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  3. thewhyterabbit

    Looking for someone to co-play with

    add me on discord TWR #1614, im looking for a few good dudes to play with as well.
  4. ChancePants69

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  5. dc_319

    Ongoing fight against cheaters

    Found another aim hacker named Ashkeroth. He is also a EOD player.
  6. Nameless_Terror

    Looking for someone to co-play with

    North america or Europe? If you've joined the unofficial discord it's pretty easy to get a team mate on there.

    Ongoing fight against cheaters

    I play a lot during the morning and don't have as many issues with hackers then, but when I play at night... There's no point, really. Getting shot from across the map, behind walls, behind cover, it doesn't matter. I'm quite disheartened by the lack of meaningful replies from BSG about the issue.
  8. Yesterday
  9. AesirHunter

    Hilo de verificación, Discord Comunidad Hispana

  10. hycron

    Havoc Zero - Discord Gaming Community - NA/EU

    Join us this weekend!
  11. Zecke01

    Nur noch CHEATER auf LABS?

    War heute mal wieder im Lab dank einem Streamer, war zwar nicht so geplant, aber naja. Muss schon wirklich sagen.... es ist einfach nur lächerlich wie offensichtlich die Leute da Cheatern. Dumme Namen damit Sie wie Raider wirken haben Sie sich auch gegeben, aber jeder der weiß wie die Raider heißen erkennt den Unterscheid. Wann kommt man wieder eine Banliste und möchte jemand mit mir Wetten um etwas wieviel Spieler es diese mal werden? EINFACH NUR LÄCHERLICH !
  12. Ak1mbo44

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Cesium55 #0826
  13. Jackthelycan

    New Player looking for people to play with

    I just got the game myself, It might be cheeky to ask but if you're willing to hang around with someone -super- new to the game, I've got discord, skype, all that lot' so I can talk and I like to think I'm a friendly chap to be around
  14. Jackthelycan

    Advanced Player here to help!

    I just picked the game up and I'm learning the basic's but if you would be willing to teach, could I add you and pick your brain for a while? haha I always find learning easiest when being taught it by others rather than having to read long forum-guides, so would you be willing / have free time to help a noob learn?
  15. robbierobinson

    Linux support?

    @Faalagorn The kernel patches have me intrigued, I'll probably do that on my days off. As far as I know, async only got hit on Overwatch and has been listed as a "potential" issue. Thankfully we have this forum to show we have been testing on Wine/DXVK heavily if something would arise.
  16. klandry1

    Noise/Sound Dislocalisation

    it's Possible that the Players Model Sound Direction it's broken Or The sound From Ingame is Inverted ? Because Sound Come From the Right And the Guys is On the Left Behind , We Clearly Hear someone Running a Direction So we Hold that Side and What happens next He Behind Us and destroy Every Single member Due Sound OF the Shooting Was RIGHT But in Reality It Was LEFT The Foot Step and Running Was Right And In Reality It's was LEFT , This Happened In lab Server Room Office He was Basicly On the ForkLift But All That Noise Was comming . We both Had Sordin Headset . I even have Video Of This I could Edit and Short to when it Happens if Required.
  17. самое вопиющие было на карте завод 4 попадания из мосинки и 15 из калаша напарника..все они были учтены в конце лога,эти попадания..так же 4 попадания остались на стене ввиде дыры с кровавыми ошметками...и да это был точно чвк и да на нем небыло брони..
  18. Wrecknjay

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    wrecknjay#1719 done
  19. Maxipadi

    U.S LFG

    Hey I'm looking for players in the U.S to play with. I've only owned the game for 20 days but I have been playing almost non stop since then, I'm at 260 in game hours right now. I already have some decent keys such as both Kiba keys, the goshan key, a handful of shoreline keys such as west 221 and east 310 which are the more expensive ones, almost every key in the map customs, and about 20-30 lab entrance keys (picture attached of some of my more important keys). Looking to play with anyone really, you don't have to be amazing at the game cuz I'm not anything special. Feel free to add me on discord or message me back here, Thanks Discord: Mo#4970
  20. Phoenixsui

    To Those Doing the "Setup" Quest....

    Doing this quest now for weeks. After every 5 trys i refuse to continue it for some days. Shotguns on Players seem totally broken for me. Scavs die 1 shot while Players keep surviving 8+ bullets. And not to mention the ushanka i have to wear so i cant hear steps over 10m away and cant find players with sound. It is the most frustrating Task and in my eyes is frustrating and no fun. I could understand this as the first Task after a wipe when players dont run with lvl4+ armor or at least let us wear faceprotection. Cant count the amount of times i unloaded into someones legs anymore and the endscreen tells me i did 100-200dmg from which most was on scavs before. If i remember correct, my bullets should deal 250+dmg per shot on flesh. I am really frustrated agai nwith this Task and i think it Needs a Change next wipe. Same for the Task to kill 7 pms with a mosin below 15m which makes 0 sence. I would choose every other weapon to do that except for melee. Man oh man... back to the Task. 4 more kills to go.
  21. sebastian869

    Looking for someone to co-play with

    I've been playing for over a month and I see that in this game having a teammate is real powerful. To date, I'm level 3 on most traders so cant get the best gear. As we would need to chat via discord it has to be an english speaker. I'm still kind of weak when it comes to remembering all the loot spots or the best paths to take through any given map. Thanks
  22. TrunkzJr

    =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    More than welcome to check out our new point system, 97% automated so the most active players are shown.
  23. i0r_

    speed hacking

    What did he say that is 'denying' hacks? Just a question. As for speedhacking, haven't actually seen one in the wild. But encountered ESP twice this wipe. Was a less pleasant experience.
  24. i0r_


    Tjingeling! Här är en till svenne-banan, med ett par andra spelare i sin discord. (Vet faktiskt inte om de andra tre är aktiva här på forumet..) och har eventuellt dragit in fler spelare i denna sörjan. Känns som att nästan varje person och deras farmor har en egen discord, så kommer inte nämna den 😀
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