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Found 60 results

  1. Scav on Scav violence

    There needs to be something in place to deter scav on scav violence. I propose that killing another scav as a scav (wether its a player or an ai) will result in a longer timer such as 1hr30min or 2hr instead of 1hr. This could also be expanded on by making it so if get attacked by another scav (take damage first) then kill them you dont recieve the penalty (self-defense). Do you guys have any ideas to reduce this needless scav on scav violence.
  2. Scav Mode Objectives

    A Scav isn't a PMC. They have a family, friends, they might have lived in Tarkov city before the fighting started. Because of this, they aren't just wandering the city to fulfill military objectives. "Find 3 Painkillers / Morphine for your family." "Bring 2 Drinks & 3 Cans of Food back to your camp." "Check on Room 220 in the Apartment building." "Bring loot from 1 USEC PMC." "Find 3 computer parts." A great way to keep Scav gameplay different is to give them objectives that have to be fulfilled before they leave the city. One scav might need to find 3 pain pills / morphine before leaving a raid, to help their wounded comrades at base. Another might need to find 4 drinks, or a can of pork. Maybe they need to find a specific type of knife. If they leave the map before finishing their objective, a part of the loot they collect is lost, outside of the control of the player using the Scav. If the developers wanted, shooting other Scavs could yield the same consequences (part of your loot is removed upon level completion.) PMCs go back to a hideout; Scavs will have to face the wrath of their community for what they do. What do you guys think?
  3. The Scav System really has to change. On average I wait 10 minutes because of "matching". Just now I was sitting at my PC and checking imageboards for 25 minutes because matching took so long. Next I know is I spawn and turn my character around just to see that I spawned on the exact same spot as someone else who shoots me right away. Now I have to wait another 30 minutes so I can wait ~10 more minutes to start a game. Since the spawn is random (at least the game says so) at least scatter the people over the map. I had it several times that people spawned at the exact same location like I did just 1 minute ago. All this kills my lust for playing this game, because when I want to play the game I don't want to wait 10mins for 1min of gameplay and then wait 40mins for the next chance.
  4. Scav Run Warning

    Please put in some giant warning for the first scav run you manage to complete, I clicked next without knowing I had to put loot in inventory first. Was so excited I picked up stuff I clicked next thinking "come on, I wanna go see my loot", without realising you had to move it on that that screen.
  5. Spawning Glitch?

    So after not playing the game for about 2/3 weeks I come back today after seeing it as a slightly big patch. I do a few main character runs and die of course, Then i switch to my Scav, Factory, loaded in. Instantly died. Now before i died there was a Scav standing exactly where I had died, my character "yawned", I don't understand that but then fell to the floor and died. I was in the raid for about 2 seconds before death. The end screen came up and said I died etc. Other things such as my most damaged body was my leg and that was the only main thing. Has anyone else had this before or after patch? or did i just have a really bad, really really bad case luck.
  6. Scav Human vs AI Detection

    Is it deliberately that it's completely ambigious who is a Scav AI and who is a Scav player in Scav mode? If I shoot a Scav they all come after me, if I don't I get shot in the back by a human player.
  7. New scav system

    If your lvl1 your scav time be 1h lvl10 - 50min lvl 30 - 30 min 30 min is max time you can get.
  8. Is Scav Vision worse at night?

    Hi I was just wondering if you play the maps at night do Scavs see you as easily in the dark?
  9. New Scav Protection System

    While playing as SCAV I'm sick and tired of being killed by player SCAV brothers. You need to disable friendly fire for SCAV's because it is not good for the whole idea. SCAV's must kill PMC's not each other. I'm always try to kill PMC's but other SCAVs always kills me. Right now as a defensive I'm killing player SCAV's too. Then all other scavs attacks me. This is the most boring thing in this game. You also reduce the timer to 30min. Right now everyone is killing each other. What a pitty. Here is my idea: -When you target a SCAV Brother our character will lower his weapon. -Of course some players will try the grenade way(Because they are so poor. OMG Scav PM!!!). If they killed a SCAV somehow by a grenade or something: -This will have a negative inpact od their main characters exp (Like -15.000 exp for per kill) -They will not going to be a SCAV for 3 day(Maybe a week) -They can't exit the map and lose their gear anyway. This changes will make the game much more fun than right now. SCAV brothers please don't kill each other. Please!
  10. Scav timer reduced

    It was nice logging in and seeing that the Scav timer had be reduced to 30 min's rather than 1 hour. I believe this will help promote more PVP and less hatchet spawn's in game's. I think that 30 is a nice little window and is too extreme. I am sure people will want it lowered but I think 30 is a good middle ground. Just curious what everyone else thinks.
  11. Freundlicher SCAV

    ich muss es erzählen denn es ist fast unglaublich, ich war wie des öfteren mit hatch und nem sack voller granaten auf tour habe auf customs am busdepot zwei scavs mit diesen getötet einen davon gelootet und mir seine saiga12 mitgenommen an der tanke dann wie immer auf ne handvoll scav´s getroffen einen mit der saiga umgesägt, nur dieser konnte mich schwer verletzen und ich hatte brüche und schwere blutungen. blut und galle kotzend zu dem rüber auf ein medkit gehofft leider nein, dann taucht ein zweiter auf waffe geschultert aber dann passierte das unfassbare, er machte den friendly wiggle und ich konnte einfach nicht schiessen und er ließ mich wirklich gehen ohne mir in den rücken zu schiessen, ich wäre ein leichtes opfer gewesen. danke dafür auch wenn ichs am ende nicht geschafft habe, aber schön zu sehen das auch dies möglich ist im spiel. oder hat mich einfach verwechselt. naja wie auch immer eine sehr schöne erfahrung die ich mit euch teilen wollte.
  12. So, maybe some of you noticed that the bots recently got patched again and I don't know how you feel about this but since then literally 80% of my deaths are from scavs. I went offline factory to test it out and once they lock on to me and I walk around a corner, bäm instant headshot from 10-20 meters away. Sneaking up upon them doesn't always work aswell anymore which is completly fine but I even checked via shadowplay how they fire while they're looking in one direction but turn a milisecond afterwards and kill you. How do you guys deal with them? I honestly don't even bring out gear anymore after getting straigh up 360 noscoped through a forklift, walls etc. Maybe I'll upload a collection of shadowplay vids later on
  13. Scav Commands

    Hi Devs, what you think about to command the Scavs in the Scav Round to follow me or cover me ? #Regards
  14. Player scavs killing each other

    Is there any way to get the player scavs to be able to see the other player and ai scavs, by having something like a star or some jazz over their heads. From what I think that the devs wanted was the player scavs to work together to kill the players, but when the player scavs kill on sight regardless of if they can tell if its a scav or not it ruins the point. I dont know whether or not this "breaks" the game and ruins the hardcore aspect, but more often than not unless you spawn with a large group of ai scavs and just hang out with them the entire round (the very end of customs runs by the military checkpoint for example) you just either get murdered while your doing the friendly wiggle or the moment you even look at a loot item so other player scav rolls up and murders you. this is probably more of a player issue with people just being asses than a game issue, but still..... This game has a bunch of promise and is a fresh take of the fps genre but goddamn, the alpha had less issues than the beta pretty sure thats backwards on how its supposed to go.
  15. SCAV Nightvision

    Everytime when i play at Night the Scavs downs me but they dont have Nightvision. How it works when can see me the Scavs ?
  16. Question sur le mode Scav

    Salut à tous, J'ai une question par rapport au mode scav. Après quelques raids réussis je n'ai jamais vu la couleur du butin ramassé. Je pensais que l'intérêt était justement de pouvoir se faire un peu de loot sans risquer son propre matériel ? J'ai ramassé des fusils à pompe, des AK, des munitions, des objets divers comme des clopes... Mais après l'extraction je ne vois rien dans ma planque. La fonctionnalité n'est pas finie ? C'est un bug ? J'oublie quelque chose ?
  17. Best Scav Name Ever

    Had this name as a scav. Was laughing so hard at the last name that I didn't notice the pun from the first name until after I took the picture.
  18. Scav loot warning

    Whenever I play as a scav, and extract, I rapidly click the 'next' button, completely forgetting to take the loot and put it in my stash. Not sure how many other people have this problem, but I thought it would be a good addition to the game, that if you try to click the next button without taking any loot, a little window will pop up saying "Are you sure you want to proceed without taking any loot?" or something like that. It would definitely help out players like me who have lost so many guns to a stupid little mistake
  19. Scav spawn point camping

    So I was going to play some escape from tarkov as hyped as I were. I usually start of my EFT gaming session with a scav gameplay first. But as it has happened to me before, I spawn in an take fire immediately and barely has time to turn around before i die. I wish there were something that would prevent players from camping scav spawn points... It's really getting on my nerves, the same goes for PMC spawns as it has happened to me before as scav and PMC... Map: Shoreline
  20. Scav players who spawn at the end of the map grab loot and/or kill A.I scav then leave. This is a problem becuase they have no risk and high reward while only taking content from pmc. (loot that spawns at the and the combat of the A.I.) My idea for a solution is make exits specific for scav players near pmc spawn forcing encounters and makes spawning in as a player scav an engaging experince instead of just free loot. any other ideas or opinions are welcome.
  21. Can you explain this ? Just before the clip I already shot somethings like 15-20 bullets in him so don't tell " he have a PACA lol " please... Please, we know it's a beta, and we accept that, but do something for lags and this because we loose ton of stuff and this is really annoying
  22. Hello Dev's. It is possible to change Scav extract point (i know that in finall game this will work in diffrent way) now to somewkere else? I think right now Scavs players are very unfair and broken. They just jump in to game, take stuff (M4, wallet, Docs etc... ) and go to the exit. Better will be if Scavs extract point will be next to PMC spawn point, so they (Scavs) must go and pass PMC. Maby this change is simple to implement and you can test this kind of small change.
  23. One Tapped By AI

    I brought my full ak and paca into a raid today, wiped the entire map of factory (was super fun and action packed). I was going for the escape fully kitted and had as much gear as my bags could carry and as I was heading to the exit a scav flew out from behind a wall and shot me once in the head with a pm from like 30 meters away. This is something that happens to me frequently and AI should not be able to just 1 tap you before you can even react. Bots also need to have a limit to how fast they can turn around so they are more realistic to players. Maybe some of this could happen but the chances of a shot like this are very very unlikely. The main problem here though is just how fast they react, as soon as a bot is triggered it can do a complete 180 and shoot perfectly accurate.
  24. Scav improvments

    Hey I love the game and love the idea of scavs, however I do find it annoying when you spawn right next to a fellow spawn or nonscav and they just kill you and you cant do anything but sit in frustration for another hour until you can play again. So I guess the point I am trying to make is that maybe in the future fix spawns preferably not spawning right in front of people. The second thing that I would absolutely adore would be to fix scav on scav violence and maybe have some sort of penalty when you do kill another scav. Sincerley- Tachanka1