Where is server located?

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I have 100mb internet and generally get ping of 20-60 on any game I play H1Z1, Pubg ect. I can not see my ping here but has to be a foreign server or some crazy crap. The desync and lag is horrendous. It is 100% unplayable at times. 

some examples. This video could have been longer. I would loot something and it would just flash in my inventory forever. Couldn't loot anything else until it caught up. I can show you more of this game. The lag started really early and really bad. https://plays.tv/s/LQIveujdnnXm


This is another game https://plays.tv/s/LQIw4RxjLUdz


Really making me wanna uninstall until more stable servers or U.S. Servers. Even though do like the game concept. Just needs a lot of bug fixes


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It is possible to find out what server you are connecting to by looking at your game logs.  Let me know if you want help with that.  Server roll out seems to be a gradual thing

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