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Found 30 results

  1. So, I see a lot of arguing about the state of playing as a scav. It's a pretty heated subject, especially when it comes to "honor" among scavs. Since there's a cooldown on scav mode, it's understandable why someone might be pissed off if they spawn in only to be killed instantly by another player scav. Some people have thrown around the idea of using the karma system to implement a soft punish system for killing other scavs, which doesn't seem TOO unreasonable. What I'd like to propose is a system of progression unlocked uniquely through playing as a scav. Right now, players have a character level that dictates merchant relationships, what quests they can take, and other values. In my head, I can see a unique scav progression system being a natural incentive for player scavs not to kill one another so readily. The system I have in mind wouldn't alter fundamental scav gameplay at all. It'd still be a random set of gear on a randomly spawning scav. What DOES change are the incentives players receive during the mission. Player scavs would receive scav XP for killing PMCs, helping other scavs deal damage to PMCs, and all of the usual stuff. Scavs would still get experience from killing player scavs, just half of what they normally would. As a player increases his scav level (which is separate from his player level and has no bearing on it), he'd unlock small perks like getting some time removed from his cooldown for getting a certain number of kills (Get 3 PMC kills for -5 minutes on cooldown) or collecting certain valuable items to increase his reward (Escape with a Horse Statue for 1.5x experience). In supplement to the leveling system I had the idea for a new trader. Some kind of Russian or Ukrainian mob representative. This trader's level would operate not on the amount of money spent buying/selling from him, but instead the total value of items smuggled out of raids as a scav. Additionally, tasks and reputation levels for the trader would be dependent on scav level, not player level. I figure he could sell unique "less than legal" items like improvised explosives, outlawed weapons (white phosphorous grenades, gas), unstable gun modifications that would trade one stat for another (modifying certain weapons to operate in ways not intended by the manufacturer, at the cost of reliability, etc.), and items of clothing (maybe unlockable scav-inspired clothing when customization becomes a thing?) Overall, I realize what I'm proposing here is a lot of work, but I think it'll bring another dimension to playing as a scav without removing competition between scavs or punishing players excessively for killing one another. I guess what I really want is feedback. It'd be even better for a member of BSG to provide feedback, even if it means shooting the idea down.
  2. Hey so I've been happily chipping away at my traders quests & built my reps with Prapor & Therapist to level 3 & 2 respectively. These traders quickly became core factors in my play style meta. I was just playing for several hours going about my biz, when all of a sudden between raids i go back to traders and my loyalty levels on both these traders have dropped back to ONE!! From level 3 to 1 on prapor in a span of minutes??? My Therapist rep number also dropped from 0.15 to -0.08!! A -23 point drop out of nowhere?! How can this be??? I almost feel like this was a bug or a glitch, it just makes no sense - I'm level 23 & have spent 12m rubles on Prapor & $500k+ on Therapist, how in the heck did I get snapped back to level one lilke that? Finding very little discussion on this issue around the internet - any help please?!
  3. Loyalty level

    So, Ive just done 5 tasks or so and im on the task to get 6 60round mags. Thought I could just get him to level 3 where Im supposed to be able to buy em. Got 1 min spent and had everything else done but still dident lvl him up. Searched to forums and saw it dident say how much after 1,?m so I thought well then I will go up to 2m if needed, yet as you see im kinda lost atm.
  4. So does anyone know exactly what is the reputation break point for each level of the traders? I just Insert other media want to make sure i won't de-level after complete Skier Stirrup task
  5. I collected an amount of 115 AI-2 Medkits. sold them to the medical lady for just over 1k each. sold her 58k worth to begin with. and then an additional 78k after. only to see that i never got any of the money. check to see if she was glitched by buying 1 bandage. and selling it to her. and it worked . idk what the hell. but if its a bug. now you know. careful selling large quantities of items
  6. Hej hej dobiłem w końcu 35 poziom i porobiłem wszystkie questy potrzebne do zrobienia traderów na maxa - tutaj macie wszystko co sprzedają PRAPOR: ELVIRA - TERAPEUTKA SKIER TADEK
  7. Fence inventory

    With the large influx of players it often occurs that Fence's inventory is completely filled up, largely because people sell him stuff that nobody will buy. As a quality of life improvement I suggest to make it impossible to sell Fence one of the below items: Unusable weapons (red weapons) Empty cartridge/ball/bullet boxes Non-full med-packs As an alternatively I can think of several other methods to deal with this issue: Reset Fence's inventory on the hourly cycle Discount items that don't get sold each cycle, so eventually people will pick them up to resell
  8. Skier Task Bug?

    So I have the Edge of Darkness edition for Tarkov, and I used my Kiver and Fort body armor for the task for Skier. I completed it and gave him his armor, but I get a message saying, "I see, a job he wanted. Doesn't look like we can get along since you can't do poo. Go on, buzz off." I completed the task and he took the armor but the task came back up as if I never did it. After I completed the task I went and started tasks with Prapor and Therapist, I don't know if that had something to do with it but I lost my Fort armor and Kiver helmet, and now I need to get another set to complete the task I already completed. Can someone explain how this could've happened or why it happened?
  9. Hallo, ich bin Besitzer der Edge of Darknes Edition und soll laut beschreibung auch Von Beginn an gute Beziehungen zu allen Ingame-Händlern haben. Nun fange ich aber bei 1 an wie jeder andere Spieler auch. Ich habe ein wenig gesucht und fast keine Beiträge dazu gefunden, aus einem konnte ich nur herausfinden das es zu früheren Zeitpunkt als es das System mit den Beziehungen noch nicht gab es auch nicht aktivierbar war. Nun ist es ja implementiert und ich würde gerne Wissen wie ich zu den Status komme ? Könnt ihr mir hierbei weiterhelfen ? Vielen Dank und einen schönen Abend MfG UnRunDead
  10. Neue MP5 Mod-Teile Lieferung

    Alles klar Leute, hört zu! Es gibt jemanden in Tarkov der einige Verbindungen zu den verschiedensten Leuten hat. Manche mögen zwielichtig sein aber Tarkov macht seit längerer Zeit seine eigenen Regeln ! Der Typ nennt sich selbst "Peacekeeper" und hat vor kurzem eine Bestellung neuer legitiven Modifikationen für die H&K MP5 rausgegeben. Beruhigt euch ! Ihr müsst euch sie immer noch verdienen. Denkt immer daran: Alles hat einen Preis in Tarkov. Peacekeeper berichtet, die Bestellung sei auf dem Weg. Er wird seinen Zwischenmännern berichten sobald sie sein Lager erreichen. Ok, das wäre alles. Kehrt zu euren Operationen in Tarkov zurück oder was auch immer ihr dort treibt...ich habe Gerüchte gehört. Übersetzung aus dem englischen von: Colonel Twerkins Zusatz: Der Beitrag ist schon eine Woche alt. Habe es lediglich für die deutsche Community übersetzt
  11. AK74N Polymer Furnitures

    I think there is a lack of low tier customization option for the AK74N. We can have access to customized handguards and forehand grips relatively early, but for the buttstocks we have to reach the high tier traders levels. So in-game there are many customized AK74N with the original wood stock. I would like to suggest to let us have acces to the black polymer furnitures throught traders, so we can have more inline AK74N with it level of customization. By the way I thoug it's funny that a promotional picture for your game represent the AK-100 serie, aka the black ak, while it was not present in the game. I would love to see a AK-105/104 in the game.
  12. Hey guys, sometimes its a bit annoying to constantly switch between character stash an trader menu. We have got some tabs on the top of the stash and another tab for each trader would be a nice and huge timesaver. Isn't it? And another little time boost would be a possibility to switch between player and stash, when trading. Means, if i'm on prapor and wanna sell him 2 shotguns, one inside my stash and the other one inside my backpack, i would like to switch instantly without the need to go back, drop the item into stash and go back to the trader. Just a little tab on the top would be nice!! At last but not least its not very comfortable to switch between buy and sell option of traders. Is it possible to automaticly check sell option when i click an item inside my stash? and switch back to buy option when click on a traders item? Cheers, keep it up Glokta
  13. Escape from Tarkov - Game Guide

    Escape From Tarkov - General Guide Hello all, I’m proud to introduce to you my EFT guide. This guide focuses on strategies and tips to improve your gameplay. The guide is split into 5 parts, but has been designed to allow you to easily switch from one topic to another. If you’re a TL;DR kind of person, simply find the section that you need. I’ve put down the best of my knowledge in this guide. Should you feel that I’ve either left something important out, or that there’s something incorrect in the guide, you can contact me through the EFT Forums or UWS Forums. Separate from the guide itself, I’ve also put together some reference sheets to help with quick questions such as “What’s the best ammo for the AK?” or “What does this key go to?”. Enjoy the guide, and if you’ve found it to be useful leave a comment down below. Donations are always welcome too. You can get the guide and reference sheets from the UWS Forums using the links below. Game Guide Reference Spreadsheet Thanks, - Tax Donate Here
  14. No, it doesn't inhibit my game play, but why is Prapor calling male players "Sugar" via his insurance responses? If he's supposed to insult players on a regular basis (because he's a derp) then OK...but if this is a bug, would be nice to have it fixed. Even simple details matter; just saying.
  15. Traders

    When can I buy from traders its been forever since I last played but now I cant buy anything?
  16. Hey Leute, wie schon in der Überschrift steht habe ich seit mehreren Tagen ein Problem beim leveln bei den Händlern und zwar bei allen. Ich habe das erforderliche Level und das erforderliche Geld gespendet/ investiert aber ich komme einfach nicht ein Level weiter. Ich habe auch schon versucht aus andere Forenbeiträgen eine Lösung zu finden aber leider ohne Erfolg, da steht immer nur, dass man mehrer Tage warten solle aber das klappt bei nicht und mehr Geld zu spenden geht leider auch nicht. Vielleicht hatte einer von euch das Problem schon gehabt und kann mir weiter helfen. Schonmal Danke im voraus.
  17. Adding Gas block to traders?

    Sorry if this was answered previously but will the addition of Gas blocks for the M4a1 be added to a trader? either being Skier or Peacekeeper seeing how they are the more high end traders? The reason for asking is due to a simple problem in the game. The rifle is useless without that piece and when you come across the rifle without it, well there's no point in keeping the gun. Even to make it where you must trade for the piece would be fine, (either by it 3 chainlet for a gas block or some other combination with a more rare trade item).
  18. Critical Error 509

    I've tried to buy PACA armor and keys from the trader, but all sales have failed so far at the time I hit "DEAL". Message displayed says- Critical error 509-SCHEME_IS_NOT_VALID OK When I click on "OK" , the game takes me back to the "Escape from Tarkov, Character, Trading, Exit screen. I even missed out on that little two squre lockable bag... sadness. Anyone else encounter this error?
  19. Trador: Prapor. Problem: Every time a purchase is made the transaction is not counted by the spending meter, meaning i cannot progress from tier 1 to tier 2 gear with this trader. Here is what happened: I noticed I had spent 333.3k with Prapor and I needed to spend 400k to reach tier/ level 2, I had about 450k so I thought I know i'll buy a load of ak74u's. So I buy five but then notice the money did not register as it still say's that I have spent 333.3k. I thought maybe I needed to log out and log in again, so I did and still the purchase has not been registered. I bought another five and again the money did not register. I went into a game and came back out, and it still says I've spent 333.3k with Prapor. So I log out and log back in again, for the second time now and still its saying I've only spent 333.3k so I buy another 5 ak47u's for the third time and some bullets just to make sure its not a gun thing... and for the third time it does not register my purchases. it takes my money and i get the goods but does not register the spend. Has anyone else had the same thing? is it limited to only one trader? I dont have a before or after picture as I am a casual and didn't think to document it. - but I've tested it 3 times and can say its definitely a thing, well for me anyways. Are there any others who've had the same issue? If so - is it limited to only Prapor? How can I get around this? - If I'm stuck with tier 1 gear with Prapor that's going to suck balls.
  20. Bullet Trader Money Glitch

    So I found something interesting when you split stacks with ANY bullets you may have as I'm getting more money that what I should... Observe. FYI, I find a lot of bugs in a short span of time given the resources... I only had the game for a couple of days now lol.
  21. Hello everyone! This issue might have already been discussed, so excuse me for probably addressing it again (I couldn't find anything on that). The UN trader Peacekeeper is ALWAYS short on dollars. It is nearly impossible to level him up or to earn some dollars by selling stuff to him. He runs out of money right after the refresh. It is really hard to trade with him. I know there has already been a money buff, but not nearly enough. Anyone else having this issue? It really needs to be fixed. Other than that the game is just great! Keep up the good work dear DEVs! Greetings from Germany
  22. New trader concept: Kingpin. Role: Tarkov's Banker Concept lore: The main leader of thriving Scav gangs. Runs operations and transportation of stolen loot and goods. Makes money on whatever he can and whoever he can. Concept interactions and abilities: Can make deposits and withdraws (small tax based on loyalty level). sells highly valued barter loot and special types of container. ( Pouch containers, Doc folder, wallets, ect). Hosts the auction house. Has interactive and loyalty Quests and missions. these interactive quests include escorting AI (or even players) with containers labeled "Kingpins loot" to certain locations and defending from ambushes set by rival gangs or wandering groups of PMC's (Roam mode or technical Raid mode). Escorting the valued good gives loyalty and % cut. Bonus for escorting the original carriers of the loot. If the opposition wins, the loot can be sold or bartered to other traders; or sold at a "special" price back to kingpin. (No tax on a certain amount of times on deposits, or a discount of a item in his shop). Note: This is a fan driven concept made by me, to make the world feel more "alive" and give the game more dynamic. Having a interactive trader as this compared to the usual "find tools and move to the next area with said tools" would give not only a great experience but more of a atmospheric touch to the game. (the world still goes on even if you're not there). Let me know what you think and any ideas to improve on this trader concept Ammo Box suggestion Having a 1x2 box of ammo (2x2 depending on the actual round). Holds 8-10 slots inside of any bullets you desire (12-16 on the 2x2). Has the option to be labeled by the player so they can keep track on the type of ammunition put in it. Personal note: as a seasoned player, having the ability to keep track in a organized manor will make for better game play and variety. just shoving bullets anywhere in your stash into a mag creates no real preference and a lack of knowledge of how much damage you do. Even the current method of keeping track isn't viable due to the amount of space you take up in the stash for other items. Let me know what you guys think and I hope a BSG Dev will come across this and spark new and intuitive ideas for the game. I love this game and can say personally i poured over 1000 raids and hundreds of hours and want to make this the best game it can be. link to the original thread
  23. Missing cash!

    Hi been playing since I got my beta install yesterday and having a blast! However, I decided to buy a few makarovs from the trader for a cheap starter kit after dying with all the once from my kit! Unfortunately for me when I purchased the items and they transferred into my inventory it deleted a backpack...which even more unfortunate for me Had all my starting cash inside. Before anyone asks I did have space in my inventory but it placed them where my backpack was not in the space below. My obvious question is can I reclaim the cash? Must obviously be a bug so I'd advice everyone to be careful when buying from the trader. Maybe my inventory wasn't tidy enough or something!!!
  24. I have an idea. On a rare occasion there will be 1 or 2 AI's that work for traders (uasually armed with better weaponry then the standard guy) They roam the world and may initate in a firefight with scavs they come in contact with. They Will shoot to kill you based on your current relationship with the trader. They may even cooperate with you. They can give you intel about certain loot locations and or the current stage of a quest given by a trader. They can maybe even give you false intel if you are in bad terms with their employer. It should be made a rare occasion to run in to one of these people. Lets say one of them has a AS VAL you want. so you kill them for it. You killing them will result in the trader not liking you to where the wont even trade with you until you regain their trust and understanding, via quests. I also know it has been mentioned players will eventually be able to work for traders. But maybe their can be some other AI other then scavs. Maybe even ones you can interact with. Maybe you can trade with them similar to the traveling traders in the FO series, but they wont have the quality and or the quantity of the prime trader sytem. Just an idea I thought of the other day. Tell me what you guys think of this idea?
  25. 商人 Skier(Baryga)的概念圖

    在CBT測試開始前,我們在此送上Escape From Tarkov 未來將新增的商人Skier(Baryga)的概念圖! 原文