woods for example. Greetings
  7. 各位朋友們!我們很高興能夠為大家展示新地圖海岸線的最新15張截圖。 海岸線是第二個最靠近軍事檢查站港口區入口處 – 塔科夫撒離點。其特點是各種景觀和物體尺寸明顯比任何其他塔爾科夫地圖更大。 領土內有一個部分被遺棄的村落,現代化的私人住宅和牧場,長長延伸的海岸線,設有划船設施,加油站,氣象站,行動通信基地臺等有趣的地方。 海岸線的主要高價值地點是“Azure Coast”大型休閒度假村,擁有幾座建築及自己的水電站。地圖的主要出口將位於港口入口處的俄羅斯主要武裝檢查站旁邊。
  8. 親愛的朋友們!我們很高興地介紹新地圖的截圖和概念圖,逃離塔科夫 – 海岸線 (The Shoreline)。 海岸線是第二個最靠近軍事檢查站港口區入口處 – 塔科夫撒離點。其特點是各種景觀和物體尺寸明顯比任何其他塔爾科夫地圖更大。 領土內有一個部分被遺棄的村落,現代化的私人住宅和牧場,長長延伸的海岸線,設有划船設施,加油站,氣象站,行動通信基地臺等有趣的地方。 海岸線的主要高價值地點是“Azure Coast”大型休閒度假村,擁有幾座建築及自己的水電站。地圖的主要出口將位於港口入口處的俄羅斯主要武裝檢查站旁邊。
  9. Дорогие друзья! Мы рады представить вашему внимание тактическую карту, для обучения новоиспечённых игроков кланов Escape from Tarkov! Тактическую карту для обучения и создания тактики боя, от игрового сообщества PlayNetGame. Как пользоваться: Переходим на сайт map.playnetgame.by Создаём комнату! После чего выбираем карту из списка доступного в меню слева. Дальше знакомимся с интерфейсом, после чего делимся ссылкой с другими участниками. Предупреждаем, данный движок находится на стадии разработки, со временем будут происходить обновления и улучшения. На данном этапе мы мало что имеем от нашей игры, нам требуются иконки из игры .png, для добавления в меню Не забываем высказывать свои мнения и пожелания, чего не хватает и что вы хотите видеть в будущем. Доступна авторизация только через VK Руководство по использованию тактической картой. На данный момент доступны карты представленные ниже. Что бы добавить свою личную карту, необходимо написать в данную тему! С уважение отдел технической поддержки Escape from Tarkov! При поддержке игрового клана PNG.
  10. Better maps

    anyone got some maps marked up good with locations and spawns? trying to learn the map and id do better being able to see this type of info. I have 2 but their not the best.
  11. So im just the kind of guy that pays too much attention to detail and little things catch my attention and keep me up all night... Ok so i may have some problems... I have been wondering what EXACTLY the factory was designed for. Where are the control boxes and machine controls? Why do they need a battalion of forklifts in such a confined space? and if so where are all the pallets they would be stacking? HOW IN THE WORLD DID THEY GET THOSE STORAGE CONTAINERS IN THERE? Will i ever find the answers?