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Found 21 results

  1. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    Listen up, Mercs! *************************** We have just received some new intel on the Shoreline location. One of our scouts was able to cross an auxiliary pipe into the far end of the compound. Unfortunately, he was met with numerous contacts and did not make it. But he was able to start a transmission of the photos he was able to grab. The signal is kind of weak in that area, so the pictures are slow to upload. Here are the ones that we have received so far, we will update you with the rest in a few. Now that we have a lay of the land, we can make preparations to head up the coast and try to find some clue as to how we can escape this blasted city. Stay frosty out there boys...Over and out! Translations: Portuguese translation of the news here. Thanks to Emissary @dimittri4gc
  2. There is a new sharpen graphics tool in Escape From Tarkov. I wonder what it does to graphics and if it takes a lot of fps? As well as whats the recommended setting for it?
  3. This is just my opinion comment if you agree or disagree no hate intended but i strongly dislike the new health system and much prefer the old health system. I know what this game is shooting to be but there is a fine line between realistic and annoyingly realistic and we play games to experience something we wouldn't normally get to do in real life as a source of entertainment, rant aside the new health system of being able to only heal one limb at a time makes sense but in situations where u take a round or two but kill your target then you have to sit there and heal one limb at a time bandage one limb at a time is time consuming and just annoying and yeah the running and healing multiple limbs at a time inst quite realistic but i think its a faster pasted meta to carry health kits on your hot bar just as another way of fighting off your opponent killing you making gunfights happen more often and less sitting around healing, honestly sitting and healing makes me feel like im loading a musket rifle in the civil war. and scavs that dont spawn with meds is annoying cause you spawn right near another one and take a round good luck finding meds its left up to RNG at med spawns at that point but thats an argument for another time, any-who leave your thoughts down below should the devs change it back or refine the old healing method or is it good like it is i know there is a lot of topics covering this idea and giving their thoughts but I just had this strong urge to make my own topic with my opinion cause this really just change a meta of the game and i don't believe for the best.
  4. Hey guys i just wanted to post a topic of things i personally think should be added to the game just to make clear this is just my opinion and i would like to know what you guys think so listed below are some things i think should be added to the game. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☢ AI are you sure you want to continue sign after depositing gear from a successful scav run to main inventory (you don't know how many times I wasn't paying attention to it a clicked through my gear transfer screen.) ☢ AI scav's that fire when in close proximity to you (I know this is a good thing I shouldn't complain about but I can easily sit corners and hatchet scavs and they try to back up to fire but of course its to late, IMO this is to easy to get gear from scav's and I know this isn't something i should complain about idk why i think it irritates me as it seems like lake luster coding but what do I know) ☢ HUD display for teammates you partied up with before entering match ( I know this has been talked about and the dev from my understanding want to keep it "realistic" as possible but again this topic is about what I think I want from his game) ☢ the old healing system back including the bleeding/status effects hud notifications (further explanation can be found below on my other forum post) ☢ Snow weather affects/dynamic weather (I know this is difficult from a CPU/GPU intensive coding stance but very few games have done a good snow effect including footprints such as the newest tomb raider did again i know this is PC intensive but even a rudimentary snow weather would be nice like re texture object with snow on them and replace rain with snow flakes would be good enough for me and even mid match weather changing like it starting to rain and clouds creating an overcast mid round would be nice side note: water on scope lenses and on gun would be a nice touch) ☢ renaming a lot of the in-game items (for example an AK-74N butt-stock is names something like "s8np06" and the civilian AK (Vepr) butt-stock is "s8np05" or something of the sort they should rename it to something like "AK-74N B. (s8np06)" again I don't have the game in front of me ATM so i don't know the exact name that is just an example) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That is all I can think of ATM if something else pops into my head ill be sure to post it in the replies below! Let me know what you guys think and any idea you have up vote this topic so the word can spread and more people can give there input as we have little power in the development process of the game and it practically end at the forum post level unless you know a guy who knows a guy kind of deal but up voting this topic will help hopefully in the hopes the right eyes see this topic and are willing to make a change.
  5. Rough Start (HELP)

    Before I start, please know that I am not calling this game bad in any way. I am very new to this game, i have watched a couple hours of video on the game explaining the basics, and come from a background of playing hard games. I have beaten the stalker games on master difficulty, as well as metro 2033 of ranger hardcore and survival mode. On top of that I am a souls game veteran, so I am not shy to difficult games. Although that being said I have had quite the rough start. I havent once been able to escape, and to boot I have lost most of my gear. Part of this is because I simply do not know the maps and I play solo since I do not know anyone who plays this game. Another Issue is that the servers always seem to be having trouble, I am in NA, and after every raid there is a server error and I cannto play again for some time. I am curious if I am simply doing something wrong, and if there is an easier way to get your foot in the door with this game. If I am being honest, I havent had fun in the few hours I have been playing, and I basically die within the first few minutes of entering a raid, almost exclusively to someone shooting me in the back. I have nothing but a knife now and a couple of pistols, though I am scared to even take the pistols for fear of losing them in my inevitable death. SO i feel very stuck, I cant learn the maps since I die instantly, I cant get gear because I dont know the maps plus I die anyway. Not sure if there is something I could be doing better, please what should I do, I want to have fun in this game.
  6. Cobra Kai Vipers - recruiting.

    Strike first, Strike hard, no mercy! We are looking to form a small platoon of tight knit squads. We are based in the USA and primarily play late nights together but that will change depending on when people can play. We are not completely hard core. It's a game we are here to have fun, but we definitely like to win. All skill/ experience levels are welcome to apply. Just reply to the following questions in your response: 1. Do you get the reference? 2. How long have you played tarkov? 3. Do you have a mic? 4. What time do you usually play? 5. What's your discord name?
  7. Need someone to play with

    I've had the game since 10th of January, but never played it much due to having 0 friends that have it need someone to play with a have fun
  8. i<3Tarkov - Discord Community

    i<3Tarkov is a Gaming Community made for people who not only want to just play games but at the same time make friends. We are looking for ANY players of ALL skill levels, anyone can be taught how to play with time. You can join our discord here. Welcome to i<3Tarkov
  9. New Scav Protection System

    While playing as SCAV I'm sick and tired of being killed by player SCAV brothers. You need to disable friendly fire for SCAV's because it is not good for the whole idea. SCAV's must kill PMC's not each other. I'm always try to kill PMC's but other SCAVs always kills me. Right now as a defensive I'm killing player SCAV's too. Then all other scavs attacks me. This is the most boring thing in this game. You also reduce the timer to 30min. Right now everyone is killing each other. What a pitty. Here is my idea: -When you target a SCAV Brother our character will lower his weapon. -Of course some players will try the grenade way(Because they are so poor. OMG Scav PM!!!). If they killed a SCAV somehow by a grenade or something: -This will have a negative inpact od their main characters exp (Like -15.000 exp for per kill) -They will not going to be a SCAV for 3 day(Maybe a week) -They can't exit the map and lose their gear anyway. This changes will make the game much more fun than right now. SCAV brothers please don't kill each other. Please!
  10. Tips for new players!

    @Xzeno This video was created fully by Incredibly good player and EFT streamer, and this video is a good resource for newer players. Check it out, new guys!
  11. Better options for new players

    Greetings from NA. So this game has many wonderful ideas and features, but one big thing that is difficult is the fact there is not really a tutorial of some sort, a lot is learned from experience/research. The problem with that I feel is that it does steer new people coming into this type of game away and honestly if it were not for someone adding me to an EFT discord group, I would have most likely shelved it. The game itself requires the player to do a lot of research outside of the game. Just a few examples of this: - How to escape from raids (I know it sounds dumb but I have met countless new players who do not understand this concept) - How certain mechanics work including; Bandages vs AI2, blind fire or having to manually load a magazine. - Where to have bullets in your inventory for you to be able to reload. - (Group Play) Ways to communicate with others. There are other things of course that need to be learned as well like keys and what not but I think it would really help if there were scenario type tutorials that players could go into so the can learn some of the core game elements. So far I have a little over 10 hours into the game so far and I really enjoy playing the game and am extremely grateful there are support pages and community member willing to help new players! This is just a suggestion to get some more people into the game and to make sure everyone is on an equal playing field.
  12. Dutch Group

    Hey Guys, I want to start a dutch group for new players. I'm online most evenings for at least and hour (just to relax and blow of some steam and some heads). Let me know if you want to group up.
  13. Willing to help new players

    I know my way around this game pretty well now and would be willing to help people struggling, not understanding or who just want to play with good people. (USEC)(ENG) Add me on discord: Wacko#4924 I'm willing to play the game most of the time
  14. secure contaner

    hey i wanted to know if the gamma/alpha contaners need to be insured i have been doing it but i don't want to wast money
  15. Terra Group agents

    I had an idea for a new non playable enemy faction, and read through the lore to make sure my idea was compatible. My idea would satisfy those who are not satisfied with only 3 current factions, and would satisfy those who want other ways than scav mode to find loot, and those who want a little more challenge in the game. The idea would be that when you and your friends, or just you, are going through the maps, if you come across a certain area, lets call it a "secret zone", that may contain "intel" that if recovered would be worth a large amount of xp. However, these zones are protected by Terra Group Agents. Not a PMC group as much a small clandestine group of elite "spies" or some other thing, that are equipped with the best gear available, the best ammo, and high stats all round. As for what the "secret zone" would be, it could be a secondary objective for some maps, where instead of just surviving, you could journey to the corners of the map to find a very well hidden "station", imagine it as a little shack or house that is camoflauged and very hard to see, and even harder to access. You would probably need breaching charges to get to the doors, and both outside and inside the station would be 3-5 agents that are wearing plate armor, and firing armor piercing rounds at you with great precision. The end result of this would be that if a group of people, or one very skilled person, were to defeat this force and access the station, he would then have looting rights to the agents gear, as well as the "intel", probably just some envelope that would be automatically despawned from the players inventory upon extraction, and the player would be able to choose what skill he would level up from recovering it. Now you may be thinking that this would become a hotspot for every player to run to and spam, but note a few things I said earlier: A: it will be in the "corners" of the map, maybe an area that is accessible only by reaching a certain high level, and then going to it, meaning you would eliminate new players waiting for everyone to be dead so he may loot everything and run away. B: The "doors" to the station i mentioned, where you would need a breaching charge. This would mean you can't just be a skilled player, you also need to be very very well equipped, and assuming breaching charges will only be sold by vendors at a high level, that again means only high level players would be at the station. To me it sounds like a good idea if it would not be too time consuming. If you take any interest in the idea, please poke holes in it and I will get back to you with other ideas for it. Lastly, if you were wondering how the agents looked, I imagine them in sleek black outfits, armed to the teeth, and built like a brick house. something like the taiwanese special forces, pic related. ( as for the lore, all USEC knows is that it was hired to guard certain things, USEC was never clearly debriefed on everything, and has been kept in the dark on many Terra Group secrets ) Thanks all.
  16. new Group . Noob or experienced

    Im looking to start a new group . Im fairly new myself and just wanna make a relaxed group of guys or gals that can play and be chill . Discord and mic preferred. If you have a group like this PM me and maybe ill just join yours

    I'm trying to find some people I can play this with add me on discord if you'd want to play Bad_Luck_Roy#1611. I'm trying to get better loot and a good squad to play with hmu asap!

    Teaser pic of the new map "mountain" that is coming with the next patch.
  19. In these couple of weeks, we had several applicants from enthusiastic community members for forum moderation as well as for our emissary program. And after being filtered from best out of the best, I present to you, our new Forum Moderators and Emissaries. New Forum Moderators: They have been busy this couple of days cleaning up the forum and getting the hang of things. English Section: @ArmaSwiss @CC.Craft @ImERdaddy @LoudHawk @Mike_trx @necuja German Section: @frag1e @pnee French Section: @PatrickLaTrick Polish Section: @KarolusP Dutch Section: @iFunkyNL Scandanavia Section: @LoudHawk (Also English Section Moderator and Scandanavia Emissary) New Emissaries: Dutch Emissary - @iFunkyNL Scandanavia Emissary - @LoudHawk Oceanic Emissary - @Minions_Gambit Polish Emissary - @matizek92 Czech Emissary - @PugMonk Thank you, everyone and I wish you all a great time and success! ''With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!''
  20. It's legit, I didn't watch it yet, but no commentary, and it's gameplay not seen, same location though. The devs were probably gonna post it here, but I figured I'd post it for people that are eager, and who didn't see
  21. 1. Почему так мало информации по проекту и стадии его разработки?(я уверен у вас есть что рассказать нам) За последнею неделю оооочень мало информации. 2. Можно больше конкретики по поводу старта альфа теста? про бетта тест если не ошибаюсь первый квартал. Уже конец января а про старт альфы тишина.