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in game i see the rushen classic optic sights BUT don't see the west classic sights - where ? WE NEED BLOCK I . Please1280px-SOPMOD_2-2005.jpg

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Am 3.5.2017 um 04:40 schrieb o0Cosmo0o:

I found the model and it has some different reticles:



so I think in the final release of the game we will have the possibility to switch from these reticles...


so how do I switch between the different reticles of OKP-7?
the combo of ALT+RMB does nothing, but i have had the circle-dot in red and the bars with the caret in green.
those were two different OKP-7, the one I've found in a green crate had the red circle-dot and the one with the green bars and caret was on a SAIGA...

Any proposals?

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