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Found 17 results

  1. Official Trading Thread

    Hello Escapers! Due to a large number of topics being created for the purpose of trading/selling, I am creating this thread as a Go To for trading. Please feel free to post any trade offers or requests. Also, keep in mind that what you are trading/requesting may have already been requested or up for trade, so make sure to look! Traders and requesters, once your quota has been filled please edit your post to reflect so, to keep others informed. Please refrain from requesting/offering anything that is currently "on the market." Also, only use in-game currency/items for trade. *NOTICE* If your name is on here, and your order is complete (be it selling or buying) please send me a direct message so that I can remove you! *END NOTICE* POPULAR ITEMS: Car Batteries Buying - Skemba(x4) Selling - n000b(x1), SA-AT(x5), F4D3D(x1) Documents Case Buying - Twerkenstein(x1), alex8xela(x1), F4D3D(x1), PlayerN03(x1), Km4n(x1), FenrirInu(x1), TrasherGER(x1), Kustohm(x1), epicdenver(x1), hunter bob(x1), SA-AT(x2), RushnBorsh(x1), zeroyalviper(x1), Furball(x1), TIGERSANDY(x1), gabytzu520(x1), roccale(x1), Wildfire(x1), AZmodann(x1), AddMeGamers(x3), zeroyalviper(x1), Death_Deliver(x1), akito1233(x1) Selling - Factory Key Buying - r3leaser(x1), ciuxy(x1), Stikyzz(x1), thetrixd(x1), PlayerN03(x1), Mari166z(x1), sYs(x1), LewisMogz452(x1), orangechevy(x1), goatskers(x1), mrhankey1020(x1), epicdenver(x1), SmokingSlim(x1), Joey_Stalin(x1), SA-AT(x1), DaniSans(x2), TIGERSANDY(x1), gabytzu520(x1), bigslappy(x1), Shad0w0p(x1), ALPHANHAN(x1), Exoskeleton1(x1), Jaiseman12341(x1) Selling - roccale(x1), kubaryz(x2), Sivrisnake(x2), Shad0W0lf(x1), F4D3D(x1), chickenprisms(x2), Tr4wnet(x1), og_azza(x1) Filter Buying - PlayerN03(x?), shibby(x?), RestlessSgt(x?), Death_Deliver(x?) Selling - n000b(x2), F4D3D(x4), Shad0W0lf(x2) GM Counter Buying - Twerkenstein(x?), OM3R-1923(x2), PlayerN03(x?), goatskers(x1), Workz(x1), novarecon(x?), RestlessSgt(x?), chickenprism (x?) Selling - Gold Chain Buying - Khai_SR(x2), PlayerN03(x?), Strokovich(x?), Newtailz(x?), AZmodann(x?), chickenprism (x?), Death_Deliver(x?) Selling - n000b(x1), Jeresmov(x?) M4 LVOA-C Handguard Buying - ivantherussian(x1), Deceiver(x1), Joey_Stalin(x1), SA-AT(x1), F4D3D(x1) Selling - M4 Monster Silencer Buying - Selling - SA-AT(x1) Pistol Case Buying - Selling - SA-AT(x2), Sivrisnake(x4), F4D3D(x1), chickenprism(x1), ALPHANHAN(x1) Rechargeable Batteries Buying - Skemba(x6), novarecon(x?) Selling - SA-AT(x7), Shad0W0lf(x5), ALPHANHAN(x2) Wallet Buying - FatTonySpecial(x?), Palmoz(x1), ZlaKrv(x?), Wildfire(x1) Selling - afcapatrick12(x1), BBounce187(x2), SA-AT(x2), F4D3D(x2) #NOTE - This topic is just a temporary solution until the in-game trading system is active. Once it is active, we will see if this topic is still needed.
  2. Just wondering, what items should I sell and what should I keep? I have about 8 DVD drives thinking that I may need them, but im not sure if I should just sell them as they are worthless when I havent even levelled the traders yet. Also got gold chains, lots of pc parts, tool set, radio, spark plugs, es lamp etc.
  3. Trading player to player

    Is it possible to trade with players over Escape From Tarkov?
  4. Hi, i recently got into the beta, start loving this game. But i encountered a problem neither google nor the forums search seem to know... I often get that error when i try to buy stuff (critical error: "509 - SCHEME_IS_NOT_VALID"). Is this a know issue and maybe even a workaround? Thanks in advance.

    My favourite gun of all time in EFT has got to be the PP-91-01 Kedr-B. This can be Traded for from Prapor at level 3 for; 7 Shitty brown AK mags (6L20), 4 scav vests and 2 ScavBPs (5x4 backpacks) Problem is nobody keeps the "shitty brown AK mags" as there shitty brown mags so trade 3 batteries for them through prapor. Conclusion I need 21 Batteries. So looking online ( under price it is ₽550 which convinces me that the page isn't old as you can sell them for ₽385 which sounds about right so does anyone know where the duck I'm supposed to buy ducking batteries. Thanks
  6. a British gaming community! (GRAND OPENING, Trading Server)
  7. Hi all, Last night I died a few times within a couple of minutes. Repeatedly I had to buy an AK and all mods to my preference. Buying and modding in between raids almost took more time than the raids itself. I would like to be able to create some preset guns with all the mods from different traders already put together. You would still pay the required money to the different traders but you don't have to take all the time to do the modding over and over again. Was wondering if I am the only one.
  8. Can someone help me with this? I should have skier in lvl 3 right?
  9. Trading-Stuff

    Hallo zusammen, im Englisch-sprachigen Teil des Forum gibts ein Thread, darum gehts dass Leute auf der Suche nach Gear/Items sind und bereit sind dafür viel Geld auszugeben (Ingame natürlich). Da ich das ganze hier noch nicht gefunden habe, möchte ich einen Thread starten - jedoch nicht mit der Suche nach einem Item - denn hier würde 25 Mal die Doc-Tasche erscheinen, nein ich biete Material zu Tausch/Verkauf an. Wer lust hat kann hier gerne seine Angebote einschreiben und die Leute können Sie melden - bitte aber keine Gesuche. Da es Ingame noch kein Auktionshaus gibt ist das hier im Forum doch eine gute Lösung, habe gestern dadurch 2 Keys vergeben können. Nun einmal das was ich anbieten könnte (Außer den Factory Key, sorry der ist da rein gerutscht. Vergabe nur wenn ich ihn doppelt habe) ^^ Macht mir einfach Vorschläge :-)
  10. 3 Blackrock vests...

    So I finally collected 3 Blackrock vests but Prapor hasn't had any of those black AK-74's up for trade in a while. Was this a limited time offer or something? Or is it just random chance if he gets them after restocking? Thanks!
  11. Hello ya'll got 4 Gas Analyzers. anyone know what are they good for? thx
  12. Notes tab at traders

    I would like the 'Notes' tab to be accessable from the traders screen not only in the character menu. Many items are available only for swap/exchange. To reach notes and write down the stuff what the player needs to loot or prices,etc.., would makes trading/looting plans lot more easy.
  13. G-Bay

    A suggestion if I may. I don't know if something like this has been suggested, I tried searching but couldn't find anything. Scenario The traders are out of stock but I really needed that stock before this next raid. Shall I wait the 30 mins for a trader RESUP? Shall I get one off a friend? How about I put a closed bid into PeaceKeeper that will secure the Item. I'll go and play another round while I wait for his restock. Upon return there would be two responses from Peacekeeper -- I am holding the Item you requested for the 15mins, pay me a visit to complete the transaction -- I'm sorry you have been out bid on your request for xxxx This could be added to buy if the player lost the bid. If he had a higher ranking with the said trader, the trader would offer him a chance of a back hand deal - obv for more money. Another feature could be that you received the offer of a backhand deal whilst in the raid, if you don't respond due to bad timing you lose the deal. Like I said just an idea I had,
  14. Looking for:

    Hey fellow escapers, since there is not a auction house in the game so far I am putting up this thread to make some deals. If you are interested in making a deal with me write me a message here with your offer. First of some rules if a trade will happen: #1 We will use TS or Discord to talk while in-game. #2 I will be recording the trade, in case you will betray me or try to do calumny on me, I guess that is the right word. (Yeah its a ducking dark world out here...) #3 If you loose the goods before the trade happened, because of some spawnrushers or just pure luck of the gods, I will not pay for compensation. (*twinkle* secure container, remember this fine piece of art?) #4 If you betray me I will upload the evidence to call you out in the community. I do believe these rules are kinda self explaining and every one who is willing to make a fair trade will hold onto these. So let´s keep it safe and clean and grow up in this dirty dark world to fine gentlemen we all are What am I looking for? 2x GMcounter - I will pay 250 dollars each.
  15. Suggestion Bundle

    So I put together my own little collection of ideas I thought would be nice to see in the game: 1)The stash window should be detachable or expandable, to eliminate the scrolling, perhaps with tabs to sort things the way you like (add, edit tabs) 2)Bartering should be much simpler and make sense, why would I trade 2 nuts and 2 bolts for 1 Ruble? You make 4x13 (52) Ruble by selling that stuff directly, like why is that even there? Ergo, exchanging components or world items should be turned into something sensible 3)The bullet description for the 5.45x39 ammunition should be adjusted, the bright bullet tip makes it hard to make out what you are looking at, perhaps design different looking bullets. OLD vs NEW 4)Escape doors should be breachable, ergo kick it in to help with the campers. You still need to get out, but by the time the "open" animation ends, your dead 5)Your gear should only EVER really be gone, if looted. Ergo if the person doesn't take it all, you keep what was left on your body (Ain't realistic that you rise from the dead anyway, might as well keep the stuff nobody takes, also explains how you keep the gamma container) 6)The trading system is not working atm, the ranking is way too demanding for the few thousand players that are playing and the crappy selection of items. See: (A)First level requirement (Character level 5+100.000 spent) unlocks simple weapons and cheap mods (B)Second level req. (Character level 10+250.000 spent) unlocks body armor and more advanced weapons and their mods (C)Third level req. (Char. lvl 15 + 750.000 spent) unlocks bartering ability to trade across with components and their worth, better weapons + %-Rebates and so forth 7)Traders should have mods for the things they sell, meaning a lot more than they have now. Which makes it a little less painful to invest into a decent gun 8)No more artificial barriers (I believe are due to lack of collisions (currently)) But you should be able to sneak into any crevice that fits a man with a gun, like sneaking under/into pipelines and train cars etc. and NOT get stuck 9)Lower quantities of world items to trade for components, 20 figures to trade for a piece of a gun? 30 drinks? Really? With a stash size of 10x30? Not cool 10)implement a key chain that can have all the keys on it, because why do 2 keys take the same room as a pistol or a magazine? 11)Rats, would be nice to see and hear. Like in the sewer environments, noise and confusion included, Perhaps deer in the woods? 12)Include the environment into the chaos, shooting fire extinguishers for noise and smoke, CO2 tanks same idea 13)Climbing, because realism and a free world, meaning you can sling your rifle or throw it over the fence/wall and climb the wall, some you might need to take a run at
  16. Either inventories doesnt seem to be loading, is this just a bug? Or does the timer indicate that the trader is on cooldown and you can only trade every now and then? Thanks in advance
  17. FEAR clan (Trading clan)

    FEAR clan is currently a clan in CW (Contract wars) which has good reputation but can be seen as inactive for some people. However we are planning to open up the clan to different platforms and are bringing the clan to EFT (Escape From Tarkov) . What will the clan be and its role in EFT? The clan is going to be a trading clan and we hope it will be the biggest and well known trading clans out there if not one of the most popular trading clans. We plan to make the clan big and invest a lot into it. How can i join? currently there is no application forum for EFT but you can get in touch with us on our Facebook page Link: Clan Logo