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  2. В моем понимании быстрая, это 2400 на DDR3, но толку от этого нет. А вот на АМД вся производительность упирается в работу процессор-память, насколько помню контроллер памяти там не в проце. Но вот чтобы вот так с разницей в 2 раза с интелом.
  3. Monkeymannate

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Monkeymannate#0285 Verify por favor
  4. SpaceyNimbus

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    FatWatermelon#8109 please verify
  5. EdwinHubble

    =SICNT= Silent Centurions (RECRUITING)

    Who are the Silent Centurions? The Silent Centurions are a new group of people from all nations and all walks of life. We are more about friendship and building new relationships with new and interesting people, rather than competitive play. This is an organization that is geared to all types of players. From casual, to the not-so-casual. We play over 30 games. (EFT, World of Warships, and ArmA 3 to name a few) While this is a group geared to players of all types, nationalities, and backgrounds, we do still have some requirements. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • • Requirements • • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speak English Be at least 16 years of age Have a microphone (Recommended, not required) Be willing to play and chat with fellow group members Must be a social person (Although if you're not, we'll try to get you out of that shell) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • • Things we offer • • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leadership opportunities A large, organised community spanning the globe Many experienced and new players alike to squad with A ranking system to show your activity within the server and squad Many more games than EFT! And many more to be expanded to Much, much more! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to contact us Either Message me on the forums if you're interested in joining. Or if you wish, just join our discord! Our Discord: https://discord.gg/N5MfbJP With people from all over the world, you'll always have someone to play with! Please note: We're just starting to try to expand into EFT. So our player base is quite small. But feel free to join anyway!
  6. Whats this got to do with the playerbase, this is just you saying you want more RPG elements or am I missing something?
  7. I wonder when the RPG side of the game will be more explored, instead of intense combat all the time. All the vods; on twitch and youtube make the wider audience, treat this game like an esport. I think people forgot that this game is still in beta. Excited for patch 12 though. Hopefully more RPG mechanics make everyone stop obsessing over treating this game like other fps games *cough cough* *I would love to start seeing more punishing consequences for dying.* O_O
  8. Ну что сказать - поздравляю, но вроде подразобрался, тарков походу реально лбит быструю оперативу (вот первая игра на моей памяти, которая уперлась в нее)
  9. Vulcanno

    Comprei o jogo mais não consigo instalar

    O descompactar q ele diz eh o proprio laucher q faz quando termina de baixar o jogo ou atualização (patch). e sim, tem 1 semana mais ou menos que eu estou tentando com o suporte e eles me ajudando de todos os jeitos e maneiras a resolver um erro chato q fica aparecendo quando logo no laucher ou no jogo... o site esta com problema pra algumas pessoas e nao consegue terminar o download do jogo ou patch completamente... vide o forum ingles e vc vai ver a quantidade de post por la... infelizmente RGGAMEX, a unica coisa q posso te ajudar é: vai tentando, nao desiste, desativa o antivirus, desativa o firewall, fecha todos os programas em segundo plano... se não for, espera um tempo e volta a tentar... eh assim q eu to conseguindo atualizar o jogo...na base da insistência!!
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  11. Sir_Mossy

    How to get max strength lvl ?

    It makes perfect sense based on how you level those specific skills, but it nevertheless shouldn't be this way. Striking someone with a melee weapon grants strength experience, and 1/4 of that experience goes into health. At the same time, taking any sort of damage grants stress resistance and vitality experience. What is going on here is, as you said, they are exploiting the game by making them take as little damage as possible when being hit. This results in them being able to maximize the amount of times they can strike each other to achieve the most amount of vitality/strength/stress resistance/health as possible. Again, as you said, it is blatant exploiting. It is much less scummy than other exploits they they had (there was an old glitch where you could prone under a train car, and if you were in the proper position, would glitch you up and down and count as movement towards endurance/strength experience), but it is nevertheless an exploit.
  12. Bollwerk

    Raid Equipment

    Danke für eure Antworten.😁 Habt ihr denn je auch mal nach der map über die Auswahl eurer Ausrüstung entschieden? Ich versuche in letzter Zeit meine langwaffe auf nah- und fernkampf zu modden(also mit Backup mount+PK06 und oben nen acog oder sowas), aber ich hab das Gefühl, dass es z.b. in der Mall auf interchange etwas mehr Blei in die Heide braucht (also höhere feuerrate alla MP) Wie würdet ihr die mp's im Allgemeinen bewerten? Lohnt es sich eine in den Raid mitzunehmen?
  13. Sooniik.-

    Conejos/Tips para nuevos

    Hola vine en busca de conejos, tengo jugadas mas de 500hs y nunca encontré ninguno. Me gustaría que me puedan decir en donde encontrarlos, muchas gracias
  14. RussianRecoil

    Can't log in

    I can not login..... when I click login I am asked to save or run a login file, I tried saving and running the file and nothing happens. I already own the game and paid you guys for it. I am trying to reinstall because I cleaned my pc. why can I not get to the login screen?
  15. TrunkzJr

    =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    welcome to check out our new point system, 97% automated so the most active players are shown.
  16. Yesterday
  17. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes game development. Take a little while and watch a you tube video called "30 things I hate about your game pitch" One of the big ones in there is the lack of a "Hook". A hook is what keeps people playing your game. Right now there is no hook in game. The hook right now is the development cycle. You can see that by how many people come back after a wipe. Then you can see there is no hook as the numbers rapidly decline after the new content is tested. But, these guys dont care, because there is no monetization beyond the initial purchase.
  18. I can't be that narrowed minded cause I like to look at the bigger picture. And I can't enjoy the ride if the rails arn't inspected at least. So I guess I have another 4 more years of waiting till this game is done. Let's hope they don't pull content out like Dayz did.
  19. MrXavito

    Problema de launcher

    Has probado a abrirlo como administrador? Porque aunque no puedas leer lo que pone tampoco es que sea importante. Espérate a que Soporte te diga que puedes hacer, y si ya te han respondido comentános que han dicho!

    How to get max strength lvl ?

    It's supposed to be difficult to max the skills out, when the game is released it might even take years for some players to max skills.
  21. It might be a bit early to talk about replayability and end-game content. When you look at current content there's only 6 levels released out of 11 - I've been playing Tarkov since the start of the year and haven't seen any new maps drop, just changes to how labs is accessed. So in the better part of a year there's been no new major content, and there's still 5 levels to come out. It's going to take quite some time so just enjoy the ride.
  22. Rmedge13

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Redge13#9459. Please verify
  23. Range on a scope atm is on page up and page down. That's fine. What Id like to see is it on wheel up and wheel down WHEN Zomed in with scope. Less one of my hands must travel to center of my keyboard to hit the buttons
  24. malax_cH

    Raid Equipment

    So sehe ich das eben auch, und ich habe AKM niemals gespielt weil sie billig wäre, sondern weil ich ein risen AK Fan bin
  25. TheColdVein

    battle eye

    #locked. Reason: We do not allow rant threads. It is pointless and does not follow the topic of the forum. Please read our forum rules. Also, the Hideout is coming in .12. It was originally slated for Open Beta. Want us to pull it back?
  26. hycron

    Havoc Zero - Discord Gaming Community - NA/EU

    We're here alllll dayy
  27. Область применения : Геймплей. Пояснение предложения : Было бы здорово добавить в игру возможность закрытия дверей за собой на ключ. Преимущества : Игрок имеющий ключ например от проходной завода, закрылся в комнате и спокойно лутается, добраться до него можно только через окна, или например, ключ от комнаты общежития, игрок залутал комнату и закрыл дверь на ключ обратно
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