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  2. Cman1337


    Liegt meißtens am Server und unsichtbare Scavs, hat glaube ich nicht so viel mit Hackern zu tun. Einfach mal drauf achten wer euch getötet hat, ob es ein Scav war. Auch irgendwie ein Phänomen das ich bisher nur auf dem Frankfurt Server hatte, auf den anderen drum herum war es bei mir nie.
  3. Куплю эпсилон, предлы в лс
  4. KhandE


    Hmm that's funny, because when I was out getting more dove shot yesterday I was looking at my local stores used and surplus racks and all their Mosins were still going for $100-150, $200 for the "good" variants. but I guess "Yesterday and the day before" were a terribly long time ago. And please don't try and give me this bs, Kar 98ks, Enfields, M1903s etc etc etc are more expensive because not only are they less common but they're flat out better rifles in basically every way possible, If you think quality and quantity have no effect on the price of something just because It's "Vintage" then you're Delusional and just looking for reasons to be mad at someone. SKS rifles only got affected after various political scares people are taking advantage of and Embargoes on potential importers such as the one on Russia that was put in place since the Crimean crisis, but this is clearly the fault of someone who put a score on a garbage rod, which, for the record, is not "all that tacky poo" but a single thing which is fine in this case. Want to complain about high prices? blame Scalpers like those who take advantage of tragedies and embargoes or those who overpay in programs like the CMP thinking their parted together 1911A1 that probably never even had any parts that saw combat but think it's worth far more than the 1000 bucks the CMP charged them for is fine because "This has got history, don't try lowballing me because I know what I got!" attitude. (which funnily enough many Mosin fanboys do along with people selling bunk versions of actual good historic guns.) News flash, the Mosin is the perfect "cheap burner gun" to do the heinous crime of "putting a scope on" which is far from outright bubbaing a rifle(oh, but I forget, people who actually know what they're talking about often pointed out what a real bubba job is and therefore it's popular as hell to overuse the term online now. It's cheap and plentiful with some historic aspect so it's a perfect rifle that even very fiscally minded people will often buy as their first gun and just go out having fun shooting it, they don't need this type of nonsense being spread as if they're desecrating some holy relic of the firearms gods, It's just like the Nagant revolver, everyone knows It's trash and many joke that it's the perfect plant gun for the scene of a shooting, but It can be silenced (yes, I said silenced, be triggered by that too as it's the historically correct term since were on about historical guns here.) and it's plentiful and cheap so some may buy it on those merits even though if you really wanted a good historic Soviet sidearm you'd look a bit harder and find a Tokarev, but no one really cares about it beyond that unlike the Mosin cult. Here's what makes the Mosin actually historic. -.....It was in service for a very long time. - It was the rifle the Red Army used during WW2, the Army that did the most work to defeat the Nazis had to use as their frontline rifle, they didn't need the best rifle in the world for this, just one that worked, this isn't a testament to the rifle but to the sacrifices of the Red Army during the war. Oh, but sorry, even by the standards of when it first came out it in 1891 it was not that great, by WW2 it was arguably the worst bolt action of the war, and It's extremely cheap and plentiful. The only thing you're doing by treating everything "vintage" or "milsurp" like It's a sacred platinum relic from above is actually discourage new shooters from getting in the hobby and propagating dumb myths that keep people thinking this way. If you want to keep making villains out of people who did nothing wrong and blame them for the dumb bs that's actually the fault of panic sellers and scalpers who prey on the misinformed and gets said misinformation to stick, by all means, be my guest, just realize you're actually damaging to the shooting community and not some hero of it by calling out someone who scoped his garbage rod (When optics are the single biggest performance upgrade you can have for a firearm and even a bargain bin scope destroys anything from the era in basically every way possible.) The Soviets/Russians made many fine arms before, during, and after WW2, the Mosin was not one of them and will remain what it is, a rifle that will never be fairly compared to it's peers because of the sheer amount of fanboyism surrounding it and will have fanboys flip out when you do even the most minor things to it when the reality is, that's the perfect role for it, a cheap, plentiful gun that has some history despite it's many flaws with plentiful amounts of ammo people can just casually shoot with. End rant.
  5. Stranger62

    au final ce patch??

    La sensation est un peu étrange en effet, Quand je lis le log du patch, je me dis wahou, quelle mise à jour ! C'est pas rien, ils ont bossé ! Mais une fois le jeu lancé, je ne "ressens" pas d'avancée (voir du recul sur la stabilité, les pertes de connexion, j'ai des plantages / freeze inconnus jusque là). Pour ce qui est der armures, j'ai bien du mal à juger. Ce qui est certain, c'est qu'obtenir une armure correcte chez Fence est une folie, je dois passer mon temps à "rafraichir" les items et c'est la course pour acheter le premier, sinon c'est "out". ça m'arrive de passer 10 mn à essayer d'acheter ou alors de lassitude je prend une armure de base classe 2 voir 3. Et les rangements dans l'inventaire, que c'est lourd... Mais j'imagine que des hot fix, et des mise à jours plus conséquentes verront le jour. J'y crois en tout cas !
  6. Возникает много вопросов по размеру снаряжения. Например: почему пистолет p226 занимает столько же места, сколько и двое часов "ролер"? Объемы несопоставимые, массы тоже. Предложение: отвязать от "клеточек" размеры рюкзаков, вместо них ввести параметр "литры". Пример: часы "ролер" имеют объем, допустим, 50 мл, то есть, в штурмовой рюкзак 20л их может вместиться 400 штук. А вот полуторалитровых бутылок воды может вместиться всего 13штук. Или, допустим, тот же p226 по габаритам имеет объем 500мл (точно не могу сказать), следовательно, в небольшой 20-литровый рюкзак поместится 40 таких пистолетов. Да, их общий вес будет около 34 кг, но зато реалистично Применив такую систему загрузки, появится, наконец, необходимость следить за весом снаряжения, ну и придется перерабатывать экономику, что пора уже делать)
  7. rusdead

    0.10.x Fehlersammlung

    ich habe heut festgestellt das die scopes falsch ausgerichtet sind.
  8. MatM

    au final ce patch??

    La meta reste la même donc oui ca devient chiant de jouer contre des tanks. Sinon le fix en lui meme est top. Rien que la configuration des commandes est excellente
  9. RazzerRey


    Inzwischen ist das echt schlimm. Wenn ich mit meinem Team spiele & einer von uns ganz plötzlich umfällt, wissen wir schon das der Rest schnell los laufen sollte, da sonst alle drauf gehen. Ich frage mich ob das hacker sind oder einfach total verbuggte unsichtbare Scavs. Das man Nichtmal Ton hört ist merkwürdig. Man fällt einfach um bzw. sieht wie Körperteile kaputt gehen. Ohne das etwas passiert.
  10. Sierra2506

    No Name - Squad EFT

    Présentation de la team "No Name" La team No Name est toute nouvelle et principalement basé sur Rainbow Six Siège, un FPS compétitif. Souhaitant faire du Multi-Gaming j'ai eu l'autorisation d'ouvrir une section Escape From Tarkov. Nous cherchons des personnes matures et majeur (+18 ans). Présentation de la Section EFT Je suis la personne en change de cette section. Je cherche des personnes suffisamment matures, expérimentées et réfléchis. Faire une action qu'elle soit bonne ou mauvaise doit être un minimum explicable par la personne elle même. Mon but pour la Section est de préparer des équipes au compétition EFT. Aillant fait de la compétition sur Rainbow Six Siège, j'ai des connaissances en gestion et communication qui sont indispensable pour un jeu comme Escape From Tarkov. Comment venir chez nous ? Pour l'instant je compte recruter entre 7 et 10 personnes. Si vous jouez déjà en groupe de 2 joueurs il est possible aussi pour vous de venir. Vous aurez tout d'abord une phase de test qui consiste à observer votre comportement si il correspond bien à une cohésion d'équipe. Si tout ce passe bien la Team vous ouvrira ses portes Nous rejoindre ? C'est par ici > https://discord.gg/dMwZmaz
  11. somvra

    Para jugadores de nivel 1 a 10

    Tras alguna entrega y reabastecimiento, este es el material disponible actualmente: Pistol Case: 2 Carteras: 6 Gas analyzer: 2 Bujías: 2 Seguiremos informando
  12. GasT79

    Mosin Fixes

    Not being able to loot them means that it becomes a endless insurance supply, buy stock for a day only and then you will get back your next days stock on insurance making a cheap weapon even cheaper. I for sure bring some stuff out of raids just to make sure they don’t get it back on insurance, denial of resources you know
  13. Ramen_Guy

    Player Scavs

    Player scavs are spawning in too early. I mean there is no time for PMC's to loot peacefully before a wave of 10 or more cunts come in with their free guns. I mean just recently i had killed 2 guys within 30seconds of spawning sorting out their loot to get out of their. 33:30 and a group of two player scavs come in start shooting. On factory aswell. That means i had 1:30 to kill loot and get out. How do you expect me to do that. Unless of course this game was made for the cheaters who have the speed hacks where this is possible. It is beyond a joke at this point and is just one of the reasons this game is unplayable at this point. And due to factory being the only map i can ducking play now because 0.10 did nothing to fix anything with freezes or load times or the scav damage (which is just broken with their aimbot mixed in to this game). Seriously I can go in on scav and spawn in at the 33 minute mark and people who have trouble spawning in I can spawn camp them.
  14. LEFT BIHIND editionをクレジットカードで買おうとして、決済まではでき、お金は引き落とされたのにメールは来ないし、プロフィールを見てもnothing pre-orderとなっていて ゲームができません、これはどうなっているのでしょうか? もしわかりましたらお願いします
  15. rakavel

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Rakavel#4237 please verily
  16. Today
  17. I can play the game with a makarov and a shotgun. It is you casuals being too weak and demanding everything to be cheap. Because you are jealous of players who can aim. A cheap mosin is a a backup secondary railgun that can penetrate anything, and it is currently priced like a pistol. That price will change, it will be more expensive and when the free market comes all your casual whining will be washed away by the real price formed by the market. And the worst part is that you try to dress this as a victory for the "hardworking" underdog against evil high end gear armor players. But its not: If you spend more on better armor, you will have a natural advantage. You also risk more cash. That's how it is. PAY to WIN (in the ingame context). You pay more, you win more. And if you think cheap mosins will help you win, it wont. You will get mopped even harder by better players, because they outplayed and outgeared you already with easier to shoot guns than the mosin, so what do you think will happen when weapons, like the mosin are used, that require better aim? Then that skill gap that keeps you broke and weak is even wider and in a few weeks you will complain about mosins being too powerful Seriously what is wrong with you casuals. A mosin for 16k and you dont see the problem?
  18. eftballistics

    The Mosin Should go back to 16k Change my mind.

    Developers stopped trying to use real world pricing over a year ago. Back then an MP5 would cost 1500$. So this is not even the argument.
  19. lelebmw

    Problème de crash

    Salut,, De mon côté un seul crash sur Shoreline du coté du cinéma je ne faisais rien, à l'arrêt à entendre des pas. Sinon gros soucis pour le lancement du jeux, le launcher s'éxécute mais le chargement principale avant le menu plante et obliger de faire "CTRL + ALT + SUPPR" pour le quitter Merci pour les réponses et pour votre travail
  20. Katheeri

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  21. iMightBeACookie

    Official Trading Thread

    Selling Gunpowder (x2) 75K each
  22. Katheeri

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  23. ThrashOrDie

    .10 Performance

    I think the performance has increased quite a bit, frames are more solid now, and freezes have gotten a lot better, especially the spawning & firefight freezes, literally almost non-existent now. I still feel like there is an issue with hit registration though, or maybe it is desync, it's hard to tell which of the two it is that's affecting it. The Mosin is a good tool to measure this, since you can count your exact shots very nicely. There is a real inconsistency when it comes to time to kill. I've one-shot players and Scavs with torso shots with the Mosin on occasions, and on other occasions, I fire 4 rounds on very short distance right at them and they're still running. This is something that's been an issue for a long time, there had been many moments before that where sometimes you will kill with very few shots, other times people are almost unkillable. (Armor left out of the factor)
  24. reslerevhen

    Клан Ghost

    Я почему то и не сомневался что он не пойдет на контакт
  25. Продаю 3 газана по 40 тыс , 3 Gphone по 40 тыс , 1 видеокарта за 60 тыс . Писать в личку или дискорд Zed#2376 . Спасибо.
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