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Found 25 results


    So i just bought the game yesterday and it is HARD! any experienced players that can play with me? that would be a huge help as would be able to improve and have fun add me in game name is haashim
  2. Killed a player and saw this as his name. Unacceptable. Ban/force a name change for this 13 year old please. The fact that he is even able to enter this as his name and make it 37 levels is beyond me.
  3. Sorry if this is a dumb question but is everyone in the game always going to be hostile towards me? So far I have been consistently killed by other players, and I understand that there will always be KOS type people but is everyone like this? I got this game because it reminded me a lot of the early days of the DayZ mod but I lost a lot of interest in that game because it turned into a battle royale esque shooting spree. Is this game kind of like that or is there a chance of finding friendlies?
  4. Corps Body heat

    your running along, and you find a body, not sure if its safe to loot, but you take a chance, you get to it, your about to loot it...but its still life like warm, perhaps backing off and cheking the area for the killer is more prudent. Think its something from day z, any way you can tell how fresh a corps is by checking how warm it is, in in game terms it be a different description for a corps at 1 min, than a corps at 5 or 10 min. More use on larger maps.
  5. Invisible SCAV player's

    Sry my English. Scav player's is invisible and last dead's was from invisible, no weapon sound Scav player, It happen on Customs, Shoreline and Woods map... PLS when you fix it ? I see in shoreline scav player and he run to new house where I was and I see him, his character make fast move from ground to sky like 20x in one second. Possible can help it.
  6. Hey guys! I'm a new player and I'm loving the game so far, just wondering about players in a raid. Do more players join the game once you kill other players i'm not talking about the scav players but PMCs, I know about the player limit in the different maps in Tarkov but I was just curious if more players are free to join a game in progress if the player limit isn't reached. Thanks guys, hope to see you in the raid Falsefitt.
  7. Don't leave the raid

    So I have a question, What actually happens when the game time runs out and you haven't yet left the raid? Do we not get to extract? What happens when that timer is out?
  8. Single Player Mode

    So first, i just want to give you guys the thumbs up for making a hardcore fps, like many pc gamers who love Rainbow Six 3/SWAT 4/Squad/ARMA/STALKER/Insurgency and the like, i really appreciate it. The gunplay, sounds....everything, is absolutely sublime and you should be proud of what you have created so far. I am annoyed to report that i havent been enjoying the online experience as much as i want to. Don't get me wrong, i don't have any complaints about network related issues like lag or desync, but i just have not been enjoying alot of the elements of multiplayer. I'm asking that you consider a Single Player mode, with a seperate character and progression from the online world. Being able to play this game at my own pace and really allow me to get sucked into the atmosphere this game has to offer would really be appreciated. The current offline mode, while limited in its scope, and limited in the time that it is available, gives me a chance to have a taste of the gameworld in a way that i can enjoy (at least until all the AI drop dead from starvation(?) and the level is kind of ruined ). A proper Single Player mode, with expanded gameworld like more scavs, some AI PMCs etc, would allow people to play the game in a way and at a pace that is not possible in the online world. Again, well done on everything you have created so far, i wish the Tarkov team all the best for the future, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  9. More players per map?

    I think we could have more fun if there were more pmcs allowed on each map and/or if the matchmaking would put equally sized teams against each other. Me and some mates are doing 5-man runs on a daily basis on customs and I feel like killing the same hatchlings and scavs over and over again. Sure, I'm enjoying to get out with a lot of loot most of the time but I miss intense firefights. Sure, there are some PMC's but we almost never encounter another geared 5-man squad in our raids. Is this prior to change?
  10. Anyone willing to help a new player?

    I'm new to Tarkov and am looking for someone who would help me learn the game.
  11. I am new to EFT and, in order to learn how to control my character, aim and shoot and to learn the maps I have been playing as a scav and choosing to enter raids quite late so they are relatively quiet. I would say that nearly half the times I have done this, I have been killed within the first few seconds after spawning (i.e. my game time after death shows something like 16 seconds). This is very frustrating, 'cause I then have to wait through another half hour cool-down period before I can try again. Searching this forum and elsewhere, the consensus seems to be that this is usually because other players spawning as scavs in the same location shoot you. Also, possibly because scavs spawn in rather few well known locations, a few people are "spawn camping". I really cannot see the point in this! At that point, my body isn't worth looting, so why do it? We are told that the game will eventually have a karma system which will punish this sort of anti-social behavior to some degree. Hope that is implemented soon! In the mean time, would it be possible to skip the 30 min cool-down if death occurs, say, within the first minute? That would at least ameliorate some of the frustration.
  12. Hello! Today I experienced an amazing run together with a hatchling who decided to follow me. After a quite eventful journey I sadly got shot and I would have loved to know the player I had the pleasure playing with. Sadly it is not possible to know his name so I talked about this in Global Chat. As far as I'm aware of, there won't be any other communication methods implemented (which is okay in my opinion). Another player called BloodyInsane made the suggestion of Dog-Tags that you can handout to people. You'll find the Nickname of said player on it so that you can add him after a game to continue playing. I found this to be a very good idea as it has no impact on gameplay and can only happen between players who are friendly towards each other, as it requires them to actually pick a dog-tag up in order to know the other player. Please leave feedback on this idea, I'd love to hear your opinions on this. Thanks in advance, -Toeli

    Looking for players or a clan to group up with, I just purchased the game. My in game name is MafiaBorn As well feel free to add me on steam for easier contact which is the same user name!! Hope to hear from you as I am new and would love to be shown the basics!
  14. Separate Offline Mode?

    Are you going to add a separate offline mode in the future that has a separate player and stash, as well as inventory? I would think of this as a offline freeplay mode for those who want to train their skills against AI or just want to goof around or just experience how the trading system works. If you do add this I think most people that bought the game such as myself would be happy to have this, because I know a lot of players rage and just stop playing due to the difficulty playing online. Those players don't really have a place to train except for the current offline mode which does not save and does not fell rewarding, that is why this should be added, so that playing offline feels rewarding. I know the game is aiming for online only, but not everyone has internet that does have the game this would be useful and fun to have in the game. I am developing a game myself that is inspired by Escape From Tarkov, Arma 3 Exile Mod, and other survival games. I understand that it may not be easy adding two separate modes into the game, but having a offline mode that feels rewarding instead of a time waster with no rewards, it can feel rewarding with my ideas. Thank you for reading this and taking your time with development of Escape From Tarkov.
  15. I escaped to...

    Hullo, I was wondering if anyone had a good image of the EFT logo that could be used to print an A4, A3 or A2 sized flag? I just thought it might be fun for us testers to print the EFT flag out and get a photo of it of where we managed to escape to (player location) It could be a good laugh as winter is about to start and a bunch of us will probably be going on winter sports holidays also, so we could have some odd locations.
  16. Single player In full release?

    TL;DR are there plans for an offline mode that doesn't revert progress? It would make more money since you would be able to sell to a larger crowd and not annoy the MP group. I searched for but found no dev response, only players, so that was surprising. I assume I can't search worth a damn because this has to have come up before now.... I know we have offline already, but that is obviously used for testing, practising key mapping and learning maps. I know we have AI that works decently, player-less trading, instance based maps and quests involved inside those instances. Essentially Single player mode is already there, all it needs is MP feature taken out, a local save file to be created and an extra menu button and Single player is in. Easy as pie, as far my non-coder mind can see. My question is, are there plans for an offline mode that doesn't revert progress between raids? It would make more money since you would be able to sell to a larger crowd and not annoy the MP group with changes. Stalker fans wouldn't complain as much because of the player killing. People angry at cheaters/hackers would be able to still play with tantrums. Etc, etc. I would assume that there would be no connection to MP for balance and fairness. Totally new character for SP, no ability to interact with MP in any way to stop SP cheating effecting MP inventory. Its sort of a suggestion but mainly a question. So it can be answered neatly in the questions area. Cheers for reading it, signed, TheRealTenman P.S. Sorry if it has been answered, I looked for a half hour for anything including "single" and "single player", on the about page, in the questions area, in the suggestions, in general and so on. Nothing from devs that I could find. Super weird if it hasn't been asked. Super weird if I couldn't find it. Anyhow thanks.
  17. Seasonal Player Caches...

    Have a permanent character/stash, and seasonal player/stash. You wipe the seasonal stash periodically (or you allow people to take/buy the items from the seasonal stash,) and leave the permanent stash unmolested. Just a fun idea I had after rage quitting tarkov, and playing some diablo.
  18. So I don't really know what to say about this but yesterday morning, I played 4 hours, had 20+ raids that went well, died twice due to that lovely desync, I come on today, all of the sudden, I am dropping in one shot from Shotgun Scavs at ranges that aren't even effective with the Pump, has something changed since yesterday with health, Kivers and Paca? I literally go in with full armor and drop in one shot from a Scav?? Can someone please tell me I'm going crazy or something because even on Stream I was getting shot once, since yesterday, everything has gone to hell with my gameplays
  19. I'm too bad for the game

    First and foremost I really like the style and the details of the game. The amount of details and character progression which is implemented and more so what is planned is just amazing. That said it feels like I can't do poo in this world. The gab between my raids and those I see experienced players do, on Twitch for example is just huge. My survival rate is at about 5 to 10 percent. I'd like to get better but it would be crazy to go out with even semi good stuff at this point. I'm mostly risking some Scav stuff but almost every time just loosing it while killing a guy or two. I feel like I'd need some more practice with guns to get competitive at some point. Does anyone know whether or not there will be some kind of practice mode against other players or something? Or maybe pairings so that you only go against equal level opponents? Or maybe similar equipped guys? TTK enhancing mod anyone? I really see no land at this point and I don't just want to throw roubles out of the window on equipment I loose too fast. Don't want to be the naked hatched man going for crates all day too. Or just wait more for the game to load than trying to not die in the first 3 Minutes.
  20. Identification Band

    Hello, When joining as a group on a PMC Raid, using a Client Based Identification System like a green band around the left/right arm would massively help in identifying team-mates that you have joined with, I believe this system will help massively for team players who are with their friends, when I say Client Based, only the Clients can see the band around their team-mates arm. Thanks
  21. Is there a way to see who you were killed by or who you killed? I was killed in the first 15 seconds of joining in by a hacker running around with a hatchet and wanted to know if there was a way to view the player name. If not, how are we to report these hackers through the proper channels?
  22. Как определить на ботов ты нарвался или на игрока. Есть ли в игре какие то метки или наугад все?
  23. Female Escape From Tarkov Model

    I thought why not make a female model tell me your thoughts,do you like it,do you hate it,your ideas and such hope you guys like it!
  24. Outfit for our soldier.

    In game will be some sort of outfit for our characters to be different and recognizable to friends, or just protection like vest?
  25. Player Degredation?

    Hi everyone, just a thought here. In some games if you don't play the game within a certain time, your character can degrade or be wiped entirely. Is this something that might be present in Escape From Tarkov? The reason I ask is that it sucks to grind for some epic gear, then be deployed for 8-9 months, come back and it's all gone. Many thanks