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Found 10 results

  1. Threads for Beginner

    Hey Guys, i just wanted to know the most important and helpful threads for beginner in this forum. I`m often searching them but I think there are lots of very helpful which arent easy to find. And this Thread would be Great for new Beginners for just learning the Game. For Example Key Guide, Trader e.g. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, for all the beginners out there, I created an overview which trader has which items for sale and, more important, which items you can trade for what at which level (yes, lots of which's and what's :)). Skier: Sells OP-SKS (can use 4x scope) already at level 2, sells bigger backpack at level 2, sells big backpack at level 3, sells Fort armor at level 4. Sells weapon case at level 4 (needs 10 slots, gives 50 slots in stash). Peacekeeper: Levels up only by revenue, no tasks/missions needed. Sells the M4A1 and MP5. At level 4: sells best helmet, Beta container and Grizzly First Aid Kit. Prapor: Sells 4x scope for OP-SKS at level 2, sells silencer for AKM at level 2. Trades AK-74N for tool sets at level 3. Silencers for all weapons except the M4A1. Therapist: Sells Car First Aid Kit at level 2. Sells Salewa first aid kit at level 3. Sells container at level 4. Fence: Currently you cannot level Fence up. Also he sells only stuff, that players sell to him, so no fixed loadout to post.
  3. Link to a control guide video?

    Hi I just got done with my first game as SCAF. And I'm still pretty newby to the controls and instead of looking them up in-game i wanted to know if someone could link me to a good guidance video on general controls inside of EfT.
  4. Hi all, I started to do some screens to easily compare the scopes and optics in EFT. Please let me know, if you find this useful (links lead to more screens, but I think this is enough to decide). or is this one more useful?
  5. Buona sera a tutti, ho comprato EFT giusto 10 giorni fa e mi sta piacendo molto, pero' sto avendo un po di problemi nel trovare loot di qualita'; per questo vi chiedo qualche consiglio su come iniziare veramente a giocare questo fantastico titolo. Ps. se qualcuno avesse voglia di giocare un po in duo o team mi contatti visto che mi piacerebbe molto cooperare con qualcuno ed imparare cose nuove !
  6. Factory Run Tutorial

    I know this video is not the best but I just wanted to make this video to a few friends of my that always said that. It's almost impossible to go from noting to guns doing factory runs. Hope you guys enjoy the video!
  7. Bei so einfachen Sachen wie dem Nachladen seiner Waffe, kann in EFT so einiges schief gehen. Daher hier eine kleine Hilfestellung für Einsteiger. Ich hoffe, ihr findet es hilfreich.
  8. Ein paar Spielfragen

    Hallo Leute, besitze das Spiel seit gestern und muss sagen, dass es mich schon reizt. Hab nun allerdings ein paar Fragen zur generellen Spielmechanik, Antworten habe ich auf die schnelle nicht gefunden. - Macht es überhaupt einen Unterschied, ob ich BEAR oder USEC bin. Bin BEAR und werde regenmäßig von anderen BEARs gekillt. - Was bringt mir SCAV? Werden die Stats von meinem SCAV mit meinem Main-Char verknüpft oder sind es "zwei verschiedene Spielfiguren". Zumal ja der Stash der selbe ist. Durft zumindest die AK und die Pumpe von dem erfolgreichen SCAV Raid mit meinem Main-Char benutzen. - Gibts reine SCAV-Runden oder sind alle Raids gemischt mit BEAR, USEC, SCAV und NPCs? - Wenn ich einen Server joine, sehe ich davor da kurz eine Spielerliste. Sind das dann die aktuellen Spieler im Raid oder wozu kann ich da Gruppen erstellen? Hoffe die Fragen sind einigermaßen verständlich formuliert. Grüße
  10. Questo thread nasce con lo scopo di raccogliere varie risorse presenti sul forum che possono tornare utili ai novizi del gioco. Raggruppate in un unico thread e suddivise per argomento saranno di più facile accesso. SETTAGGI DI GIOCO (impostazioni grafiche, controlli, ecc) Guida alle impostazioni grafiche: Graphic settings guide Lista dei controlli di gioco: Controls [Help] Lista dei controlli di gioco in italiano in formato PDF (download): link 1 - link 2 MAPPE & LOCATION (mappe, punti d'interesse, chiavi, ecc) Guida alla mappa FACTORY: Guide for Factory (Map with Exit) Guida alla mappa WOODS: Map of Woods (Optimised for Teams & GER) Guida alla mappa CUSTOMS: Guide for Custom (Map with Exit) Guida alle Chiavi ed alle Exit: Knowledge base about the keys and exits ARMI & GAMEPLAY (modding armi, statistiche per arma, ecc) Lista armi e relative modifiche: My knowledge base about the modifications of weapons Lista proiettili e relative statistiche: Link esterno a Gamepedia Foglio elettronico con statistiche degli utenti su danno ecc: Link al foglio elettronico - Link alla discussione Guida al riconoscimento del selettore di fuoco Auto/Colpo singolo: Guide - Auto / Single shot fire slector # Aggiornato alla Patch