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Found 25 results

  1. Spawn fantastici e dove trovarli

    Salve, Premetto che non gioco da molto, ma ho bisogno di condividere questa mia esperienza perché il gioco è piuttosto ingiocabile su woods. Oggi su 5 partite sono morto sempre nell'area di spawn, una volta dissanguato perché un colpo di pistola mi ha aperto in due qualsiasi parte del corpo. Ma la parte più bella è capitata poco fa.. decido di raidare con un fucile invece della solita pistola e BAM il raid dura 2 secondi, perché? Bene, sono entrato in partita con lo spawn all'interno della fabbrica di woods, il gioco non fa nemmeno in tempo a schiarire la schermata di gioco che mi becco due proiettili che mi uccidono istantaneamente senza ancora aver preso il controllo del pg. Il nome del tizio c'è, si può per caso segnalare per spawn killing? Grazie per l'attenzione, vi allego lo screen qui di seguito.
  2. Right now I get spawn-killed 1/8 games as a scav and it seems like the same people killing me at the same spawn points. As a player there is nothing you can do when you get shot and are still seeing the information in the lower left, and then you have a 30 minute timer to make it worse. Could adding more varied spawn points help cut down on this behavior? I dont know of other ways to cut down on it so much as this is rampant in any game with death or login spawns where other players are already engaged in content.
  3. Hi, after the 0.4 beta patch was released, every single time I join a game as a PMC no matter the map, I am always very late into the game. Factory seems to be the only map it doesn't happen 100% of the time for, about 20% of my factory matches will be from the very start of the raid or a few minutes late like normal. For any other map other than factory, I've spawned 20-50 minutes late in every single game i've played today, I was trying to spawn into a fresh customs raid and run for the factory key spawns but every single game I press O, and there's only about 48 minutes left on customs. This is making it absolutely impossible to get the factory key as people have come and looted it like 30 minutes before I even spawned into the game. Before 0.4 I'd only spawn late into raids very rarely, but now it's every game. I'm not sure if this might be connected but I seem to be in the "Matching" stage of loading a customs raid for atleast 3 minutes every single match. Any ideas?
  4. Scav spawning

    So, and this was only maybe 10 minutes ago, but I did a scav run on Customs. I spawn in and I spawn right next to 2 guys who were pretty geared up. Scav backpacks, tricked out AKs, a Saiga, the works. And I mean, I spawned in like maybe 20 feet away from them. By the time they realized something was amiss both guys were dead from my MP-153. I looted them and ended up being killed by a scav camping the exit and I got distracted looking to see if I found the docs holder. But I think that's a major issue with the spawns. Those guys were being careful, taking their time, clearly came prepared and lost because I spawned in right next to them looking at them already. I barely had to move my mouse to kill them. If I had spawned else where and snuck up to that distance that'd be one thing but I literally teleported right on their asses and they never had a chance. I never should have been allowed to spawn in such a favorable position, and so close that I could easily shotgun them both down without having to make a move. And that's an issue where scavs can just spawn in right next to you. I really think that needs to be addressed where scavs cannot spawn in direct line of sight of players, as well as scavs can't spawn inside a certain distance from the players, because it was so close that it seemed like one of them gave birth to me with that spawn and it was absolutely never ever fair for them. And to those 2 guys I gunned down, I'm sorry because that was really dirty but it wasn't my fault the game put me in such a spot. I'm just a little sad that I didn't take your great stuff but at least you can sleep easier knowing that I didn't walk away with it either.
  5. Scav Spawn killing

    I don't know how other players feel about this or if its affected a lot of players but it would seem a lot of players on their "PMCs" wait at known scav spawn locations killing you as you spawn in as a scav. I think, now this is my opinion if you die with in the first minute or so "debatable time frame" of spawning as a scav by a player it should not place your scav on the 30 minute cool down, since you didn't even get a chance to play or even defend yourself in a lot of the cases. Thoughts?
  6. One Solution to spawn killing

    One solution I came up with to spawn killing is allow the player to spawn invisible to friendly players for lets say 20 seconds. This gives me time to get out of the area without any spawn killers knowing. I would however be able to kill spawn killers waiting if I found them. This would deter people from sitting and waiting because they 1 would not know you have spawned and 2 may have a chance of dying while not seeing it coming. This is my biggest problem with the game, the other issues I know will be fixed and being working on and the game can be played with those glitches. But with the spawn killing, the fun is sucked out of the game quickly and this would be an easy implementation to fix a major problem.
  7. Heyka Tarkowianie , na angielskim forum znalazłem krótki przewodnik by Loren_lion lokalizacji spawn'ow na mapie SHORELINE . oraz mapa z zaznaczonymy punktami spawn
  8. How to find Salewa kits!

    Hi! Since i've been using the forum alot to get help from others i thought it wouldnt be a bad idea to give something back to the community! U probable had the quest Shortage that you get from Therapist for a long time, trying to find the Salewa's can be a hard job. But with this quick guide you might have alot of them in a short time! Step 1: Go in to Customs and go the the extraction point by the fuelstation! Step 2: Behind the fuelstation you will find this little hole. inside the hole there is a red bag! Step 3: Inside the bag there is a big chance that the Salewa will drop. Do this over and over again, and soon you will swim in Salewa's LIKE THE POST IF IT HELPED YOU
  9. 3+ Minute PMC raid spawn?

    Hey all, This is the second time today I've spawned at least 3 minutes late into a raid as my PMC. Both times checking were sub 57 minutes left in Factory. The second time I was actually gunned down as I dropped in, rather frustrating. This late spawning as a PMC intended? I know Scavs spawn 5 minutes+ in?
  10. The Scav System really has to change. On average I wait 10 minutes because of "matching". Just now I was sitting at my PC and checking imageboards for 25 minutes because matching took so long. Next I know is I spawn and turn my character around just to see that I spawned on the exact same spot as someone else who shoots me right away. Now I have to wait another 30 minutes so I can wait ~10 more minutes to start a game. Since the spawn is random (at least the game says so) at least scatter the people over the map. I had it several times that people spawned at the exact same location like I did just 1 minute ago. All this kills my lust for playing this game, because when I want to play the game I don't want to wait 10mins for 1min of gameplay and then wait 40mins for the next chance.
  11. Spawning Glitch?

    So after not playing the game for about 2/3 weeks I come back today after seeing it as a slightly big patch. I do a few main character runs and die of course, Then i switch to my Scav, Factory, loaded in. Instantly died. Now before i died there was a Scav standing exactly where I had died, my character "yawned", I don't understand that but then fell to the floor and died. I was in the raid for about 2 seconds before death. The end screen came up and said I died etc. Other things such as my most damaged body was my leg and that was the only main thing. Has anyone else had this before or after patch? or did i just have a really bad, really really bad case luck.
  12. [FR]Liste des Spawns actuels

    Bonjour à toutes et à tous, je vous présente les différents spawns actuels de la version alpha du jeu. Ces spawns sont déjà présents sur le discord Français crée par @LePatrick pour regrouper notre communauté plus facilement. Les noms attribués de ces spawns sont à titre indicatif mais pour une facilité de compréhension en groupe je vous conseille de les utiliser afin de permettre à notre communauté française de parler le même langage. Un grand merci à @TORUS et à @Babiche_DZA pour avoir prit ces screenshots ! La première carte est Factory : La deuxième carte est Customs : La troisème carte est Woods : La quatrième carte est Shoreline :
  13. Spawing Issues

    Right, so spawn camping is getting really out of hand. Lets say I play 10 matches some day: I'd bet $10 that in at least two, if not three or four of those matches, someone will be waiting within 20 meters to pop me once in the head as soon as my model appears. Several times I don't even load in all the way before I'm dead, I fade-in to my character falling over dead because I've already been shot. The final straw happened to my brother and I the night before I made this post. We logged on that evening, and decided to do a few. - PMC Run #1 - Spawn in to Shoreline. In the time it took me to take 6 steps my brother was sniped. I wandered around for a brief time, and after I died we went back in for another. - PMC Run #2 - Spawn in to Forest. I get shot in the back by a shotgun almost immediately, and my brother lasted about 20 seconds before finding someone sitting up on the rocks next to the center southern fence spawn and was promptly turned into Swiss cheese. - Scav-run - Spawn in to Factory. We spawned on the literal opposite ends of map, into a game where a team of 4 decked-out PMCs were lighting up any direction noise came form. Obviously we never met up; never really stood a chance. - PMC Run #3 - Spawned into Forest. We were actually pretty close to each other, but as it turns out there was a guy sitting int he corner of the map ready to light us both up. My brother was shot just a few seconds after spawning, and I was promptly lit up by a person using a different gun when I went to investigate. This probably means a team of at least two people had positioned themselves so that they could see several spawn points and were killing people as they loaded in. My brother decided he was done after that. All this happened over the span of maybe 20 minutes. I don't even take anything in with me half the time anymore; I just put a pistol in my alpha pack because the odds are that someone's going to be within 50 paces of wherever I spawn, waiting for me to deliver free loot. I've seen many other players doing this too: going in with just a melee weapon, or as was the case on 3 separate occasions, nothing at all. Separately, allowing a team of players to be larger than half of the maximum players for a match lets a large group voluntarily outnumber everyone else in the match. Even a 4-man on a map with a 7 player cap means they're automatically going to outnumber the other players. A 3-man probably would too unless the other four players were in a group, or it was another 3-man and a poor solo player. Possible Solutions Were it up to me I'd add a few more spawn points to each map, and then set up a preventative player detection system that voids a spawn point if another player is within X-radius of that spawn point; at least 100 meters for outdoors maps like Forest or Shoreline. Fact of the matter is you'd probably see a lot of players having issue spawning in at all with this ruling, given the amount of camping that happens. Additionally, maybe setup large spawn clusters; efficiency spawn "areas," like a dozen different spawning points within a 30 meter diameter, that effectively each function as an individual spawning instance. One solo player would then spawn into one of the given points in their spawn area, and anyone watching the area would have to scope a wider range in order to spot the freshly spawned player. Additionally, a team of players could then just spawn into a random spot in the same spawn area. Finally, either increase the maximum number of players so that teams can't be >50% of the composition, or make the maximum number of team members adjust with each map. Allowing a single team automatically outnumber anyone else by default because the brought 4 players, let alone 5, is terrible. I would request limiting the number of players/team by map over increasing the number of players allowed on each map, as even just 2 or 3 more players would make some maps pure chaos.
  14. .04 second scav run

    I just spawned with a shotgun pointed in my face. Id say that shouldnt be an issue by now. As difficult as this game is, not having the oppritunity to take one step kinda kills the whole game.
  15. Remove delay spawns for PMC

    Spawning in a raid 5-20 sec behind, should not be in the game. So many times, you spawn very close to other players (because they rush the spawn, wich you just spawned at), and get killed before you even get to look around (because you delayed spawned). And just to clarify, my game is installed on an SSD, and my loading time is between 30-50 sec. So it's not because my game loads slow.
  16. Spawn camping has to be stopped

    Really ruining the game for me right now, cant spawn into any map without having someone camping outside a spawn and just killing me as soon as i spawn or only making it 20 steps and getting lit up. really wanted to like this game and i hope they fix all the problems it has but this is just crazy.
  17. Factory player times

    Is it intentional that I be spawned into a 4 minute old factory game, 3 games in a row?
  18. Scav spawn point camping

    So I was going to play some escape from tarkov as hyped as I were. I usually start of my EFT gaming session with a scav gameplay first. But as it has happened to me before, I spawn in an take fire immediately and barely has time to turn around before i die. I wish there were something that would prevent players from camping scav spawn points... It's really getting on my nerves, the same goes for PMC spawns as it has happened to me before as scav and PMC... Map: Shoreline
  19. Scav players who spawn at the end of the map grab loot and/or kill A.I scav then leave. This is a problem becuase they have no risk and high reward while only taking content from pmc. (loot that spawns at the and the combat of the A.I.) My idea for a solution is make exits specific for scav players near pmc spawn forcing encounters and makes spawning in as a player scav an engaging experince instead of just free loot. any other ideas or opinions are welcome.
  20. Scav spawn

    Can you do smoething with the scav player spawn i mean the players spawn close to each other. It is so bad when you killed before you can move.
  21. #EscapeFromSpawnkill

    Considering the time it takes to connect since a couple of days, wait 5 to 10 min to finaly get in the game and be spawnkilled 3 times on 4, is boring and annoying at best. The game really need a spawn protection mechanic at this point. look how other games had to handle this issue soon or later, and lets face it: this is a real need, not just complain post or something like this. So to be constructive, here is an example of how the mechanic could work: ___________________ You get something like 8s to 10s protection from other player damage when you spawn, BUT it would be cancelled if : - if you shoot (or use melee) - if you move farther than a certain distance (lets say 20m for ex) ___________________ This is a really basic spawnProtection, that is far from too much, and prevent common abuses also. What do you guys think of this ? To me the game has nothing to loose if its including a basic spawn protection like the example above, while if nothing is done, then the game has a lot of player to loose just because of the lack of spawn protection.
  22. Spawn Killing

    Hello New to the beta and to this game, i just chose USEC side and decided to join on Woods map, however as soon as i spawn, i usually die within 5-10 seconds because another player is beside me and killing me, i noticed that he is also USEC same faction as i am, due to his clothing. The player isen't always the same, and i't easy to see that it is infact a player due to a unique gamertag name. So my question is, why there is these factions if they don't mean jack poo, and why is there so shitty spawn. I've been killed countless time over and over again on the spawn location in Woods map. This game is almost unplayable, so can't really test anything because of the spawn killers.
  23. Groups (co.op)

    Hella guys! So far the game is good. Is Hard. Even with your Friends... And that's my question: -Hope im wrong, and hope no one take this like an offence, but, What's the point of add Friends in lobby to join a group (5 max), if you are gonna spawn in diff áreas. Maybe some could say "you need communication" "orientation" ...ok i got that, but is not that fun. I prefer play solo (lone Wolf) and try to be sneaky. Finding your Friends is like going in to a mad trap where you may get killed bya a foe or even by your Friends. Will this feature implemented later? When you can sapwn with your group? And what about clothing, to identify each other? Maybe there will be games with more tan 8 players, and 2 sides with 32 each? and, if that's the case, will the AI be removed? Is it necessary the AI? Thanks guys, im new in this game, i love it but i dont understand some things. Happy hunting!...oh dont forget to escape---
  24. I know, git gud. But please listen: So today I just FINALLY got access to the alpha and was very excited to join the multiplayer. First tried Scavs on Woods, and got shot within 10 seconds of spawning. Okay, must be bad luck. Joined as PMC on Factory, got shot by a random player running at my direction 10-15 seconds later. Huh, must be another bad mistake. Joined as PMC on Factory again, only to be grazed by another random player within 10 seconds, corning me and throwing a grenade at me. Huh. Joined as PMC on Factory again, only to met and grazed by a player, so I ran the opposite direction, only to meet another player with a shotgun to my stomach. Did I just get ganked? Joined as PMC on Factory again, only to shot by a random player that was straight at me within 10 seconds, as if he knew exactly where I was. Okay........ I don't want to start hackusations on other online players due to my inexperience in this game, but I'm oddly discourage to play this game in the future. I was crouched and kept silent the entire time, but whenever another player spots me, I get KOS asap as if they knew where the spawn locations where. I play plenty of other FPS games, such as Rainbow Six Siege, 7 Days to Die, DayZ, and ARMA 2&3, but this experience so far has been not what I anticipated. I'm dying the moment I join the game. And I'm Solid Snake quiet about it too! Maybe I am doing something wrong. So with all due respect, please help enlighten me on what I can do to not suck and keep dying. Otherwise, I would probably stop playing this game in the future, as I love the concept of the survival FPS genre. Thanks!
  25. Constant spinning on every spawn

    Every time i go into any map on anything i spawn in and am constantly spinning round and round to the left side. Checked everything restarted everything and its not a hardware problem on my side. please help. TIA