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About us:

Risen Coalition Gaming is an active gaming community that has a player base on games such as Escape from Tarkov, DayZ, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and Arma 3. Our goal is to provide gamers alike an experience of tactical game-play across all games that we play. 



Steam group:


What do we offer? 

- An active and organised team, with friendly admins
- Loads of experience within Escape from Tarkov, DayZ & ArmA 3 as well as other titles.
- No anger or ego-trips just chilled, fun gameplay
- Maturity - All our members are Adults
- No pressure. We understand commitments outside of the community. 


Requirements to join: 

- Be Mature (18+) and understand our rules thoroughly
- Understand basic tactics & callouts - This can be taught so don't worry.
- Acceptance of your in-game death when it occurs. 
- Be an active regular 
- Be approachable and have willingness to help others in-game. 
- Good attitude & willingness to learn from others.
- Fluent in the English language.
- Some Leadership Skills - we want you to grow into high ranking positions.
- Responsible. - Some positions granted to you will require responsibility.
- Have fun! - Absolute must requirement.


How do you join us? 

Unlike many other communities, joining us is not a tedious process. Just join our teamspeak and poke an admin to get started with us :)

Teamspeak IP:

Join our teamspeak to get started with us!

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