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  2. So I was playing last night and on several occasions I saw a person, with a green vest, hat and gun which I aimed to shoot at then they vanished. Now I know after I saw it that it was just a rain drop on my screen distorting what was behind it but the guy I was with also saw similar stuff. Quite cool, but could BSG be building in this stuff to make the distortions look like people to keep us on edge? Im pretty sure they don’t but if they do I love it! And another thing, why don’t scavs take cover in heavy rain? That would be cool to find them all indoors instead of roaming around 🙂
  3. Maki_Nishikino

    Handheld flashlight /w pistols

    Good suggestion, wouldn’t surprise me if it’s already planned though.

    Handheld flashlight /w pistols

    Good day all, As much as I love the under-barrel flashlights for the pistols, I think it would also be good if players were able to operate a handheld flashlight with pistols, the idea I have would be a handheld flashlight, sold by mechanic and peacekeeper for around 1500R or 150$ which would allow the player to operate a flashlight without having to use a pistol such as the glock or the TT pistol, I think it would add another later of immersion to the game.
  5. AcegruntCRO


    Nice, new player myself, but I own almost an exact one... solid gun as it commences excellent rapid fire dispersion.
  6. Tr4wnet


    I see, cheers.
  7. А это просто Тарков, который мы заслужили. Может хоть когда Арену введут, ситуация станет лучше в основном режиме, а кто пришел за чистым ПвП с не напряженными пострелухами будут играть почти так же, как и сейчас. Но это все далеко не факт. Так как на другом подкасте, про заброневой урон, Буянов говорил, что именно вот такой его полностью устраивает. Это не говоря про эти шлема по Тарковски. Да вообще то, посмотрел подкаст вчера и как-то даже приуныл немного.
  8. CooH1e2

    Not hearing all sounds

    I guess you know part of this information, but just in case. No offense is intended. There are several equipment that may affect to what you are able to hear. If you wear a closed helmet or not, comtacs, ... On top of this, depending on your PMC skills there are sounds processed or not... specially those in the distance. This would explain your experience in woods. Regarding your mate around the corner... it's more strange but not easy to judge without all the info.
  9. Today
  10. Very interesting post. I guess the main issue is how to detect best colours you need to use for the character according to the environment it's walking trough. That's probably why in the game SCUM they've decided to play with the rendring instead of the camouflage for those things. Not sure if that is the best solution either. I'm totally not aware of how programming works and I don't know how this is technically applied. I guess, that as the object is farther from the player, it's needed to simplify the number of pixels to represent the same thing. Arriving to a moment that the other player is represented by a few amount of pixels. According to this picture I undesrtand that somehow the pattern is simplifyting it up to new colors based on the distance and if the pixels belongs to objects or the environment in order to be rendered together. And it does apply the same simplified colour pixel without considering the original pixel colour. The point is if it would be possible to define the "simplified pixel" according to the colour of the object it's representing without considering if this belongs to the environment or a player. To get the camouflage effect "working". This way a tree and a player with the similar colour would be represented by the same picture when it's fair away
  11. Habicht

    Die Frust-Therapie

    hach ja, da ist man drei Tage nicht da und schon verliert man seine ganzen Versicherungen Ich kann den Hintergrund des Timers nachvollziehen, aber dann macht es doch bitte Login abhängig, so ist es für normal Spieler einfach unfair.
  12. Ну эти картинки не обязательно ассоциируются с подземными хранилищами. Вторая так прям обычный заглубленный бункер или как он там правильно называется. Я в Подмосковье в одном таком был на бывших позициях С-25. Я к тому, что там подземных ходов не очень много. Просто ангар бетонный, засыпанный землей.
  13. kalurosu

    Not hearing all sounds

    Hello buddy. I've come to find that works best is just to use stereo on EFT. Turn off any 7.1 enhancements. I basically don't use Dolby 7.1, and only use the windows sonic without the surround sound checked.
  14. Player_D

    LABS Raid starting well into a round

    Thank you for not jumping to conclusions about potato PC. Willing to bet i am in the top 5% for performance on this game. As Adhesive says its the empty server and the game allowing people to join in after the map has already started. i5 9600k 16 Gig DDR 4 3200 RTX 2800 SSD is Adata R3500/W3000 Not the very top but not ducking far so pretty evident this is a server side delay
  15. У босса ж вроде подствольник будет. На военной базе который.
  16. Есть же картинки уже... https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/uploads/monthly_2019_05/1865120405_2019-05-23135909.png.b5c486785bf3c2223b2554f98cce4ebe.png https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/uploads/monthly_2019_05/1090129648_2019-05-23141116.png.f75fb33dd6a220f8b43876709a965323.png
  17. Маловероятно, что прямо так, наверняка будет сверху как Лес, снизу - Лаборатория, бгг.
  18. Ну в таком случае вопросов конечно нет.
  19. JohnnybFTW


    Greece aka Hellas https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hellenic_Army
  20. База хранилища Росрезерва. Как она выглядит в реальности: Очень большие и длинные туннели. Поэтому их площадь в игре может быть действительно огромной.
  21. Понятно. Но все равно трудно себе представить. Даже с учетом водоема в Лесу карта все-же значительно меньше Побережья. Здания то да, но в классической В/Ч (а судя по артам и скриншотам у нас именно такая), там не то что б прям гигантские по площади здания. Подземные этажи какие-нибудь? Интересно будет посмотреть.
  22. Zaeed

    Not hearing all sounds

    So recently I've become aware i'm not hearing the same things others are hearing in game. Case in point, I was in Labs earlier and through discord I could hear my mate shooting (no silencer) and yet I couldn't hear him ingame shooting, despite him being just around a corner. We can also be on say woods, and people i play with will say they're hearing shots off in the distance, which aren't coming through on my headphones. I'm using logitech G933 with all surround settings turned off. Does anyone know if there are some specific tweaks that could help me figure this out?
  23. Вырванно из контекста. Карта по площади 2/3 леса, но по совокупности всех этажей как побережье.
  24. Хм, а на Реддите в аналогичной теме пишут Лес то меньше побережья...
  25. Tr4wnet

    Insurance Claims

    Please use the search function on the forum. BSG confirmed that there will be a Phone App where you can claim your ingame insurance without the need of logging in from the PC.
  26. CooH1e2

    A Complete Nerf to Dehydration

    I think this will make really sense when permanent effect is added to the game. Now they have probably increased the effects to test them and to introduce something to take care of on top of your looting/surviving activity.
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