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Found 5 results

  1. Teaming with others

    Hi, First of all, LOVE the game! I havent been this scared to run around with a rifle since.... ever! My idea/suggestion: I like to play this with friends, more than i do solo actually. The only thing about teams that is really bugging me is the need to re-invite all players from the lobbyscreen when we start a new match (because we arent the best players and give away our dogtags for free) It would be so much easyer for us, and im hoping a lot of other players too to be able to invite my friends from the main menu / chat and just have a pre-setup group going before we join a match. Thanks for reading, Have a good 2018 - Daemon
  2. Group...

    Looking for a team or group that could help me get better at the game...can anyone recommend any?
  3. Squad Spawning In

    So I just recently had an encounter on the night time version of Customs, and I ran into a person who I started to shoot at but then suddenly 3 more guys popped up right in front of my eyes. I was wondering if it's possible to spawn groups farther away from solo players? Or at least spread them out a bit instead of stacking them on top of one another? It makes the play session much less fun and even though I only lost a PACA, KIVER, and Vityaz. I'm still annoyed that people can just pop up right in front of me, and that I don't have much of a chance to run through the map. I understand that if I took a different route I might have avoided them but I don't think groups of 4 should spawn so close to the edge of the spawn where the map begins. I feel like solo players should have at least the head start advantage... EDIT: Video brightness and contrast was increased afterwards to help you see what happened.
  4. 5-Man Teams

    5 man teams in maps that the max player count is 7 (customs for example) is just ridiculous. Its a 5vs2. Where the hell people think its "fair"? You can solo all scavs, how a 5 man group would even be fun? Teamemrs never loose their gear, because his budy would take it if he dies or because of the insurance system. This is a major problem in this game for me. The maps doesnt support 5 man groups just because it isnt big enough for more players. For me, the max group it should be allowed is 3, MAX! The ideal would be 2, but 5 is just insane. You could say: "Life is unfair", well, sorry buddy, but this is not IRL. Or you could say: "Pick a team yourself": Well, then I suppose I should pick a hack too, right?! Teams the way its is now is broken, nad need a fix in order to make the game fun and enjoyable. Take PUBG as exemple. It have a good MM system. 4 mans squads max, on a HUGE map with 100 players. You have 4% of the man power in the match, not 71% like here in EFT. *I did found some topics talking about but they were closed. So I made a new one, because the problem obiviouly still.
  5. People to play with

    Teams to play with now8