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  2. Badhabit666

    Long loading time and 100 disk usage

    ive had similar issues, adding 40gb of virtual ram solved it for me.
  3. wut_am_i_doing

    Australian (Sydney) server issues?

    I'm in regional Tassie, so anything less than 100 ping is a good day. That plus 60yo and it's a wonder I survive any raids. Just tried to log an issue via the client, and it told me I've exceeded my limit.... WTF? it's the only the second issue I've logged in 6 months This is exactly the same issues as back in Feb
  4. SinneD Gaming A Non-Toxic environment for you to enjoy all your gaming needs. We provide a safe environment where there is ZERO TOLERANCE for: Racism Homophobia Discrimination we are strongly against exploiting of glitches and hacking, and we greatly disapprove of trolling and/or toxicity which will not be allowed here. ________________________________ We support all types of players, and have roles setup to help ensure that you are playing with the type of players you wish to play with. Beginners are definitely welcomed here We also have provided several other optional text channels to assist everyone in getting stuff done; including a Information channel; which is intended to provide map extractions, named callouts; loot maps; and other important bits of information to assist you in getting to the best loot as soon as possible. For our Veteran players who wish to stick to playing with more experienced players we have Tactical Team rooms, which keep the chat orientated directly towards the gameplay. For our wonderful teachers, who wish to spread the knowledge they have to our beginners we have a Beginners Playground room, as well as a Questing channel if you are going into raids with a particular goal. No one is required to become apart of the community in order to play with us. -> However, you will need to request a role to show that you can follow simple rules, in a simple process. ---> Go to the #ROLE-REQUEST channel, click on the [PINNED MESSAGES] button on the Top Right of your Discord Interface, Copy the skeleton provided and fill it out, then submit it to the #Role-Request channel for approval. This process usually takes up to a maximum of 24 hours. https://discord.gg/NUbKM6v If you are not interested; please feel free to ignore this post and i suppose we shall meet on opposite ends in the battlefield. If you are; then I look forward to meeting you on the discord! Don't forget to lurk in the Looking for Group channel once we have set you up with roles, so that we can play together. ___ Happy Gaming ___ - Vicious Faye
  5. george241312

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  6. GhostZ69

    A fun way to get more evidence against cheaters!

    Yes, because banning an IP takes all of two minutes to get around tops. /Sadsies
  7. DrBloom

    Australian (Sydney) server issues?

    Yea I had anywhere of 150+ms when playing this morning, that never happens 🙃
  8. Today
  9. wut_am_i_doing

    Australian (Sydney) server issues?

    Today I just can't get into a raid, either I'm stuck on the "awaiting session start" screen, or if I do get in I get dropped with a "disconnected from server message" Re-logging in to continue the raid gets the same response. Was OK last night, might be related to the changes pre upcoming wipe.
  10. RenanBan

    Long loading time and 100 disk usage

    any news to this, this started happening to me as well, the weekend before I was playing with 60fps locked, everything was fine. Suddenly my game is trash, even factory is trash and stutering
  11. Эм, что за поток сознания? Про читеров я вроде бы согласился. А вот лаба как топ контент... Такое себе. Туда идут все кому не лень, с пистолетами, моськами, в говноброне, а то и вообще голые. Это для тебя топ контент? И да, а зачем мне разваливать пачку собров на открытом месте для оценки контента? Я и так понимаю, что кроме лабы есть куча карт, на которых интересно играть. Не хуже, чем на лабе. На лабе все уже знают всЁ о ботах и местах их отстрела. Там решает только скил и упоротость в одну карту на много часов. ВСЕ. Ни тактики, ни стратегии, ни маневров. В любом месте ты знаешь, откуда к тебе прибегут. В отличие от открытых карт. Живи в своем розовом мире, думай, что лучшее ПВП только на лабе. У меня всЁ! Обещали. На развязке уже протестировали. Вроде изначально было заявлено, чуть не каждую лампу отдельно включать. Но пока не делают этого. Или сложно, или нет времени.
  12. thevucharm

    Raiders on shoreline...

    thermals being standard equipment is only because everyone knew a wipe was coming
  13. Did117

    Hacked up scrub cakes

    Wow mate didn't know that BSG actually made steam audio, oh wait they didn't... Ask Tencent mate...
  14. N_M_S_L_

    Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work

  15. Embler

    Weaken the drums in the game

    Yep. You was translated this topic into russian language. That is unnecessary. The English forum is moderated also good as Russian and ideas from all of language forums are reviewed by developers
  16. 190

    Sherpa Recruitment April

    Hello, I submitted my application. When will I be chosen?
  17. Суть понятна, но прости, ты это переводил с английского языка гугл переводчиком?
  18. APinchOfPepper

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  19. Как все мы знаем, барабан является очень популярным аксессуаром в этой игре, так что многие игроки обязательно будут использовать его после модификации оружия. Но барабаны не должны быть такими простыми в использовании. В реальной жизни барабан представляет собой тяжелое оборудование с низкой надежностью. Его сложная структура часто вызывает сбой оружия, а непрерывная стрельба сильно повредит ствол. Поэтому я надеюсь увеличить дебафф на барабанах, например, позволить им повредить больше эргономики, и они застрянут при непрерывной стрельбе. Не исключено, что солдаты в действительности выбирают 30 раундов журналов
  20. Make_Happy233

    Weaken the drums in the game

    As we all know, the drum is a very popular accessory in this game, so that many players will definitely use it after modifying the weapon. But drums should not be so easy to use. In real life, the drum is a heavy, low-reliability equipment. Its complicated structure will often cause weapon failure, and continuous shooting will greatly damage the barrel. Therefore, I hope to increase the debuff on the drums, for example, let them damage more ergonomics, and they will get stuck when shooting continuously. It is not unreasonable that the soldiers in reality choose 30 rounds of magazines
  21. DoctorDB

    appreciation package never received

    I also have not received the "appreciation package" but I wouldn't get mad at the devs @Mithradantor. Things happen and they are working their ass off to make this game awesome for us. Games are not easy to make or everyone would make them, and to make a game like Escape From Tarkov is even harder. They are a small indie team that is making a game better than any of the big name game companies because they actually believe in their vision and aren't in it just for the money.
  22. Embler


    на горизонте
  23. Yesterday
  24. MJelicks

    most of my stash is gone - help

    maybe someone got into your account? Or perhaps it's an issue with your account, but I still have all my stuff. If anything, I'd say try a support ticket, although the wipe is very soon so it might be pointless to do so, but still worth a shot.
  25. I_M_P_E_R_I_A_L


    Ну что ж начнем : - Когда вайп???😁
  26. Creativee SBX G6 Стесняюсь спросить, если есть помехи от дросселей, то куда втыкаются наушники?
  27. So, you all notice when you peek(eg. moving out from corner and ADS in the same time), doesn't matter you ADS or not, PMC's arms move a little bit which cause your crosshair move a bit as well. I understand some other games also do this when ADS/aiming, like PUBG. But, the crosshair movement is tiny.....while ETF is much more severe this basically leads to a defender's advantage..if each player has close ping.....(dont wanna talk about lag compensation here)........ i see more and more fights have come like this: (esp in Interchange........lol........) 2 players hear each other .... both stop moving... Fire in the hole....couple of rounds... Run away....try to find another angle.... if you see him first....you have a kill... if both see each other,,back to round 1..... or both get killed by 3rd team....
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