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Found 50 results

  1. New helmet screenshots

    New helmet, the "Knight of Tarkov", sold by the new trader Sir C. Breeki Armour Class: 12th Century Material: Kevlar layers over iron plate Visibility: Minimal
  2. Sorry if this is a dumb question but is everyone in the game always going to be hostile towards me? So far I have been consistently killed by other players, and I understand that there will always be KOS type people but is everyone like this? I got this game because it reminded me a lot of the early days of the DayZ mod but I lost a lot of interest in that game because it turned into a battle royale esque shooting spree. Is this game kind of like that or is there a chance of finding friendlies?
  3. Hey guys, i've read, that you can create a new/ another character but i don't know how and where to do that, i also want 2 know, if you can have those characters simultaneously or if you have to delete one of them. thx for helping.
  4. Label items???

    Hello, it would be a fantastic addition to be able to label items you find i.e the gun cases so you know whats inside them for quickness sorry i ended up triple posting!
  5. Looking For A Clan

    Hello! I recently purchased the game, and I am currently about 12 hours into the game. If anyone is interested in recruiting anyone into their clan, or are just looking for someone to casually play with, please feel free to message me.
  6. 25% Off New Year Event is OVER!

    Hello, Escapers! Time to wrap up the New Year's Event. The discounts are also done as well, congratulations to those of you who managed to get in on the deal--welcome to Tarkov! Thank you for your patience and understanding, as we put you and the servers through their paces. All your effort and support is more than appreciated.
  7. I want a bigger stash.

    I understand the only way to get a bigger stash is to buy a different version of the game. Can Do I have to pay the $54 for the second level version even tho I bought the $35 version already..? Can i just pay the difference for the versions. How and where can i do this? Thanks in advance.
  8. 25% Off New Year Event Sale Ending Soon!

    PMCs, it is now the 11th hour for the ticket to Tarkov sale to end. The sale will be going for another 24 hours and make its final closing on January 4th at 15:00 MSK (UTC+3). After this period, all pre-order packages will be back to their normal prices. You can get your game packages from our website using the link below: Time to start 2018 with an attempt to Escape from Tarkov. See you in the Interchange!
  9. Collapsing backpacks

    Much like the " Fold " option on many guns I think the backpacks should be able to be collapsed if theres nothing inside of them T-Bag : 3X3 T-Bag ( Collapsed ) : 2X2 Dufflebag : 3X4 Dufflebag ( Collapsed ) : 2X2 MBSS : 4x4 MBSS ( Collapsed ) : 2X2 ScavBP : 4X5 ScavBP ( Collapsed ) : 2X3 TriZip : 5X6 TriZip ( Collapsed ) : 3X4 Pilgrim : 5X7 Pilgrim ( Collapsed ) : 4X4
  10. New year gifts

    Hello everyone why I can't receive my new year gifts after I login my profile it says gift can't be received user has no profile.. Thank u.
  11. Здраствуйте дорогие ЧВКШНИКИ! Вообщем, идея даного видео ко мне пришла спонтанно на кануне нового года, я бы хотел сделать более качественно, но так как сроки жали, я начал делать, как кура лапой, так что уж извините за качество даного видео. Я хотел сделать нарезку из видео поздравлений в целом от всех отрядов и возможно сделать совместный рэйд с другими отрядами или их полевыми командирами, однако не вышло, из-за разницы во времени не все смогли откликнуться и вышло то, что вышло, надеюсь вам, дорогое сообщество этой замечательной игры, понравится, то что я смог наскребсти! Удачи всем в новом году! По форуму, я хотел бы предложить разработчикам, сделать отдельную вкладку для разных контент деятелей, назвать можно movimaking или вододелы и так далее, дабы не сильно известным ютуберам, можно было выкладывать свои творения ( хорошие и не очень ) на обозрение нашему комьюнити. З.Ы. такая система была у нас на Камчатке у мувимэйкеров, до получения оптоволокна, мы сначала заливали видео на видеохостинг и потом выкладывали его на форум и все узнавали о видео, через форум, она довольно действенная была у нас, не знаю, как это будет выглядить в реалиях глобального интернета. Всех с наступающим новым годом, а меня с наступившим, так как я живу на Камчатке, всем хорошего празднечного настроения и удачи, пусть в новом году сбудутся все ваши мечты! З.Ы.Ы Вобщем тут такая история, в этом поздравлении, приняли ребята из ЧВК МОЛОТ, я заливал уже видео, они мне отписали, а остановил залив видео и перерендерил с их пожеланиями видео, а потом удалил его, потому что я криворукий(перепутал записи). Вообщем, поздравления ребят из ЧВК МОЛОТ будут тут: MOLOT_Bratsk - Всем салют! С наступающим Новым Годом! Сибирского здоровья, успехов во всем, всего самого доброго и светлого вам и вашим близким! MOLOT_1-JZ - Я и участники сообщества МОЛОТ поздравляют всех с наступающими праздниками! Желаем всем успехов во всех начинаниях, крепкого здоровья и много много улыбок в новом году! З.Ы.Ы.Ы На счет рэйда в начале, надо было чем-то забить время, чтобы не было видео слишком коротким)
  12. NEW GUY

    Hi iv dug my last three months into sqaud but i completely neglected my brand new copy of escape from tarkov, now im a noob here and could really use help learning my way around add my discord #5502
  13. NEW GUY

    Hi iv dug my last three months into sqaud but i completely neglected my brand new copy of escape from tarkov, now im a noob here and could really use help learning my way around add my discord #5502
  14. EU Sherpa needed

    Hey guys, i started the game today, and to be honest, i have no clue how to play the game properly. From finding exits to spotting players, everything is a problem for me. If any of you would be willing to do a few educational runs with me, would be cool. Thanks in advance!
  15. New House Key

    So there is this farm route u run on Shoreline and it includes 2 luxury houses (Big red arrow) so that house used to be unlocked but now it is locked. Is there any new key for it, if so wich one and where do i find it.
  16. Hi Devs. There are a few VERY popular rifles that would be perfect in the game. They are very common and im sure you've heard of them. (1.) G36 C, (2.) MTAR, (3.) SCAR-L or H (4.) P90, (5.) ACR, (6.) MP7, (7.) FAMAS and (8.) AUG.......These are THE MOST COMMON & MOST POPULAR rifles in the world right now excluding the ones already in the game right now. Maybe the FINAL game will have them.
  17. New to EFT

    Hey everyone, I am new to EFT and looking for some players to hang with. I am a leader of a clan called LMR we play other games but don't have guys playing EFT yet. I am looking to create a a team who play this game on a regular basis. Here is our clan discord. Feel free to join, we are mature gamers in our 20s+ Appreciate anyone who joins and gives me some tips on starting out
  18. Newbie "A" team

    Hi there ! I'm looking to start sort of a strike team in Escape from Tarkov for new or down on thier luck players. I'm not a very well organized person so if someone has a better idea on how to run things pls let me know. Any player willing to play is welcome as long as they follow simple rules like NOT killing thier teammates for the loot or otherwise ruining the game for them. The way I think it would be best is if all the people in this "team" simply followed each other on the forum and used the forum as a way of communication for finding support in Tarkov (includig the global chat in the game). I'd like the main purpose of this groupe to be helping out bad or new players in any way possible (sharing gear, helping them get gear, helping in navigating the map) to encrease thier enjoyment, so don't be scared to ask for help of any of your potential teammates. If you're interested pls add me to your friends and message me or leave a comment under this post. (yes I'm aware that there are and will be means of helping players but this is a very specific way of doing it) PS: If you're a EFT veteran and you're willing to help pls do because we'll need everyone to achieve succes (just like in Soviet Russia)
  19. -Delta Squadron- !Open Recruitment!

    Who are we? Delta Squadron is a group of friends who actively play Escape From Tarkov. We're looking for more active players to be able to play in a more competitive manor with strong teamwork. You can find us on our discord HERE Requirements? We don't necessarily have any requirements for this, all we ask is that you fill out our application at the bottom of the page and reply to this post. Expectations of Delta Squadron We expect all members to act in a mature manor, we understand people get annoyed however we do not tolerate any serious abuse towards our members. Our Application Name: In-Game Name: Age: Tarkov Level: Past Experience:
  20. After DECEMBER 28th ? ? ?

    Hi I know after the 28th of December theres going to be the open beta, but for us regular players, what changes are coming? New weapons?? 2nd half of shoreline, and if so Any pictures?? or even pictures of any new weapons??
  21. Need A New Squad

    Hey guys im just here to look for a group down to play i need to play with people that are on more often if you need or want another squad member im down im level 43 currently and im down for about any run just hit me up in PM
  22. New Items

    Have any of you seen these attachments before?
  23. LF Group of Rookies

    Looking for some people to play with. I'm a little new to the game so I am a rookie If you want to join me just join this discord or add me on steam
  24. New Players

    Are there any new players that are having trouble getting over the first bump in progression? I wouldn't mind giving a hand to a few people, when I have time.
  25. Anyone willing to help a new player?

    I'm new to Tarkov and am looking for someone who would help me learn the game.