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  2. Habicht

    Finde passendes Spiel

    absolut kann ich auch nur bestätigen.
  3. Natalino

    Battlestate Games Launcher Bug

    Or this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784
  4. cryat

    Finde passendes Spiel

    Also wer solch lange Matching Zeiten hat, sollte definitiv überprüfen welche Server er ausgewählt hat. Warte nie länger als 2-3 Minuten, Solo und im Team.
  5. Natalino

    Fearhd - NEW Sherpa from Portugal!

    Welcome to the Sherpa team @Fearhd
  6. Natalino

    New Emissary for Austria

    Welcome to the emissary team!
  7. ViolentChl

    Battlestate Games Launcher Bug

    try install vc++ 2015 x86, https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/Download/details.aspx?id=48145
  8. cyx164651323

    New Feature of the Sherpa System !

    What are the requirements for becoming a Sherpa?How can someone find me?
  9. toy205

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB: Gamma Container IGN: Pistol_Boy Willing to pay higher-end pricing Message me ingame or PM me here
  10. Natalino

    question about "Additional ingame equipment"

    It comes in just like how in-game insurance returned items are sent via the messenger/chat system.
  11. cyx164651323

    New Sherpa Coordinator!

  12. Natalino

    stuck on loading screen

    Did you try to do a complete re-installation of the game? PC restart? Running as admin?
  13. There's also a option to fall from a lean into a prone side position. That is all for stances onto proning. So I am going to start this off with a short story about proning. I went into a prone cause I saw a guy ahead of me and I was hoping he didn't see me. Well... he saw me and I could not aim up cause my guess is I was on a slope that was going down. Prone needs adjustments to be more flexible. Also leaning while in prone sucks as well so that needs more work. That is all for my suggestions.
  14. Tankossi

    T-SOG // Tarkov - Special Operations Group

    Moin, bin zur Zeit eher allein unterwegs und würde dies gerne ändern. Bin 35 Jahre jung und seit knapp 2 Jahren in Tarkov unterwegs, mit ein paar Pausen da es sich nicht immer vereinbaren lässt Familie, Arbeit und Zocken unter einen Hut zu bringen. Wenn eure Gruppe nichts dagegen hat und feste Spielzeiten nicht existent sind würde ich gern mal vorbei schauen. Gruß Tankossi
  15. Habicht

    228 itemsmoving[move]: add error

    is there still no solution of it? 😖
  16. DarkValkyrja

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  17. ColdKiller

    T-SOG // Tarkov - Special Operations Group

    Hey, Ich hätte auch Interesse mal vorbei zuschauen. 😃 Gruß Coldi
  18. NmHansen

    Granade scavs are still OP

    The scavs with granade are way to OP. I was peeking around the corner of my cover, then a nade landed (with no scav talk or any hints) in front of my cover, i ducked then nade went boom, then i moved to behind a trailer to gain chest and overhead bullet cover , went prone and put 2-3 shots in the "thorax" of a scav, after the 2 shot, he pulled and threw a granade, i shot him one time more at same time he threw it , then i tried to get up and away, but the same scav shot me back legs, at the same time as i was standing up and nr 2 granade landed right next to me. this all happend within max 10 sec It really feels like a waste of time to use many minuts to find and buy the right gear and parts then wait 3 + min to join a server, then spend 10+min on being all sneaky tacticool larping to just getting aimbot murderd by a scav. I only had 1/one/uno survived round within my first 50 rounds of this new patch, and i seem to only able to survive when i run full naked (no knife or meds or anything). I thought that they had fixed these crazy sniper precision granade scavs. How about just remove granades from scavs ontill they know how to use them i a fair manner, or atleast have them to use their guns before pulling out the boom balls?
  19. TN-Punisher

    stuck on loading screen

    @wywxmhuhugo to C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\Documents\Escape from Tarkov and delete Local/shared files, then try to open the game
  20. wywxmhuhu

    stuck on loading screen

  21. Today
  22. RogueSkittle


  23. kovval

    Kiedy darmowe kluczyki?

    Ja bym chętnie przetestował zanim dokonał bym zakupu
  24. Paescu96

    Does tarkov exist overpenetration?

    Yes and no. The Bullets have a Chance to Fragment this leads to twice the DMG. Over penetration in sense of less Damage doesn't exist, but you can hit 2 Targets with 1 bullet, the Bullet leave the first Target with an different angle.
  25. Sofern eine Patrone im Lager ist, wirft es die beim Zurückziehen des Verschlusses aus. En gleiches ist übrigens bei der Mosin zu beobachten. Ich weiss nicht wie weit die Patrone fliegt, Sie könnte auch durch den Boden gefallen sein. Ps wenn du die Handhabung der SKS(Mosin) auf Stufe 3 fängt er die Patrone in der luft.
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