9mm to the head not lethal?

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On 7. 7. 2017 at 2:04 PM, Itchybum said:

When shooting scavs they always die from a headshot with any caliber. But with players it's a different story, especially with the desync and netcode problems. Maybe he still died 30 seconds later and you just didn't get to see that. Or the hit just didn't register server side.
Let's hope they get this all sorted out sooner rather than later because it does get frustrating.

Yeah i know :) this post was made for fun, not to cry about the current state of the  game :)

2 hours ago, SheikYerBouti said:

Most likely desync, knifed a guy that was AFK probably 30 times in the head, didn't take any damage at all.

That sounds more like disconnect to me, when someones game crashes or gets DCd your character freezes on place and becomes unkillable

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