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Found 36 results

  1. Hello! We are EFT_MOLOT this is our weekly story videos, Tarkov workdays. Subscribe our channel 7
  2. Developer Appreciation!

    Just wanted create this post to say thank you to all the developers,moderators and people of this game! It's not easy when a game comes out and I know y'all work hard. Don't let the negativity of the ungrateful mess up y'all moods. Amazing game, keep up the great work everyone! Can't wait to see this game as one of the top played survival games of 2017/2018 and beyond!
  3. Broken the game again

    Questions, simple really, devs/mods, please awnser them without the generic scripted response.... please 1, Why are we spawning 20-30 mins after the game starts? 2. why are we spawning inside other players? 3, why are the bots rambo? 4, Why has the desync got so bad again? 5. Why is the dehydration so fast after getting shot, also why does it only take 2 minutes to do so.l.. you are aware it takes days yes? i know the time goes faster in game..... but still *hardcore realistic shooter*..... Please awnser the questions with a response that explains what is happening with these issues, and how they are being solved. thank you kindly .

    Hi all, Can someone please tell me why players who play as scav's kill other scav's it is starting to piss me off! why is there no karma system in place for the scumbags? i can honestly say im loosing faith in the game due to dickheads!
  5. This is something that happens with PUBG and I see this repeat itself in this game, when you put your settings down all the details at distance disappear except for some high trees, the problem is that if you take cover on the grass a person can still see you, can you make your low details keep the grass and all the details I mean this is a AAA game you should remove some details but not objects at distance that's my opinion keep the grass keep everything remove antialiasing maybe textures but keep the whole thing done remove anything at distance. it creates advantage for people who put low graphics configuration.
  6. Squads

    Squading... or playing with others, yes i can see the apeal ofc, and sometimes i do team with a friend, but 5 man squads on factory like the TAW members are doing? Pointless its a 5 v 1 situation, and that doesnt include the scavs, either make the map bigger with more players, or dont let 5 man squads join a 6/7 player map.....
  7. Всем привет дорогие друзья Мы, вдохновленные игрой, решили создать короткометражку по мотивам Побега из Таркова Хотелось бы Вам ее продемонстрировать
  8. Tarkov is actually an ODST from Halo

    Just something funny I noticed
  9. hey, there today I am starting a group, don't have a name for us yet but plan to do so soon. This group will be playing Tarkov and other games that you can find on the discord. The only catch is you must be 16+ and have a mic but come play and leave as you please. oh, bonus points if you're a youtuber too! so just fill out the app and I will dm you the discord link Age: Time zone: Youtube channel: Skill level of tarkov (out of 10): do you own steam: do you stream:
  10. a British gaming community! (GRAND OPENING, Trading Server)
  11. Download della nuova Patch.

    ragazzi non sto nella pelle, qualcuno sa quando sarà pronta per essere scaricata?? io sono loggato poco fa e ho visto che è tutto offline, non si può entrare in game. Qualcuno sa quanto pesa e tra quanto possiamo scaricare??
  12. UK Streamer

    Hello, If not allowed delete, I am a twitch streamer. I stream this game and many other, feel free to join over at I also have a discord you can join, you can find people to play with and not die as much If I kill you ingame please pop by a let me know Thanks Adam <3
  13. when is the wipe coming

    can someone answer the question or can someone link a post that answers the question please delete if it o bides any rules
  14. Hello everyone, here i leave you this short guide i made about the Spawn locations in shoreline. i found 10 . tell me if i am missing any. Please subscribe and Share !
  15. Spawn camping has to be stopped

    Really ruining the game for me right now, cant spawn into any map without having someone camping outside a spawn and just killing me as soon as i spawn or only making it 20 steps and getting lit up. really wanted to like this game and i hope they fix all the problems it has but this is just crazy.
  16. patch nuova?

    ragazzi nessuno sa nulla della successiva patch? rilascio? cosa conterrà? grazie
  17. map is different color

    my outside maps are different color like factory is colorful but woods shoreline and custom have a black and white film no matter the time and every time i play last week they were colorful and looked normal now they are black and white and ive noticed this on a lot of videos too what is the problem?
  18. how to upgrade package

    how do you upgrade to a new package i have the standard edition and thinking about upgrading to a better package just dont know how
  19. Всем неравнодушным привет. Как один из первых участников ЗБТ. Скажу сразу проблемы то все теже! И перед тем как добавить, что то новое выведите игру на "ноль", сейчас просто наблюдая за стриммами и опять много негатива, эффект вау пропадает через неделю. А перед выпуском похожего проекта от студии ForOneGame, боюсь конкуренции. дабы проект не умер, предлагаю: 1. Уберите неадекватное раскачивание деревьев. 2. Поправьте гамму, похожа на детскую книжку 90ых годов. 3. Поправьте модели персонажей! Они похожи на модели из игры дум! 90ого года. 4. Ну про качество текстур в общем надеюсь рано говорить видимо просто бетта. 5. Добавьте нормальную физику тел это же так просто и физику для мелких предметов: ящики, корзин, шины и т.д. 6. Не забывайте про хардкор, который обещали в начале! Заражение! Радиация! Все умения и перки! И немного предложений из старого опыта: 1. Перенос тел убитых. 2. Командные бои/клановые бои с возможность аксессуаров типо кепок определенного цвета и так далее. 3. Открыл дверь ключом, закрой ключем что бы ни кто не открыл. 4. Чёрный рынок, торговля между игроками, но эти вещи нельзя застраховать например ну или регулировка цен пусть там будет ну или не напрямую а через бота. Кроме квестовых вещей ну понятно. * или покупка там возможна только за реал. 5. Кнопка быстрой игры после смерти: нажимаешь и попадаешь в игру с тем же снаряжением и на ту же локацию, фактический на новую но просто та же. 6. Замки которые можно открыть только перебором, что бы в них самый топчик или квестовые вещи лежали, что бы у игроков был смысл идти именно туда и бороться за крестовую вещь. 7. Естественно радио подрывная взрывчатка или растяжки там, светошумовые. И средства борьбы: кусачки там и все такое. 8. Возможность бить прикладом. 9. Анимация движений типо танца чисто по фану )) 10. Улучшенная статистика в общем и более полная статистика: был убит в голову, попал а артерию. Удачной игры.
  20. Revive

    Do you devs ever plan to add a way to revive fallen allies? Or whenever someone dies they are dead for good.
  21. Recently started my first discord server and I'm looking to populate it with some chill people to play Tarkov with. No requirements at all, even if you are horrible at speaking english it doesn't matter as long as you are willing to communicate and use teamwork, (typical clan/discord shlt). I have been playing EFT since December of 2016 so I know my way around the game quite well. That being said, I am willing to play with people of any and all skill levels. If you're an experienced player, great! If you're totally new or you're about to experience Tarkov for the first time when the closed beta starts I would love to show you the ropes and get you on a good start! As soon as beta hits my first priority will be to thoroughly explore the new Shoreline location so be prepared to venture into the unknown! (I greatly prefer playing outdoor maps so its a plus if you do as well). also, you'll probably notice this discord has a Fallout theme but its ok if you're not a fan of those games, its there purely for fun Welcome, and enjoy your stay at The Vault!:
  23. City and game name origin

    Hello, I was researching a bit, and I cannot find any references or mentions of anyone discovering this before me, but it looks like name "Tarkov" is not coincidence. To me it looks like paying tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky, filmmaker who directed Stalker movie. I am wondering if I struck gold here?
  24. Всем привет! Уставновил адоп премьер и решил поделать нарезок разных, очень много всего можно наделать с нарезками со стримов, но пока не понял в каком формате лучше видео сохранять. Может кто подскажет как лучше это сделать с учетом того что комп у меня не настолько уж крутой для обработки видео. Заранее спасибо! Видео ниже: П.С. Видео лучше смотреть прямо здесь (качество не шипко хорошее на полном окне) =)