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  2. Elder_Drake


    This is why I took a break, I love this game but I can not stand the hackers. I know BSG is doing their best in areas but me and 2 EoD buddies took a break after one too many speed hacker run-ins. Just waiting till next patch to play again.
  3. Неужели думаешь, что это информация неизвестна разработчикам и они слепы, глухи и недалеки? К тому же, чего с тобой связываться, если ты сам можешь связаться через техподдержку на сайте, через баг-репорт в лаунчере, здесь на форум в личном сообщении https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/staff/
  4. Raija


    @TheWay Hello sir, what I ment was that with all the crazy keybinds that there is, what is your guys's favorite ones to use for things like "Blind Fire"
  5. TrunkzJr

    =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    welcome to check out our new point system, 97% automated so the most active players are shown.
  6. WomanWoman

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  7. Yesterday
  8. SonnyB

    Who wants a Red Key Card?

    Yeah hi, I'll gladly take it dude.
  9. hi, pretty new player trying to figure out what's going on, im on most of the day (just got back from uni), just add me on discord and when im around ill drop you a message to see if you're on discord: dillon#2064 cheers
  10. Arzzet

    Who wants a Red Key Card?

    ✋🏻 I want one
  11. Arzzet

    JAG's PUG Event!

    You guys should make a vid edit after. Would be nice to see. Maybe the participants should record their point of view and send it to someone who place it together. Nuts
  12. BronyAlex

    Who wants a Red Key Card?

    You serious?
  13. hycron

    Havoc Zero - Discord Gaming Community - NA/EU

    Join us!
  14. Arzzet

    30k Followers on Instagram!

    I don’t use instagram, but imagine we are 30,001
  15. caveboy

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    tobygolden#5605 thank you
  16. Chickinzooka

    JAG's PUG Event!

    Disclaimer: I don't know where events go so let me know if I posted this in the wrong place! JAG is back at it again! A second Pug event is being planned. The official start date of this will be July 1st (Canada day for all you non-Canadians). We would like to cordially invite you all to participate in our brutal 4v4 ladder team deathmatch. We will be pitting teams of players against each other in a different section of specific maps, guarded by enforcers. If you and your team are successful in wiping out the enemy, you will progress to the next round. Requirements - First you need to go on a prowl for your best friends, then arm them to the teeth, Join the JAG discord to register your team. Registration will open up July 1st (we will make another post with our link to the discord), so you have less than a week to prepare your team. Once the Registration opens up, all you need to do is link your 3 comrades, and give yourselves an inspiring team name like Hobos with Guns. There is a cap of teams we can support, so it is currently limited to 16 teams. Restrictions - NO IR scopes and no wearing the same gear as the enforcers. (Enforcer gear will not be anything too common more will be revealed once the event goes live) Prizes - The Winners will be graciously rewarded with in-game loot and some steam keys. Plus those sweet sweet bragging rights. See you all there! ~Thermosmagus
  17. swampydoctor

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    done. reread step 3 of instructions.
  18. justsomekid

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    justsomekid#5095 hit me up boi
  19. Да я как бы и не эксперт. Если заморочиться, то Axelvox HD242, но их надо шаманить и они раскрываются с усилителем для наушников (с достаточно дорогой звуковой), даром что на 50 Ом. Это они же, только от самого производителя. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_36CJrSR-c Остальные дороже, в сравнении https://youtu.be/-W1N7MoQ4tM
  20. Extiny

    Who wants a Red Key Card?

    Well you guys dont seem to be interested at all haha I will wait 20h and will look into this post again I will msg the winners
  21. Please only take part if you have no Red Key Card yet, i am giving mine away for free The first one to respond to this topic and has no red key card yet gets mine since im not playing so much anyway Hurry I will be online for the next 10-15 minss only second place gets 8 mil rub third place gets a item case full of stuff
  22. Не берите с собой дорогих игрушек в рейд на лабу - снизите интерес читеров к себе. Заднеприводы зарабатывают на этом и убивают в основном ради наживы или если ты им мешаешь. При этом стараются не палиться сильно. А вот если у тебя с собой вещевой кейс - они и спалиться не против. Но с дешевыми игрушками выжить сложней против нормальных игроков и ботов.
  23. Shauneok

    Ammunition Visualized: Escape From Tarkov Ammo Graph

    Looks good. Just cements the fact that m80 is by far the best value round imo!
  24. Richard_Bear

    Баны за использование ЗПО

    ребята, я в суботу стром. когда все читаки уже спят. выжил на лабе 10 каток подряд!!! не сервер важен, а время игры на нем. читаки это уродцы, которые ведут ночную жись ) а тем кто встал с утра в субботу, сделал кеофеек, сварил яичек итп. ну Вы поняли )))
  25. ShiroTenshi

    Free Starter Kit , no sale.

    Planned to be 1 or 2 DLC per year, priced around 30$ each. Though it's far too soon to say for sure exactly what they will be. New maps, new gear, new weapons, seasons, etc have all been brought up as possibilities. We'll only really be sure further down the line.
  26. Kickguy223

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Didn't show up when I initially did it, Fixed now, My bad. Edit: Just incase you don't get to it and another mod does, Discord is: Kickguy223#7224
  27. swampydoctor

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    done. reread step 3 of instructions.
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