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  2. TheWay

    Any date on when the wipe will be?

    @AdolfH We got no date at this moment, when we will know it, it will be posted, so please keep an eye on our media channels, thank you!
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  4. Chernobyl_52

    Трейлер патча 0.9

    Я перестал отвечать на подобные вопросы, чтобы не давать ложные надежды. + игроки не правильно воспринимают информацию.
  5. Chernobyl_52

    Трейлер патча 0.9

    Всё записано на стандартной версии игры, версию билда можете заметить в левом нижнем углу.
  6. Chernobyl_52

    Трейлер патча 0.9

    Этот трек как и предыдущие написан специально к трейлеру, шанс, что будет полная версия "крайне мала" (с), но он есть.
  7. TheWay

    Trailer patch 0.9

    @Warrior_Ethos We got no date at this moment, but as soon as we will have it, it will be posted, so please keep an eye on our media channels!
  8. TheWay

    Zwiastun aktualizacji 0.9

    Uciekinierzy! Prezentujemy wam krótki zwiastun nadchodzącej aktualizacji 0.9, możecie w jej trakcie zobaczyć część nadchodzących elementów, które pojawią się w tej aktualizacji. Zapraszamy do oglądania!
  9. Natalino

    New game modes?

    Hello, Sorry, but none of those are planned for EFT. EFT will only have Arena mode (Maybe the closest thing for your game mode C"), Raids and free roam. Thanks!
  10. Natalino

    Trailer patch 0.9

    This is to show you what is to come. A pure, not many efforts to editing or anything of that sort. Just raw clips of the upcoming additions with 0.9. You will get more than just an info since the smokes are coming and you will be able to get your hands on them in no time.
  11. Natalino

    Trailer patch 0.9

    You cannot be missing on such juicy information: That is TT. Not 1911. Most probably in the future though.
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  13. Chernobyl_52

    Трейлер патча 0.9

  14. Chernobyl_52

    Trailer patch 0.9

    We are pleased to present to you the video, featuring what you will see in the next patch (Patch 0.9) for Escape from Tarkov. The video will showcase things like the first scav boss - the Dealmaker, flashbang and smoke grenades, armbands for ID, new weapons and equipment, and much more new stuff and fixes.
  15. Новый видеотрейлер ближайшего обновления 0.9 в Escape from Tarkov Первый главарь диких - Решала, светошумовые и дымовые гранаты, повязки для идентификации, новое оружие и снаряжение и другие нововведения и исправления, которые ждут вас в ближайшем обновлении.
  16. TheWay

    Peekers Advantage ?

    @dbruch It is being worked on, sir. Our netcode is still being worked on and you can already see videos that shows that it is moving forward. We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed, thank you for your feedback, sir. Since the topic is that old and the the subject was explained, I am locking it. #Locked
  17. TheWay

    Talking Tarkov and Level IV Armor

    @Perennial Hello sir, it was already confirmed that we will add armor plates to the game that you will be able to fit in a armor vest if it will have slots for that. And of course you will be able to replace a damaged armor plate with a new one.
  18. TheWay

    0.9 edition upgrades

    @shepperd It will be a full wipe, if you will do it the way you described, sir.
  19. @Bannanass49 Hello sir, so as I understand you bought an update but you are still playing on older edition stash, yes? If so, then when the next wipe comes your stash/container will be upgraded and you will get starting items from a Left Behind edition and you will keep the traders' reputation (not levels) that you currently gathered. But only next wipe will do that, if you will manually wipe your account right now you will loose the reputation points.
  20. TheWay

    0.9 edition upgrades

    @spartan-01 After every reset/wipe you are getting a starting gear that is set for your currently bought edition, so as I see you are having a Prepare for Escape edition, so after a manual reset you will get all the starting items that your edition has, but everything else will be gone.
  21. TheWay

    0.9 edition upgrades

    @spartan-01 Hello sir, so first question (changing USEC to BEAR) - after that wipe your character will be reseted, so this means that you will be creating a new one, so you will choose a nickname and your chatacter's faction, like after every wipe. Second (manual reset) - you can reset your account manually, to do that you need to go to your profile and select "reset the game profile" option. This works exactly like a normal, full wipe (not the partial one), so everything is reseted. I hope this answers your questions well, sir.
  22. TheWay

    I love this game so far, one complaint

    @enjdusan Hello sir, please always before posting check if the topic that you want to discuss wasn't already answered, you can use a search option to check that and for sure you will find topics about compass. So please remember that for next time. But to answer it again, there will be a physical compass that your character will be able to use during raids. But we got no ETA for that at this moment, so please be patient. Since the topic has been answered and as I said we got many topics about this one thing, I am locking this one. #Locked
  23. TheWay


    @Paitox Hello sir, as we stated in a similar topic about that subject: "There are already plans in motion to have South American servers for EFT. We do not have an exact ETA but we will have them for you. For now, like you said, Miami server is the most viable one. We also have a full discussion going on in this thread here: " Please check the informations that are shared there, since the question was answered, I am locking this topic. #Locked
  24. @Jerry157 Hello sir, the SKS has a possibility to load it that way je real life and during one of Talking Tarkov podcasts Nikita mentioned that there is a chance that it will be added to the game, but for now you need to use magazines. Thank you for your suggestion, we appreciate it!
  25. TheWay

    0.9 edition upgrades

    @Kerstetterjk Hello sir, if you will buy an upgrade right now or any time before the partial update and you won't do a manual reset, the partial wipe will upgrade your account and will save your traders' reputation points.
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  27. TheWay

    Stealth kills and CQC

    @DoomlordDan Hello sir, about stealth kills, in one of the old trailers you can see the animation when one player kills the other with a knife by cutting his throat, I am on my phone and I can't look for that trailer now, but for sure you can find it. Also as you can see there are in-game skills that are right now disabled and they are connected to more stealth game approach. So that kind of things are on the way, sir! I think you will be happy. Thank you for your feedback and ideas!
  28. @crikeym8 Hello sir, it was already confirmed that movement mechanics and animations will be reworked, please be patient. As always, thank you for your feedback.
  29. TheWay

    Possible Weapon implementation/idea: M110

    @JWill2Trill Hello sir, please use the topic I shared below to post weapons suggestions, thank you!
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