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  2. hycron

    Ongoing fight against cheaters

    To be honest couldn't care less about this list as so many haven't been banned and won't be again. They need to sort out their anti-cheat, asap.
  3. theredwarrior

    LFG willing to work witha new player

    Sorry forgot to add info I'm in US East and play from around 5 to 11 PM
  4. McCan

    Multiple Idea's Nikita Notice me Senpai.

    I like the suggestions except for the heart and spine stuff. I believe complicating the health system further is not going to be an improvement or a solution to problems, its going to cause more problems.
  5. theredwarrior

    Looking for group - US East

    Im EST, pretty new though, you can add me at TheRedWarrior#7585 on discord. Thanks!
  6. McCan

    REALLY REALLY Good Suggestion

    I just got a huge stutter as a scav was sprinting towards me, after a 1 second stutter/freeze, scav fast forwards next to me, pops my helmet. Dead.
  7. McCan


    Peakers advantage is definitely back, much more ''obviously noticably'' compared to the last patch. I guess its needless to say this should be seen as a priority issue to all others.
  8. inferno666

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  9. Продам Гамму, предлагайте цену!
  10. theredwarrior

    LFG willing to work witha new player

    I'm very new to the game but I understand the controls and basics of combat, I'm just having trouble making it on my own and a group to help me get on my feet would be awesome. Thanks in advance Discord = TheRedWarrior#7585 BSG = DJDragonfruit
  11. swats73

    Big freezes in game and menu

    I would suggest try not having EFT on the same drive as your OS, this is due to the page file usage and windows doing stuff in the background. Swats73
  12. theredwarrior

    LFG North America EST

    Im Interested too, I sent you a request on discord discord= TheRedWarrior#7585 BSG = DJDragonfruit
  13. ExtremerJonny

    Anfänger Fragen / Erfahrene Spieler Antworten

    Glaub Vollmond is immer um ne bestimmte Uhrzeit, also soferns nit regnet müsste mans timen können.
  14. swampydoctor

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    can't find you mate.
  15. inferno666

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  16. Today
  17. Das stelle ich aber erst fest, wenn ich im Raid bin oder? Bei Vollmond kommt man sich halt vor als würde man unter ner Flutlichtanlage durchlaufen.
  18. Zachiel21

    Big freezes in game and menu

    Tarkov, what else ? Tarkov has a very good gameplay, ruined by all the stutter, lag, desync ect ...
  19. mattix

    Find in Raid Retardation

    This is why I stopped doing missions. It's annoying when you already have something in your inventory but still need to go into raids to acquire it again. It's now PvP only for me.
  20. Bollwerk

    Interchange Scavs schießen auf Scavplayer ?

    Killa hat auch guards dabei. Das waren in meinem Fall bisher immer zwei Typen. Ganz normale scavs mit etwas besserem gear. G-zhel Rüstung oder mal ne bessere Waffe oder sowas. Die guards feuern auch nach der kurzen Warnung auf dich. Dein Beispiel klingt mir genau danach. LG Bolli
  21. SeanKnight

    The UN-TAR - 18+ EFT Community

    The UN-TAR is a community of EFT players that accept anyone that is new or old to the game. We aim to create an active player base on our discord to develop friendships, team chemistries and having fun. We do Giveaway's Regularly, win vouchers/gift cards and shout outs. Requirements to join: - Must be 18+ - Must have a good mic, or push to talk. - Must be able to take a joke. Discord: https://discord.gg/mpKJ9CN
  22. Vodor

    Campers in new patch

    Is this a questionable scenario though? I'm the same play style but nearly every time I'm creeping around and I think I heard something I drop to one knee and listen for a few seconds. If I did I make sure my guns pointing that way. Sure sometimes I creep silently into a bush or behind small cover to hide a bit too. You could see this as camping, but actually I just heard first and prepared myself for a small incursion. Of course, it's not always people like me just saying though.
  23. Vodor

    Find in Raid Retardation

    But solutions won't be found unless they're suggested so if those people with keyrings and stuff get butthurt so it makes the game fair so be it. Another solution could be to have a few scavs spawn (or roam randomly around there, death by scav while looting!) around the areas that these key items are at - not all of them but random enough so it delays people getting them quickly, giving you a chance to catch up or fight them for it. Also stops those sprinting there meaning hatcheteers can't just run, grab, secure and then die as you say. However, ultimately on the next reset ALL task items on the flea market will be found in raid by someone so in essence the problem goes away again. That is, until they change it again. Personally I don't like it that people can buy stuff on the flea market, to me that gives those who play the market game (think time to note price peaks and troughs) or have bots to make millions so they can buy the item. That seems far more unfair to me than the in-raid secure container.
  24. kazenokizu

    Looking for small group

    need to accept the friend request i sent you back on sunday
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