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  2. Halvatore


    I have to do "Make Ultra great again" for Ragman at Interchange and it´s impossible. The graphic flashes show up irregular and even stopped my system, so I had to reboot it complitly. I played EFT before and never had this problem. Intel i7-8700K (no overclock) Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 OP GTX 1080 Ti (graphic driver is up to date)
  3. rossrhodge


    Group: Night Crawler Action: Clean Up (I must of been confused. I though the medkit with injector item would of came with cartridges as it would just be an injector rather than an injector with a medkit attached?) The doorway darkens, Just a touch in the already gloomy interior. Ross' grip on reality is hanging by a thread. The barrel of his shotgun, once held so steady, begins to weave from left to right like a snake trying to hypnotize its prey. The urgency he once felt to fire at anything in the doorway is faltering. His arms so tired and heavy, he wishes he could put it down and rest a while. He can't seem to recall why it was so important to begin with. From deep down a voice roars in his head. Fairly familiar to him, perhaps his old drill sergeant? God, he hadn't thought of that mean old son of a gun for a lifetime.... "Fire that weapon, you sorry pile of wet wipes! You wanna die here pretty boy?" With a monumental surge of will power, all Ross can manage is to move his finger an inch back...it is enough. The gun barks and forces him back into the wall so much, he thinks it will envelop him. The gun falls out of his grip and clatters to the debris ridden floor, followed by a smoking shell. A heavy lump of shadow seems to fold back on itself before hitting the ground, spraying Ross with warmth. His eyes focus again after a while and he surveys the area. The body is warm enough that steam can be seen snaking up from it. A shiny black weapon lies off to one side. The culprit of the many wounds in his body. He flops over onto his side and drags himself over to the dead man. It takes most of his energy and time just to get there but he knows time is slipping away and he needs to take care of his near broken body. Searching the body he finds a few medical items. He spends all day and night patching himself up and by dawn, not a single dressing or medicinal drug is left. He staggers to his feet, feeling woozy but a lot better than he did that previous day. Picking up the fallen foes gun, he inspects the Saiga for the best part of 30 minutes before deciding to make sure it is full loaded and taking it with him. One last check over reveals a small orb. This orb would of been his death had the attacker used it instead of coming in the room. He puts away in his pack and begins to ready himself for moving on.
  4. MichiWege

    Zusammenfassung: TarkovTV DevBlog #004

    Hört sich soweit ja ganz gut an, mir fehlt aber weiterhin zB der Helligkeitsregler oder was mir jetzt immer wieder wichtiger wird. Das Gras wird ja auf Entfernung anscheind entfernt und "unsichtbar" das sollte überarbeitet werden, denn jetzt zB auf Woods kann man sich nur verstecken, wenn man hinter einem Baum steht (auf Entfernung gesehen) Liege ich also zB 500m weg von meinem Gegner und in meiner Sicht bin ich komplett im Grass versteckt, dann liege ich für den Gegner einfach auf einer platten Fläche 😄 Zu Anfang war das ziemlich witzig bei folgender Situation : Mein Bruder und ich spielen zusammen auf Woods und folgender DIalog : Er : Wo bist du gerade? ich liege im Gras bei dem Felsen Er: Im Gras? Du liegst nur neben dem Felsen, ich kann dich klar und deutlich sehen! Naja schon ärgerlich, wenn man denkt man ist nicht sichtbar, aber in wirklichkeit liegt man "nackt" auf dem Feld. Weiterer wichtiger Punkt sind die heftig guten Scavs! Leider gibt es kein mittelding, entweder sie hauen dir aus 2km entfernung mit der Shotgun einen one Hit Headshot rein und sie stehen mit der Shotgun vor dir und treffen nicht mal irgendwas, definitiver Spiel-Killer
  5. Solosite

    About Cheaters

    Give us a kill cam after the match is over if you actually want to help us catch cheaters.
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  7. -mOppi-GER

    Neuer Splint bei Therapist, was macht der?

    Steht ja in er Beschreibung. Heilt Knochenbrüche, kann man 5 Mal benutzen und hat eine Use-time von 3 sekunden und ist damit 2 Sekunden schneller als der normale Splint. Ah da war jmd schneller
  8. tommy40629

    Neuer Splint bei Therapist, was macht der?

    Das ist ne coole Sache! Danke!
  9. ningamertendo

    Neuer Splint bei Therapist, was macht der?

    Dieser Splint kann mehrmals verwendet werden. Das kannst du unten Rechts sehen. Soweit ich mich erinnere ist die Benutzungszeit ebenso schneller.
  10. Hallo! Was macht dieser neue Splint bei Therapist? Kann man damit "schwarze Beine " heilen? Was macht das Teil so besonder? DANKE!
  11. Gallano

    Hera Arms CQR for AK

    Hi there Looking online, I found the page of '' Hera Arms '' and I realized that the CQR system is compatible for both family AR / Colt, as for the family AK, but '' in-game '' is not compatible with the AK family, would be a big step in the sense of realism of weapons, and personally I would love it, without forgetting the realism that the game provides, there are details that make the difference. Best regards, and cheeki breeki
  12. szafir1978

    Podsumowanie TarkovTV DevBlog #004

    Nie urywa się kurze złotych jaj (czy jakoś tak).
  13. уже 2 раза попадался за месяц, челик юзает на полную) сколько человек и тд выбегает без инфы и косит всех. Если нет репортов как вы предлогаете хоть какую-то инфу давать про читаков если не выкладывать скрины... Если на челика жалуются люди и не один. то почему бы его не проверитЬ??? сложно да? И когда проверят поймут, что там просто адовый читак которому я думаю пофигу забанят его или нет.
  14. Garuuk

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Garuuk#2668 please verify
  15. TheManiac

    Increase Of hackers

    Just got killed by a hacker G00PER_ in Labs me and a friend fully geared slow walking heard him coming we both peak a corner insta killed with a gearless pmc with a pistol. I find labs has constant cheaters I suppose cause it's easiest place for best gear.
  16. robbierobinson

    Linux support?

    Yes this is using tkg-unity versions 4.1 through 4.5, tkg-protonified also. Yeah the error seems to be kind of random, but once they kick in, they're hard to get rid of for me. If I get it at the beginning of a raid, it seems to continuously hit me until someone kills me while i'm disconnected. I don't recall having it happen while I was in an offline raid. I may test that Let's get my specs out of the way. OS: Manjaro DE: i3 Kernel: 4.19.42-1-MANJARO GPU : GTX1070 Mobile GPU Drivers: 430.14 official CPU: i7 8750h So there seems to be some common issues with Unity throwing all kinds of errors for odd things like printer drivers and font accessibility. I just ran an update just before the hotfix patch and also before the errors continued. Wish I timeshifted so I could do some testing because my OS had a ton of updates. Right now I'm going to try some different things. - As barebones as possible (peripherals) - Testing different Windows versions in Wine -Alsa/Pulse -In-game settings It seems to run just fine when I don't have my bluetooth headphones connected and without using my mic. (I run my mic through reaper, using jack then output to the sinks and use that as my input for discord). I'm curious to see if that will mitigate the error. Guess I'm doing a lot of scav runs/hatchet/pistol runs. Tired of losing gear to game crash errors. I'll update if things seem to be more stable for me. For people having issues with video and Nvidia. -Make sure "Force Full Composition Pipeline" is enabled in your settings if you're having tearing issues. -Also, change your profile to Prefer Maximum Performance. Sometimes it'll drop out and try to adapt and create some spikes. -Drivers 410 - 418 worked until recently with the unity error, I suspect it's not the driver itself causing the issue. -You may have to disable your compositor or switch to a different one. When I was using XFCE in Arch and Manjaro, I would have continuous frame drops, spikes, etc. I've been using compton without any issues so far. I may even disable mine to see if it makes any performance difference. If it does, you could run a script to kill the process, run the game and then just remember to enable it when you leave the game.
  17. Gen5

    [BSB] Network - [UK/EU] - Est. 2002

    Recruiting Tarkov players: www.bsbnetwork.com Discord: https://discord.gg/EPa4hyP
  18. wrocu

    Summary of the TarkovTV DevBlog #004 Podcast

    Good information about what they are doing and on what, but for now Im waiting for 0.12 with VOIP and Hideout. Knowing that hideout will be out with patch 0.12 then we will wait for this patch another 4 months, or it will be released earlier but without hideout. Damn, cant wait. Still game is broken and frustruating and pisses You off.
  19. Chernobyl_52

    Новый 4-й сезон рейтингов

    Мы обдумаем эту тему и примем решение.
  20. PrivateLogin

    Sonic Radar 3

    Nie sądzę.
  21. bubbles7777777

    Official Discord Server - Escape from Tarkov

    So cool, wouldlove to join
  22. Drombal

    a way to send a report of a person u think is hacking

    A report function will be available in a future version of the game. Please use the search function before you create a new post, because this topic has been asked more then once. #Locked
  23. Drombal

    Offline/online stash

    #Locked: Answered
  24. Picachu187

    Cannot pick a different server?

    Hi I want to know why I cannot select any of the servers available and only allowed to use automatic select. Does the high latency block me from selecting those servers? 179 is the best ping in South Africa and I cannot even select that server so I want to know if this is a launcher error or is it limited to latency? Regards
  25. Вы не думали о том чтоб давать призы не только за 1-ое место? Это выглядит как жлобство и у многих вообще не вызывает интерес. Сделайте 1-50 место по каждой позиции получают призы и народ будет в это играть, темболее призы то совсем не большие, не понимаю откуда такая мелочность. Зарание спасибо за ответ
  26. Noefex

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB Epsilon Container Same name as ingame
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