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Found 9 results

  1. New scav system

    If your lvl1 your scav time be 1h lvl10 - 50min lvl 30 - 30 min 30 min is max time you can get.
  2. Confused over the raid time limit

    On shoreline and Woods so is the raid time limit 100 minutes. 100 minutes is 1 hour and 40 minutes. But when i look at the timer when i spawn in it says something along like 00:01:57 Dosen't that mean 1 hour and 57 minutes? That's more than 100 minutes...
  3. Factory player times

    Is it intentional that I be spawned into a 4 minute old factory game, 3 games in a row?
  4. which time raid option is day or night?

    I just recently opened a topic about how to know if it is day or night ingame before jumping in. It got closed down because a moderator THOUGHT that just because he shows me the time options so will i know if it is day or night. It dosent say PM or AM after them so i still dont know what is which.
  5. Knowing time if PM or AM before raid

    This is probably a stupid question but is it possible to know if it is daytime or nighttime before i jump into customs, woods, or shoreline?
  6. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    I would like to point out that many people feel restricted by the current fixed day night cycle. I am just suggesting that devs place day/night time phase selection in high priority. Especially with the NDA lifting soon, there will be a very large influx of players online. During server nightime hours it places a huge stress on factory because nobody is playing customs or woods. Most people simply just play factory or logoff if its nighttime in server. Please add time phase selection asap! It will keep people happy and playing much longer!
  7. Don't dare to step in the woods at night? Hope this helps schedule when the next daytime in Tarkov happens. 1-minute in Tarkov = 24s (real time) therefore 60-minutes (1h) in tarkov = 60x24s = 1440s / 60 = 24-minutes real time (x-hours) x 24 = minutes (real time) example: 6h (in tarkov) x 24 = 144min (realtime) (144min / 60 = 2,4h = 2h (0,4 * 60 = 24min) = 2h 24min Needs confirmation
  8. whens the open beta/closed beta?

    Starting this back up, since the last one got closed, maybe the devs/emissaries can help with the question: We have had no update on the actual game since DECEMBER, you know, 3 MONTHS AGO I think we all would be happy if you gave us a rough estimate, even if its 3 months from now. If its taking longer than you thought, just say so! The lack of any kinda of communication is horrible! I know the pre-orders are listed as "Donations", but DEVS, PLEASE, if you are going to let us pre-order a game, at least give of a little update every once in a while. -Envak
  9. just built a time machine

    well i finally finished my time machine and i went into the future 100 years to see how it would look and i thought i should check and see how this game looks on you tube. low and behold it was still not out yet! go figure. yuk yuk!