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Found 13 results

  1. What's In This New Patch Then?

    So, tell me.. What's in this new update today then hmmmm? Is there going to be a wipe? Has there been netcode improvements to reduce the desync and improve hit box registration? Has the sound been improved for direction, range and obstacle deflection ? Has the gamma box gun glitch been fixed? Thanks
  2. update

    When will the next big update for EFT be ?
  3. Hallo Zusammen, hat jemand von euch bereits irgendwo Informationen über den nächsten Wipe bzw das nächste Update erhalten? In einem Stream wurde von den Zuschauern irgendwas mit 3 Wochen geschrieben.. Bisher konnte ich dazu aber nichts finden und daher gehe aktuell von einer Falschmeldung aus. Oder doch nicht ?= ?
  4. So I just bought this game and caught wind about the wipe. Now all I was wondering was does the wipe reset the ineventory to default with the 6 pistols couple backpacks and bandages. Or does it just reset it
  5. ETA for New wipe?

    So I was in the global discussion and heard that there is going to be a wipe in about 3 weeks or something like that. Just wondering if this is true and if not, will there be a wipe coming soon?
  6. Whipe - Upgrade

    Bonjour, J'ai vu que pour faire une upgrade de la version du jeu, il faut réinitialiser le compte. Ce qui m’embête un peu J'aimerai savoir si quelqu’un sait quand aura lieu le prochain wipe et si on nous redonne le stuff de départ en fonction de la précommande ? Merci,
  7. Wipe notification?

    There has been alot of speculation and rumors about wipes and the dates they would come, would be nice if there was a place here in forums that you can check for any upcoming confirmed wipes, and that it would be updated early on, so that even people with loot hoarding problems get to spend their expensive gear before the actual wipe happens.
  8. wipes

    i've heard youtubers talk about wipes. What is a wipe and when does it occur?
  9. Weiß irgendjemand wann der nächste Wipe sein wird? Vll mit den Update der Gamescome 2017? Oder gibt es da noch keine Informationen? Und wenn es noch keine Informationen gibt, wann wird bescheid gesagt wann es einen Wipe gibt (1 Woche vorher, 1 Tag Vorher oder vll garnicht). Danke schonmal im vorraus!
  10. account wipe

    everytime after a wipe i have to choose a new name and lose my rank completely. is this normal?
  11. So basiclly I have a suggestion/Idea. When wipe happens like at the end of the month. You would be able to keep whatever you have on your body, And have the decision of what to take to you're next stash Cause there can be a tiny bit of story to the WIPE. Basicly when wipe happens I would think it would go like this... You were out taking a trip to whatever map Factory, Customs etc. There has been Scavs that have broken into you're Hideout/Stash by following you back to your home after you've extracted. They've taken everything, But the gear you had on you still survives so you get to keep it. I know there is like every wipe you get the Trizip/Rig/ And all that. But it would be cool. And mabye when the game releasaes fully and there arnt wipes anymore, It could be the same concept but you'll need to take care of you're self when you're extracting and make sure when you extract no body is around so they dont have the chance to follow you home.
  12. Beta Character Wipe?

    Hey guys, I recently started playing EFT and I was wondering if I would keep my character and inventory when the beta launches. Otherwise I don't see any reason to give the player extra gear depending on the pre-order tier.
  13. Wipe with the new Scav update?

    I've been looking all over and haven't seen anything. Do we know if there will be a wipe with the new update as well as a general idea of when it will happen?