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Found 11 results

  1. Ragazzi, se il vostro personaggio rimane incastrato o bloccato in qualche parte di una specifica posizione di una mappa, o magari con una gamba rotta non riuscite a superare un ostacolo basso, vi chiedo gentilmente di segnalarci queste aree attraverso l'apertura di un bug ticket, in questo modo ci permetterete di intervenire in tempi brevi modificando la mappa e fare in modo che nessuno ci rimanga più incastrato. Abbiamo anche intenzione di aggiungere l'opportunità di salire arrampicandosi su gli ostacoli.
  2. opening of doors

    we need to be able to open doors from the side, like the scavs do. currently when u open a door, your kinda stuck there in the fatal funnel. giving door campers an easy means to kill. thihs is supposed to be a pretty tactical style of shooter, they way in which you open doors is far from tactical. would love to see something updated on this by the open beta.
  3. Stuck

    I can't get past the Terms of Service screen and nothing i have done has worked. I select accept and nothing happens. Can anyone help?
  4. Getting Stuck In Doors

    I don't know if anyone else has experienced this. On my last scav run after looting the area around the gas station exit i opened the door and turned around to close the exit door behind me. (the upstairs door) when i closed it, my character popped into the door and went prone. i couldn't open the door or move out of it in anyway. I force closed the game twice, hoping when it spawned me back in i wouldn't be in the door. each time i was still in the door and as soon as i moved i went prone and couldn't get up again. I did try to open the door without moving on spawning and moving away from the door that way. but it just de-synced me back into the door. Just thought id post to see if anyone else has had the issue. good luck guys.
  5. Stuck in locked rooms

    So I was playing Factory and I got some desync so bad I could see myself walking around about 50 seconds delayed. I decided to alt+f4 and rejoin hoping my loot would be safe. I load back in all excited about the AK74 and the Grach I was about to pull out with (along with various goodies) So I spawn in to look around and see I'm in the locked room on the third floor in Factory I had no way out and kicked the door for about 10 minutes because I was desperate for loot. Subsequently I gave up and exited never to see an AK again. May I ask why this BULL happened to me and also to alert the devs of this. G A M E B R E A K I N G B U G
  6. Character stuck moving forward

    So I was playing the game and noticed my character wont stop moving forward and I cant stop it. Sometimes he just moves in place or backwards but mostly he just constantly walks forward. I have restarted the game and my computer multiple times and have left support requests multiple times but nothing he still is being a dumbass and just continuously walks forward and I'm losing a lot of poo because of it and its really pissing me off. Anyone have any ideas what to do. Thanks Hope I didn't waste my money lol
  7. On Factory, there is a red shipping crate you can get on top of if you take the hole in the wall from the bridging structure. Both doors are slightly ajar. I fell into it while sneaking off the edge, and now I cannot get out. Apparently there's enough room to get in, but not out?
  8. Need answer

    So saturdaty morning the game crashed after loading a raid as a scav , since then i got stuck , cant reconnect to it or leave it , its monday now and still no fix or answer fromany developer or moderator , the purpose of a beta is to test the game , how the duck can i test it if i cant play it . to add to the insult , the bug has been identified by a moderator over a month ago , this is a serius problem and no one gives any answer , the game is shaping to be amaizing , but this tipes of thins speaks warz all over again , how much incompetence can there be ?
  9. Traders Stuck

    Hello I have an issue where Prapor is stuck. Im trying to level him up, but its stuck, whenever i spend money/sell the ''money spent'' doesnt go up... its just stuck at the same number... anyone know how to fix? EDIT: I just realized its all of the traders not just him
  10. I got this error today. I think it has something to do with "Profile already in match" error.
  11. Down Under

    Was moving around and I went to crawl under a train and got stuck under it , loss all my gear , note to self you are not a navy seal or sam fisher.