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  2. Funuvagun

    Tips for a new (and quite poo) player?

    There have been some good threads on the forum. Here's one from a while back: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/119258-newbie-questions/?tab=comments#comment-1698065 The strategy that helped me the most when I first started playing (apart from getting to know the maps in off-line mode) was to get to my exfiltration area FIRST and then start looting and shooting. All the maps have choke points that sit about half-way between your entrance and exit. If you can get past that choke point before you start shooting and drawing attention to yourself, you will be in a much better position to get out of the raid. Sometimes you don't have a choice but it is way better to be injured close to your exfil site than across the map. With quests, I found that it was best if I went with the minimal gear necessary and did not worry about looting much on my quest raids. Quests place you in danger in order to achieve a goal that is not immediately achieved in the raid. If you put a lot of effort into gearing up and looting then there is a good chance you will lose what you have because the quest makes you play in a way that is very risky. So I have my "free-play" raids and my "quest" raids. I treat them very differently. Good hunting!!
  3. @Straafe have you managed to find the solution to the 5-minute loading screen after the raid? I've been having the same issue, backend errors popping everywhere after it too. I'm somewhat lost to where to start troubleshooting it as I tried everything that came to my mind
  4. alienstrays

    Tips for a new (and quite poo) player?

    Yup no worries
  5. Wintersold13r

    Hackers are ruining this game

    there is anyway to report players? i Was killed by carlcrashing while i was in office window at Factory , he entered backwards , come to me like a speedrun and shot me
  6. DaddyLove101

    Tips for a new (and quite poo) player?

    Thanks bro ill do that
  7. Kotarou

    Wann kommt ein fix ?

    @Fleischer500 Welchen Inet Anbieter haste?
  8. Evoluxion

    Ambient sound on loading screen

    i support this.
  9. alienstrays

    Tips for a new (and quite poo) player?

    You could either check out the Official EFT Discord, and get yourself a sherpa there, or you could visit the sherpa page on the Escape From Tarkov website https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/sherpa
  10. DaddyLove101

    Tips for a new (and quite poo) player?

    Thanks for the tip, how could I do that?
  11. -MrDeath-

    Can't Log In

    FIXED IT!!!!!!! i just changed my password and it let me get past, i dunno...
  12. stroller


    У Скупщика флэшки регулярно валяются, но ценник конский, ну и статуса нет.
  13. alienstrays

    Given up on Cheaters after wipe??

    Additionally, there is indeed a report function here on the forums Please do provide video evidence in the thread mentioned above though. And with what Van_Hellspit has added, every online game will have it's struggles with cheaters. Anti-cheat is not an exact science, and it's not fool-proof
  14. Yesterday
  15. alienstrays

    Tips for a new (and quite poo) player?

    39:11 survival rate isn't bad for someone as new as you it's honestly a lot better than mine, as I've only been able to do 8 raids, surviving 4/8. But as far as tips, I would suggest maybe getting together with a sherpa and letting them teach you the basics. You'd be surprised what you can learn and how your playstyle will change
  16. Van_Hellspit

    x-mas gift

    They gave us Tarkov for the lo, low Price of $130. What more do you need.
  17. Van_Hellspit

    Given up on Cheaters after wipe??

    I mean its not really a big issue, since wipe i've played every day and not seen one yet, not saying they don't exist but there not a massive issue. BSG have done a great job with cheaters but like any online game its a constant struggle.
  18. I started playing just before the current wipe and I have been enjoying playing since the servers wiped, I'm almost level 10 and trying to get my quests done to level up. As of right now I've completed 39 raids, surviving 11 which feels pretty poor. Usually I'm just getting 1 tapped by a guy somewhere I cant see, but in the times I am in a fight I cant seem to down a guy even if I do land a few shots. With all that being said, any tips for improving wopuld be much appreciated, as I'd really like to improve before I run out of gear to lose lol thanks!
  19. fgkrbz88

    Login Problems

    Hey there, i just have a problem that i cant login into the Battlestate Loader with my Account. Just created a second Account and its working on the second Account. Totaly werid https://gyazo.com/98abb87c0db56c03326031caf0f4b19b Here you can see what i mean. Please Help!
  20. Kedzie

    =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    Let's get some loot!
  21. alienstrays

    Given up on Cheaters after wipe??

    It's literally been 3 days since the wipe. Battlestate can't do as much as you're asking in 3 days. It's just not possible
  22. -MrDeath-

    Can't Log In

    I was playing just fine an hour ago, i get desync and disconnected from server and when i try to reconect i get killed. I close the game and when i try to log in again launcher loads but get's back to login screen, and can't pass from that screen. I already reboot my pc, and it recognizes when i put password wrong. But like i said, when i try to log in, it loads and roll back to login screen.
  23. Sugar_Pills

    the change of flea market is making more RMTers

    Adding death punishment is making this process much harder. "No matter what difficulty we met, don't be afraid, smile and face it! The best way to dispel fear is facing fear, persistence is victory! Cheer up!' Thanks for this useful suggestion, but I'm not playing EFT at day 1😁
  24. Mangy


    😁нет конечно, но удивление вызывает, что флешки прямо таки обязаны в компах на Развязке быть. Да где угодно, одной Рзвязкой не ограничивается.
  25. Curosive

    Lab group broken

    I can't add my teammate to my group and vice versa on the labs, but can on every other map... anyone else having this issue?
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