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  2. So me and my other friend have a glitch where our headsets (any kind) will not work at all about 50% of the time when starting a raid, and we have the normal hearing of not having them on. It will fix itself if you drop the headset and then pick it back up, or if you move an item around in your inventory (even reloading your weapon). I'm guessing the character just needs a refresh to the server or something, however it's pretty annoying to have to do every time you start a raid. I googled it a bit, but I couldn't find anyone with the same issue. I asked a popular streamer as well, but they claimed they haven't experienced this before. If anyone could help me out with getting rid of this issue, then that would be most appreciated. Here's a video for reference.
  3. When playing with my one friend we get worse FPS by almost 20 or more but when I played solo last night I got much more FPS, also if anyone has advice for settings I would love to be informed I see some people mad them out and some keep it all low.
  4. AODqw97

    Older Aged Players Alliance

    Not at all @P3rcocet Please see PM.
  5. Gear45sky

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    @Frantic Gear45sky#4751 Gear45sky#4751
  6. R0shanata99

    Is hit detection really bad in this game?

    Ammo is a huge part of this game. Some damage you did for sure but 855a1 is pretty weak and a level 2 could have stopped about half those and the other round could have hit shoulders and counted for arms or punished his vest first. lots of blood comes out, maybe unrealisticly for the amount of damage the rounds do, but yeah m8. ALWAYS SPEND ON THE AMMO, IT HELPS
  7. CoeS_Psikosi4

    Hilo de verificación, Discord Comunidad Hispana


    Cheats with ESP

    My friends and I have been playing this game for 2 years. Nowadays the amount of cheaters is insane. Today, we were on Shoreline, on the extraction point of Rock Passage. I was covering my 3 teammates from the uphill, and they were on the bunker side. I was hidden at a big bush, quietly. Suddenly, my teammates and I were attacked. One PMC threw me a nade from the other side of the hill, directly on my feet while another PMC was shooting my teammates. In a few seconds, only one teammate and I were alive. He was covering himself from a big rock, only to be naded to death some seconds later. Meanwhile I was running for my life, hidding from these PMCs ,going to the other side of the hill, I was naded twice just where I was hidden (bushes again). To avoid getting naded, I had to sprint out, getting fired till death. The name of the ESP cheater that kill me was MrSchrodinger(lvl 54). Then, I played as a scav in Customs with one friend. Same as above. My friend and I were in the bushes near the apartments. Suddenly he got headshotted from the 3 -floor building. I moved to take cover to the 2- floor building, and got chased by this player. He moved to the side stair only to shot me directly while I was getting on the 2nd floor on the stair, saved by the door that was opened. Then, this player, chased me, and killed me directly from the outside of building through the room window where I was hiding. The name of this PMC was 999ID. We love this game, think its awesome, but the amount of times encountering cheaters is rising so highly. Please, make an anticheat tool to avoid this, reporting videos in a thread I think its an unsuccesful tool. PS: I cant post a video because I dont record my games (im not a streamer lol) but im seriously thinking of doing it.
  9. Play your clip at .25 speed you can see all your shots hit his right arm and left hand. The 56 Flesh damage on those 4 or 5 bullets was probably distributed across his whole body after you blacked both of his arms, and that wasn't dmage enough to zero out any of his vitals.
  10. dimitrion1812

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] is a highly organized international gaming community that has been established since 2001 with 2000+ current active members in 40+ games including Escape from Tarkov. We currently have an active player base in Escape from Tarkov stretched around the world including EU, NA, OC, etc, consisting of both seasoned and new players. Sign up at www.taw.net
  11. LordiCurious

    Über Cheater

    Weder das, noch dass es in EFT einen Anti-Cheat gibt, lässt sich von außen verifizieren. Das es jedoch funktionierende Cheats für EFT gibt ist unstrittig - beim Anti-Cheat sind sich hier im Forum nicht alle so sicher. Insofern habe ich zunächst keinen Grund den Usern in diesen Cheat-Foren nicht zu glauben, wenn sie auf Nachfragen Ihre Erfahrungen mit den Cheats weitergeben.
  12. Куплю гамму за $30k. Дискорд - Mammoth Head#7315, ник в игре - MammothHead.
  13. Today
  14. DrChivu

    UK Looking for group

    safe team up?
  15. NoisyCosmos

    No veo en interiores

    Ahora que ya está solucionada la duda y se ha demostrado que no es un problema, puedo decir... ¡¡¡Usad las gafas de visión nocturna malditos!!! ¡¡¡Qué para eso están!!! Las zonas oscuras de las diferentes localizaciones están diseñadas para dar vidilla al juego y tener más variedad de encuentros y opciones tácticas a tomar. Usad las herramientas que tenéis a vuestra disposición como las gafas de visión nocturna o las linternas. Pensar inmediatamente en subir la iluminación es la opción más fácil y en mi opinión le quita encanto al juego. Ahora cada cual que haga lo que le plazca. ¡Saludos!
  16. Darthmorpheus

    Free Starter Kit , no sale.

    No l do not have gear fear, l have gear money bla bla bla. And yes l'm about to stop playing this game , why because l need to loot just to shoot. If people can not learn the PVP environment in this game, then they will leave and not come back , no point to a game if you can not learn that game and have fun doing it......
  17. Ase2

    new player looking for group

    I'm looking
  18. Ase2

    Level 8, somewhat new looking for players

    Team up?
  19. Ase2

    UK Looking for group

    Safe team up?
  20. P3rcocet

    Older Aged Players Alliance

    If you still have any openings I would be more then interested in joining. I do have a busy work schedule so I don't get to play as much as I would want. will that be an issue ?
  21. AdhesiveTeflon

    Frame Rates Problems

    Change your resolution to 2K and see where the FPS are at.
  22. stAKato

    DLC map idea " The Airport "

    Please, don't say the D-word again. It make my game customer spirit melt. BTW, a civilian international airport should be a nice map to play with many Choke points and nice open / close quarters battles.

    Escape From Tarkov - Argentina (grupo)

    Por el momento emisario oficial de Argentina no tenemos, pero lo más cercano a eso es @andresto.
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