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  2. Bugged traders

    As soon as they can, I'm pretty sure it's a priority.
  3. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  4. Bugged traders

    Any idea when the traders will be fixed? currently not being able to buy any meds including car medkits, armor or even scav vests is kind of game breaking..
  5. ПРОДАМ: Доки - 5 битков или 750.000 руб. Ключница - 2 биткоина или 350.000 руб. Ключ от выхода с Завода - 300.000 руб. или 2 биткоина.(В наличии 3шт.) Писать в ЛС.
  6. Найди себе напарника/группу.

    Приветствую всех! Если вам надоело бегать одному и есть желание объединится в отряд, тогда милости прошу в Наш основной канал связи Teamspeak 3: либо можете использовать Ip-адрес: Дополнительный канал в Дискорд: У нас нет ни каких обязанностей и ритуальных танцев, зашел поиграл, пообщался с ребятами. Адреналин, веселье, помощь по игре и помощь с лутом обеспеченны;) Можете ознакомиться с нами полистав группу в ВК: Так же добро пожаловать на нашу тему на форуме
  7. Traders having limited items

    I don't know what to say, the issue is well known.
  8. Traders having limited items

    I watched immediately after reset, there were over 10,000 salewa's on therapist and hundreds were being bought every time I manually refreshed her.
  9. Traders having limited items

    Then it's not fixed, lol.
  10. Traders having limited items

    Why is it I was able to always buy Salewa and IFAK from therapist and now I cant buy it on a Sunday night when no one is on? they sell out so fast you have 3 minutes to buy them or your SOL.
  11. Traders having limited items

    Must have been fixed then. There was a bug where they ran out of stock really quick.
  12. Traders having limited items

    They have the same amount as they always did, they just get bought by the hundreds per second now.
  13. Traders having limited items

    Known bug by the devs, they are working on it.
  14. Traders having limited items

    Hi, in EFT's current state it is almost impossible to get the ammo you want with out it already being gone. I noticed you also changed therapist with the number of salewa and ifak's she has. This makes it impossible for the casual gamer that just can only play for a couple of hours to compete with people who can sit for an hour and wait for the traders to reset. Please either add to the number she has or make it to where casual gamer's could buy these items. Thanks!
  15. I’m playing it, but I got a message via direct message? How to start as I’ve signed up for my character!
  16. Уже вроде есть такое в планах.
  17. Уберите плз. страховку вообще на след. этап теста, хоть посмотреть как на экономику (спойлер "положительно" ) это повлияет.
  18. Отправляй багрепорты разрабам в таких случаях. Бывает редко, что инвентарь виснет или отдельно к примеру разгрузка.
  19. scavs

    From afar they are extremely good, up close they are dismal.
  20. scavs

    They don't.
  21. Traders empty after 5 mins

    A whipe is announced for Q1 ... which is only 12 more days to go.
  22. shrug not making it difficult. relax. just not calling something a bug because some players call it that.
  23. Today
  24. Why are you making this so difficult? It's a bug, issue or whatever you want to call it. It will be fixed in due time and that's all that matters.
  25. yea - not trying to troll you or anything, but they never claimed it to be a bug. they said "It seems like we are having the problems with traders restock. Investigating.". So - they think it might be an issue, they are investigating, but they (honestly) didn't know what the problem was at the time of that post. We'll see. either way, when the traders reset all is fine again for at least 5 mins =P
  26. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    P.G#4057 plz verify
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