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  2. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  3. weapon glitching still not fixed?

    Heres a video I got today of something using the glitch
  4. 65+ Member Public Discord

    I am the owner of an unofficial discord server. I'm looking for active players that are also mature. The discord is regulated by admins as well as me, as I am active quite frequently. My purpose into creating this discord is so everyone can come together as one instead of playing solo. The discord has active people on 24/7 and are willing to help any new comers. The discord is growing larger with new people everyday. As long as you can speak English and are 16 years old or older then welcome to the discord.
  5. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    @Frantic Abdul (Hawk)#9985
  6. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  7. Patch

    Ja gut das ist mir tatsächlich noch nicht aufgefallen, aber danke für die Information Trotzdem hat einer eine Ahnung bezüglich der Killanzeige? Denke nicht, dass das momentan so in Ordnung ist. Vorallem wird es mal gezählt und mal nicht.
  8. Nice fix on netcode devs, lmao. Fix it, thx.

    Cya soon and stay tuned for future updates. #locked
  9. EFT Ammo table

  10. "Sniper" scavs

    You can hit them from that range too with shotguns
  11. Patch

    die rüstungsklasse wurde dabei auch geändert, nicht nur die haltbarkeit... jetzt mit 45 haltbarkeit ist es wieder die alte rüstungsklasse 6, statt 50 mit rüstungsklasse 5... war also erst ein starker nerf für die fort und danach wieder ein kleiner buff, nicht 2x nerf wie viele meinen.....
  12. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    SavageVA#0666 Please verify
  13. EFT Ammo table

    I really don't understand the entire column for 5.56 Mk.255. I feel like it doesn't correlate real life specs at all. It outperforms tungsten-cored M995 in penetration and is far LESS likely to fragment? That is completely backwards. Mk. 255 should have huge fragment chance and little to no penetration. Perhaps this is why it is dubbed "questionable boi" in the table?
  14. Need help transfering my items

    I can give either of you hand as long as it will fit in my Gamma. I do not want to risk anything that I am not guaranteed to get out with for you.
  15. Delta 6 Order

    Great group, skilled players with common sense for gameplay. and then there is Define ..
  16. BUG: Stuck at very first loading screen

    Thank you I dont have anti virus software but I have windows defender so Ill do that and restart the modem/router soon.
  17. [RISE] - Risen Coalition Gaming - 18+ Discord community

    @navy132seal @Pvt_Shelby @proj3ct check your pms!
  18. Nice fix on netcode devs, lmao. Fix it, thx.

    Okay then, bye, "Escape from desync", i'm down 'till they fix this game. It's beta right? So there is a bug. Fix it.
  19. BUG: Stuck at very first loading screen

    Depends on when you did it. Try restarting your router and disable your antivirus/firewall. If you are not able to join, get in touch with the Technical support by going here. Don't forget to include logs in your ticket and mention all the possible tests in order to join. Thanks for your patience
  20. Новые игроки

    Имя персонажа David_Northwood Описание David Northwood is a ex military operator who was brought out into the region of Tarkov by USEC'S high pay. He had no idea what they were doing that needed P.M.C.'s for though. He was abandoned by USEC staff members after staying behind to defend the evacuation of scientists at the health center. Having being left behind by his employers, and having no alliances he has resolved himself to selling tech to the highest bidder. Его прошлое Born Jan. 1st 1997 David is 21 years old he left his newly wed wife at home, after all it was just a short defense contract. His parents died when he was young and he enlisted in the army as soon as he turned 16. He quickly realized he wanted to be a green beret but a cataclysmic I.E.D. left his right arm crippled, sending him home and to physical therapy where he met his wife, Jenna. they married 6 months later. During those 6 months he applied for a prosthetic arm from a raffle held by Terra Group Labs, he won. Как он попал в Тарков? When receiving the prosthetic arm he saw USEC in close hand with the security of the lab. Having seen his military records USEC quickly hired him his first contract brought him to a booming Russian metropolis known as Tarkov Пристрастия David has a great respect towards other servicemen and those who have remained good minded in the fall of Tarkov. Друзья None Ранения и битвы Prosthetic right arm. Fought in Iraq where his humvee ran over an I.E.D. he was the only survivor. He only served one tour. Стремления Make enough money off of selling tech to buy his way out of Tarkov and get home to his wife. Самые значительные достижения персонажа Serving his country. Сила 27 Выносливость 26 Меткость 27 Боец
  21. Need help transfering my items

    I'm somewhat in the same boat myself. I've got a guncase with my fav guns for practice, a couple of doc cases and a keybar I don't want to loose. I would help but I'm not very good at the game yet and would be afraid of getting killed in transit. (Former console pleb) XD.
  22. также продам ключ от выхода с завода,могу на заказ что-то найти
  23. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    cianid255#9705 Please verify
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