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  2. Baine

    Status update for Patch 0.12

    Bruh. That few lines of text is more likely in the tens of thousand of lines. Not to mention they are no longer using their old Engine which means that they are going to run into new "Quirks" and bugs from having to experiment to make sure their code actually works. so yah give them their time they actually need it to make this beautiful game even better! " 99 errors of code in the line 99, errors of code! take one down, upload the patch, 10957 errors of code in the line!" -Code writers song of despair.
  3. itsmecj

    0.12 Standard Edition & Trial Key Giveaway!

    Looking forward to the action and modding out the new guns and playing with friends I've played mil sims for quite a while was part of the closed alpha for arma 3 when that was releasing i heard about tarkov in i think 2016 and started following it didnt start playing until recently when a couple friends got into it for the last month ive been trying to get more friends to join but they refuse to buy it until they try it which is understandable Anyway good luck to the other contestants
  4. Valentin62

    Сообщество "СПАРТА - EFT"

    Заходите не стесняйтесь ! Будем рады всем. Главное у нас это общение, игра это всего-лишь общий интерес. Основная цель нашего клана чтобы всем было комфортно и весело.
  5. mersedes1976

    Дальний Восток!

    привет играю но немогу понять как в клан или групу вступить может ты поможеш
  6. HijackDallas


    @hintaro Ich ignoriere hier mal bewusst eine mögliche Ausrüstung und nehme mal nur die 200kg Gewicht als beispiel, mit den 50kg als beginnende Grenze: 50kg -> 60kg 5% Movementspeed Malus 7,5% Ausdauerregeneration Malus 7,5% allg. lauf Geschwindigkeitsverlust 60kg -> 75kg 22,5% Movement. 22,5% Ausdauerreg. 26,25% allg Geschw. 75kg -> 200kg 625% Movement 937,5% Ausdauerreg. 937,5% Allg. Geschw. Ich denke mal, dass Movement auf 10%maximal gecapt wird. Aber vorwärts kommt man damit definitiv nicht. Es ist physikalisch möglich mit 200kg rum zu rennen, aber realistisch gesehen wird der Rucksack hinterher gezogen. Dann kommt noch die von mir angepriesene Durability der Rucksäcke dazu, was bedeutet, dass der Boden evtl. wie Schleifpapier wirkt und dern Rucksack aufreisst, was bedeutet, dass man dann Loot verliert. Falls es normaler Boden ist, dann gräbt sich der Rucksack tief in die Erde ein. Das käme dann noch als widerstand hinzu. Btw. hier kann man sich übers Gewicht auslassen
  7. Toyka

    Новости о патче 0.12 #5

    ну тут согласен, даже с 9900 все равно фризит иногда
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  9. MeilingUwU

    Very bad performance on game

    Well it was a nice try, but still cant get +60 FPS all the time (or even +40)
  10. realtalklanky

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  11. MeilingUwU

    Very bad performance on game

    Thanks, ill try that now and post an update if that helps or not

    Very bad performance on game

    I have a far superior PC to yours and it still runs like a dog. Some days are better than others, but in general it runs poorly, especially when compared to other games on the market. Satisfactory runs at over 100 FPS and looks far better. Try some of these possible fixes: https://gaminggem.com/best-escape-from-tarkov-settings/
  13. MeilingUwU

    Very bad performance on game

    Hello, im new to the game and forum i got the game gifted to me a few days ago and i have encountered the next problem: The game for me, in most settings goes only mostly from 20 FPS to 30 (sometimes above but not always), and for all i know i should be getting more than 60 Why do i say this? well first of all because my PC has enough requirements to play the game; OS: Windows 10 Pro CPU: AMD FX-6300 RAM: 8GB DDR3 GPU: Nvidia GTX 950 2GB Mother Board: MSI 970 Gaming While yes, this isnt the best PC ever, its the best i could afford due to my economical situation and i know for a fact that it should be enough to be able to get at least +60 FPS on low/medium settings And also, because a friend of mine has a PC almost exaclty the same as mine, and he plays on high settings with no problems at all, and i have seen people play Tarkov with no problems and with worse PC than mine In any case, thanks!, and i hope i can solve the problem
  14. littlemandude

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Htac#0051 Verify plz
  15. Havaren

    Bug with Hera CQR foregrip and SA-58

    use the report bug in the launcher. thats the best way to go about it. also, so you know, its not the only one that has issues. I haven't checked them all but the 104 says it can use quite a few of the rail systems but doesn't let you actually install them.
  16. R4sher

    Новости о патче 0.12 #5

    так вроде бы с батлаем повеселее стало. нет?)
  17. TrunkzJr

    =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    FYI we have a meeting 1st Saturday of the new month
  18. DirkDiggler801

    Older Aged Players Alliance

    DirkDiggler here! Glad to see this group is up and at it,again. Send me an invite if you're up to it, thanks.
  19. Psyrox

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    [NA] Psych#3648
  20. verystupidcat

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  21. GhostZ69


    Look at his post history. That is ALL he does. lol
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