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Found 4 results

  1. Hello boysies its your friendly neighborhood Support Specialist. I am back again with another exciting contest. This one is available for all users. The essence of the contest is this: Users are tasked with creating a character in the Russia 2028/Escape from Tarkov universe. I will be providing a sample form to help you guys out. What about those of us that don't own EFT? How can we create a character in a game we never played! The answer is simple. Read through the lore sections of the forums! It is packed with screenshots, reports, and all kinds of material to get you well on your way. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Form (Sample): *Note that you don't need to follow the form! it is only to get you started! You can completely freehand this in the form of dairy entries, short story, or whatever you want. Full name: Nickname/Title: Gender: Age: Occupation: Appearance (Hair skin eyes height weight markings and other features): Social Level/Rank: Positive Personality Traits: Negative Personality Traits: Misc. Quirks: Likes: Dislikes: Hobbies: Group/Guild/Clan affiliation: Enemies: Favored Weapons/Tools of the trade: History (Write a backstory here): Feel free to include a portrait of your character should you so choose. How/when will we pick the winner? Taking into consideration other staff members favorites I will ultimately decide on the winner. Based on the criteria of my favorite character that I feel is complete and believable. (Understand it is hard to grade/judge people on creative endeavors like this, I may do a runner up if I'm torn) Winners receive 7-day Trial key. The contest will end on Friday, 9/8 at 0000 New York Time. I will pick a winner shortly after.
  2. Hikaryu The RPG and Frag Movies

    I am creating Role Play Gameplays and FragMovies Enjoy RPG with English Subs Frag Movie
  3. Skill progression system

    Am i the only one curious about the skill progression system, we haven't seen anything related. how will level up work? possible classes ? a skill tree.? from what i understand you are advertising EFT as a mmorpg, i'm intrestested in the RPG part of the game, a modding sys is not enough to make an fps an rpg.
  4. Anti Tank Weapons

    Anti Tank Weapons My Topic to discuss: Should be there Anti Tank Weapons like the RPG-7 or SMAW in this Game. In many Survival Games there are AT Weapons,they make Players really Powerfull and sometime unfair to fight against. Should this Game have AT Weapons Yes or No . (Sorry for Bad English)