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  3. Drodzy Uciekinierzy! Twórcy dziś opublikowali drugą książkę z uniwersum gry Escape From Tarkov - "Voice Behind" Niestety, jest ona obecnie dostępna jedynie w języku rosyjskim. Twórcy pracują nad tłumaczeniami książki na inne języki, ale nie podali jeszcze dokładnej daty ich publikacji. Gdy tylko dostaniemy na ten temat jakiekolwiek informacje, to je opublikujemy!
  4. Dear Escapers! Today we released the second book of the universe of the game - "Voice Behind" Unfortunately, it is only in Russian for the moment. We are working on translating the book into other languages, but there is no exact release date yet. As soon as we will have the information about the date, we will share it with you!
  5. С Днем защитника Отечества! Battlestate Games поздравляет всех игроков Escape from Tarkov с Днем защитника Отечества! Этот праздник - не только для тех, кто служит или служил в армии, он стал олицетворением мужества, отваги и силы – качества, без которых невозможно играть в Escape From Tarkov! В честь этого праздника мы объявляем о скидках на все виды предзаказов. Скидка 20% будет действовать с 00:00 МСК 23 февраля 2019 года по 23:59 МСК 24 февраля 2019 года. С праздником вас, Защитники Отечества! Оформляйте предзаказ со скидкой прямо сейчас!
  6. Szczęśliwego Dnia Obrońcy Ojczyzny! Życzymy wszystkim graczom Escape From Tarkov szczęśliwego dnia Obrońcy Ojczyzny! To święto jest nie tylko dla tych, którzy służą lub służyli w wojsku, stało się ono symbolem odwagi, męstwa i siły - te cechy są są niezbędne dla ludzi grających w Escape From Tarkov! Z okazji tego dnia ogłaszamy 20% zniżki na wszystkie formy pre-orderów gry Escape From Tarkov, od 23. do 24. lutego, 2019. Zniżka będzie obowiązywać tylko przez te dwa dni: Od 22:00 naszego czasu 22. lutego, 2019, do 22:59 24. lutego, 2019. Wszystkiego najlepszego, Obrońcy Ojczyzny!
  7. Друзья! Сообщаем, что вторая книга по мотивам игры уже в продаже и в данный момент доступна эксклюзивно для русскоязычной аудитории. «Голос за спиной» Александра Конторовича - прямое продолжение истории Хищника. История простого человека, вынужденного выживать и приспосабливаться в безжалостном мире Таркова. Желаем приятного чтения! Приобрести электронную версию книги можно на официальном сайте проекта, получив в подарок дополнительные бонусы в игре. https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/book-page Откройте для себя игру в литературном исполнении!
  8. Natalino


    It is not how much gear you take in but how you play. A helmet does not make you invisible or save your life from getting killed all the time. In fact, it saves you more than it should at the moment. Also, labs is not intended to be the same level of difficulty as the other maps. It is a higher risk and a high reward location. It will be even more closed to access in the future as you might already know because it will be locked in with a keycard.
  9. Natalino

    20% discount in celebration of February 23!

    I said obviously because: 1. EFT does not provide any form of refunds...refer to the term of service. 2. Companies that give such offers are like Walmart, Amazon, etc. Not video game companies (that I know of) and definitely not those of a size of BSG. I would use a time converter. I think CET and MSK only have 2 or 3 hours different? Please, look into it. I do not want to mistake you. I would also check back before and after. Timezones are not fun!
  10. TheWay

    Happy Defender’s Day!

    Happy Defender’s Day! We wish all the players in Escape from Tarkov a happy Defender of the Fatherland Day! This holiday is not only for those who serves or has served in the military, it has become a symbol of courage, bravery and strength — the personal qualities that are essential for the people playing Escape from Tarkov! In celebration of this high-day we announce a discount for all kinds of preorders. 20% discount will be available within two days: from 00:00 MSK of February 23, 2019 till 23:59 MSK of February 24, 2019. Have a nice holiday, Defenders of the Fatherland! TRANSLATIONS: German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our German Moderator @Drombal Portuguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Portuguese Emissary and Moderator @Dimittri Slovenian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Slovenian Emissary @BlueMagicSlo Polish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Jr. Community Manager @TheWay Spanish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Spanish Emissary @NoisyCosmos
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  12. TheWay

    How does this look like in 3 years?

    @Andronome Hello sir, I have no idea where you found the information that we are working at the same time on both projects. We are focused on Escape From Tarkov, Russia 2028 is a project that we are planning to develop after Escape From Tarkov release. Also Escape From Tarkov is based on Russia 2028 universe, you can read more about the lore in the forum's section that I am sharing below: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/26-russia-2028-lore/ We are not abandoning anything. You can find more about our plans and work in the posts below:
  13. Drodzy Uciekinierzy! Z okazji Dnia Obrońcy Ojczyzny, BATTLESTATE GAMES LIMITED oferuje 20% zniżki na wszystkie formy pre-orderów gry Escape From Tarkov, od 23. do 24. lutego, 2019. Zniżka będzie obowiązywać tylko przez te dwa dni: Od 22:00 naszego czasu 22. lutego, 2019, do 22:59 24. lutego, 2019.
  14. Natalino

    New emissary from China

    Welcome, again! We also have another new Chinese emissary who joined the team. @DarKdeZ Congrats!
  15. Natalino

    Official Discord Server - Escape from Tarkov

    Just a quick status update on our Discord server, it has been ten days now since we officially launched the Discord server and we have passed the 10,000 members mark in less than a week time and now steadily (but slowly) growing and reaching the 11,200 members mark on the Official Discord server. Similarly, our Russian official Discord server is also at its 10,000 members mark, collectively serving over 20,000 Escape from Tarkov fans with active raids and discussions happening at anytime of the day. Thank you for everyone who already joined us. I was able to catch a few raids with some of you, and it has been fun. We are actively finding more tools, ideas and implementing them for an even better experience of your Tarkov needs. We have already been doing some giveaways on the server, and there will be more random events to come. If you have any suggestion on our discord server (tools, bots, event types, etc.), feel free to reach out to me directly or stop by the Discord server suggestions channel and let us know. If you have not joined already, you are missing out on the experience so come check out our Discord server at Discord.gg/EscapefromTarkovOfficial
  16. Natalino

    20% discount in celebration of February 23!

    If he makes a purchase during the time of the sale ONLY. Obviously any prior or after the sale time purchases are not part of the sale discount.
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  18. Blackb1rd

    20% discount in celebration of February 23!

    20% discount in celebration of February 23!
  19. В честь Дня защитника Отечества компания Battlestate Games введет скидку 20% на все виды предзаказов Escape from Tarkov с 23 по 24 февраля 2019 года! Скидка будет действовать: с 00:00 МСК 23 февраля 2019 года по 23:59 МСК 24 февраля 2019 года.
  20. TheWay

    how do i report hackers?

    @Trolliver Hello sir, at the moment we do not accept manual reports from our users. We are planning to add a report system to report suspicious players in the future. Since the topic was answered, I am locking it. #Locked
  21. Drodzy Uciekinierzy! Z przyjemnością ogłaszamy, że ekipa Escape From Tarkov Polska pojawi się na tegorocznej edycji Intel Extreme Masters Expo! Będziecie mogli nas spotkać na stoisku HyperX przez cały weekend od 1. do 3. marca. Wpadnijcie przybić piątkę, zagrać w EfT i zgarnąć klimatyczne fanty ze świata Escape From Tarkov! Do zobaczenia!
  22. Мы планируем выложить списки, но пока нет примерной даты, когда это произойдет.
  23. TheWay

    Emissary from China

    Welcome to the team, D! I am sure you will be a great part of our team!
  24. Natalino

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    You are in a text fight with someone calling them names and a "retard". Let me rephrase what I meant earlier: this is your last warning to drop it and move along. Thank you!
  25. TheWay

    no enemy ,cant open doors

    @Bravo 2 Zero Hello sir, please report this to our support center through the game launcher, also please attach your game logs from that time. Our specialists will look into it. You can see the instruction how to submit a report in the topic that I am sharing below:
  26. Natalino

    Official Discord Server - Escape from Tarkov

    It's already there.
  27. Natalino

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    Let's stop the name calling and all the keyboard warrior fights fellas. Thank you! @KhandE and @wicked_illusion
  28. Natalino

    Quick Q&A 16/02/2019

    To even craft anything, you have to do a lot of work to grind and build up your hideout first. Which you start with a broken down, empty bomb shelter. So, how is that not grinding to the top? You have to see the mechanics first before judging it by the way.
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