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    Linux support!

  3. -4.7 bruh Like the AI scavs always give me the finger. every time
  4. I usually always insure my entire class with Parpor. Which surprisingly as made fairly good returns. But iv noticed for about 5-6 days i havent got anything back from insurance. Now i was thinking maybe it was the higher tier classes i was running, but i figured id get something back from about 5 raids of insured items. I have been doing quest for parpor within those days (got him from level 2<3) I always hit receive all for anything anytime I deal with any merchants. So just now I got a insurance back from a raid i played yesterday, and while going to get it, i scrolled up to and noticed 4 messages that said insurances expired.. Has anyone has this issue or anything like it? I usually get on the game atleast once a day just to check insurance. Not once did i actually get a prompt or message saying theres was insurance there. And iv definitely done quests for him within the expire time of the, and like I said, I always hit receive all..
  5. Today
  6. Von 7.36 auf 5.98 runter weil ich dachte der Rucksack ist aber schön.
  7. Отвечу сам себе... 2 года прошло и компас внедрили.... 😁
  8. Про карму разве что ленивый не говорил. Внедрили, но не так как это думалось мне... но хоть что-то...
  9. Apollo-23


    就是怕收不住手 = =
  10. Themissinlink51

    help please

    i have been without a pc for about a year. i am trying to recover my tarkov account and get the name and password but the verification code never sends to my email. i have absolutely no idea what to do now to get the account recovered.
  11. Как справляются с читами БСГ - сделали вид что обрабатывают репорты а здесь видео смотрят только сами пострадавшие от читеров.
  12. Bendalff

    OAPG - Older Aged Players Group

    @Cyxtcheck your inbox..
  13. adherent45cal


    Therapistタスク「Decontamination service」の説明文 英語→日本語訳に関して 原文:you must be wearing a chemical respirator or a gas mask. 日本語訳(現行案) :「防毒マスク と 3Mアーマー を着て」 日本語訳(修正案) :「防毒マスク か ガスマスク を付けて」 修正すべき理由:3Mアーマー装着は条件から変更されているため。
  14. Wotcnt

    Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

    -Contact Whistle sound Stomp feet animation with sound. -Help Mercy/I Surrender -Mumble BOOOM HEAAAADSHOOOOT (Full spastic pumped with adrenaline kinda energy needed from the voice actors here) Knock Knock, anybody homeee? No Body's Home. a Jason Voorhees reference with the player humming *ch ch ch ha ha ha* slow and menacingly. -Command Masking the Area, Smoke Out
  15. adherent45cal


    話題に上がっているかと思いますが、10/11アプデ以降に詳細画面の全アイテム名の日本語表記が消え、英語表記のみ残っています。 進展などあればコメントお願いします。
  16. jadoo3

    Lokacja "Linia Brzegowa"

    Is it available on get into pc?
  17. I've received 5 responses back from Gregory Smith. I'm not sure what part of EFT he is from, but it was after messaging their [email protected] Each response he had been very prompt in responding to my questions, although I still am unable to login to my account to download the launcher. Experience documented above ^ The response was always "As we mentioned, there is nothing that we can do on our side. The verification system is working properly. Please try a different phone number. Thank you." And that was it. Their claiming that the phone number verification system is working, although there seems to be many of us who have been unable to login using the account verification via phone number with a "This number cannot be used". I thought maybe it was only NA, but it seems it's happening to other people as well, and still there has not been a fix.
  18. JelliedGasoline

    Rogue Scav penalty and timers

    Blocking off scav raids to bad scavs (who paid for the game, just like you and me) isn't good gameplay design IMHO. Do the opposite: make good scavs have even shorter cooldowns. Give people a reason to be a good scav rather than trying to force a gameplay style onto someone else. People have suggested having killer scavs mumble like madmen after their first non-hostile scav kill. I say tie more things to fence (like flea market commissions or cheaper insurance) or even lower the scav cooldown if you get killed by a player scav and didn't kill any non-hostile scavs; something noticeable like 25-33%. Let better scavs play more rather than punish bad scavs for killing you for a vpo and half-used CAR. And most importantly, make there be an actually good reason to not merc every scav you run across.
  19. 初めまして 新しいPCを買って、ランチャーをインストールしようと公式サイトログインしようとしても セキュリティチェック画面(ブラウザをチェックしている間、お待ちください)で全く進まないです。 以下のことを行いましたがセキュリティチェックを抜けることができなかったです。 ・アンチウィルスソフトを停止 ・8時間ちょっと放置 ・PC再起動 ・他のブラウザを使う(Edge) ・chromeの拡張機能(Privacy Pass)を追加 フォーラムもセキュリティチェック画面に遷移しましたがチェックを抜けてサインインできました。
  20. I disagree with more severe punishments. While I absolutely hate being killed by a player scav, it SHOULD be a risk. Gameplay-wise, I think it makes more sense to incentivize scav teamwork rather than punish people for playing in the way they want. This is the first iteration of scav karma, so I think it needs a TON of work (karma takes a ton to grind out, scav raids can only have 10 minutes left on already looted maps, no real reason to be a good scav, etc.) but if I had to throw out a suggestion, I would say make scav raids more accessible to people who aren't total d-bags. If you get killed by a player scav and DON'T KILL non-hostile scavs, maybe your scav timer should be, like, 25-33% shorter for the next scav raid. Instead of 4 minutes, it's 3. That way, even people who are bad scavs can have a reason to not blast scavs; their 20 minute timer is now 15 minutes. Noticeably shorter is the key imho, because, ya'll are right: it's just as dangerous for scavs as it is players, and that's just bad gameplay. The deck is already stacked against scavs with time and gear constraints. No one likes spawning in with 10 minutes, a toz, and no meds feeling like "well, damn. This was a waste," to only be essentially TK'd right at extract.
  21. beloved_Dragon


  22. codenameMuffin

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  23. mystery26


    Если че, я там и закидывал.
  24. Coming back to the game after a long break, but ran into this instead. I've reinstalled the launcher a few times and done fresh installs every time (reg edits/appdata/folders erased). I have installed it on 2 different SSDs and a RED HDD. I can't seem to find a solution to this Windows 10 Ryzen 9 3900X 32gb DDR4 @3200MHz GTX 1080ti
  25. I've been playing with my friend on EU server by him and after that my game back to normal and show all the servers. I don't know if is a solution for the problem or just a coincidence
  26. bodhizapha

    LFG or duo

    Hey guys, I am in the market for people to raid with. I have played this game for a bit. I am returning after a small break. This game excels with people to roll with. Going solo is annoying, lets play. Add me in game DimmiTheTwin Thanks
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