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Found 7 results

  1. Stuck in locked rooms

    So I was playing Factory and I got some desync so bad I could see myself walking around about 50 seconds delayed. I decided to alt+f4 and rejoin hoping my loot would be safe. I load back in all excited about the AK74 and the Grach I was about to pull out with (along with various goodies) So I spawn in to look around and see I'm in the locked room on the third floor in Factory I had no way out and kicked the door for about 10 minutes because I was desperate for loot. Subsequently I gave up and exited never to see an AK again. May I ask why this BULL happened to me and also to alert the devs of this. G A M E B R E A K I N G B U G
  2. Character stuck moving forward

    So I was playing the game and noticed my character wont stop moving forward and I cant stop it. Sometimes he just moves in place or backwards but mostly he just constantly walks forward. I have restarted the game and my computer multiple times and have left support requests multiple times but nothing he still is being a dumbass and just continuously walks forward and I'm losing a lot of poo because of it and its really pissing me off. Anyone have any ideas what to do. Thanks Hope I didn't waste my money lol
  3. On Factory, there is a red shipping crate you can get on top of if you take the hole in the wall from the bridging structure. Both doors are slightly ajar. I fell into it while sneaking off the edge, and now I cannot get out. Apparently there's enough room to get in, but not out?
  4. Need answer

    So saturdaty morning the game crashed after loading a raid as a scav , since then i got stuck , cant reconnect to it or leave it , its monday now and still no fix or answer fromany developer or moderator , the purpose of a beta is to test the game , how the duck can i test it if i cant play it . to add to the insult , the bug has been identified by a moderator over a month ago , this is a serius problem and no one gives any answer , the game is shaping to be amaizing , but this tipes of thins speaks warz all over again , how much incompetence can there be ?
  5. Traders Stuck

    Hello I have an issue where Prapor is stuck. Im trying to level him up, but its stuck, whenever i spend money/sell the ''money spent'' doesnt go up... its just stuck at the same number... anyone know how to fix? EDIT: I just realized its all of the traders not just him
  6. I got this error today. I think it has something to do with "Profile already in match" error.
  7. Down Under

    Was moving around and I went to crawl under a train and got stuck under it , loss all my gear , note to self you are not a navy seal or sam fisher.