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  2. Доброго времени! Вопрос что такое усталость и как ее лечить? Извините если был такой вопрос..
  3. mattywatty2012

    please just enable to play PVE mode with friends

    As I said, the search function works well, not my fault if you cant find the brain power to use it.
  4. Unnamed_

    КЛАН "H2WK"

    Заходи в дискорд
  5. Ragmanのminibusタスクでミニバスにマークをしたもののタスク完了画面に反映されず、タスクが完了できません。 再度マークを行おうとしたところ、PLANTの文字が出ずタスク完了が不可能な状態となってしまいました。 どのように対応すればわからない状態です。。 他の方で同じような症状で悩まれてる方はいますでしょうか?
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  7. Никак, ждать решения проблемы от разработчика.
  8. Здравствуйте, как решить проблему с лагами в оптике? Комп не плохой, i5-6400, gtx 1060 6gb, 16gb RAM Mangy твою статью в закрепе читал, фпс увеличило, но в прицеле так и осталось 45 фпс...
  9. Отправьте баг-репорт через лончер.
  10. Благодарю за ответ ! Да, действительно ) , ступил. Тогда необходимо бы скинуть разрабам логи, может, чтобы больше не появлялась такая ошибка, мейби чет критическое. (Сильно не пинать, я пока не во всем разобрался)
  11. Ion-Junkie

    I need gun rack in HIDEOUT

    @tsubasa2834 please refrain from using another in language in english forums. #Locked
  12. Yukari_Akiyama

    add female options

    Not gonna happen. Don’t see too many females in Wagner Group or Academi. Tarkov is going for realistic, not woke nonsense.
  13. I was playing labs today and I could here what sounded like a suppressed P90 shooting off, I ducked behind some plants under where the mid wall thing is (behind weapons testing) when I popped my head up to take a look over the wall, the only thing showing would have been my altyin head but when I hear a crack from a bullet hitting the wall I spun around and looked to the floor to avoid the shots clearly coming from green zone (catwalk doors) area when instead of taking damage I just died, no impact, no hurt noises no sound of being shot, just slumped over 50 seconds into the raid by a guy shooting seemingly forever with his P90, not the second the game started he started shooting and kept pulsing rounds out about 20 shots every 5 second interval. Again, the only thing he was shooting was P90, not that strong of a gun, I had a TV rig on so I was well protected to the thorax and I died without an impact noise from a guy that was shooting from behind a wall. [how do you know it wasn't anyone else?] Because it was 50 second into the raid, I triple checked my ass and could only have been shot by the person shooting as I had cover from 3 directions and could have only really been shot from the side or over the wall. [Maybe it wasn't a P90 but an FAL] If that was an FAL then it was a damn quiet FAL. [How do you know it wasn't desync or lag?] Again, I defer to it being 50 seconds into the raid, we all just got our barings I was shot in an odd spot people wouldn't think to check, especially from catwalk doors. He also had a seemingly english name. (LEDX-ovo) [Why make this?] Because if you or someone you know have died to some mysterious poo from this guy I'd like to know also I'd like to add to whatever CBL that may exist.
  14. Niewiarygodny

    Karma System

    @Sir_Mossy well about Raiders i didnt explain enough. They mentioned that more like "if you kill PMC in those spots, you won't survive raiders which will appear to kill you" And all thsoe things were more like as "ideas" since they didnt decide yet what they will do :).
  15. Sir_Mossy

    Karma System

    A lot of those punishments dont seem too bad given the way the player base is and how the intended final goal of the game is. I'm sure every streamer and their mother would love having raiders after them or a bounty that makes them more likely to get into combat. As for the trader/flea market restrictions, it all depends how the end setup of traders will be. If it ends up that their stock is nerfed considerably to promote a scavenge-type of gameplay, trader restrictions might not hurt so bad.
  16. Spectator6

    Baptism by Fire: A look at the community

    Yet another cogent reply, Hamm, thank you.
  17. paulinakiara

    ملاحظات التعديل

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  18. Niewiarygodny

    Karma System

    Soon, but not so soon. In 2020 most likely :D. in +- march (most likely, if i heared correctly) we will have another wipe, changes to hideout etc (source podcast) and i highly doubt it that it will actually appear it with that patcj - You wont be able to trade with traders - You won't be able to use flea market - There might be bounty for your head - Raiders might hunt you down (Thsoe are options mentioned during podcast) ALso it's not like you won't be able to kill other players at all. On podcasts they mentioned "Spots" where killing is not allowed, you can still do that but you will be screwed.
  19. Not really something that bugs me, I just think it would be a nice small detail to add. When they're blinded the scavs should put their arm in front of their eyes or their hand in their face. Maybe limit it to only to regular scavs and not boss scavs, bodyguards and raiders so they stay difficult.
  20. elpizz

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  21. hintaro

    Anfänger gekillt

    Und da sind wir wieder mit meinem alten "neuen" Problem....Habe gerade ein klar ersichtlich unerfahrenes Eft Bambi gekillt, der einen Scav gespielt hat, mit sehr gutem Loot ( Factory key usw) und man hat seit Januar 2017 immer noch keine Möglichkeit diesen Spieler zu kontaktieren und ihm paar Sachen zukommen zu lassen. Sehr sehr schwach von BSG, muss man an dieser Stelle anmerken! Ich glaub ich bin zu weich für dieses Spiel, da es mich innerlich fast zerreißt um diese arme Seele.😥
  22. TheStylez

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Astrid#7270 Please Verify. Thanks in advance
  23. 1. Это баг. 2. Никаких компенсаций, вы на тесте.
  24. Sir_Mossy

    Karma System

    That's probably the case with most people. It'd have to be a pretty hefty punishment to even phase people. I can't even imagine a punishment that would be fitting off the top of my head that wouldn't be too harsh or too lenient.
  25. Pretzel

    Karma System

    Hopefully, not in too long. @Pillsbury You can see all the Upcoming features (Planned) here, by reading all the features that are missing to be added the game is going to be way different than it currently is.
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