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  2. EFT Predator Grammar inspection

    Sorry, I deleted my post. I felt others already covered what I thought.
  3. EFT Predator Grammar inspection

    That's absolutely right. Like stated before: The application of language is the foundation of every book and a solid foundation is necessary to maximise your results. Luckily this doesn't change the fact that I enjoy the book with all the flaws it has. And with the latter all I can do is piling up the issues I notice and sending them in, so that hopefully more people will be able to enjoy the book, which is, IMO, otherwise written in an exciting way.
  4. Убью его, я ж ЧВК-шник.
  5. Never doing traders greed event again

    I have to agree, This event encourages players to burn their cash before the wipe, But we are STILL after all this drama. Not being told a rough estimate of the upcoming wipe. I understand that it will most likely be in the next week, but without the devs Patchnotes I am hesitant to burn all my Roubles If the devs could just give us a ETA all this would be solved.
  6. Cant extract from factory?

    After a good scav game, I can't escape, because the extract is the cellular and the Gate 0. Only unlockable with the factory key. Nice for the scav and guys without this key.
  7. I want to upgrade to EOD

    thanks @necuja
  8. Szybkie pytania szybkie odpowiedzi

    Dziwne nie dziwne,jako nowy gracz mogę się 'ograć' z misjami niż później szukać jak je rozwiązać ale gram full póki wszystko jest
  9. Попрошу его шапку одеть, а то простудится.
  10. Область применения: Звук Пояснение предложения: Преимущества: Здорово разнообразит озвучку Диких!
  11. Why do people Camp spawns

    this is the best answer, true and to the point. Good Job.
  12. EFT Predator Grammar inspection

    @qS_Sachiel You are mostly right. I am myself not a fan of reading sentences with typos/grammar errors/... in most circumstances and I do not really know what the issues are with getting a proper translation in books (especieally when there are these kind of errors "[..] you get chipped for in grade 8" like in this case. But: For me reading books is not about broading my language or exploring the boundaries of communication (at least for the most part). For me it is more about entertainment and having a good time while reading. A flawless application of language does play a big part in it, but it is by far not all that makes a book enjoyable; it is more like a foundation to tell a story. And even the application of language is not all about not making mistakes. Overall I really enjoy reading the book, and in the end this is all that matters for me, even tho I have to admit that it is a really unnecessary bumper to have that many errors in it, which could for the most part easily be detected (even by a standard writing programs like MS Word or Open Office).
  13. Доброго времени суток, господа. Интересует меня такой вопрос: как вы смотрите на появление в игре русскоговорящих операторов USEC? Ведь логично же, что в USEC есть операторы-переводчики из стран СНГ или специально обученные бойцы-переговорщики (что было прописано в книге "Хищник" по вселенной EFT). Можно было бы реализовать это добавив дополнительный голос оператору (с акцентом или без) с рандомными выкрикиваниями на английском или русском (было бы забавно услышать "гибридные фразы", состоящие сразу из двух языков). Это может решить некоторые неурядицы в попытке договориться с операторами-BEAR, которые не понимают английский.
  14. Serious question, have messages i dont care to look back on, months old type things. How do you delete them from the in game messages?
  15. Why do people Camp spawns

    Everyone knows which maps are bad for this. Factory in general; Customs on tanks side; Woods cabin side. Yes it needs to be fixed, but until then, carry the map, and spawn other places, or learn to run/avoid the spawn campers.
  16. Insurance is completely absurd

    Insurance should be removed completely. We have too much stuff anyways.
  17. Today
  18. Never doing traders greed event again

    Just chill out. There will e a wipe after this. This is just the prelude to the wipe. In a few days none of this matters.
  19. Insurance is completely absurd

    *this is a place where the local "hardcore" folks tell you how they don't sleep, don't eat and don't go the bathroom and don't eat the toasts their mom makes them in the morning, to get their insured stuff back on time, because you know, they are sooooo hardcore. You wouldn't believe.
  20. Insurance is completely absurd

    Just let your loot go, you shouldn´t be attached to it in the first place anyway since we are playing a game that is biased towards us, the players, dying . Stay safe, let go well .
  21. Insurance is completely absurd

    The timer is 72 hours after the waiting period.. if you don't log in after 4 days, you don't deserve your stuff back. The timer was fine when it was a 24 hour timer but everyone complained. A lot of games have "dailies" that people log in and complete and no one ever complains that they should have weeks to do them. Think of collecting the insurance every day as being your dailies
  22. ВЫ что вы что!! Античит собирает информацию!!! Читеров нет и тд... Разрабы сами играют?? Пусть на ночной завод походят или на бережок в санаторку.. Как сказали выше из 10 каток 2-3 с читаками, которые шпарят на префаере как хотят и где хотят
  23. I want to upgrade to EOD

    you will be able to reclaim the extra gear after each wipe and profile reset. What I said about 6 months was because it will only be available for that time span
  24. Never doing traders greed event again

    As previously stated if it was market stress testing. the severe increase in prices at the start makes zero sense
  25. Never doing traders greed event again

    a little too late on BSG fixing the pricing issues. We (as a group) have paused from the game until the wipe.
  26. Clan EFT NL

    Hoe en waar kan ik joinen? Ben een belg van 31jaar. Ik gebruik het liefst Teamspeak maar pas me gemakkelijk aan met wat uitleg. greetz
  27. Prestige for Tarkov

    Escape from Tarkov (“Tarkov”) delights players with a unique and gritty sense of progression. The fun of the game arises when gameplay mechanics- shooting and looting­- affect player progression. Tarkov’s greatest problem of the game is that this progress eventually ends. I believe that adding a mechanic whereby the player resets all progress and gains a progressive cosmetic benefit- a prestige mechanic- would prevent Tarkov’s core gameplay experience from ending. In other words, a prestige system would fix Tarkov’s lack of a so-called “end game”. By focusing the game on Tarkov’s successful player progression system, rather than on the shooting system, a prestige mechanic would focus the player experience on core gameplay and avoid player boredom. This change would help to foster a dynamic gameplay experience that attracts new sales and upgrades. Additionally, a prestige system would provide focus for Tarkov’s nascent quest system. By tying the option to prestige to completing quests- perhaps a final, high level quest- a prestige system would create incentive for players to engage positively with quests rather than to see quests as a limitation on their gameplay experience. The goal of completing this quest would also give players a reason to use the resources they have gathered in their stash, preventing the gameplay loop from feeling too repetitive. Implementing a prestige system would be development friendly. With minimal art and testing requirements- the capability to reset player accounts has been demonstrated by progress wipes and account upgrade resets- adding a prestige feature would not require a significant commitment of resources from the developer. A player’s prestige “level”- the number of times he has reset- could be shown by something as simple as a number if the developer lacks the means to commit more artistic development effort. I fully believe that even just a simple number indicating the number of such resets would result in nearly complete player engagement with the system. A prestige system in Tarkov could also provide an outlet for the future content development. The developer has demonstrated an enduring interest in adding new guns and attachments to the game. Without a prestige system, these new guns don’t have a clear place in the game and often fail to inspire player engagement. Mid-level gameplay feels well-balanced around a few basic weapons; it’s not clear where new, exotic weaponry fits in other than as a short diversion at high levels. By having the option to tie new content to higher prestige levels, the developer could avoid disrupting the core gameplay and enrich the long-term gameplay experience. Tarkov is a fantastic game with a unique, exciting progression mechanic at its core. By adding a prestige progression system, the developer ensure that the game remains focused on Tarkov’s positive, core gameplay experience. By implementing a core, repeatable gameplay loop, the developer would establish Tarkov as a complete and growing game, rather than as a flawed game under development. This distinction would encourage positive word-of-mouth marketing, player account upgrades, and new player sales.
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