Can my friends laptop run EFT?

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Hello everyone,

I recently bought this game and it's running smooth for me. Now my friend wants to buy it too but we want to be sure that his computer can handle it.
These are his specs:

Intel i5-5200U @2.2GHz CPU, Nvidea GeForce GTX 950m and 8G RAM.

Keep in mind that this is a laptop. We want the game to run smooth, not the whole 60 fps but at least playable.

Anybody that can help us?

Thanks in advance! 

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8 minutes ago, DeadBeam said:

Anybody that can help us?


I reckon he would find it difficult to get 30 fps on low settings.

In my desktop PC, I have a 2gb gtx 960, an i5 6500 (4 cores @3.2ghz) and 8gb ram (ddr4) and I can get around 40 - 50 fps on medium settings. (1080p as always.)

However, when I play offline mode I get a consistent 60 fps. So I reckon he might be able to achieve the same 60 fps in offline mode, albeit with lower settings.

I would say that this game is very playable at 40 fps.

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