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Found 3 results

  1. I've been looking around the forums and videos to see the game play since the NDA has lifted and am a bit confused on how these raids work. First question is based off the keys, i see some people talking about how you can purchase a raid key in order to participate in the raid, than others who say you need to find a key somewhere spawned in the map in order to escape. Which is it? And is it that easy to survive a raid if all you need to do is get from A to B with a key? Doesn't seem that difficult in theory. As well about the scavs, i know they aren't a part of the alpha yet. But i read somewhere that has me worried. That as a scav you go in with nothing, but a randomly selected gear set. Then you need to survive and escape like everyone else and leave with the equipment you collected. This seems stupid to me, because whats the point in risking your equipment as a PMC for some gain. If you can just not risk anything for a big gain.
  2. Hallöchen alle miteinander, auch ich bin jetzt stolzer Besitzer von EFT doch ich muss ehrlich gestehen das sich das ganze solo doch ehr schwer gestaltet. Bei mir sind doch auch noch einige Fragen offen. Inwiefern besteht die Möglichkeit eine Gruppe zu gründen bzw. zusammen zu zocken ? Geht das dann nur ingame und random oder kann man irgenwie zusammen joinen ? Dann noch die Frage wie ich es schaffen kann zu entkommen ^^ Muss halt einfach erst einmal durch das ganze Spielprinzip durchblicken. Falls wer mal bock hat nen bissle zu quatschen kommt doch einfach mal bei uns aufs TS oder ich komme zu euch. Ein bisschen Hilfe wäre echt nicht schlecht. ( Zu guter letzt wünsch ich allen im Vorraus schon einmal eine schöne Weihnachtszeit. Man sieht oder hört sich ^^
  3. So it is pretty clear that we will not be able to free-roam until we finished the 10 raid scenario. And we will complete these raid scenarios directly from the game menu, and after we finish the raid (if we were able to survive) we will immdediately returned to the game lobby in which we can start the next raid. At this point my question is this: how would you expect a standart edition player with his mere pistol to compete againist an edge of darknes player with his rifles, additional ammos, tomahawks and such. You repeteadly claim that all premium bonuses can be acquired through the game but with the abovementioned gameplay mechanic there is really not much of an opportunity for standart edition players to get even with eod players. Couldn't it be better to make free roam accesible from the start and give standart edition players a breathing room and give them a chance to improve their gears via free roam quests and loots? Another solution is to categorize players by their edition of the game and put them same servers. However this will clearly create matchmaking problems since there is great inbalances in the number of people owning the particular editions of the game. At this point, it seems the only way out for standart edition players to play as a scav and kill eod players.I dont know, maybe this is a good thing, this is a survival game after all...So ı guess ı will see you in the raids dear eod players, dont forget to put your valuables in your secure containers..:)