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Found 14 results

  1. Spawn Killers

    Firstly apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, and while the majority of people who play this game seem genuine, unfortunately, there are still some who go on like ****s. I have recently experienced people in the lobby inviting to group and then as soon as we spawn they end up killing me, while I'm sure these people will ultimately meet their fate in game it's not a pleasant experience, and I for one would like to see some type of reporting on this.
  2. Killed by: Player or AI?

    Hey BSG, I absolutely love all the hard work you guys are putting into EFT, it truly is a wonderful game. after playing many hours on the recent update one suggestion I have comes in regards to Scavs. I often get nuked out of nowhere by them which is part of the enjoyment of the game for me as it lets know to check that corner next time or pay more attention to my surroundings, however I can never determine if it was a player Scav or an AI Scav. what would your collective thoughts be if on the death screen where it says killed by and the Scav's respective name to put in parenthesis if it was a Player or the AI? or is there already a way to tell this in game? Keep up the good work! -FroggerFTW
  3. so about 30 minutes ago i joined a raid on woods, just with my hatchet, was gonna stroll around see if i could pick up some spare stuff, was more or less just bored and wanted to waste time, i wandered into the canyon area where there is a green crate, and when i looked up i saw another hatchet boi watching me from above on the cliff. i did the wiggle dance at him, and he did it to me, he was a BEAR and i was a USEC, an unlikely friendship, now there was a AI scav up on the tip top of the cliff where you need to jump/parkour your way up there so we tried for a bit but eventually i fell and injured both my legs and my BEAR friend immediately gave me painkillers. i didnt think we would live for very long but i figured id stick with this guy, see how it goes, we eventually made it to the logging site and killed a player there, he gestured for me to loot the guy so i did, and we basically worked our way around the map helping eachother out by watching eachothers backs when we looted and whatnot and providing the other person with meds/gear we were actually able to extract successfully and it was such a nice change to come across someone who didn't kill me instantly, i would really like to find this person and add them so we can raid again!
  4. Right know there are 2 "factions". ** Very simplified:** Scavs and PMC. Goals of PMC -> Go extract Goals of Scavs -> Catch PMC on their way to extract. (Ofc everyone wants loot/finish quests in the end) ...................................................................... => I think if we had more factions with different, contrary goals, the gameplay would get more interesting, diverse and thrilling overall. (I would compare it to a DarkSouls 3 invasion gangbang with Blues, Reds, Greys, Sunbros, etc. Different players are not always enemies by default, but they have different goals. (Stone, paper scizzor). Depending on the meetups there will be pretty interesting combinations. If you share the same enemy you might team up, even if you are competing against each other. => There could be a faction which is working for the insurance company and has the goal to safe insured gear. => There could be a bounty system with some kind of headhunter faction to kill specific pmc targets. (They get a message when a potential target joins a raid and can then follow up within 10mins or so.) => There could be a Smuggling faction which needs to protect/transport trading goods across maps which other players in return could ambush. ---------------------------------------------------- What do you guys think? Did the devs already mentioned sth. in that direction?
  5. Switching Factions/PMC

    Hey so I really don't like how USEC looks and I also don't like how that's the pmc most people choose. I really wanna switch to BEAR, but I've heard you can no longer do this even if you reset the game profile. If you do this, the game just snatches away all your loots and xp and your just like "wtf tarkov" Is this still the case, and I just need to wait for a patch reset, or can I just reset and switch factions now. PLS NO TROLL
  6. Scav Respawn

    So today I was in a raid and killed 2 fully geared dudes. While on my way to extraction a scav though it was a good idea to throw an F-1 grenade at me. I died. Once put back into the main menu I thought, why not give you a 2 minute timer after you die to allow you to load into that same raid with your scav and give you a chance to save your gear.
  7. Scav Mode Objectives

    A Scav isn't a PMC. They have a family, friends, they might have lived in Tarkov city before the fighting started. Because of this, they aren't just wandering the city to fulfill military objectives. "Find 3 Painkillers / Morphine for your family." "Bring 2 Drinks & 3 Cans of Food back to your camp." "Check on Room 220 in the Apartment building." "Bring loot from 1 USEC PMC." "Find 3 computer parts." A great way to keep Scav gameplay different is to give them objectives that have to be fulfilled before they leave the city. One scav might need to find 3 pain pills / morphine before leaving a raid, to help their wounded comrades at base. Another might need to find 4 drinks, or a can of pork. Maybe they need to find a specific type of knife. If they leave the map before finishing their objective, a part of the loot they collect is lost, outside of the control of the player using the Scav. If the developers wanted, shooting other Scavs could yield the same consequences (part of your loot is removed upon level completion.) PMCs go back to a hideout; Scavs will have to face the wrath of their community for what they do. What do you guys think?
  8. Hello, kinda new to the game and while getting past the usual frustrations that I hope the dev team is working on, there are a few things that I wish were better explained in tutorials or somewhere else. I will list these out in a list format so it will hopefully be easier to answer so those like me looking for these answers can finally know what we are doing wrong: 1. When playing Scav mode, what is the true purpose behind it? Are you playing to hunt other PMC's or are you grabbing quick loot while shooting other Scavs? Every time I join in a game, I either get lucky and spawn alone or I immediately find myself in a gunfight with those I thought should be on my team. 2. When using Scav mode, what is the best way to gain XP, and does it transfer to main character when earning XP? I understand that playing as Scav is a great way to gather loot when you have sold or lost all your equipment, but I am trying to level my character and traders. To do so I need character level so I want to squeeze every bit in that I can. However, if XP does not transfer, I will be a little disappointed in wasting my time with it. 3. When playing as a PMC, what is the best way to maximize earning XP without cheesing the game? I know this is a debatable topic, but I try to at least give those in my faction a chance to be friendly, but killing them gives a lot of XP. I try to go on bigger maps like 'customs' and 'woods' but after spending my time looting, desync hits so hard that defending myself from NPC's is nearly impossible (another issue I hope they are working on). So in the current state of the game, I want to know what the best way to go about leveling up and boosting trader attitudes is without burning my own faction's players or running hatching on factory. 4. What is the best way to level your skills. I see that we have access to 6 or 8 skills with general descriptions of what they are, but I have zero idea how to actually level them up and keep them from dropping in level. This would be a major game changer for me so I don't aimlessly try to figure these out. 5. Last one. I know that they spoke about possibly adding colored bands on arms to help groups identify each other, but I am curious if anyone knows if they will be instituting the ability to wear different colored clothes or putting big emblems on your sleeves so that you don't have to play the wiggle lottery to find your friends. I think it would be a great idea to institute the ability to wear matching shirts and pants so players know who your friends are. I appreciate anyone that would help this noob out as I am trying to enjoy this game with every fiber of my being through the problems currently felt in the beta's current state. The more info anyone is willing to offer me I would gladly accept as I want to "git gud" and hopefully help other players down the line. As a side note, if anyone who is good at this game and has time to play with me and help me understand the game, or is looking for a friend to game up with, my in game name is OumaShu. I would love to shadow someone as they show me the ins and outs of this game, or run along side someone else who is also trying to learn this game. Hopefully this thread was within the bounds of the forums rules, as I didn't see any posts talking about starter information or answers to the questions above. Thanks for reading my entire essay and I hope to hear some feedback soon.
  9. Grey Bear Military Company

    Grey Bear Military Company Entry Requirements 1.) You are 18, or over 18 years of age. 2.) You do not have to have past experience of this sort of game, but be willing to learn. 3.) Have professional and personal discipline and integrity. 4.) Good sense of humour, at the end of the day this brilliant game is still in alpha, if we can't have a laugh discovering bugs and getting screwed by them what's the point? 5.) Speak English, apologies for this one. I am a typical ignorant Brit and have the luxury of most of the world speaking my language. You don't have to be fluent just enough to be on the same page. About GBMC So until the game is completed and done wiping the general idea is just to get a group of gamers together who enjoy the social aspect and benefits that come with gaming together. The main objective for GBMC is to work as a real life PMC would, offering security whether it be in the form of sherpa runs, protecting trade deals or just generally playing together improving our personal fortune within EFT. Interested? Feel free to drop me a PM with a small bit about yourself and I will provide Discord/Teamspeak information.
  10. Black Division PMC (long post)

    I don't know if any of you played Contract Wars browser game, but in that game they had a roulette which you got to roll for free 2-3 times a day or purchase more rolls. They had many prizes that you could win, but the most sought after and valuable prize was Black Division - supposedly this would reward you with one million credits and 500gp (not sure how many gp, something like that). GP was premium, real life money, in game currency. I can't remember where exactly I heard it, but Black Division is like the best of the best. Only the best fighters get into Black Division PMC. "Passing all levels and get all titles player can become even steeper , joining the Black Division, which essentially is a group of professionals Contract Wars. As a fighter of this elite unit , the player gets access to the black gold (BG), on which he can buy unique weapons , perks and opportunities. More about this mode will be written in the following posts." I found this on a CW kongregate forum, but I have also heard that Black Division is something that only the developers get access to / or give access to other players. "What is Black Division? According to the backstory of the project, some third power with most powerful PMC unit, who takes action in conflict. Usually developers take this clan fro themselfs. In the roulette it is a huge-extra-mega-cool prize, which is also extremly rare" ALL these quotes are official, you can find them on NQSS' posts on Contract Wars forums on Kongregate... So I was thinking that you could have Black Division in game; Perks would be: -Weekly wages rewarded, say 100,000 roubles every week. -Access to super rare and expensive guns for free, or on discount from trader who only sells to contracters from Black Division PMC. NOW HERE IS SOMETHING THAT COULD BE PART OF THE PREMIUM PACK / EDGE OR DARKNESS PRE-ORDERS So if you have pre-ordered The Edge of Darkness Limited Edition, you get access to Black Division perks / gamemode. (this gamemode could be a bit like scav gamemode, where you spawn in with gear which would be provided free of charge by Black Division PMC.) However, to stop this from becoming way too overpowered, lets say that The Edge of Darkness players are only part of Black Division PMC for the first three months... Then the only way to become part of Black Division PMC is to be in the top 500 players of the global leaderboard, (based on kills, looting etc...) But this number, in this case 500, is dependent on however many people have actually preordered Edge of Darkness edition. If only 400 people have done this, then there is only ever going to be 400 places in Black Division for the whole life of this wonderful game. So you get to secure your place in Black Division PMC for the first couple of months since release day, (simply because you preordered the limited edition) and then after that, your place is up for grabs so that anyone who rises up in the global leaderboard / rankings can take the place and become part of Black Division PMC. But this would only be a perk for the limited edition people and only for the first few months after release, and then anyone who is good enough can take their place. Thank you for getting this far, and I hope the devs involve this in the game! I love the look of this game, but I am waiting to get my hands on it as i have studies until july... P.S Yes i like saying "Black Division PMC" Here is someone else pic that i found on google images! (from Contract Wars)

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows if you have to be in the same faction/pmc organization to be able to play together in a group with your friends? I just wanted to make sure before I chose because me and my buddy got the game together.
  12. C.O.B.R.A.

    C.O.B.R.A.-Combat Operations of Battle Recon and Assault Highly trained military contractors for any type of combat from open field battle to assault operations to taking down high value targets. This is the clan for well trained players who are ready to play as serious and realistically as possible. Untill the alpha there is not so much information about how clan sistem will work,but remember this clan is a small team,due the fact that this is the only way to keep a strong connection. If you think you are appropriate of this clan,be sure to check to contact me. Also you can check the Facebook page (untill the alpha or untill we will have enough players no importan announcement will be posted) :
  13. Adding a Third PMC

    we already know about USEC,and Bear, but what about the mercs ex.( Shandong Huawei Security Group ) from china,Mongolia and all the Stan's bordering Russia and with the current military spending china has been doing as well as the population i could foresee Chinese ex military moving to conflicts that RU/USA would have normally sent mercs into. plus the gear is similar to Russian equipment and well as a mix of US type cloned equipment. additionally it could be seen as a incentive for Asian/Chinese customers to purchase if their seen in a favorable light.
  14. Red Clover

    Nice to see a fresh face around here! I am Mike, Mike Dunhorn... I heard you might be interested in our little club, So I guess you would like a little story on what we do here in the Red Clover. Now the way we see it Someone is always going to want someone else dead, but they lack the power, you see I am a business man and I like to get paid what I do best.... Killing. Now don't give me any looks like it is wrong or anything it is just, Business. Word around the ruins you are damn good at what you do and we can use someone like you in our group but to make sure you are as smart as the manufacture who made your gun, Fill out an application on that stack of shitey paper and place it on my desk in my office. (PM me for more info)