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  2. Skalden1

    Please remove Fleamarket

    Dear Developers, please remove the flea market from the game. It ruins so much things. Hackers, and/or professional Farmers, a complete destruction of the balancing for the loot and the PvP/PvE and it creates a toxic comunity. In the first time I was exited, that we will be able to sell/buy things to/from other players. But, if you see, that you now can buy 5 million roubles for just 3,50 € it is a sign, ho much ingame money the farmers are grabbing out of the normal player base. I see no advantages for normal players in your current system. Best wisches Karotte
  3. I can only really fantasize about such a thing, but just for a second imagine having to gear up for a raid with your buds making sure you have all the right equipment for the environment, but instead of just going into a raid to get loot and kill other PMC's/ scavengers, you have to investigate some unknown SCP's and attempt to contain the unit, PVP could still be an element as well, as there are TONS of organisations within the SCP lore that are enemies of the SCP foundation ('GRU Division P' being one of the soviet orgs). My words can't project the amount of ideas and possibilities that are rushing through my brain right now, so I thought maybe this could be a thread about a theoretical collision between the two fiction worlds. So if you guys have any ideas artwork, suggestions etc. Please post below and let me know if you too are excited thinking about it. Something quick I put together in Photoshop as an example.
  4. titi4600

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Maintenance du jeu PMCs, Nous prévoyons d'installer une mise à jour technique pour le Escape from Tarkov dans les plus brefs délais. Le jeu ne sera pas disponible pendant environ 40minutes. Cette mise à jour a pour objectif d'améliorer la stabilité du jeu. Veuillez nous excuser pour ce désagrément , merci de votre patience et de votre compréhension.
  5. CooH1e2

    battlestate appreciation post

    It's still the game I want to play after a day in he office.... THANKS FOR THAT! Even when I quit playing for a while... I'm always coming back to EFT And Now hyped like hell for the 0.12 ... keep on developing!
  6. Snork_Svk


    V blízkej dobe plánujeme nainštalovať drobnú technickú aktualizáciu pre herného klienta a servery Escape from Tarkov, ktoré budú zamerané na zlepšenie stability hry. Hra bude počas aktualizácie úplne zastavená. Inštalácia aktualizácie bude trvať asi 40 minút.
  7. TheWay

    *** EFT Newsticker ***

    In near time we plan to install a minor technical update for the client and servers of Escape from Tarkov, which will be aimed at improving the stability of the game. The game will be completely stopped. It will take about 40 minutes to install the update.
  8. In a moment where every game seems to be in the esport path in order to be popular I guess that a part the playerbase is also asking for it. There are people fighting to be in the high place of the EFT rankings for instance... I don't know where is this game going in the future but I personnally like the RPG / survival part of the game. I'm also excited about new implementations with the 0.12 (hideout, permanent life system, ...) and some of the future and planned stuff that I'm not sure when is it going to appear (radiation, food, 2/3 characters, ...) I think that devs are trying to staisfy somehow both worlds.... The arena (still to understand what and how will be working) seems to be more focused on the firefights and "esport" playerbase while the story and raids more focused on the RPG playstyle. If they manage to handle both world would be a pleasure... let's see how developers implement all this
  9. CooH1e2

    Shoreline Discussion

    I really like this part. I have the exact feeling you described above in each map. You explained perfectly how you are forced to play in the game to take profit or to improve. My teammates usually like to do it (or they like to take the profit) and It ends up being boring to me. l rather prefer sometimes taking less profit of the raid but having more fun.... I'm always being critized for checking all the boxes / bags because they are worthless... and they run to the best rooms, check only the places with good loot and run away. The point is that until I did what is supposed to do... I was not improving really in the game.... and that's what should be changed... increasing the need to check more places, and taking advantage from different playstyles ...
  10. blinkatmenow

    Ongoing fight against cheaters

    PiznoCarCrash on Oceanic server. Aimbot and ESP 100%. I would bet my account on it.
  11. Phoenixsui

    Factory is unplayable for new players.

    I think at the time this post was made the fleamarket was probably not existing. Or it was more expensive.
  12. Schaefer

    Pockets having at least one 2x1 slot

    here is a wip of a carrier with battlebelt. seems to be part of the carrier itself and not a standalone thing. but the are working on something like this so, hurra. nikita said costumizable rigs are planned after 0.12. could be 0.13 or 0.989364 but its comming.
  13. Today
  14. CooH1e2

    Remove recoil skill ?

    Already posted some ideas and thoughts in the other thread but there were some good new points and discussions here. I would like a game that force players to semi auto for medium /long ranges and that keeps that full auto meta only for CQB. Therefore, I would like the recoil system (kind of PMC aiming) to be linked the bloom shape that @Spectator6 exposed. The bloom shape would represent the area where a bullet can end because of the sway. Whenever you shoot this area expands until you take control of the gun again. IMO the important thing here is how much this bloom shapes gets big and how much time it takes this bloom to get back to the initial size. In semi auto you would be benefit if you get the pace that your PMC can handle to get the gun stabilized again. Full auto will always be faster than this pace ... and that's why the shape will be still wide even if it can be improved by the skill. Recoil system skill would improve how fast you can shoot precisely in semi auto and reduce a little the full auto but would never make it a laser beam if you keep the optimal pace for precise firing slower than the full auto (we see in linked videos that a full 30 round mag is empty in 3/4 seconds) - Regarding how to improve /balance the skill ... I like your ideas of gun mastery and separate the elements as reload, recoil, ... I love EFT overall and I'm sure they are testing all these things and they are going to change back and forth several aspects until they find the proper balance

    Factory is unplayable for new players.

    Factory key is cheap. Do loot runs on Shoreline and Customs if needed. Interchange is also good. Run factory with a semi auto shotgun and you will have a lot of fun. Mostly.
  16. Nazarr

    Status prac na aktualizacją 0.12 #3

    Kiedy zostanie wprowadzona możliwość grania z drużyną offline?
  17. mavakon

    Поиск напарника/группы

    1. 14 2. Киев, GMT + 2 (как в Москве) 3. Микрофон есть, связь Discord 4. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, PLAYER UNKOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, Squad, Overwatch, Payday 2, MORDHAU, мой ник в стиме, в Таркове и в Дискорде(#0128): Mavakon (оригинальный) | Скил - средний, бомблю периодически. Играю второй день.
  18. WettWiipe

    [Map] Hospital complex

    The Surgeon!!! But in all seriousness, this is a pretty sweet idea, +1 from my side, would be a hella fun map to play in my opinion!
  19. Alex_Mb

    Comunidad TarkLovers Hispana

    Buenas, tienes la invitación expedida, podrías reenviármela o mandar el código de servidor?
  20. VETERAN_

    Новые игроки

    Имя персонажа AD1K_Legaviy Описание 187м, около 97 кг, 25 лет. Имеет навыки по стрельбе из автоматов серии АК, некоторых отечественных пистолетов и дробовиков. Стрессоустойчив, уверен в себе. Имеет хорошую физ. подготовку. За всё хорошее и против всего плохого. Его прошлое Бывший сотрудник МВД, который не смог вовремя выбраться из Таркова и был вынужден остаться в нем. Дабы выжить, объединился с другими "дикими". Однажды Лыжник помог своей свитой Адику в трудной ситуации, после которой последний остался должен до конца жизни. Как он попал в Тарков? Служил в МВД на территории Таркова. Пристрастия Не пьёт, курит. Но больше всего предпочитает жевательный табак, которого практически не найти сегодня в Таркове. Друзья Единственный друг (точнее хороший знакомый, который готов помочь с небольшой скидкой) Адика - Лыжник. Ранения и битвы 1. Бойня у заправки на Таможне с Решалой. (выбитая ключица (заброн. травма) и небольшое ранение левой руки осколком гранаты.) 2. Бойня на лесопилке в лесу. (ранений нет) Стремления Выбраться из Таркова. Самые значительные достижения персонажа В одного ликвидировал 3-х членов свиты Решалы. Однажды помог раненому BEAR'овцу. Сила 25 Выносливость 35 Меткость 20 Боец
  21. CooH1e2

    [Map] Hospital complex

    The idea of having a hospital.... I think it really makes sense in the universe. I would see it linked somehow to streets of Tarkov... Maybe something similar as Factory fits in Customs ...
  22. CooH1e2

    New map for Tarkov on the sea off the coast.

    I don't know if it fits your idea... but I remember I've read that terminal will be a sea port... so it's possible that some of these elements could be used in there... specially the big container ship... maybe destroyed in the harbor... and part od the map. Also to be considered some of the exfil
  23. Здравствуйте , подскажите по Железу. ПК: Проц Xenon w3680 3,33ГГц. Мать ga-x58-ud7v2 ОЗУ 24Гб Видеокарта ПЕЧ 1080 Монитор Full HD (1920x1080) SSD Вроде бы все тянет (почти ) на максималках. Хотел обновить монитор до 2к (2560x1080). Будет ли тянуть его система на тех же настройках ? Если нет поможет ли разгон и что именно можно пытаться разогнать?
  24. @Bomberdomme Ich verstehe zwar dass du dir deine Kontaktliste nicht vollstopfen willst, jedoch ist das doch auch überhaupt nicht nötig. Such dir einfach einen Discord aus (z.B. den Discord des offiziellen deutschsprachigen Community-Teams) und kommt dort in den normalen Channels mit den Leuten ins Gespräch. In der Regel findest du dort auch ohne unzählig Leute in die Kontaktliste aufzunehmen genug Mitspieler, oder auch die offiziellen Sherpas, die dir noch den ein oder anderen Kniff beibringen können.
  25. Phoenixsui

    Scav timer

    I would like to suggest to set the Scav timer higher like it was in earlier patches. I feel like most players only play scav and i find rarely players anymore. It is super hard for me to find players for 100m headshots on customs or interchange or kills in nightraids even in factory night. I feel like for every PMC i meet, 5 Scavplayers try to murder me. Also Scavplayers will aggressively push while most PMC seem to hide or die to Scavs before i meet them. I would like to see more PMC vs PMC again. What do you think?
  26. Zxanic

    New player EU english

    I’m looking for some people to play with and help me learn the game
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