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  2. Madiakz


    Cauterization is when you burn the body in order to either remove a part of it or to close it off to prevent bleeding out. I understand that this may be a little on the dark side, but these are hardened PMC's so I think it could be quite fitting. This would be for bleeding out only, not the removal of body parts. Requirements If you are out of meds and will no doubt bleed out before making it to the extraction, you would require three things: A live round Leatherman tool Lighter How will it work? Using the Leatherman tool you would break open the live round carefully, apply the gunpowder to the wound and light it with the lighter.This would cauterize the wound stopping the bleeding. You could build upon this with group play, maybe this would only be achievable with help from someone? Or due to the immense pain factor you would need help to move after? You could also have a skill perhaps that would decrease the time it takes to break open the live round or minimize the loss of gun powder from the bullet? This is just the basis of the idea, but I have seen this in films etc over the years but think it could be quite immersive especially in group play to be rushing to save a squad members life. What do you guys think?
  3. Rawarg

    Multiple Idea's Nikita Notice me Senpai.

    Great suggestions! It is good know there are like minded players! I hope BSG give an ear to this suggestions! Actually all of them are great and sshould have been in Tarkov long ago!
  4. DespotSRB2

    Those who are experiencing crashes: We need your crash logs!

    I have constant crashes ever since the started the game they were gone for the most of the 11.5 and now since the 11.7 its every big map raid and sometimes even on customs and factory.Every lab raid i have done it crashed dont know what the issue is would like to get a response from someone as what i can do about it https://drive.google.com/open?id=1snXg-hVof8CWISlLeBuZbnCWK8aoB8ZC MY crash files PC:Spec six-core cpu fx-6100 960 ssd Evo gtx 970 8 gb ram 1866mhz ddr3
  5. Actually Tarkov is also a RPG shooter. People love communicating with other players with in-game voice lines. An most OP players let hatchlings go or play to help them. We yell, scare, inform using mumble. So voices are great way to implement realism. As you know when you fire upon a Scav. He swears, yells, and runs to hide or attack back. I think when we shoot other PMC's it would be great if the characters act same way like Scav's do. I mean how it would be if your enemy shouts in pain when you hit them. Not just by hitting "y" key when you are hit. I think it would improve hit sensation also satisfaction and immersion. Because in real life if you hit by 7.62 you would yell as hell. Also I always wandered why there are no female characters. I mean what happened, where are they? I am not lore-master but I did not read anything related to this topic. Not just female PMC's but wouldn't it be great if there were female scavs and raiders even a boss maybe? Tarkov aims to be a tactical shooter and I think it is doing great so far. But they should improve movement mechanics. It is still un-polished and very chubby or bulky idk. Climbing over walls and vaulting over fences or windows are very important when it comes thinking tactical and flanking enemies. It would change the game a lot. I don't say the gameplay should be fluid like a COD or APEX or smth. I get when you the overcumberance when you have 40kg on your back. But right now you can't even jump place to another. It feels like jump key is only there to get over curbs and small rocks. As 11.7 I get the most important thing is making game playable before adding more content. Great thought! We've been struggling to play. And sometimes it was unbearable to have spikes, crashes, fps drops in middle of the firefight. There are still performance issues and lag spikes whensomeone or scavs spawning though. But as quest progression. You made the game literally only MMO-minded with the new quests. I know it is hardcore game and I consider myself as a hardcore player. I enjoy being challenged. But new quests are more annoying than challenging. I suggest you revert back all quests to 11.0 and give an ear to this suggestion ( it is just a thought): Consider random appearance of traders in maps. Like Therapist or Fence can spawn in medical bay in Interchange. Peacekeeper in Shoreline where the UN trucks are. And Prapor in Customs etc. And you would be trade with them while you are in game. (maybe this way you can sell your loot without going out or resupply) I did not think over this a lot but it could be improved of course. Maybe they can give you small random quests with money and xp rewards while you are in the raid. Maybe they will stay with guards. And when someone attacks the trader he will be cursed and tagged by all his/her bodyguards. Of coursse there has to be a limit for playing to be not able to kill the actual trader. Maybe they would just fall down(unconsious) or run away from a backdoor which player cannot chase because of the barricades or something like that. I think game needs some fresh mechanics which changes the tactical situations all the time! Random extraction points was a good example. I now patch 0.12 will bring a lot of content. I am very excited about the Hideout actually. And I know in roadmap I read something like 5v5 arena mode? These are the most exciting things because I think Tarkov community(espacially the older players) are getting exhausted by the game's current state. We've been playing and observing it's development for a long very long time. And I for myself can say that the game has improved a lot since the alpha stages. But overall development is still going very very slow and I sadly believe it kills the hype. Therefore I suggest BSG to concentrate more on new gameplay. Labs was great for this instance. Hideout and Arena should implemented as fast as possible to hold community together. Once Nikita said; when you succesfully survive and exfiltrate from certain maps. There will be an open-world gameplay mechanic unlocked. Where maps bind together and get bigger. THIS WAS GREAT NEWS. I am no developer but I think BSG should implement this in close future some way. Because I've playing Tarkov for almost 3 years and when I look back, I see that I always gone in, killed, looted, died or extracted. Always the same think and it wears me off. It is such a great game with unbeliavable potantial. It deserves more players. I hope BSG are reading the Suggestions section. I hope they give attention to the community feeadback. And work as efficient as they can.
  6. SkyCloud

    20 Old OST

    @Fukzo0 @hycron They are not just "Old Main Menu OST" They are different tracks. 0.00 - 4.00 Dark Horizon - Geneburn / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZGy_U84o-I 4.00 - 8.15 Frontier - Geneburn 8.15 - 13.40 Prepare For Escape - Geneburn / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xECVQV1EhMk 13.40 - 17.15 Hostile Illusion - Geneburn / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf0ywzsTNlY 17.15 - 21.03 Desolated - Geneburn / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT6_sKTYj7g&t=
  7. Noth666

    Random Game Crashes

    Ryu97, it could be a number of things, start by getting a hardware monitorin tool like hwinfo or hwmonitor and turn on logging to file, then start a game. After it freezes go check the info in the file for any component overheating or voltage far out of nominal value. If you don't see anything strange there, I'd try a bios reset to defaults and try.
  8. Riddersword

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Best day of the week the Friday so that means.... almost weekend! And thanks for reading this post because I want to wise you a very good and health weekend! And if you reading this and you think... damm awesome this TAW dude.. mate sign up at www.taw.net and lets rock... and game.. but most important have fun in life!
  9. mattywatty2012

    Welcome To Tarkov...

    imagine being so poor you cant afford windows
  10. Timba_XD

    Official Trading Thread

    Want to buy Gamma container
  11. ryu97

    Random Game Crashes

    Well i just Realized that this might be a bigger Problem for me. This just happens on every other game as well.. Anyone got an idea what could be wrong?
  12. deathbricks


    Oh, thank you there then. And cheers for the welcome
  13. Madiakz


    Hello @deathbricks Welcome to EFT and the forums! Thanks for the suggestion, but yes it has already been mentioned and is planned on being implemented. If you have any more ideas be sure to share them.
  14. Today
  15. SancheeezZz

    MP [Мирные Призраки]

    Ждём вас в дискорде
  16. KOBKED-X

    a new gun suggestion

  17. deathbricks


    Hi, i'm new to both the game and to the forum, so if this has been suggested already i apologise. All i wish to suggest is a compass they player can keep on them like a knife. Maybe it's always displayed next to the hotkey bar (but with how this game is i understand if you don't) or bought up with a key. As a new player i get lost even with the aid of a map and just knowing my orientation would make so much of a difference to me.
  18. Куплю Гамма контейнер
  19. どうして腰うち状態でシングルファイヤで撃ち続けるとフルオートよりも横反動によるランダムリコイルによる拡散が大きいのですか? 何度検証しても ビチャズ AKでもシングルファイヤで撃ち続けるとなぜかフルオートよりも縦横に拡散しまくるのです 現実では必ず単発で撃った方がレートを制御でき反動を小さく制限することができます なのになぜゲーム内ではそれが腰うち時のみ適用されてないのでしょうか
  20. Schaefer


    I know that a Compas is planned, dont know for GPS. (sorry for my english)
  21. SupressedKiller

    We Need a Report Button

    STRONG LANGUAGE IS USED IN VIDEO. The language is used is out of frustration. My group ends our nights with a lab raid. The link is toward a "suspected" cheater, because I cannot confirm that he is or he is not. I'll just let ya'll decide for yourselves. I believe their should be a report option. Why? Because EVERY OTHER SHOOTER CAN REPORT cheaters. I know that this is a 'hardcore' style game, and many deaths are questionable, but there are some instances that are quit obvious about how 'fair' the other player is... Here is the clip, STRONG LANGUAGE again, this language is spoken out of frustration and only towards 'unfair' individuals. https://streamable.com/ia1ne
  22. Нас тоже убил за 10 сек с начала рейда
  23. Куплю красную ключ карту
  24. fortkn0x

    Server Stillstand, jedoch nur bei mir?

    ah okay, mittlerweile steht es auch im Launcher, habe den Bug reported und warte nun ab. Hoffe das geht bald wieder Danke für die Antworten! Mfg.
  25. XTR6000


    This game desperately needs a compass and exits marked on map. You could also introduce some GPS, which is what real people post 1980s are using. Right now youre supposed to "run around huge unpopulated maps offline" for hours until youve memorized them. This is what the experienced players are suggesting, and its a total snoozefest. Right now you only get a popup of the 4 exit names shown for like 3 secs, and then youre on youre own. Names dont even help, as youve got no way of identifying them from the map, just trying every single exit, which is mostly for SCAVs i found out, until you bump into the real one. Hope youll fix this soon as its ruining gameplay for beginners (ie. those with less than a hundred hours to memorize all the maps)
  26. BaconSniper

    Tarkov is it worth getting?

    It seams they believe in content before playability , it kinda makes sense, you know pump out content and fix it after. Sad panda for the rest of us cucks who love the game. Am I right?
  27. Clydefrosch

    Bug: Insurance stuff disappeared

    Oh- I restarted the game and could succesfully claim it. So my unbelievable good stuff is back 😉 But still, there's some kind of bug.
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