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Found 3 results

  1. Solve naked runs meta

    The game is pretty cool and rewarding if you are good, problem, when you are good and you kill another player, he often is a naked runner with only an hatchet or knife, that's not rewarding at all. Fact is that you can lose too much in a run so to remove this absurd meta there can be some "starter" weapons that are not lost in the end (like the melee weapon), for example a pistol with 3 magazines, a scav jacket or even a "starter" jacket that has significant less space, something like that, this starter items or "secure" items could be tiered: why should a level 20 pmc be starter with a pistol like a level 0? at level 20 (for example) you unlock a "starter" shotgun with some rounds, or something else not too OP but useful and rewarding for a veteran, that also does not reduce 90% of players to be fearless rabbits running everywere naked, and also scav gameplay has to be improved, it is ridicolous that scav players kill each other on sight, it must be made clear that they should cooperate.
  2. This guy was clearly nailed in the head with a direct tomahawk hit. You can see his head move. I'm just curious if the helmet he was wearing was supposed to provide enough protection to survive the hit. Thoughts?
  3. Now, we've all seen plenty (some would say not enough) of the in-game firearms. However we haven't really touched on the knives that will be used both, as survival aids (i.e. opening cans, cutting wire etc etc) and as offensive/defensive weapons. I would like to know peoples thoughts on the matter. Is it a good idea to introduce "knife tactics" so to speak, or leave them out all together in an attempt to keep the Call of Duty mentality out of the game. Should the player be able to wield a knife if there are no weapons/ or no ammo available? If so, there will have to be melee combat animations on both attacker/defender POV's so that it fits nicely in the game. How about fatal and non-fatal stab wounds? With non-fatal player stat decreases? Bayonets? Should the player be able to wield that if it is not currently attached? There are an endless amount of potential questions that can come from this. Picture the scenario: By sheer chance, two fully armed people bump into each other traversing around a corner in a narrow opening. Both point, aim and fire. *Click - Click*. Both main weapons jam! Both players switch to side arms. *Click - Click* both players side arms jam also! Only one thing for it then! Knives! - I was simply wondering if this was a avenue that the developers have considered? Maybe they have toyed with the idea, maybe they haven't. They may even be motion capturing all the knife combat animations as we speak. Either way, i thought Id open it up to all of you on here and see what you think. *My personal opinion is that although it would be nice to have knives usable in combat, i think the time and effort to implement it in a manner that would suit the game would be better spent elsewhere for now. Don't rule it out, but keep it in mind for future releases of the game. Knives as survival tools is almost mandatory as in a survival scenario, knives become multi-tools.