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  2. gNecrOz

    The Tarkov Shooter Part 8 - Woods Expansion Woes

    I am really fine with this happening on any map other then Factory, because then the quest is just a joke and becomes a little too simple to complete.
  3. kleiv

    Woods extracts bugged

    Hey, i had exaclty that same situation. I take 3k rubles to raid, and tried to extract from car sitting besides sign. Slots in car was empty when i used it, one lit green. After timers ends nothing happend. I am new player and was supriesed wft. I tried go to outskirts, but noticed i cant heal, eat, dring so i die by scav from blood loss and deydration... It was great raid, pity its end so bad by not my fault. You should fix this bug ASAP, or close this extract if cant be fixed. Next time i will try take 10k.
  4. gNecrOz

    Peekers advantage / desync in EFT is unacceptable

    I agree with you to a small extent, however in the current state, peekers advantage is much much worse then just about any other game of the shooter nature. another example I found that showcases just how bad it can be and why people keep screaming hackers when they die to a pretty BS situation. The reason it needs talked about is because as they add more things, as Mark says, and they increase the load on these servers. If the Net code does not improve and the server qualities do not improve, things will just get worse. I am a staunch supporter of, this is Nakita's game and his vision, and we are just here to play what he has come up with. I also believe in transparency and quality of a product and development. I do not like phantom changes to in game loot and spawns without updated information. I also like seeing money go into the quality improvement of a product I support, thus trying to fix these to more standard levels with other games is something that I support happening.
  5. Kryptid117

    Not recieving an E-Mail verification code from launcher.

    Just updated windows, now im stuck in the same boat
  6. throwaway94

    Game is blurry (resolution issue?)

    Welp and here I thought I was going crazy. Yeah game is definitely more blurry but I was also used to my Nvidia FX settings and the new in-game post FX just suck ass. I am also on 1440p. Try adjusting sharpening on both your screen and in-game. Also max out clarity.
  7. Its dogshit game design, and the devs must be ducking braindead to think otherwise. Intentionally putting bad design in your game just to make your game worse to play doesn't turn it magically into good design. Retard. More like if I went to eat the chili and biting into it and then the chili pepper grows ducking arms and starts rubbing itself on my eyes you condescending douche.
  8. Spectator6

    Rework Early Quests, Leveling, Traders, etc.

    They've hinted at creating a sort of "introductory area" for new players to get accustomed to the game a bit before they're thrown off a cliff and drowned by a pack of wolves with the "full" EFT experience :p
  9. Привет всем, неудивительно,но у меня проблема с просадками ФПС. Система -1050ти, i5 10400f, 16gb и ссд. В игре стоит ф-ция автоочистка оперативной памяти, все на низких, кроме графики(она на средних). В общем, через пару каток в тиме начинает игра жутко лагать, проседая до 2-ух кадров(играю в fullhd), лечится перезапуском, но это бесит немного, может, есть другой способ, который решит это раз и навсегда? Кстати, такое только в пати, когда катаю один или в оффлайн такой проблемы нет
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  11. kschaffner

    Not recieving an E-Mail verification code from launcher.

    I was able to fix this by removing all traces of Battlestate from my windows Registry as well as deleting all the Battlestate folders from Appdata - Local/LocalNow/Roaming and C:\programdata. Make sure you make a registry backup first!
  12. Madman1215

    Hydro Dipping

    What is we could in our hideout we were able to hydro dip out guns and get different and unique skins for our guns? My suggestion would be we would need to find our buy different color paint in gain to be able to mix and match the dip so you could make a camo skin, a full pink skin, or a skin that looks like a mess. People love being able to customize what they wear and use and this could be a useful thing for team play for people to be unique and have different things and it would be easier to figure out who your teammate is. Just a suggestion i would think this would be pretty cool.
  13. untagatnu

    This game is unplayable for new players

    I will add this: Learn how to clear rooms. Apply the same concept indoors and out doors. Notice the vision cones. You can also throw grenades exactly like this inside EFT. Simply use the Overhead Throw OR Right side blind fire modes. You can also clear corners and peak with that system. Some relay on pure instinct + good PC + Good internet + low latency to rush spawns / rush objectives / rush important areas of the map. This works, no doubt... but if you learn how to clear rooms you will be able to enter at your own pace and break some faces. Finally, I will double down on OFFLINE MODE. Play on low difficulty + low density. Steadily increase both. This not only teaches you about map, extractions, scav locations, scav behavior, loot caches (SUPER IMPORTANT), great angles... but it also teaches you how to move in EFT. When to make noise. When to be like a cat. Because if you are running 24/7 on EFT you are also dying 24/7... unless you are Dinez/QuattroACE on Labs (check their youtube).
  14. Hi, My game suddenly looks different. It used to be very sharp and now it is a bit blurry. For example, it is very well seen in the water droplet showing hydration (it's pixelated). It feels like the resolution changed but it did not. I was even in game and it happened when I tabbed out of the game and opened GeForce Experience. I am using 2560 x 1440, windows screen settings and in-game. Can anyone help?
  15. Janellope

    12h per Bitcoin now?!

    Bitcoins are ~500k /12h = 1m per day, even if you are buying metal fuel from the flea at ~300k that is still 700k+ profit per day for doing nothing. If you're keeping your gen. running all the time then you also gain the benefit of faster crafting and so you can also make money from that. I agree that the fuel situation is ridiculous and that if BSG wanted to manage their games economy, tying a game item to IRL price was a stupid move but let's not call a cow a plane, the bit coin farm does nothing but make money.
  16. unclewebb

    Disallowed Program Running #10

    You can use ThrottleStop to disable BD PROCHOT and then after that, exit ThrottleStop. No need to keep it running. Once BD PROCHOT is disabled it will remain disabled. You can also try changing the name of the program. Instead of ThrottleStop.exe rename it to StopThrottle.exe and see if that makes any difference.
  17. untagatnu

    Spawns Please explain...

    = Nice rant. I'm literally unable to understand it sooo I guess the title? "Spawns Please explain..." Okay. Spawn points are hard baked into the maps. As any coder will tell you when you fix something you also have a chance of breaking something... That means most coders once they have something working they don't go back to it. Specially, if they have a ton of work to-do. So they made a map, placed the spawns, it all worked, so they moved on to the next task at hand. Don't expect any changes to spawn points unless they are reworking the map or have completed their large to-do list. It also makes sense... why fiddle around 1 minute detail and fuzz about it until its perfectly pleasing to everyone... when about 60% of the game is still in the works. Another way of looking at this is PMC levels / mastery ranks. Some PMC's got to lvl 40 within a couple of days from the wipe... So they can run faster, jump higher, last longer... so they can rush your spawn point. As they should. As we do on every competitive FPS game that has spawn points. Heck we've been doing that since quake. Can spawn points be further away? is that the question / topic? If so... then I think you have to talk to Nikkita.
  18. Janellope

    Spawns Please explain...

    Spawns are garbage, I feel like there is no AI placement and it's 100% rng, meaning you can get a game where every player have spawns next to each other while the other side of the map is empty. This needs to be fixed, players should be evenly distributed throughout the map, and if it is an issue with a lot of solo players taking up spawns, lower the player count for solo's vs squads.
  19. Kilhoffa

    Melee weapons are too underpowered

    I don't understand the point of having an axe if it takes 8+ hits to kill someone. Should be one or two good hits at the most.
  20. untagatnu


    Technically it is griefing and whoever does that is a griefer... That being said... you should pay more attention. A quick fix is to add you friends into your in-game friends list. That way you don't need to look for group. You friends are on the top of the list and you can invite them straight up. Sooooo tbh... if you felt for it... it's your fault. At least, now you know what to do (use the friends list).
  21. Obsydea


    Don't join random groups. Instead, search for help if you're a new player. There are clans and communities in the forums as well as sherpas you can request. I can't vouch for clans personally, I haven't been in one in a long time. But I did learn in one early early in tarkov. Sheraps on the other hand should be pretty reliable. They get a nifty tag color in game and have a space to request them on the forums if I remember right. Most importantly. The sherpas generally also have differing types. Such as one that is a slower player, others that push push. Depending on how you want to learn tarky. At least if I remember reading about that stuff correctly.
  22. TrunkzJr

    🌎 United We Stand ~ Adult Gamers (NA/EU)

    Come join us today
  23. ahlstroem

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Ahlstroem#9425 Cheers!
  24. untagatnu


    I tried this before. Using the Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU). To my knowledge DDU is deeper. It takes you into Safe Mode and completely uninstalls the drivers + remaining files + unpacked files + installation files. Regardless, I will try it this way again. I disagree. It does help. It helps in various ways to be honest. Here is my top 5 ways this post helps: It's gotten your attention and help. So thank you! Debunking the myth that this issue is only affecting me. Sheading light into the Ticket system. Which usually takes way more than 4-5 business days and it's usually accompanied by either a generic reply (Disconnect your modem to fix all the things). In one of the posts above you see someone having this exact issue + tech support response. Just in case tech support won't help... at least we are getting other players to pitch in with possible research alternatives / solutions. It's serves as a collection of everything we have tried so far... so when tech support asks me for the 11th time to check my ram or get better drivers or refresh windows or any of the things we've already tried... I can just show them this post. I mean... BSG / this forum can pursue me. Ban me. Silence me. Read the rules in such a way that I'll be forced to be quiet or be banned... You know... the typical abusive egotistical response... or they can do as you did... and actually fix the issue in hand. Heck if BSG can't solve the issue. They can at the very least make a mailing list. Get our emails and let us know when we can come back. That's how you deal with something you can't solve atm. Not like this. Not hiding it. Not censoring it. Not with harassments. Not with trolls: Actual human empathy + Real effort to find the bug and work on it. Whatever BSG needs... you need remote access / streaming of my PC? You got it. You need full logs and complete access to my PC? You got it. You need me to send my entire PC to BSG? You got it.
  25. DaGr00t

    Jaeger metal fuel can

    y not looking for price before buying?
  26. If you buy a ghost pepper, and it says its "SUPER HOT" on the tin, and you think its too hot for your taste and wish you'd be able to get a refund. Then it might not be the ghost pepper at fault. In all seriousness though, the learning curve in this game is very steep. It's intended to be a squad based shooter, so perhaps doing things alone might be what sets you back?
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