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Found 38 results

  1. I don't understand why as a single player I cannot spawn in at the start of the raid. I have done almost 200 raids this patch and not seen a single instance where I zoned in earlier than 40m in solo. I used to zone in at 49m consistently. Why is this?
  2. Fence Stock??

    How does Fence get his stock? I cant see why people would sell items at such low prices when they can sell them to the other traders.
  3. I have a question about spawning in game, for this example customs. Whenever I spawn at the customs spawn point in Customs, I will hatchet run straight to the apartments, ill be the first one there, yet I hear gunfire at the checkpoint already. Then when I get to the checkpoint, scavs and geared PMC will already be dead there. Do people spawn on both sides of the map in customs or woods or is there something else I'm not getting.
  4. How can I add the Thermal scope to the new Ops Core Helmet ? In the description of the REAP thermal scope it can be integrated as a monocular in a helmet. How ?
  5. Spontaneous Explosion?

    So I'm in the rafters by the hole in the wall on factory and take out a couple scavs. The raid is almost over so there's only me and one other person that I know of (enemy PMC). I saw the PMC run to the 3rd floor across the bridge heard him sprint away; however, right after killing the scavs, maybe 3 seconds later, I explode and die instantly at full health with a PACA and tier 1 helm. It says i was killed by a PMC but i find it hard to believe that they landed a nade right between my toes without it falling or bouncing away and that I would not have heard it. This has happened once before but I just thought I was crazy. Is it a possible sound bug that either doesn't register the grenade pin pulling and impact sounds properly or maybe another type of weapon that sounded like a grenade??? Edit: after looking again I was actually killed by a scav that i had killed 3 seconds before but was at least 50 meters away and on the ground floor, still confused
  6. standard edition

    Hi peeps i was wondering if anyone knows if u get any beta keys to give away with standard edition
  7. What are the differences between BEAR & USEC? How does choosing BEAR limit me? How does choosing USEC limit me? Please go into detail. Thank you!
  8. Can BEAR & USEC Team?

    If I choose BEAR and my friend chooses USEC, Can we play together in like a party? Please go into detail.
  9. Just some questions

    So I just recently bought the game (Yesterday actually) and I have a couple questions and issues. The first is today I've had really bad connection Issues, but my region is set correctly, so I am wondering if its because battle state updated the game or because they do not have servers in the US. Second question is about Scav spawns, is there any pattern to them, because it always seems like I spawn in and get swarmed by them. Thanks for the help and keep up the great work!!
  10. So I am going to reset my game tomorrow, I am resetting because I am currently upgrading to the final edition of the game. I redeemed my Christmas present because I was wondering what is was. When I reset my game will I be able to redeem the Christmas present again? Thank you in advance.
  11. So I am going to reset my game tomorrow, I am resetting because I am currently upgrading to the final edition of the game. I redeemed my Christmas present because I was wondering what is was. When I reset my game will I be able to redeem the Christmas present again? Thank you in advance.
  12. So I am going to reset my game tomorrow, I am resetting because I am currently upgrading to the final edition of the game. I redeemed my Christmas present because I was wondering what is was. When I reset my game will I be able to redeem the Christmas present again? Thank you in advance.
  13. Stash and container size

    Hello I just bought the standard edition of the game, and I'd like to ask if there's any way to increase the stash and gamma container size... from what I understood (after I bought the original version of the game) you can increase them via upgrading the pre-order pack, but is there any not p2w way? I think it's kinda unfair to make it so only people who pay more for a beta version of a game can test the game to it's fullest and experience the game better then the ones who payed a legitimate price for the game...
  14. INFO Panel

    Hello friends, Just need some help here i have no idea how to read these info panels. I don't understand the colors? with the recoil do you want it down or up on the gray bit? Apology's but i cant find any info. Maybe even some arrows with paint or something if you want to be technical would be great Cheers THESHADYBANDIT
  15. So I've been playing for quite some time now and I feel as if when I first got the game as closed beta was released, it was a lot of fun. The hit-reg was great, yeah SCAVS were a little dumb and the PVP was awesome and everything felt really balanced and fair. But as of lately I cant help but feel like this game has just started to get some loose bolts. I know, it's in BETA stage and I understand it's still in development but something that's always picked at me is, how do you go from having something working, to having it just broken and distorted? My main frustration is the hit reg / armour system and how it works. I won't blab on about how many times I shot a guy, but I'm honestly finding my self putting a lot of rounds into a hatchet runner, lets say 14 - 22 rounds as an average with an AK74N, But all I hear is "augh" and then a lovely swoosh sound an I'm dead, despite me having fort / Kiver. I know what you're gonna say "It's just desync". But, to also counter my previous statement there have been times where I've had a Grach and one shotted a fully armoured player, compared to having an M4 and it taking 20 - 30 shots. Here are a few links to support my points, that sometimes the game decides to poo on you. ( They're all pretty short ) After a lot of trying a testing if figured out that Fort armour and PACA are the only two types of armour that actually stop bleeding only, they don't seem to stop damage actually being done to the limb, as in my stomach can still be blacked out by a 9mm or buckshot despite it being covered by what I assume is KEVLAR armour. Another thing, is that KIVER kills you instantly if it isn't fully repaired. I've tested this many times and if my Kiver is even 1% below the maximum repair state, if I'am to be shot in the head no matter the calibre I will die instantly, basically the KIVER looses all it's armour protective purpose after taking any sort of damage at all. I've done raids with, and without and I've always found that i survive and resist more shots without a KIVER than with. Grenades, are broken. I'm not just being salty here, grenades are generally broken and it's very bad. The amount of times I've been killed by a grenade that either I or my friend threw is uncountable, for instance. My partner and I were in upper offices on factory on single player side, there was another player on the opposite side of the corridor. My friend, threw an M67 grenade down the corridor, and yes it went down there and into the stairwell where we intended it to go, we then ran and hid on our stairs, well away from any blast radius, and we both died from the grenade even though the explosion was through 17 meters of concrete and rooms, how? how is that even a thing, this never used to be a thing and suddenly it's arose. Do excuse me if this is construed as whining or whinging but, at the end of the day we are BETA testers, and I feel it's my duty to report these issues, especially on a place where others can voice their perspectives.
  16. the coupon site says that this is valid this year.. yet where it's link leads is to a post from last year.. so I am a bit confused I am hopeful !! here is the link 30% OFF Deal Verified 495 People Used 30% Discount On Escape From Tarkov For Black Friday Save 30% for yourself on Escape from Tarkov for Black Friday. Expire Date: 11/25/2017 and here is where their link takes you.. 2016-11-23 Black Friday: 30% discount on preorder packages! I hope this is offered again this month as I intend on buying an upgrade and another account for my wife yes, I'm that lucky! Thanks in advance o7 Keep up the good work Devs o7
  17. Hey, I didn't play for a few days and got on and did some raids tonight and noticed that none of the scavs seem to be yelling out the typical cheeki breekie stuff before they shoot and they seem to also not spawn into the raid untill 6 or 7 min and they can poof out of thin air now (Not they dysynced around a corner, i do very literally mean spawn in in front of you) Is this new or did I just not notice it with the 4.0 update?
  18. I bought the standard edition of the game with my brother, he got it for me. This Christmas I would like to upgrade our accounts and I was wondering if there was a way to.
  19. The Once Percent of Tarkov?

    at the beginning of this video it says 'Press Release Edition', Gets all these guns when you reset your account. I dont know if hes talking about 'Edge of Darkness' or what, because what I spawn with is honestly not enough to be accounted for 150 dollars tbh. I want to reset my account to see if I get the same stuff but honestly I've spent too much time getting a bunch of disfigured ak74u's. bought a game for a 150 dollars > horrible at the game and cant get guns or any decent gear. and if there is so much as something called press release, how can you get it? is this profile reset permanent too? and whats the catch? (infinite guns?) Thank you so much if you are able to answer all the questions listed above.
  20. GPNVG-18

    So week or so back cleanupguy teased us with GPNVG`s and i would love if devs can tell us what kind of layout will they have..current NVG`s have circle shape in middle of the screen. Now i would like to see will GPNVG`s look anything like this? Would love to see what is devs idea and how will they do it ?
  21. Scav Group?

    I tried to go into a game as a scav with my friend, who was also a Scav, but we never spawn in the same spot together. Is this intentional or some kind of error?
  22. Hey guys, I was checking the FAQ and looked at the recent threads and found an answer to some of my questions but still, I'd like someone who actually know (rather than think how it is) and who can confirm/deny/explain questions asked below. So here they are: I am from Europe and my friends are from US. We play together daily, mostly on Factory map. What server we are on? US or EU? I think we play on the server in the region of the person who created the group? (just need a confirmation) Second question is about 6 people on the server. So, basically every game there's 5 other people besides me on the same map/server. I guess that's correct but now: If all the other people die and I am alone with AI scavs - do new players join after X time or I will be alone 'til I leave/die? Another question related to staying alive as the last player is AI difficulty. I guess it does not change over time and AIs do not become gods? (Need a confirmation) Now, the last thing is something I do not understand. Whenever I play with my friends (assuming on US server, they invite me) - it seems like we and all the other players started at the same time. What I mean is that scavs are in their places, alive, doors are closed and no dead bodies anywhere yet. Everything is as it should be. Why then, when I decide to go on my own, play one game alone - I end up in the middle of chaos? It happens at the late hours (2-3AM for example). I join Factory and I see doors opened, scavs dead etc. There's no way that I started at the same time as other people. Sometimes I spawn by forklifts and am going through the hallway to the extraction point (gate number 3) I see the door already opened and AI scavs by containers, concrete building dead? Let me add that there's no gunfire or anything when I spawn. Map loads fast, 30-40 secs so it's not me and some delay with spawning. Does it mean that there weren't enough of players so game started with like 3 and I joined them after X minutes or it was the only server with other people so game decided to drop me in on it rather than starting a new one empty with just me? This confuses me so much because sometimes I like to go alone, kill one or two players and then play with AI scavs as long as I want/can (I know about offline mode). So I am never sure if some players won't suddenly join my game and kill me when doing some stupid crap. Also there's one more thing, not related to the things above. Dropping mags when reloading. I hate that crap, got me killed several times. My friend told me that you drop the mag if you hit reload key twice so you do quick reload. I tested that and it's not true. I also have space in my vest, so it's not that either.
  23. General question's

    Just a few questions, Why is my scav cooldown gone from an hour to only a few minutes, Why are player scavs spawning in 3 minutes after factory match starts, and ofc im talking about player scavs not AI, Why are hackers still ruining the game for most honest players? Why did i get banned for a week on the forum for pointing out a mod was just being plain rude, even tho i put it very politely?
  24. Just wondering for the M16 and the Glock. Will the glock have a full auto mode and will the M16 be limited to a three round burst
  25. Reset

    Will there be a reset (like there was when the game went from alpha to beta) when the game goes to OBT or full release?