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Found 16 results

  1. Schüsse in Game

    Hey, seid dem letzten großen Patch habe ich öfters das Problem das ich im Game (im Raid) keine Schüsse von anderen Spielern höre, Ich sehe sie, erleide Schaden etc. jedoch kann ich nicht hören ob sie und von wo sie schießen... hat jemand das selbige Problem? Gibt es eine Lösung oder ist das momentan ein bekanntes Problem, ich höre sonst alles im Game, Leute Rennen/gehen, Bots Reden meinen Charakter Stöhnen einfach alles außer die Schüsse was verdammt wichtig ist und ärgerlich wenn man deswegen stirbt!... <.< Gruß Marvelous
  2. It's pretty hard to know exactly from were a noise come from. I'm probably wrong but i think it's because EFT don't use "doppler" for the sound effect. I hope someday we will have something similar as Counter Strike ...
  3. Soundproblem

    So i dont hear any ingame Sound and i dont know how to fix it
  4. Sound for loading In

    As the title entails a simple sound for loading in. Usually when playing any other map than factory I shift tab out to do something while I wait BUT because all the bird noises begin once you finish loading the map you never know when you've truly loaded in. So I think any small noise to notify you of being loaded in would be great.
  5. Current ingame soundsystem isnt great at all, position and depth or what you wanna call it is terrible, sound from other players bleeding into the noise\sounds i make. For example. If a player is above me i will automatically make more noise, if player near or above me is running my character also make weird sounds like im sprinting even tho i move slow. If someone is after me, most of the time i have to guess where he will make contact, often i die because i think he is coming from the opposite direction. Impossible to locate him by sound if he dont step on something you know where is if you know the map well enough. Players can walk up stairs right beside you, sounds like they is far away. Just to shot you in the back because you trusted the sound. Some players can sprint and not make sound at all. Is it related to desync or is it a bug in the game it self? Walking on some surfaces make so much noise, walk on wooden floor above minimal speed sounds like you are running + stomping. IS it only me that think its freakishly loud compared to metal etc? Like in factory 3 floor, if you dont wanna announce you are there you have to walk as slow as possible. 1 notch above = allot of noise. Any news regarding 5.1 sound? I have tried to get info regarding this for maybe 8 month, others have also asked about this. But never get a reply, not that iv seen anyways. Why cant you share some information on how its going? Are there issues you struggle to fix, it was implemented for a short time. But was little bugged like much of the sound i made came from rear speakers. Other than that, it was a huge improvement compared to what we got to day. I learned factory when it was enabled, when i got used to hearing my self in the rear it was like day and night regarding hearing where other player where. So was a bit disepointed when i read it was fixed, just to realize you just went back to the good old stereo thats been used since i got the game.
  6. Hiya Devs and all Just a question about sound changing from the outdoor environment straight to the indoor building: It seems that when I walk between in and out of the doorway of a building, there is a extreme change of sound that is just not quite right. here is a Video example: I've also done a drawing diagram too of the situation within this forum (sorry poor diagram, I am noob).. Tell me what you think everyone, or am I being too picky?
  7. Okay my problem is this. I have really nice headphones and I use a sound card(seperate one) to play, but when I play the game usually the sounds suggest that an player or scav is right to me. Although they're o n another level of the building. Something similar happens when I try to determine where the sound is coming from and how far is it I do not succeed. I use the same tactics (at sound level) to play Battlefield 1 and everything is fine. Also I found my first chest armor!!! Exiting times. I use BeyerDynamics DT990 Pro 250 ohm Edition. The sound card is Sound Blaster Z.
  8. Hello, I would like to start with saying that I love the sound design in this game. Being a sound designer myself I know the amount of, time, money, production, and work that went into recording and producing the games foley. Let alone the programing for when sounds get triggered. Its an extremely complex design and it sounds great! I do however have a couple complaints; direction, and distance of the gunshot sfx. I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this but sometimes when I hear a gunshot it sounds like its coming from in front of me but its actually rear left. Or for example, on woods, when someone fires from the sawmill and I'm at the cave it sounds like its less than 100 meters from me. Its probably that I have not adjusted to all the sound effects, and their different variants when fired from a distance. But it confuses the hell out of me sometimes. I have also noticed that when I sprint around the footstep sound effects coming from my player sound shorter or even non-existent at times.
  9. sound bug?

    I have been running Factory today, and have noticed a sound bug while playing. Multiple times I have been "shot" and killed without any sound from the weapon. I am confident they were not suppressed as twice it was with a shotgun at relatively close range. I have not noticed the sound issue before today, and am unsure if other players are having the same issue or not.
  10. Is anyone else getting the feedback when being killed by an automatic weapon? It just keeps BLARING after you're dead for 5+ seconds?
  11. Silencers

    Just wondering how silent will guns using silencers actually be because a lot of games tend to still be pretty loud for balance reasons. Did a quick search and only only found topics discussing wear and attaching them, but not on their effect audible wise.
  12. Warum hört man manchmal Fuss Schritte nicht auch wenn der Bot 2 meter von einem entfernt ist dass ist so unrealistisch aber man selber immer irgendwelche Geräusche macht bitte macht auch mal was am sound...
  13. Will EFT have in game team speak feature? Yes I have experience with The Division and I must say it is quite cool to be able to hear nearby players talking and be able to communicate with them. Off course when contemplating your strategies you will need to be careful (eavesdropping)
  14. Boots and sneakers?

    What about making footwear a customisable option? Make a choice to have sneakers which will make less noise on hard surfaces, but will make you a weak point if shot in the feet. Ie bleed out rate is high and you could break a foot. These could be bought or found in key rooms?
  15. Realistic sound

    In many combat games you here when people fire a wepon from good distance which is good. But in most games the sound of peoples movement is often very low and unrealistics. If you for example sit in a corner and a character comes walking by its you often havent heard him, you just see him. I really hope this game will have realistic movement sound. For someone sitting still and trying to hear if someone is running oround inside a house I really feel that he should hear that. All to often someone can be laying down with his sniper in a bush, all quiet trying to spot some nice kills. And all the sudden, bam you got killed from someone who have run up on you and saw you from the back. And you dident hear a thing! If that would have been real, the sniper would easely have heard the other coming from behind if he was walking in normal speed or running, almost even if he was crawling too. SoI hope the game engine have realistic sounds
  16. Gear and Sound

    So I was wondering, does gear affect the loudness of one's steps? Do we have a choice between heavy combat boots and light sneakers? Does wearing more body armor make more noise in comparison to no body armor? I personally like stealth gameplay and sniping, so will my gear affect my ability to stay hidden?