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Found 21 results

  1. never since last vipe

    never since last vipe have i started at the start of a raid why is this? im always starting like 48-40 at customs whyyy devs why !!!!!
  2. Raid Spawning

    Hi I've been playing for a few weeks now and I have a question, if anyone has an answer. I'm wondering is it possible to spawn into a raid alone, just you and scav AI? Sometimes I do night games and no one is in the preraid list thing, then I go into the raid and feel like no one is there and I don't hear any gunfire from anywhere. Just wondering if it is possible, or it has a minimal of pmc's needed to create the raid, so it will just wait until pmc's join to create it. I tried to just search the topic but couldn't find anything for days, on this exact topic. Thanks so much in advance!♥
  3. Nabend zusammen, hab seit dem letzten Update das Problem das ich jede Runde wo ich starte einen Desync bekomme. Nicht so wie früher immer mal wieder vereinzelt, was ja noch okay wäre. Jede! Runde früher oder später, ich geh zb auf Factory und habe direkt einen Desync (Spiele eigefrohren und nichts geht mehr) In ner anderen Runde passiert dies erst nach geringer Zeit.. kann nur in einzelfällen mal wirklich einen Raid spielen PC: AMD RYZEN 7 1700 - MSI 1080 - 200mbit -Spiel ist auf meiner SSD -schon komplett neu installiert -Server Pingtest dgft - immer der selbe Wert Ping wird ausgeführt für [] mit 32 Bytes Daten: Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=53ms TTL=51 Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=55ms TTL=51 Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=52ms TTL=51 Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=53ms TTL=51 Ping-Statistik für Pakete: Gesendet = 4, Empfangen = 4, Verloren = 0 (0% Verlust), Ca. Zeitangaben in Millisek.: Minimum = 52ms, Maximum = 55ms, Mittelwert = 53ms Die Server sollten ja eigentlich momentan nicht mehr das Problem sein? Woran kann das denn noch liegen? Kann es sein das meine Fritzbox zu den Problemen führt? Diese ist noch nicht so lang dran, aber schon bevor das Problem so schlimm war. Bin für jede Hilfe dankbar! Gruß Andy
  4. Looking For Group

    Looking for a group/clan to run Duo,Trio,+ with i play daily usually just get bored of playing solo so much... Leave your comments mature players please..
  5. Not a super huge deal i don't think, but about 2 hours ago i spawned as a scav, looted an akm and some gear, made my way to extract and actually completed the extract, but then once i was on the inventory management screen for the scav-to-inventory part, it kept giving me a move error (error 228 i believe) so eventually i just gave up trying to move my loot to my inventory and then just clicked next and tried to move back to the main menu so i could go spawn again, but then i had this big red banner above the "escape from tarkov" button and it said that i was still currently in the raid and that i would have to reconnect to keep my items and whatnot, i was a little confused but it showed my character with all of the items equipped so i assumed i would just have to run to extraction again after reconnecting, unfortunately that was not the case, i spawned back in with just a p226 and vest, so i had to redo it completely, and then extract again. im not super annoyed about this but i'm just wondering if it is a server issue or if its an issue with my account because i haven't really seen a whole lot of topics that have to do with this, i may have overlooked them but any explanation on this would bring a little bit of comfort. Thanks in advance!
  6. I think it would be a good idea that, after an successful extraction with a SCAV, you should be able to go right back in to a raid with the same SCAV character. If however, the SCAV player is killed, they should wait the 30 minutes to enter a new raid. This would be a good idea for newer players who haven't a lot of gear to go in PMC raids.
  7. Hello friends, ive made a highlight video from footage 20 hours of factory. (Loot included) Note: Ive made it out alive of every single raid. I came to the conclusion i had to make this video because i simply ran out of harddisk and stash space Hope you enjoy! Finale
  8. 3+ Minute PMC raid spawn?

    Hey all, This is the second time today I've spawned at least 3 minutes late into a raid as my PMC. Both times checking were sub 57 minutes left in Factory. The second time I was actually gunned down as I dropped in, rather frustrating. This late spawning as a PMC intended? I know Scavs spawn 5 minutes+ in?
  9. Confused over the raid time limit

    On shoreline and Woods so is the raid time limit 100 minutes. 100 minutes is 1 hour and 40 minutes. But when i look at the timer when i spawn in it says something along like 00:01:57 Dosen't that mean 1 hour and 57 minutes? That's more than 100 minutes...
  10. Can't exit raid

    Hey, i have 53 min left of raid in customs im stuck at the farest (?) exit and no timer is showing up. I standing next to vault door and text is not showing. I used that door many times. I need quick help.
  11. Hi there, me and a friend have big problems now with the game. We have no chance to go in a new raid, we make a group and search for a raid on "woods" after 5-6 min. waiting for connecting we thought to go back and join on a other map. And then begins the trouble, the game says that we are already in a raid, and we have to leave or reconnect. doesn't metter what we do, we can not play.... What do we have to do now? The game says that there is a critical error and i have to contact the forum, i also try to reset my player account in my profil, i closed everything but nothing helps. I get always the same error message.... After pressing "confirm leave" i go back, but nothing happens (last picture) I made some screenshots for you, please help us out....
  12. game crashes

    everytime i start a raid, when the loading makes it to the "map loading" stage and makes it to 100%, my game freezes, but i can hear the audio, and move my cursor. the only way i can kind of exit out of this crash stage is doing ctrl + alt + dlt then pressing escape and im brought to my desktop. when im at my desktop, the cursor is the same as ingame and i still hear audio but when i windows/tab then i see my own cursor. usually it gives me the crash tab, and when it does i have to tab and x out. sometimes i have to restart my entire pc when this happens edit: realized i post this in general and not technical issues, will repost on technical
  13. which time raid option is day or night?

    I just recently opened a topic about how to know if it is day or night ingame before jumping in. It got closed down because a moderator THOUGHT that just because he shows me the time options so will i know if it is day or night. It dosent say PM or AM after them so i still dont know what is which.
  14. Knowing time if PM or AM before raid

    This is probably a stupid question but is it possible to know if it is daytime or nighttime before i jump into customs, woods, or shoreline?
  15. Cant leave the Raid

    Hello Guys This happened me already the second time since i play EFT (about 2 months). So, i play Online Raid, map is Custom. I play it, kill some, no desync, everything is fine (i can loot in seconds and not like grabbing something and it takes time about 10 seconds or something like that) So, everything is just how it should be. But then, i come to the Exit point, i will try to explain which ones, cause BOTH of them didnt work (btw, my english... yeah, isnt perfect^^) One is almost at the end of the map, at the railroads, by the silos, where you can go up by circle stairs. one is a little bit further, but also at the railroads (between them is a fence where you have to jump over it) so, i walk to one of them, doesnt work... ok... i walk to the other one and it doesnt work also -.- so, anybody did encounter the same bug? btw, i had to leave the raid and lost all the stuff, it doesnt matter, yes, but its still sad. i worked it hard to come here, started with only pistol and had an armore at the end and an ak and a pumpgun, so its a hard work till there and its very very sad to leave it like that...
  16. This is why i love and hate EFT at the same time! Went in to the woods with just a shitty ak, Got out with this! Sorry guys
  17. Does anyone know when there going to bring back being able to take loot from an offline raid so we can get money and guns. Because all PVP games ive been in all day today everyone was running around with knives and axe's killing people so I was not able to get any loot AT ALL.
  18. Group Specialists & Continuous Raid

    Group Specialists I remember reading on the FAQ that players cannot heal each other: What if players could perform actions on eachother? I think this would introduce more interesting and in-depth teamplay. For example, you could have a dedicated medic in the group. Or, most importantly, a dedicated snack master to ensure everyone is well fed and hydrated. By allowing players some options to interact with eachother I think it would open the door for a soft class system that'll take teamplay to the next level. Continuous Raid Another suggestion on a similar note would be to have a raid mode where you have to complete all of the raid zones in order one after the other. Similar to the way GTA gives players a bonus for completing all of the heists in order with the same group. In a situation like this, having someone responsible for each aspect of the team (e.g health, ammo, nutrition, etc.) would make for more a more challenging experience.
  19. traders inside raids

    i would suggest placing unique traders inside raids. These traders would sell some unique stuff. This would encourage players to bring money to raids to get better gear while also risking the money they brought. Of course players would put the money to secured container but at least it takes one slot off from it. Feel free to share your thoughts. ☺
  20. So I red alot of FAQs but can't wrap my head around one thing. Sorry to compare this to DayZ, but it's the way of play, not contentwise, so plese stay with me. In DayZ, I start the game and join a server, play and then quit. In Tarkov, I know there will be scenarios (raids) that need to be cleared so another can open, ultimately opening the Free roam mod, without time limitation. Sooo how does this work. When I finish the scenarios, will 90% players be doing free roam? You catch my drift, I want to be able to explore the map and mostly, ENCOUNTER OTHER PLAYERS and either fight with them, or team up with them. Where will be the biggest chance for this? Plus, aditionaly, everyone says that if you die in a raid, you will lose everything. Fine, what about if you die outside of the raid? (so far it seems only free roam is a place other than raids). What about then?
  21. As the title says. I know that the scavs are limited by location (map areas i suppose), so what is the limit of the Scavs at each location? If the raid is limited by areas, then the players as Scavs when die... can re-join again in another area as another Scav? Or all the Scavs will be generate automatically in all areas and the player will take control of them to play as Scavs? I guess it's information that is in the hands of developers and administrators, hope they give us this information. Others can also comment on their perspectives on the subject.