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  2. whatsoeva

    Patch notes for

    Can it be that items loose FIR if you lost them in raid and insurance brought it back?
  3. ZuAlex


    удалять негативные отзывы о патче и об игре это конечно хорошо - молодцы модераторы. Не умеете делать - не делайте.
  4. Luv2ruck

    Constant Disconnects - Please help!

    Tarkov servers are actually performing worse than Among us right now.
  5. googooflexy

    12.8 won't let me get into a game

    This didn't work for me, but uninstalling and reinstalling did. Sorry to be the bad news bear, but If none of the above worked, just uninstall.
  6. Gladd0s

    12.8 lobby bugssss

    We found a fix, remove the friend you want to play with and re-add as a friend. Lobby works so far 3 out of 3 times as it should after that!
  7. Pryzies

    Reluctant to post, needs to be said.

    There is nobody else here that has more gripes about game mechanics and cheaters than me but I quit for a few weeks after getting 1 shot by a scav in 1.5 mill gear. Came back after patch and on my first day i made 1 mill and had roughly 8 fully titted guns in inventory. The buff's they made to the crates now offsets the gear loss in getting autoaimed I guess.. I still will only admire the nice guns in my inventory and probably will never go out again with a 1.5 mill loadout. It's basically just giving away gear to someone else at this point. But having said that I think the patch changes have made it easier to get gear. Here is the screenshot below and my current cash. I got this all in 1 day after patch. BTW the loadout your see me with here is all I ever leave with now. I take nothing of any value whatsoever having lost so much the last time lol.
  8. ReedMan

    Mechanic service

    This option is mostly aimed for early gamers, who can't afford or buy military-grade guns, but managed to get (mostly loot from scavs) some ADAR/Saiga 9/AKM-VPOs etc. and just want to have a better chance to fight against players who can afford a full-auto ones.
  9. vitz12365

    12.8 lobby bugssss

  10. Hello guys & girls! Hope everyone is staying safe during these times. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Jack and I am 22 years old. I have come here today Representing Tarkov Tactical Division, a newly formed group looking to play in a relaxed but still serious way. We aim to be your place to chill after school/work. We have a Discord server where you can join in order to do raids, scav runs, share knowledge about the game and last, but not least, do quests. We usually take things rather slow, but we have moments where we rush in to get kills. Our way of playing tends to adapt to those of the ones around us. We also have a hierarchy system which will see you increase in rank (in order to be a more trusted member) and help you even take over raid leadership. All our members are always there to help and play with each other, so settling in shouldn't be such a big issue. The kind of players we are looking or are: 16+ NA based Microphone and being able to use it Mature Good comms If you think I have convinced you by any chance, leave a comment here with a small introduction and I will send the link to join the discord via PM. Enjoy your day/evening!
  11. Lunat1cX

    Customs Spawn Rigged

    Me and by buddy have legit only spawned trailer park in the last week. I don't remember the last time I set foot in dorms. I don't know whether the tarkov gods are punishing us or the game is bugged, but this is getting tiresome. We wanna be able to spawn near dorms and slaughter Reshala and his little goonies, and take his loot like little rats. We've only been getting gangbanged by tan man chads lately in groups of 2-4. We pray upon the tarkov gods to bless us with a spawn closer to dorms. Let our prayers be heard. Let Nikita hear the crys of the rats. (No but seriously, we have been spawning in the little corner of trailer park for the entire time, and more commonly since the new patch).
  12. xercil

    Introduction task

    I have the same problem. I have reported it.
  13. davidj123456


    Then this would just become DayZ lol... A timer adds a dynamic that adds pressure and prevents you from staying in a map for too long. Imagine if a 5-man enters Interchange in a low-player game and either kills all enemy players or finds their dead bodies. They can just roam the map looting whatever they want until there is literally nothing left. Players would camp and not push like there is no tommorow.
  14. BrettB

    OCE servers might be bugged.

    Ok ok good to know its not just us then. Yes we had the same server selected, it didnt matter if I sent the invites or him. With that said too, the invites often didnt go through either. I did submit a ticket yesterday too. I thought I should post here also.
  15. REW_

    12.8 won't let me get into a game

    I’ve been having this same problem for the past two days now after 12.8 but found a fix that has been working for me the past 4 raids now. I went into servers and selected all the ones associated with my country instead of auto and I’ve been getting into games without infinite matchmaking
  16. Luv2ruck

    Bleeding done differently

    Well armor is already useless vs bosses/pmc. Due to ammo everyone uses. I see m61,m995, BP, 7n39 all the time. Plus, new shotty can 1-tap legs. And barricade rounds go through level 5 armor. Now your even more at a disadvantage being a solo player. This new bleed mechanic incentives rat play and leaving raids early. Much more camper heavy and tons of healing now. Anyone level 13 or below is really sucking to survive a raid that has two gunfights or more. The armor/weapons in caches means you do more hatchling runs. Because, now you can zero to hero shoreline. Not to mention the stutters/DC/attention bug etc. I know they were intending on releasing this game with streets next year. But, I really hope the make changes that actually make the game more playable. They did make some excellent changes. Voice lines/new class 5 armor that repairs well/loading ammo into mags in stash. But, there are obvious glaring problems with this game, that are pushing people away. Solo players especially. But, i guess dead servers are easier to survive, hence why some of you people ignore the negatives of this game.
  17. davidj123456

    wall penetration for bullets

    Actually some surfaces can be penetrated by certain types of ammunition in this game. It just is not a very effective way of doing things since it can often be based on pure luck, and when people get killed by it they call cheats 24/7
  18. davidj123456

    Allow "handing in" items for building hideout modules

    Buy or Craft yourself 1-2 Lucky Scav Junkboxes. Look them up on the EFT wiki if you do not know how. You can store all Junk & Barter items that you need for Quests, Hideout, and Barter Trades in there. The Scav Junkboxes do not take up much space but they give you tons of storage!
  19. davidj123456

    Mechanic service

    I mean the M4 receiver only costs 20K on the Flea Market so... you can sort of already do this anyway...
  20. Danmer13


    Не вижу где в последнем патч ноуте про эти патроны?
  21. cjhoser

    Patch notes for

    Not really sure if it's a bug but I am loading into games later than my friends now by 20-30 seconds. This is obviously a major issue with some spawns. We are also not getting the countdown to deploy. It's just dropping my friends in and then 20-30 seconds later I appear. I do have an SSD.
  22. spliffrichard

    Since 12.8 Every 5secs Microstutters

    Tested in offline mode WITHOUT bots and there are no micro stutter. With bots activated and online stutters are there and frames from 110-120 down to 70-80.
  23. revplague

    OCE servers might be bugged.

    Hello BrettB So you are having trouble connecting to the server, just some questions I have to ask. Where you and your friend on the same sever selection? Did you ever get into the raid? I am also going to request you to pull your logs and submit a ticket via the launcher so if its anything that the devs have control over it can be handled. An yes, there have been people having the same complication as you, all is being worked on to be fixed Thank you for your patience
  24. A buddy and I were trying for a game last night and this morning, and cannot get a game.. Matching times are in the 30 min (all maps and scav raids) range. We only have one server to choose from, so dont be 'change servers noob' Hopefully a team member can look into this? with the latest hotfix installed too.
  25. davidj123456

    Bleeding done differently

    I do not really see a problem with anything you said. I think if you get shot and it penetrates armor it should take a lot more than 30 seconds to heal...
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