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Found 51 results

  1. Hello! The United Gaming Center -UGC- are looking for more people to join our gaming community! We do mostly play fps and battle royale games but theres a kinda good mix. We have Escape from tarkov channels but also loads of channels for other popular games. Remember to read our rules FAQ when joining. Invite link: Hope seeing you there! /Matt
  2. The Fix for Tarkov servers

    guys all it would take is a GD phone call to acquire some more servers, and then 1hr later after image is uploaded to them, we would have no wait times, with all the money you guys made in the past 2 weeks you cant do anything, ive supported the eft team im losing faith, make tarkov great again, devs get off your asses and make a phone call, make us love the game again instead of hating it
  3. I don't know what the status of wipes post-Beta are going to be, but thinking about it, once a player reaches a certain level or unlocks everything, gameplay might become a bit dull in the future... So they might honestly be a good thing. With that said, losing everything post-beta would be awful, so maybe players could get to 'bookmark', say, a certain number of items, that might allow for a sustainable always-work-your-way-back-up aspect to the game? Or alternatively, whatever items you "Escape from Tarkov" with are the ones that will be kept (and this can be done multiple times or something). Maybe even have a purchasable container for very high prices to store things in that will never be removed from your inventory? As far as these bookmarks/containers go, the option could apply "permanently" to the item until it is "unticked", or lost in the field or something, so that if the player leaves the game for 6+ months, they can retrieve their gear the next time they sign-up or play. Thoughts?
  4. I jumped on some garbage bags to get to the bathroom at doors and crouched and it got me stuck in the wall and pushed me to the corner of the bathroom and won't let me move, please help!
  5. Wait times

    Why aren't the dev's keeping players informed about fixing these god awful wait times. I know its a load test and we expect this but the game is basically unplayable when it takes you 20 min to get into a raid. At least tell us that you are working on it or something.
  6. Funshack gaming recruiting

    the members in Funshack gaming Decided to start recruiting into the clan again everyone ages 16+ is welcome. msg me on the forums or leave a comment under this post and I will get back to you asap or you can add me on steam at jmjr I will respond instantly there as long as I am near my pc. Clan rules: must have Teamspeak Must have a working microphone Respect is a primary factory in the clan, we may troll but nothing is ever serious. and have fun!
  7. no anda

    el juego no anda me requiere colas de hasta 10 minutos y yo necesito jugar ya debido a que no poseo tanto tiempo mi familia va a venir en cualquier momento y me van a empezar a molestar y eso la verdad a mi me jode muchisimo necesito mi hora diaria de tarkov ya, encima lo estoy haciendo mientras sigo buscando partida dios mio, por lo menos espero que no haya lag
  8. Too hard for beginners???

    I have a couple friends that recently got the game but they can’t really figure anything out because at this point the game is very hard to learn, I love this game and I encourage to fix this to maybe add some sort of tutorial and maybe a map included with players less than level 10 that have not played the game before then. Does anyone else agree?
  9. EFT 2018!

    Cannot login to EFT i cannot log into my email to get device code for EFT because i no longer use that email... Well make sure that you know you can change your email for your profile on your account when you first login to EFT sorry i had a derp moment lol but it takes 2 weeks to get the email changed as a security measure good job EFT depelopment great security measures and im happy after trying for 2 months i got EFT back and have to wait 9 days to play again keep up the good work in 2018 Battlestate!!! Have an exciting New Year and make sure the development is smooth.
  10. What Is "GameUpload"?

    Does anyone have an idea of what "Gameupload" is? You can see this when you type "fps 1" in the command console. I notice that that effects fps and might even effect gpu usage! I notice when the gameupload goes down, the better fps you have. I was just wandering if anyone knew what it was. Nobody seems to know. Thanks for anyone who answers
  11. Last Man Regiment

    The Last Man Regiment We are the last man regiment. Currently looking to expand our community of gamers to escape from tarkov. We are mature gamers in our 20+. We play a wide range of games not just EFT. Mainly right now LMR plays RainbowSix Seige however I want guys to come join and play EFT. Most importantly we are just a group of guys and girls wanting to get more fellow like minded people to game with Discord: We use discord as a base for communication across the clan so feel free to join our discord to meet new people to play with. Requirements: Must have discord, be respectful to all clan members, have fun. We are looking to keep growing LMR. We have a ranked based system right now. Everyone who joins starts at LMR member then can work their way up and become a major voice in LMR. -COMMAND -Squad Organisation -Squad Leads -LMR Members Our clan tag is (Name).LMR
  12. Escape From Tarkov ROMANIA

    Hello, This is a small community built around Romanian players and planning for so much more once the game is complete. We want to bring Romanian players together, talk about gaming, moding, trading and so on. There will be events, competitions and giveways in the future. Twitch: Discord: Facebook: Twitter: Thanks
  13. I just bought the regular game, while not on sale, because I had no idea there would be a sale, until after I bought the game and started up the launcher(kinda salty about, but whatevs). I am Quickly realizing that I do like the game and im not half bad at it, well considering milsims are kinda my thing, but the stash size you get with the standard edition is so small that you cant really do much in terms of if i do like 3 successful scav runs its filled to the brim. I sell alot of my stuff btw. I wanna buy an upgrade but I dont know....Which upgrade is a good choice? How many DLCS will there be? how expensive is each DLC? So hey, maybe someone Convince me to buy EOD edition now that there is a sale, and pay my rent late probably. Also if I had a fellow gopnik to roll around and be cheeki with that would help too.
  14. Unknown key

    Does anyone have a idea where this key fits?
  15. Factorka na głośno z M4A1

    Taki krótki frag movie, z muzyczką z soundtracku Tarkova
  16. Developer Appreciation!

    Just wanted create this post to say thank you to all the developers,moderators and people of this game! It's not easy when a game comes out and I know y'all work hard. Don't let the negativity of the ungrateful mess up y'all moods. Amazing game, keep up the great work everyone! Can't wait to see this game as one of the top played survival games of 2017/2018 and beyond!

    Hi all, Can someone please tell me why players who play as scav's kill other scav's it is starting to piss me off! why is there no karma system in place for the scumbags? i can honestly say im loosing faith in the game due to dickheads!
  18. This is something that happens with PUBG and I see this repeat itself in this game, when you put your settings down all the details at distance disappear except for some high trees, the problem is that if you take cover on the grass a person can still see you, can you make your low details keep the grass and all the details I mean this is a AAA game you should remove some details but not objects at distance that's my opinion keep the grass keep everything remove antialiasing maybe textures but keep the whole thing done remove anything at distance. it creates advantage for people who put low graphics configuration.
  19. Broken the game again

    Questions, simple really, devs/mods, please awnser them without the generic scripted response.... please 1, Why are we spawning 20-30 mins after the game starts? 2. why are we spawning inside other players? 3, why are the bots rambo? 4, Why has the desync got so bad again? 5. Why is the dehydration so fast after getting shot, also why does it only take 2 minutes to do so.l.. you are aware it takes days yes? i know the time goes faster in game..... but still *hardcore realistic shooter*..... Please awnser the questions with a response that explains what is happening with these issues, and how they are being solved. thank you kindly .
  20. Squads

    Squading... or playing with others, yes i can see the apeal ofc, and sometimes i do team with a friend, but 5 man squads on factory like the TAW members are doing? Pointless its a 5 v 1 situation, and that doesnt include the scavs, either make the map bigger with more players, or dont let 5 man squads join a 6/7 player map.....
  21. Tarkov is actually an ODST from Halo

    Just something funny I noticed
  22. Всем привет дорогие друзья Мы, вдохновленные игрой, решили создать короткометражку по мотивам Побега из Таркова Хотелось бы Вам ее продемонстрировать
  23. hey, there today I am starting a group, don't have a name for us yet but plan to do so soon. This group will be playing Tarkov and other games that you can find on the discord. The only catch is you must be 16+ and have a mic but come play and leave as you please. oh, bonus points if you're a youtuber too! so just fill out the app and I will dm you the discord link Age: Time zone: Youtube channel: Skill level of tarkov (out of 10): do you own steam: do you stream:
  24. a British gaming community! (GRAND OPENING, Trading Server)