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Found 6 results

  1. Hey Devs, the headline says everything. But in more words: If i toggle the nightvision on or off, the sound for it starts, before the players hand reaches the NV... the hand must be on the NV and then the audio for switching must play... isn't it?
  2. I log in a offline shore map set for 1500 hrs to test weapon build. When map loads it says it is after 10pm.... I exit come right back and the morning server is correct and it is like 5 am... So how is one completely off but the other is correct? This is happening on all maps I only get time of day = dark. I have tried this multiple times last night and this morning. I searched a variety of syntax regarding this and see no information. I apologize if it is already posted by someone and I couldn't locate it.
  3. From all streams and video i have watch of recents escape from tarkov gameplay i have seen , none of them now have night time or dusk & dawn , what happen with this ? Will day and night and weather effect such as rain etc... are still part of the game plan ? Have they been remoove to polish them up further or are they have been remoove from the game compleatly ? Because to be it seams kinda dull to see the environement skybox to always remain the same ... Anyones have information about these features ?
  4. Woods/Customs server time change.

    I'm pretty sure it's common knowledge that after the night sets in a majority of the players flock to factory till sunrise. Let me start off that I love the idea of nights being server wide so it's not as easily avoided. That said, since the current objective is testing the game I juat wanted to suggest possibly setting the times on woods and customs to mirror each other where it's day in one while night in the other. I enjoy factory but it seems like the game would benefit from more people playing on more then just one map for a large portion of the day. I've only encountered people cheating without a doubt when playing at night and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's sworn off of night raids for the time being. Like DayZ, the longer the game goes without an update, the more common encountering cheaters will become. I know they are there in the daytime games as well, but you're not as likely to run into them when they're are a lot of people playing as you are when there are only handfuls of players queing up for night raids. Anyways, it's just my opinion that changing the times to allow for two maps to be played without needing nvgs would keep more people online and playing so more bugs can be encountered and reported.
  5. Will gamma adjustments be an option? Or more generally I'd like to know if there will be something in place to combat a person negating the obvious downsides of not being able to see in the dark, such as boosting an in game gamma slider until the night becomes bright as high noon. I ask this because seeing as NV is shown to be in the game, as-well as a day/night cycle, it would be a hefty concern if anyone could easily get an arguably unwinnable advantage through a simple in game trick. I only ask because the dev's in Arma, for whatever reason, decided a gamma slider was a good thing. As far as I'm aware most games do not include a gamma adjustment but i figured i'd ask anyways. <3
  6. Night vision

    Hello, I don´t know if anyone else asked this question yet, but will there be night- vision googles, that would be nice so you can spot enemies in the dark