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  2. EMGFreaky

    Über Cheater

    Hi erstmal, Ich habe nicht alles hier durch gelesen aber was mich ein wenig beschäftigt ist : Wie geht BSG gegen Cheater vor die sich einen 2 Account machen und dann Geld + Loot über market oder mit einem freund inraid rüber schieben? Ich meine im Angebot sich einen 2 Account zu erstellen ist ja nicht schwer. Bei der kleinsten Version ist der Verlust ja auch noch verkraftbar. Mir fallen halt meisten Leute mit Weißen namen auf (was ich aber nicht verallgemeinern will). In mmorpgs wird das oft zum Bot farming genutzt.
  3. Travesty88

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Travesty#7007 please verify
  4. Остается только процитировать себя...
  5. splitoris

    Linux support?

    Keep me updated please! I might just have to wait tell .12
  6. 33turner

    Another suspected cheater

    Video link of scav player doing headshots through walls. He tried the same on my teammate but luckily it didn't penetrate his helmet, so he chased down the scav and killed him. I suppose you are able to see which account and player was using/playing that scav at the time on the New York server. Thankyou
  7. B10ndie


    Devs, please do away with the Flea Market. The hacking has created a way for cheaters to monetize the game (i.e., look at G2G for real money being made by cheaters). I love EFT as nothing compares to the fights/gun play. But, HOLY poo! BSG, get your poo together. One suggestion I have, create separate servers for EOD accounts to play in; that can't be that difficult, right?
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  9. Epic_Power

    Who would win?

  10. Идея, сделать выход в рейд за дикого за деньги, вместо отката по времени. Смысл - идем в рейд не сами, а нанимаем дикого, становится логичным, что дикий вынесет лут именно нам, а не кому то еще. Умер дикий в рейде, потеряли деньги. При таком раскладе можно даже квесты диким делать, типа наняли дикого выполнить работу. Так же можно было бы дать возможность выбирать из разных случайно генерируемых диких, скажем из трех за разные деньги
  11. LikearealViking

    Servidor Brasileiro com baixa media de players

    Bro, o problema n é falta de players, como já foi explicado um milhão de vezes. O problema é falta de slot, então o jogo não consegue criar mais instâncias. O problema no caso é que o servidor não aguenta. Precisa ser otimizado. Aconselho editar o post antes que o FLP chegue na voadora te flagando por profanação.
  12. m40concept

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  13. mattywatty2012

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Jump on today and have a great time with all the other OC members! Join at taw.net today!
  14. mattywatty2012

    a way to send a report of a person u think is hacking

    The search function of this website is your friend, I'd suggest using it.
  15. im getting killed in the weirdest of ways and spots and im wondering how i can inform u guys of suspicious activity in gameplay if we cant even report a player???? can we get some sort of way to notify u guys of suspicious players
  16. valkyller

    EOD Items not received after ourchase

    Hey man, just in case, after you purchased the upgrade EOD, did you restart your profile? I believe you have to do this so you can see the change (obviously you will lose your progress but that's the only solution I know)
  17. Rumguns


    I am having the exact same issue on woods! Very distracting.

    Hilo de verificación, Discord Comunidad Hispana


    LVG Recluta y enseña a jugadores nuevos.

    Estamos en proceso de reclutamiento para todos los interesados enviarme mensaje MP o directamente entrar al discord. https://discordapp.com/invite/QUexEGN


  21. Sad_Goat


    Yeah its true that the game needs a ton of fixing but you still have to remember that Different parts of the team work on different stuff so you can't really get mad at the art division for wanting more guns. But Right now I think instead of fixing the scavs and netcode they are working mainly on Anti-Cheat, but yeah Netcode and Lag has been a problem for a long time so lets hope this game doesn't end up like PUBG.
  22. SanchoBlackout

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Chris Reynne#9443
  23. Sad_Goat

    Hide some scavs in the locked room. Make the room their base.

    I hope this will get added in to the game but probably this is just something that could come to mind, because the community would lose it if they added this and not "BetTer NeTcOde" or "FiX YoUR AnTi ChEAT" so if this was added in which I think is a good idea, it would probably be way later in the game after all the core ideas are out of the way.
  24. Sad_Goat

    Make shooting a car causes the alarm to go off

    Yeah but also "RuSsiA 2020" and most of the cars are probably dead or something like that, so you would maybe only do the cars on say resort or someplace that was guarded well and scavs couldn't grab the batteries out of it., idk.
  25. jakxfreddy98

    Tired of pros killing me

    Just a newb trying to make it by in this game willing to help
  26. GoldMelone

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    verify GoldMelone#9125
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