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Found 23 results

  1. I have a friend

    I have a friend who wants to buy a lower grade teir until he can afford the EOD, can he still upgrade,? buying the lower and then attributing it to the EOD pack?
  2. upgrade account

    hey i want upgrade my acc for max but i dont want lose my lvl and traders lvl and skills can you do something to change this when we are upgrade accound we dont lose anything ?
  3. how to upgrade package

    how do you upgrade to a new package i have the standard edition and thinking about upgrading to a better package just dont know how
  4. Whipe - Upgrade

    Bonjour, J'ai vu que pour faire une upgrade de la version du jeu, il faut réinitialiser le compte. Ce qui m’embête un peu J'aimerai savoir si quelqu’un sait quand aura lieu le prochain wipe et si on nous redonne le stuff de départ en fonction de la précommande ? Merci,
  5. Does Upgrading Wipe Inventory?

    Just curious if upgrading from the Standard Edition to Edge of Darkness would clear/wipe my current stash.
  6. Purchasable upgrade?

    Hiya all, so I want to buy a friend of mine an upgrade from the cheapest edition to the most expensive edition, however so far from what I can see that only way to do that is to purchase him a whole new edition of the game using the "purchase as a gift" option. Does anyone know how I can purchase or if its even possible to purchase an upgrade key for my friend?... Thanks all!
  7. Upgrading Account To Edge of Darkness

    So I have a lot of questions about upgrading my account to Edge of Darkness from standard. My first question is do I keep my name and my faction, or do I risk losing the name. My second question is do I have to wait for the key or is it instant. My last question that I can think of at the moment is when I buy the upgrade do I have choice when my account it upgraded to Edge of Darkness or does it just force upgrade. I already know that when you upgrade it resets your stash, levels, and items.
  8. Stash reset on upgrade?

    I bought the base version of the game and im find the stash size to be a bit small, and i really enjoy the game. So i was thinking about upgrading, but im worried that if i upgrade my stash i will lose all of my good gear. Can i safely upgrade my game for a bigger stash and keep all my stuff or will it all be reset? Thanks

    i upgraded mi acount to: "prepare for escape edition". But my account dont refresh nothing. I don't have more slots on my inventory (only i have 20x10) and more weapons and money etc... pls can u resolve?
  10. Hey, I bought the game (standard edition) and then I decided to upgrade to the higher tier. But my stash didn't get larger (by 10x30). Help.
  11. Game Upgrade

    Is there a posibility i could upgrade my standard version?
  12. Upgrading edition

    Hello, what happens when I upgrade standard to eod edition. Will it wipe my progress?
  13. I bought the cheapest version of tarkov just to test it out. I really like it and considering upgrading to the edge of darknes, but will i also get all the dlc's for free. A friend i mine said that this wasnt the case. Thanks you for your time
  14. Pre Order Questions

    Quick question, I pre ordered the Standard edition. Then upgraded to the Left Behind package. How to I receive my items for the left behind package as well as the increase size of my stash???
  15. hello guys i upgrade edition..

    hello guys, i bought the EDGE OF DARKNESS LIMITED EDITION, but in game nothing was changed before standard edition. website profile has changed to Pre-ordered EDGE OF DARKNESS LIMITED EDITION. and Launcher Showing my edition Edge of Darkness Limited Edition. do i need to wait for the activation code? almost 3 hour later for bought time. thx for reply
  16. Dont got my upgrade

    So i just upgraded from the standart version to EOD version. I payed with Giropay and the money is already gone. All that was like 40min ago. Im a bit unpatient since my friend recived it instantly. Is this normal ? When i go to my profil it still shows that i got the standart version
  17. Upgraded game

    ive recently upgraded the game to the prepare for escape edition however when i load up the game although the launcher shows the edition correctly the stash is still 10x20 and i dont have the larger container. how do i fix this ?

    So I have been playing standard edition for a tiny bit now and was like this stash and stuff is way to small so i was like what ever lets upgrade game and got the prepare for escapre edition. on the game launcher it says Prepare for Escape Edition but when i actually get into the game my previous stuff is there no bigger stash no nothing. so i was wondering how i could fix this or if i can fix this. any help will be great thank you everyone that helps. Roge
  19. Secured Container Upgrade

    I just want to have this sorted out because different mods have been saying different things on multiple posts. We have been told that everything you get in the preorder-packages will be available just by playing long enough. But then we have other people saying the secure container (3x3) is unique only to the EOD edition and otherwise not obtainable. (I dont care about the Tomahawk) What is exactly the case now or is it just not decided yet?
  20. Package Upgrade Advice

    I have the standard package for Tarkov and as it is 20% off, i am interested in upgrading to the "Left Behind" or "Prepare for Escape" packages. The problem is, i am not sure which one to get. The left behind package is $24 for an upgrade and the prepare for escape is $44 but i am not sure the prepare for escape package is worth the $20 extra over the left behind package. If anyone can share their opinions/advice on the subject, i would really appreciate it Thanks!
  21. Dear Escape from Tarkov team, 2 days ago I upgraded my "Left behind" edition to the "Prepare for escape" edition, but i have not received anything of the new stuff or money. Neither the larger stash nor the new secured container and everything else that comes with the upgrade. I still have the 10x30 stash, the smaller Alpha container. I already reinstalled the game multiple times, but nothing has changed. I don´t know what to do anymore. Thank you for helping!
  22. Account Upgrading?

    Will there be an option to "Upgrade" your account. Say if you buy one version but later on decide you should have bought a more expensive copy. I would like to know if this will be or could be implemented. Thank you.
  23. Upgrade Standart Edition

    Hello, Please forgive me if I missed it in an FAQ or somewhere else. My Question is, if its possible to upgrade the game after the release. (From standart Edition to something bigger)