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Found 3 results

  1. Suppressors

    Hi, The current state of Suppressors make them a necessity when taking gear into a raid, and understandably they are end-game gear. However, being on the receiving end of a suppressed weapon is no fun as it is impossible to determine where the shots are coming from. The range at which suppressed shots can be heard is often less than engagement distance therefore there is often no chance of fighting back. Subsonic bullet use should be promoted when using suppressors however, they should have little effect when used with supersonic bullets, only deadening the sound. Are there any plans to change suppressors from the current 'Hollywood' style into something more realistic? Love the game by the way, it has huge potential.
  2. Silencers

    Just wondering how silent will guns using silencers actually be because a lot of games tend to still be pretty loud for balance reasons. Did a quick search and only only found topics discussing wear and attaching them, but not on their effect audible wise.
  3. Had an Idea, Maybe the option to create an improvised suppressor would be good in moderation? I think there would have to be limitations so not everyone has them, Maybe make one of the materials needed quite rare and only have the ability to create them as part of one of the in game skills..... Whats everyone's thoughts?