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Found 60 results

  1. Hello we are searching for individuals to expand on a Escape from Tarkov! Skill level does not matter! We are looking for experienced and inexperienced we learn from one another. Our clan has been around for 11 years as of April! Currently we have a huge community that consists or DayZ, ArmA 3, R6S, Battlegrounds, Battlefield and Minecraft (with mods). We have some members interested in Escape From Tarkov including myself, so we are searching for new members to TheFirstCav! Our individuals are from around the world - we have individuals the whole way across the USA, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand. In case you're searching for a cool clan to hang out with and play Escape from Tarkov or whatever other games you may have, don't hesitate to stop by our site or TeamSpeak server! We have a couple set prerequisites at TheFirstCav to guarantee a safe, welcoming environment in all situations for our veterans and new individuals alike: Age: We like our individuals to be 17+. In any case we have a Cadet program which will enable you to substantiate yourself in the event that you are more youthful than the rest of us. Have an microphone and TeamSpeak 3, to permit powerful communication between individuals in the clan Maturity Comprehension of the General Orders and The Member Expectations (found on the site) And most of all, have some good times! 1CAV/CQF site, post TeamSpeak server - TeamSpeak. If you join our TeamSpeak for the first time, you'll need to poke one of our TeamSpeak mods (the folks with the magnifying glass alongside their name) and request that they give you authorisations. Much appreciated, and we anticipate meeting you! On the chance that anybody has any inquiries don't hesitate to ask here. On the application when asked how did you find it "EFT Site - CPL TheScottishSandman" so we can find out our best advertising locations!
  2. HAVOC Discord EFT community!

    We are HAVOC. A gaming community based on EFT and we are seeking new players. Please read instructions. Must have mic and no skill level required. Feel free to come join. No requirements ACCEPT a mic. We hope to see you out on the field!
  3. Looking for people

    Im looking for a few guys to team up with along with a mate of mine. we're looking to have fun, but also wanna play the game seriously to get that sweet gear. Any level is accepted. bought the game last night? Amazing, lets do some runs. We expect good english and a good mic. age doesn't matter, you just have to be some what mature.
  4. Anyone looking for a Team. That plays this game Serious But Not to Serious. Looking for a Community that plays more like a family then just friends. Tired of signing up on Websites to join a clan. Then your looking in the right place. We are looking for new/old players to enjoy this game Community. We use teamspeak 3 and anyone is welcome just dont be a dick or a troll. Send me a Message and ill send you the Address. Happy Hunting AboveDeadly
  5. 1st off i want to say is the clan leader aka me is 21 years old would like like to let you guys know that We only have one rule Don't Be A Dick Have fun and just treat others like you would like to be treated Requirements To Join You must 18+ to join or if under aged must have a one week evaluation before joining the clan for the over 18 members you can rock the clan tag right away if you want but 1 week after you join and you name hasn't changed then you get a warning if still no change you get kicked from the discord Game Requirements: Team Player English Speaker Respectful Able to follow orders Must be able to communicate to teammates Please be respectful To Others And Have Fun
  6. Team ID

    Just wondering what people were doing to be able to ID teammates easily. My buddies and I are TKing quite frequently and are looking for ideas. Hope everyone is having a good day! Cheers -Lt_Dan
  7. Cherche des joueurs régulier

    Bonjour, Je suis actuellement a la recherche de quelques joueurs réguliers afin d'effectuer des raids, et passer un bon moment en groupe dans la joie et la bonne humeur ! Vous pouvez me contactez sur steam a tout moment ---> Pseudo : Dainy Je vous donnerais toutes les informations pour rejoindre notre Teampseak (Casque et Micro Obligatoire, ça va de soit) Bon Jeux a tous !
  8. Guten Tag zusammen. Da die Wellenfreischaltungen sehr schnell erfolgen in der Closed Beta, haben wir Erfahrungen gemacht, dass erfahrene Spieler die Unerfahrenen und Neulingen ummähen wie Kanickel. Wir, die Evergreen Community, wollen allen Neulingen hiermit herzlich die Türen öffnen in die schöne Welt(bisher klein aber fein) von Tarkov. Wir zeigen euch Tricks und Tipps wie Ihr länger überlebt, wos den besten Loot gibt und vieles mehr. Taktisches Vorgehen, das Erkennen von Gefahren (wie Buguser, etc.). Es wird viel gehandelt unter den Leuten, die Leute saven Loot für andere, wenn Sie Ihn nicht selber benötigen. Ein Tradingsystem wird demnächst auch eingeführt für wichtige/spezielle Items, wer sie braucht/will, oder wer was dafür haben will. Wir spielen im Team, und weisen die Neuen ein, bei uns geht es immer ums Team und die Community. Es ist eine Klein-Mittel grosse Community, und täglich sind immer um die min. 10 Leute da. Wir wollen wachsen und uns eine eigene, kleine aber feine, Community festigen. Wenn Ihr Teil haben wollt an einer Community die freundlich und offen ist, auch gegen Neulinge, meldet euch bei uns im Teamspeak. Es gibt KEINE Verpflichtungen. Wir würden uns freuen wenn Ihr uns mal besucht. Und noch mehr wenn Ihr bleibt! Euer Timber "Dies wurde absichtlich nicht in der Mitspielersuche gepostet, da es sich nicht nur um die Suche selber handelt, sondern auch um Erfahrungen weiterzugeben oder auszutauschen." - Evergreen Community
  9. SQUAD PvP Mode

    Not sure if anyone else has brought this into the forum already. If yes, I do apologize for the repeated content. *** Suggestion: PvP Arena Is there any plan for this? I'm sure that having an arena for squads to compete between each other in the hardest CQC mode will be way too welcome and appreciated by all people who seek this type of challenges. Open world for loots and CQC for a quick adrenaline rush. Additional Suggestion: Maybe no loots there, so people is forced to play original mode to get better gear, to sell, and all that. Dying in the CQC PvP will cost loosing all but winning will just provide XP no gear gain. Having the option to make a custom game for this particular mode is awesome (as in Rainbow Siege). You have the chance to play with multiple friends or a invited contender. Well, is an option. You guys think about it. The reason for this started after seeing an online video of EFT where two squads got into a fire fight and that... I can only say that was intense. *** Maybe enabling small locations, buildings for these CQC could work. Please consider it. If it is a future content, then excuse me for not been aware. Thanks in advance. Great job so far. Keep making improvements.

    Ciao cerco persone con cui giocare ad Escape con un buon livello di conoscenza del gioco. Sono Lv.36 conosco bene le meccaniche cerco qualcuno appassionato. Maggiorenne preferibilmente
  11. Group Play Idea

    Good evening, My name is iBetYouWont and I feel I have a suggestion that may be helpful or useful. This suggestion is set to Help players experience this amazing FPS with minimal group casualties, also leading to further ideas in the future. So I am not sure if this has been brought up before in the forums if so disregard. My idea consist of either a player band, flag, or other identifiable item. I love the no HUD and the fact that you cannot identify "group mates" or enemies that are not in sight of self. However I do feel some factor should be added to help guide players to their teammates. Example: A arm band on one side of the players arms that displays as a black flag when looking at enemies, but when group mates are in line of site either a vibrant color or solid color other than black appears. (This can be done with other types of items as well rags, lanyards maybe, OR literally whatever) In a real life scenario if one is going to be trapped and seeking to escape with a group that one would be able to Identify "Group mates " or enemies by the distinct difference in appearance. I would not like to see an active or delayed radar added that would ruin the integrity of this well thought out game. Please no Name display for teammates. Keep it to its roots but help us not be so enraged by slaying thy group. Please someone get this heard. I truly hopes this helps any further progression to this development. One Love, iBetYouWont
  12. Scav Group?

    I tried to go into a game as a scav with my friend, who was also a Scav, but we never spawn in the same spot together. Is this intentional or some kind of error?
  13. Fix Boosting for quests

    I have no idea if this is fixed or not (or even if I'm posting in the right section(sorry if I'm not)) but I hope they fix the trick were you could kill yourself with a grenade and it would count towards your quest (i.e kill X amount of USEC). Also there should be XP changes to killing squad mates as it still gives XP as its a rando and also counts towards the quest. Sorry about the rambling
  14. Looking for brothers in arms

    Greetings everyone hope you're doing well; Long story short: I have gaming background since NES. Played many games which require true team play and coordination. Teamspeak, Discord and such are nothing new to me. I did some research before getting this game but yes I'm a newbie and willing to learn (already learning alone step by step). I'm looking for people who know the value of team play and friendship. I don't care about your level or anything - just a buddy/ies to play with and cover each other's backs. Because I will do my best to protect yours regardless (Even with a toothpick xD)! I'm 31 years old with Master's Degree in Computer Science and consider myself as a pretty chill person who doesn't whine over spilled milk. I speak English and Russian fluently. My timezone is GMT +4 and usually play in the evening's after work. If you are interested, I'm open for conversations (On TS or Discord) for more details. So feel free to PM me. Best regards to all of you!
  15. Looking for group

    Been playing the game for a while now, lvl 37. Mainly play on woods solo but am looking for a group. I'm fully geared. Message me so we can link up.
  16. global DIscord

    gday lads just wanted to make a quick post about a discord server that a friend and i have made up for the comunity to make new friends, teams and even enemies >:) we arrange the discord into regions, uppon joining @ either myself (slaughter) or my mate (pilK) so you can notify us of your regions so we can assign you to that role making it easier for people to commnicate, team up etc... Discord link: WARNING: if you do not give us a region within a week or so we will remove you from the discord unless you give us a valid reason as to why you have not given us a region : )
  17. hello all, just wanted to leave mine and a friend of mines discord group here, its a world wide escape from tarkov only gaming group, here you can find yourself a team mate or even find yourself a new best friend ; ) if anyones interested, heres the link! uppon joining, please @ me (im the admin) and tell me what region your in and ill place you in a region role! discord:
  18. Looking for buddy(s) / team

    Im looking for a buddy / group to play with. Pref 18+ Currently im a lvl 26 Bear, im a dutch guy living in the Netherlands (EU) and im 32 years old. i see myself as a laid back gamer (allthough i have to keep my adrenaline under control the first couple of raids haha). Im not a noob but by far a pro. Running around as a lone wolf is fun, but i would like to have some buddys to play with. Steam: X86NL feel free to add me on steam or reply on this thread if interested. CEST (EU)
  19. Komanda

    Ieškau žaideju bendram žaidimui. Žaidimo nick: MaNT45 Šiuo metu esu 34lvl bear,pastoviai žaidziu:factory,custom.Pasiekiamas nuo 18h iki 21h. TS3
  20. Looking for Squad or Duo

    Hey Im looking for a mate or a squad to play withs im in the canada so if you wanna play add me i would like a someone withs a mic so add me Lokosa in game name,
  21. Looking for a teammate to duo with. Just started the game, but I have a lot of experience in games like Rust (1.1khrs), The War Z (aka I:SS aka NewZ)(600 hrs.)) , DayZ (300 hrs collectively between the mod and standalone), H1Z1 both survive and kotk (600 hrs), and others. I am 22 years old. I live in Ohio in the United States so its Eastern Standard Timezone. I only speak english. I use TeamSpeak 3 for voice communication, I own a ts3 server. here are my specs: GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 GAMING Motherboard: MSI Z270 GAMING M7 LGA 1151 Intel Z270 Processor: Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake Quad-Core 4.2 GHz with CORSAIR Vengeance LED 16GB DDR4 on a 144hz 1080p monitor If you would like, here is some clips from my first day playing the game.
  22. are you looking for a team mate to play tarkov with? come join my server and play with people based on your location (australia) RULES: respect others, dont attack anyone, be nice, have fun, be in the oceanic region.
  23. Group

    Hi All I am currently looking for a few players to team up with and work together must be 16+ and have an mic (will be using discord). I am a casual player but also like to play tactical at times. if anyone if interested reply to this or send me a pm. Thanks.
  24. Hello Everyone, We would like to announce that we are now actively started recruiting for new additions to our Escape from Tarkov support team. We are looking for the best, dedicated and tech-savvy members of our community to coordinate with us and give support to the rest of the community. The tasks of the support team: Manage the 3 support sections on our forum Help users solve issues related to Escape from Tarkov Go through and solve support tickets in a timely manner Communicate and coordinate with the development team Gather data when/if needed Open Sections that a support personnel would handle: Account Issues Game Issues (Gameplay issues, bug redirecting, etc) Technical Issues General Questions Who we are looking for: Be a dedicated member of our community Be active and have the time to support the community Tech-Savvy Be able to understand and speak either English or German (Or Both) Be a good team oriented person/Team Player Have some good amount of knowledge about the game If you think you can learn fast and interested in being part of this team, we would love to start solving issues with you so head over to our application form and fill out the questions after reading the full details of this position. The form can be found by clicking here! Thank you!
  25. Hatchling roaming in squads now

    lol this game is awesome.. I just encountered a trio of hatchlings running from bush to bush in the woods together.. at first I was frustrated and angry as the last one pulled out a pistol and almost made swiss cheese out of me however it showed how unpredictable the game is.. desperate situations may call for desperate measures (or just for the fun of it) and their odds of survival were quite understandable.. luckily for me i got them in the open.. i was the guy with the short-barreled AKS.. to the third dude with the hatchet.. i'm keeping it! so that it doesnt come back to you through insurance