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Found 19 results

  1. Fort Armor.. Where do i find it?

    I've heard that fort armor will sometimes spawn as scavs but i've yet to see any. Is that true? And are there any other possible locations to find some? Trying to complete the first skier quest.
  2. Scav's timer

    Hello, I have a question, so me and some friend's used to play EFT last night (Paris Timetable). And we noticed that scavs cooldown has been reduced to 30 minutes, and today, the timer has been reduced to 20 minutes. Is this an official cooldown reduction or is it a bug from the game ? Thank you
  3. It's pretty well known that Scavs snort more cocaine than Al Pacino and Charlie Sheen going down on a cheap hooker before each round and those of us that are prepared for it can take them on pretty easily. But I noticed something recently in Pve that really should be adjusted or taken out altogether. Unless you're in a Scav's direct field of view (which seems to change based on the sounds you make) they won't instantly track to your head and drill a bullet into your skull *unless* you aim at them. If you don't aim towards a Scav and you aren't shooting something else or moving loudly, Scavs will not turn to shoot you and only do so when the computer detects that you're targeting them. I assume this is because the engine constantly draws a line from the end of your gun and if that line intersects with a hit box while the gun is shot a hit is registered--a poor way to register hits in an apparently realistic shooter but that's another issue. Anyway I really hope they remove this because getting insta-killed by a makarov sniper isn't really fun when you've got 2 Saiga's and an M4's worth of shotguns. Tip and trick if you're constantly getting skull fucked by Scavs, don't aim at them until you're sure you can kill them. o7
  4. Scavs Have Levels?

    Is the AI shown in the end of the raid menu, other than eliminations? Sometimes I go through a whole raid and kill only AI scavs, but at the end of the round it tells me the level of the scavs, as if they were real people.
  5. Don't remove it, just a tweak?

    Good evening everyone, So we all know how we start in this game. We pick up a knife or a hatchet and do some 1 item runs to loot som gear to get ingame currency to build our own aresenal of weapons, modifications, meds and what not. And it seems to work ok, BUT it also seems to be exploited to a certain extent. This game is all about risk, you die you lost whatever you brought if it wasnt insured and picked up. This gives Escape From Tarkov it's "Ultra Core" feeling, you gotta risk it and get sum! I have lost several fully modded M4's, and a ton of grenades and gear. Many times because of the stupid owerpowered A.I's and it's okay, but what's not okay is that I actually try to risk my stuff for a greater chance of success only to find that most of my matches are filled with 1 itemers looting around with their hatchets. They don't do much harm when I bring gear, but it doesn't feel like it justifies the risk balances. It would be great if we could impliment some tweak to how often we can do 1 item runs, like a lower limit if you got weapons and gear enough it must be used. How this limit works could be discussed. But whenever I enter a raid, I want the feeling that my risk is actually worth the risk. That I don't enter a game with gear worth of 150K - 200K only to find several hatchet runners and the poissibility to insta-die from A.I's superman aim and get my gear looted by this cheapies. Hatchet runs and scav runs must exist, without it players who have lost all their items must quit the game. And I understand it needs to stay, but it needs a balanced tweak. Scavangers already need an hour cooldown, and that's great. Thank you for reading, I am sorry for missspelling. What is your opinion to my suggestion?
  6. BORING!

    Hello. I have notice the hot fix that happend a few week back. About how OP the scavs was and so on.... And I really got disappointed when you guys implemented the "hot" fix about the OP scav. Now the scav dont even shoot back , difficult to raise my "Stress Resistance" skills or any other combat skills. The scav is weak! and patethic to see them move without shooting back! I thought this was a HARDCORE FPS MMO game. But it looks like some zombie ( computer ) none challengin feeling. I feel the game just died! I dont know thou...I am having second thought if this game keep moving like this. Why would you please these so called CSGO elite player or PUBG or H1z! player? They are just loot goblin who brag about their stuff but never use it. Very boring stuff.... I think I will take a break for 1 week. This cant go on anymore. My mind does not get excited anymore. Before I could play over 6-7 hour a day before I got bed. But now with all these easy lootgoblin who kill bots that do not engange back, bored the heck out of me. My average game play now after the hotfix is 3-4 hour. That is 1 - 2 raid.... Very boring!
  7. Scav on scav violence

    Will there ever be a more severe punishment for scav-on-scav violence. I need to wait way too long just so I can get shot in the back of my head after half a minute by another player Scav. I know that the other scavs will turn on them as soon as they shoot at them, but that's just not enough. They exploit the friendliness of the other scavs only to get multiple free weapons. As someone who wasted countless hours waiting for a scavrun I think this has high priority.
  8. Scav spawning

    So, and this was only maybe 10 minutes ago, but I did a scav run on Customs. I spawn in and I spawn right next to 2 guys who were pretty geared up. Scav backpacks, tricked out AKs, a Saiga, the works. And I mean, I spawned in like maybe 20 feet away from them. By the time they realized something was amiss both guys were dead from my MP-153. I looted them and ended up being killed by a scav camping the exit and I got distracted looking to see if I found the docs holder. But I think that's a major issue with the spawns. Those guys were being careful, taking their time, clearly came prepared and lost because I spawned in right next to them looking at them already. I barely had to move my mouse to kill them. If I had spawned else where and snuck up to that distance that'd be one thing but I literally teleported right on their asses and they never had a chance. I never should have been allowed to spawn in such a favorable position, and so close that I could easily shotgun them both down without having to make a move. And that's an issue where scavs can just spawn in right next to you. I really think that needs to be addressed where scavs cannot spawn in direct line of sight of players, as well as scavs can't spawn inside a certain distance from the players, because it was so close that it seemed like one of them gave birth to me with that spawn and it was absolutely never ever fair for them. And to those 2 guys I gunned down, I'm sorry because that was really dirty but it wasn't my fault the game put me in such a spot. I'm just a little sad that I didn't take your great stuff but at least you can sleep easier knowing that I didn't walk away with it either.
  9. Another thread about Player Scav on Player Scav. Just got on to Customs to find me that Docs container, spawn in, run around warehouses for about a minute, see a Scav with an Ak 74u. Thought nothing of it until he saw me, then he rattled off a full mag in my direction. Luckily managed to flank him and get the drop on him, he still took 3 shotgun shells though. So I'm there, feeling annoyed at this guy, and about to pick up his AK and get out of there. Next second, some AI Scav shouts in Russian at the top of his lungs and domes me with a Makarov. Well, there's another hour gone where I can't get Scav. Not my idea, but someone on here mentioned that if a Player Scav kills a Player Scav, then the time they have to wait to play Scav again increases for each Scav/Player Scav they kill. Anyone else thinks that's a good idea ?
  10. Player Scavs VS Scavs

    Hi, I think it is a terrible behavior that a Player Scav can kill another Player Scav in the middle of 3-4 A.I. Scavs and these A.I. Scavs even protect this cannibal from ( non scav ) players. I believe it would be more realistic if the ( at least surrounding ) A.I. Scavs revenge and try to kill the Player Scav. What do you think ? Best Greetings
  11. please for the love of GOD

    Please devs for the love of god Tone down the AI on several ac cations now i have been killed with a AI SCAV not even looking at me
  12. Nerf scavs plez (Crazy scav story)

    I was doing a raid in the woods when from nowhere i got suppresed by a scav. I saw that he was in a old wooden building but i couldnt exactly aim at him because he was in the building and shooting trough cracks of the walls. I only saw the muzzle flash trough the cracks. I took cover behind a tree and saw dust flying of the tree exactly where my head was. So he was shooting trough walls and trying to shoot my head behind a tree....seems fair. He managed to shoot my legs so now i couldn't run. I could only lie down and wait for him to run out of ammo....he never ran out of ammo and instead killed me by shooting one of my feet sticking out...The scavs are not fair. They are too Op.
  13. read me lol

    ok i know you guys have probly been getting this alot and are working on it but the scavs live in the matrix all they see is code and its like they are the chosen one and doge bullets left and right then turn into angelina jolie from wanted and one shot you around a corner. like i said i know you guys are probly working on it for future updates. it would be really nice if they had an actual human like play style, as is being able to sneak up on them, their hearing wasnt superb like a trained k9 and they werent mark walberg from shooter. from a happy player that loves the game but hates the god like scavs thank you for reading and i know it wont be a problem in the near future
  14. Tone down Scav Skills and Tactics

    While I know its been said time and time again, scavs really need to be tuned down. Besides all of the weird glitches involving them they are just way too fast. These scavs are not trained soldiers they are commonly scared, desperate, wounded, hungry, thirsty you name it. These factors all would negatively affect the ability to quickly put shots on target. While it would be logical for organized soldiers in latter raids in the game to be like this , it doesn't make much sense for scavs. They should be more desperate and unpredictable like rushing doors and stuff, not taking cover 40m away and one tapping people with a Ak74u missing half its parts. I just hope that future updates will make scavs more like bandits and less like the special forces they act like now.
  15. AI is ******* ridiculous.

    The AI in this game is more of a threat than the players. I can take care of players no problem and sneak around them. But the moment I run into an AI Scav, I'm immediately spotted 100 yards away, crouching behind a box, and get aim-botted. Seriously, I'm not joking. I was playing a night server and ran into 2 unsuspecting scavs patrolling. I raised my gun and waited for them to stop moving before firing, and in an instant, both of them fired at the same time and killed me instantly from at least 50 yards away. Another encounter I had, where a scav walked right past me in a hallway, and I shot at least 6 bullets into his back, before he immediately turned around and shot/killed me instantly. I know people in Alpha were complaining about the AI being stupid, but this so far has not been fun. AI is spawned in around the escape areas to prevent you from leaving with the loot, so whats the point in looting anything if your just going to get aim-botted from 100 yards away and lose everything because of a cybernetically enhanced super soldier Scav.
  16. Update dos AI's (Scavs)

    Ontem saiu um pequeno update em que os devs deveria reprogramar os scavs e tirarem alguns erros como atirarem através de paredes e objetos. Verem através do mesmo e o tão odiado one headshot kill, entrem alguns outros erros. Mais adivinha só. Fiz uma pequena live e constatei que deram uma melhoria nesses erros. Mais ainda me atiraram através de paredes e objetos. E um scavs que corria de um player a mais ou menos 100 de mim, consequentemente o feito de me matar com 2 tiros de makarov. Tá difícil.
  17. Nerf The poo Out Of Bots

    I got 3 shot sniped by a bot with a pistol when I peaked my head around a corner in factory, he was literally halfway across the map below me and I was in the stairs area and had no previous aggro, and he ducking two shots me. Scavs are ruining the game at the moment, either nerf them to where they can't kill me in 3 shots with a pistol like the fastest gun in the fuckin' East or remove them temporarily until they are fixed, it's honestly game breaking.
  18. Community Übersetzung des englischen Texts aus dem Project News Forums.
  19. As the title says. I know that the scavs are limited by location (map areas i suppose), so what is the limit of the Scavs at each location? If the raid is limited by areas, then the players as Scavs when die... can re-join again in another area as another Scav? Or all the Scavs will be generate automatically in all areas and the player will take control of them to play as Scavs? I guess it's information that is in the hands of developers and administrators, hope they give us this information. Others can also comment on their perspectives on the subject.