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  2. ballpointsniper

    pixel screen

    so my whole screen when playing tarkov is coverd in pixels dureing the day and in the menu its not bad but at night I can barely see
  3. Ryaaann

    LF Duo (Interchange)

    Hello, I have a gaming community especially for EFT if you wish to join me and others click the discord link below i hope to see you there. https://discord.gg/JbVQNTj
  4. bockohod


    Многократное нажатие кнопки обновления не помогает разве?
  5. Ryaaann

    Gravity - Gaming Community

  6. Ryaaann

    LFG - NA EAST - DUO - Shoreline

    he could be doing duos on a community discord does it matter really?

    US NA Looking For Beginners Winners And Anyone In Between ~GruntLife Gaming~

    The Dirty Sail, just click on that discord link at the bottom there and it'll take you straight to us. If you don't have discord already it's super easy to download and use, doesn't cost anything. If you're just coming from console to PC you're gonna need discord because it's what the majority of PC gamers use to speak in game anyways. Let me know if you have any questions, always willing to help teach.
  8. DaGr00t

    Standart Edition ist abgelaufen

    Ggf. mit Paypal bezahlt? Wenn ja, dort kannst jedenfalls jetzt noch sehen was du 2017 alles bezahlt hast.
  9. Lorien31

    Unplayable Game Stutters, freezing, and lag

    In which region do all of you play ? I play on EU Servers never had a disconnect nor a crash yet. Also stutters are non existent, although i have EFT installed on a NVMe SSD. Only server issues i had where those backend issues during high peak hours, but they fixed that.
  10. Sebol17

    Znikające Pieniądze

    Witam,doświadczyłem dziś niemiłego zniknięcia,sprzedałem 4dni temu czerwoną karte i inne śmieci na jakieś 30mln rubbli,dokładnie kilka godzin przed giveaway u Pestiliego z nadzieją,że karty stracą na wartości a dziś z rana u Ragmana miałem jakieś 3mln Rubli do odbioru
  11. The_AIM_mSk

    Клан "Зенит"

    1) Евгений
  12. SilentHightimes

    Container opening bugged

    Wow, I just got this bug in 2020 lol. I don't think it is actually a bug it's a conflict between your desktop display settings and Graphics card display setting being different. Fixed by - Right click desktop, click Nvidia control panel then click [Adjust desktop size and position] Its under Display and make sure resolution is what you want. Then exit out, right click Windows desktop and click display settings, scroll down and adjust display resolution to the same as Graphics card.
  13. Bump! Still looking to build the EU side of our community!
  14. ExeIworkz

    Händler Ruf verbuggt?

    Warum sollte ich? Ich spiele seit 4 oder 5 wipes Standard. Der benefit Der EOD ist 0.2 positive trader rep. Gibt dazu im englischen Forum auch Threads..
  15. Morsss

    Game stutter everytime i see enemy

    ty for the info
  16. Monkey88

    Empty Lobby

    Still would like to know why only some people got the bug and what caused it/how it was fixed
  17. Darksys0815

    Getting one shot all the time

    At this point i would recommed to do scav runs on interchange, but learn first the map. inside is hell the first times... BUT: in 90% you spawn late. meaning you spawn with 15 may 9 minutes rest. This is your chance. The most players are away from the map and now its "rat" time run oli, check death scavs, check general for loot. you found ever something . no player could clear the full oli may 3 or 4 but this are rare moments. if you are full of nice loot, extract via emercom. yes, its a bit risk because exit campers...i see in unkown runs on interchange 1 exit camper. the most of players go in, loot, kill killa and leave. the risk on this run with 10 min left is low. yes you could die. i see players they left via emercom at 1:30 minutes left. you need from ramp to exit on the right side - towards the blue wall around a minute including exit timer. Oli is the most of time empty if late spawn, last players are in the middle or idea. oli is nice to get loot and exit fast. remember, one battery, blue gas canister or the red....gas...forgot the name you get 50-70k. With only one of this. so if you lucky and have a big backback on your scav...and find 2,3 of such items, you could leave...150k fpr 5 minutes run, nice deal i think. dont be greedy, less loot is better than nothing have a good time in Tarkov.
  18. JonseyMcDanes

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  19. DragonFe

    Highly active discord community for everyone!

    Join the fun now! We have guides, maps and active users willing to help anyone!
  20. Collos

    Standart Edition ist abgelaufen

    Werd mal in meinem Email Postfach schauen. Dauert wahrscheinlich etwas
  21. ningamertendo

    Standart Edition ist abgelaufen

    Wäre gut, wenn du noch eine Mail diesbezüglich mit der Kaufbestätigung finden könntest. Wenn eben ein Reseller dabei war gibt es keinen Support von Seiten BSG, da das auch nicht den Terms of Service entspricht. Zumal diese noch andere Methoden haben als Testkeys zu verkaufen. Auch diese Keys nicht zu bezahlen.
  22. Trakso-84

    Как играть с другом?

    Народ может поможете с проблемкой. Заходим с другом в игру, тот же сервер, та же карта, тоже время, а список игроков в лобби пустой. И не только друг друга добавить не можем, вообще никого нет.
  23. syt1357

    Empty Lobby

    Its working now
  24. SirAmbush

    Empty Lobby

    Its working now. We had to stay on the lobby for a good 5mins before it populated
  25. Ashcr0w

    Empty Lobby

    me 2me 2
  26. ironicspartan

    Empty Lobby

    Me too
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